Assistant Architect

Written by Xi He Qing Ling

In a cafe, architectural graduate Zhang Siyi had a dispute with his ex-girlfriend. In anger, she threw a cup of coffee at him. While he was able to dodge it, the coffee landed on the handsome man getting up from besides them.

At a job interview the next day, Zhang Siyi was surprised to find that the interviewer was the same man who had coffee spilled on him.

Unexpectedly, the handsome guy hired Zhang Siyi regardless of his previous debacle, becoming his immediate supervisor. Zhang Siyi was grateful the handsome man’s good nature. Little did he know that his tragic fate had just begun …


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MTL Translated and edited by SnowyNotes

Please note: It was brought to my attention by a reader who has read the original printed copy of AA that the character that I translated as “Gu Yu” is named “Gu Xiao” in the book. I went with Gu Yu based on a previous MTL for consistency.