助理建筑师 羲和清零 232 番外 5

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 232: Extra 5

He Chengtian loudly said: “Uncle Zhang, I haven’t seen you for many years. I’m getting married next week. Come and celebrate with us!”

“He Chengtian is it?”  Holding his tea cup near, Father Zhang took a glance at the invitation: “Getting married.… Congratulations! Who is it….? huh?” Father Zhang took another look at the invitation then stated: “What a coincidence, your bride’s name is the same as Gu Yu’s sister.”

Mother Zhang tried hard to keep her expression neutral.

He Chengtian explained on his own initiative: “Uncle, the bride is Gu Yu’s sister.”

Zhang father smiled and nodded: “Oh. It’s his sister……. eh?” He put away his smile and looked at Zhang Siyi, stupefied: “Gu Yu’s sister, his sister… is not, not……”

He couldn’t say anything. Zhang Siyi had gone abroad with Gu Yu not his sister, Gu Yao. The two were separated and even though they were both of marriageable age, she wasn’t necessarily waiting for Zhang Siyi to come back!

To appease Father Zhang’s obvious shock and confusion, He Chengtian quickly interjected: “For the matchmaker, these are the finest black truffles and trotters that money can buy.”

Father Zhang’s thoughts were a mess. In the back of his mind, he always felt like something was off, but couldn’t put his finger on it. Since He Chengtian was standing in front of him, he set his questions aside and focused on the young man before him.

He Chengtian was able to talk circles around them and as a result, Father Zhang forget about his initial inkling. When he left, Zhang Siyi’s father was full of joy and praise: “In a flash, He Guoliang’s son has all grown up. He really was a talented businessman with a promising future!”

Afraid to make even a peep, standing next to him, Zhang Siyi remained silent. He was afraid his father would revisit the issue and further delve into the facts to seek answers.

However, his abnormal silence brought attention. Since Father Zhang thought his son was unhappy about He Chengtian being praised, Father Zhang, thinking that it would appease his son, offered his own opinion about Zhang Siyi.

Zhang Siyi’s father coughed then said something he rarely ever had; he boasted and complimented his son: “You are also a good person who has walked down the path to success. Your technical skills offer stability unlike the work in investments and finance.”

Nodding vigorously, like a chicken pecking rice, Zhang Siyi put on a good face.

Since there were too many trotters for them to eat, they gave away half to their neighbors and relatives. His parent’s also told Zhang Siyi to take some to the Gu residence. He couldn’t help grit his teeth and feel irritated over Gu Yu’s natural good luck.

On the day of the wedding, the groom made his proposal at the Gu residence. Zhang Siyi, as a family member of the Gu’s, also must be present.

Early in the morning, Gu Yao was still in her room fixing her make-up. Downstairs, the wedding party had assembled. Since there was a line of luxury cars along the road, it caused a sensation in the neighborhood.

As the iron gate was still broken, Zhang Siyi went down to open it. The last person who he ever thought to see was standing there holding the groom’s formal attire: Fu Xinhui!

Having best friends meet on this occasion was really ridiculous. Zhang Siyi tried to block him, but Fu Xinhui knew Zhang Siyi all too well. Fu Xinhui laughed and easily maneuvered around him.

At the top of the staircase at the entranceway, He Chengtian rushed over. Zhang Siyi was angry and loudly yelled: “Heartless Han, you traitor!!!”

Laughing, Fu Xinhui couldn’t get upset with him. He stepped forward and hooked Zhang Siyi’s neck with his arm and pulled him over: “Little Yi, don’t blame me. Later, I’ll be your brother-in-law!”

“Brother-in-law? Ha! Don’t get ahead of yourself!” Zhang Siyi spat while he pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialed Gu Yu: “The front line is lost! It’s up to you!”

Laughing, Gu Yu tried to scold him over the phone: “Useless…. You didn’t last a minute.”

Outside the front door, in the hallway, He Chengtian was shouting: “Open the door! Open the door!”

Thinking how best to take revenge, Gu Yu suddenly heard shouts from outside the door: “Hurry up and grab Zhang Siyi!”

Gu Yu shouted at the phone: “Zhang Siyi! Run!”

Zhang Siyi: “Ah…..?”

 “…. Ah! What are you doing? Ah, ah! Gu Yu help me!!”

Gu Yu: “…”

In less than three minutes, not only was the front gate broken, the second door broke as well.

Holding onto his nearly torn jacket, Zhang Siyi hid behind Gu Yu and angrily said: “They are simply a group of animals!”

Gu Yu: “…”

Zhang Siyi was practically in tears. Completely apologetic and worried, he said: “I’m so sorry. I got you involved. Did you get hurt?”

Gu Yu touched his head and sighed: “Well, it’s all right.”

Who made Zhang Siyi his achilleas’ heel? The man who always had one foot in a hole….. Gu Yu never expected it to happen to him.

Fortunately, the issue wasn’t severe. The bridesmaid group teased him even more. Screaming and laughing, the bridesmaid’s asked the groom to perform various tasks and answer silly questions that were embarrassing before he was allowed to see his bride.

Wearing a white wedding dress and adorned with the most beautiful jewelry, Gu Yao was sitting on the bed waiting. When He Chengtian entered her room, his vision was met with a site to behold. A pair of bright eyes, like stars in the sky, and slightly parted lips  ……My bride is so beautiful.

Outside the doorway and in the hall, friends and family were crowded around to witness the bride and groom. Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu failed to secure a spot so they were behind the crowd. Standing on top of the sofa they watched from a distance and saw He Chengtian slowly approach her then kneel at her bedside. There was a slight tremble to his voice when he proclaimed: “Gu Yao, I am here before you.”

Even though it was short, He Chengtian’s voice revealed his true feelings. Gazing at him with affection, Gu Yao raised her hand to cover her mouth. This scene moved everyone.

Just as He Chengtian asked, “Will you marry me”, Gu Yu grabbed Zhang Siyi’s hand. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone’s attention that was focused on the bride and groom, Gu Yu suddenly kissed Zhang Siyi on the side of his face. When the proposal was accepted and the crowd broke out in crazy cheers and applause, it felt as if the crowd was cheering there for them

Zhang Siyi turned his head and as expected, saw Gu Yu grinning widely. He returned Gu Yu’s bright smile with his own.

As it was the brother’s duty to escort the bride to her wedding carriage, a path was opened for him. Gu Yu walked into her room and slowly approached  her. He gently lifted her off the bed and said: “I bought the food today. Now, you will have to buy food for someone else.”

Gu Yao scoffed audibly. Annoyed, she lifted her gloved hand and punched him on the shoulder: “Brother! You bastard….”

Clearly, the word was derogatory, but the diminishing tone and the emotion heard within the words was that of family bonds.  

Listening to her, Gu Yu said: “Don’t cry. How can you let your future parents see you like that? You’ll have to come back without a job.”

Gu Yao shouted: “Hey! “

Laughing, Gu Yu teased her: “Remember, as long as your brother is home, there will be a bowl of rice waiting. “

Gu Yao: “…”

Step by step, Gu Yu escorted her downstairs steadily. Behind, preventing any missteps, Zhang Siyi held up the train of Gu Yao’s wedding dress.

The sound of firecrackers resounded in the air. The rowdy children in the neighborhood all cheered and shouted: “The bride is coming!” The deafening sound of fireworks masked Gu Yao’s joyful sniffles.

Located at the best hotel in Ningcheng, Zhang Siyi’s parents went directly to the wedding reception. As they went to look at their seating assignments, they were surprised to find out that they were seated at the Gu’s family’s table.

Since Father Zhang was ignorant of the truth, he asked Mother Zhang: “Aren’t we He Guoliang’s friends? Why are we sitting with the Gu’s family members?”

Mother Zhang coughed lightly: “I don’t know. The matchmaker isn’t always seated at the main table so we are seated here.”

Since Zhang Siyi was also the matchmaker for He Chengtian, Father Zhang didn’t let it go this time. “He Chengtian came to our house to give Zhang Siyi his matchmaker gift. Doesn’t that mean we should be sitting with the groom’s side of the wedding party?”

Mother Zhang couldn’t find any faults with his reason. She offered an excuse: “Uh, maybe there were too many guests on the groom’s side?”

Father Zhang thought for a while then spoke up: “Also, they are business people. We have more in common with them…..”

Feeling uneasy and restless, he continued: “I haven’t seen Gu Mingfeng is so many years, I don’t know what to say to him. It’s rather embarrassing.”

Mother Zhang scolded him and snapped: “You have been in office as a politician for so many years, what is so embarrassing about seeing someone again?”

Father Zhang wanted to defended himself: “It’s different. In the past, we only met at work and not as friends. I haven’t really gotten to know him, so I don’t know what to talk about. In fact, in comparison I’ve talked more with his son Gu Yu then the Elder.”

While Mother and Father Gu continued to help with guests, Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu approached the table to sit.

As they sat, Gu Yu greeted Father Zhang, and asked him: “How is Uncle Zhang’s health recently?”

Father Zhang nodded and replied: “I’m very good. With a wedding to deal with, aren’t you the one who is busy at home these days?”

Chuckling, Gu Yu smiled and said: “I’m happy to be busy.”

Since they were on the topic of the wedding, Zhang father asked: “Now that your sister is married, when will you consider you own affairs? Don’t your parents worry?”

Gu Yu paused and expressively said: “Siyi and I are still working hard in a foreign country.”

The direction that the conversation was going in scared Zhang Siyi to death and made him worry.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the strait-laced Father Zhang never had the capacity to think of the reality behind their relationship. He commented: “Oh well, don’t let my Zhang Siyi drag you down. If you hadn’t gone with him, you probably would already be married.”

Gu Yu: “Uncle Zhang, what do you mean? I would like to thank Siyi for staying by my side for so many years. When Siyi earns his Royal Architect license we will go back to Haicheng and start a business. I want him to take part and accompany me hand in hand.”

Smiling, Father Zhang happily said: “It is a good thing for young people to think of the future. If you two can take care of each other, I’ll feel relieved.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Thanks to Gu Yu’s eloquence, he told him the truth without telling him the truth.  Zhang Siyi really wanted to worship him.

When Zhang Siyi looked up, Father and Mother Gu were approaching the table. Zhang Siyi’s parents immediately stood up and gave formal introductions. After sitting down, Zhang Siyi’s father pointed his finger towards Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu and said: “I was talking with them. They have a very close relationship. In fact, it’s so good that they want to start a business together.”

Listening to Father Zhang’s heartfelt emotions, everyone was silent. While Father and Mother Gu knew the truth of the matter, the Zhang family did not and they didn’t know whether or not they should agree with the uninformed Father Zhang.

Since they hadn’t planned to tell Zhang Siyi’s father about the truth yet, Father Gu didn’t want to cause a problem and yet, he wanted to help his son. All he could do was offer an anecdote: “Yeh, if Siyi was a girl, I would want my son to marry him.”


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