助理建筑师 羲和清零 215

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 215: Bully


Zhang Siyi ears buzzed with shouts of ‘Happy New Year’ and he could feel the shockwaves of deafening bangs from the fireworks exploding all over the city through his body. At the sound of Gu Yu loving voice, his heart quickened.

Stunned, Zhang Siyi felt numb and taking a minute to process what Gu Yu said, Zhang Siyi replied earnestly with all his heart: “I love you too.”

With their cheeks pressed together, from behind, Gu Yu held onto Zhang Siyi with interlocked arms and hands. They waited until Zhang Siyi roman candle was finished.

Tonight, was like watching a meteor shower and as the fireworks slowly faded from the sky, Zhang Siyi had made a decision. He wasn’t going to go abroad. Even if he was accepted, he wouldn’t go and stay with Gu Yy. He didn’t want to be separated from him ever!

Zhang Siyi heard Gu Yu’s soft voice again: “This year is your birth year, little monkey.”

Chuckling, Zhang Siyi elbowed him: “You are the monkey!”

From the side, Gu Yao could see their interactions. With enough public display of affection to last a lifetime, she turned away and urged them: “It’s finished. Let’s go back inside before I freeze to death!”

Downstairs, Father Gu and Mother Gu were listening to the end music of the TV program. When they saw them return, Gu Yu’s Mother got up and pointed to the bedroom, indicating it was time for them to get to bed.”

Father Gu sang with the TV and hummed the tune. He said: ”Happy New Monkey Year!”

Since there was only one bathroom in the house, Gu Yao was first to wash up. Zhang Siyi followed Gu Yu into the bedroom and saw two quilts ready for use on the bed. Gu Yu spread them out.

Mother Gu came inside and gestured to them. Even though Zhang Siyi couldn’t understand, he heard Gu Yu respond to her: “It won’t be cold. At night, Zhang Siyi is like a small stove.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Mother Gu’s cheeks were a little red. She made a sleeping gesture towards Zhang Siyi. This Zhang Siyi understood and he responded to her: “Aunt … uh no, Mother goodnight.” After correcting himself, he also flushed. Mother Gu smiled at him and touched his head, then left the room and closed the door behind her.

Gu Yu laughed at him. Zhang Siyi puffed up his cheeks in anger: “What are you laughing at?”

Gu Yu used the same tone as Zhang Siyi and said: “’Mother Goodnight’ … It’s so sweet .”

Zhang Siyi was so angry that he started hitting Gu Yu and ultimately smacked him hard on the ass.

Taking a deep breath, Gu Yu grabbed Zhang Siyi’s hands and wrestled him onto the bed. Now that he had the advantage, he struck Zhang Siyi back three times.

Protesting, Zhang Siyi shouted: “Ow. Your father told you not to bully me!”

Gu Yu pinned Zhang Siyi down and grinned at him: “Are you in any shape to complain!?”

Father Gu wanted to catch them before going to sleep to say goodnight. As a result, he inadvertently heard everything while he was at the door to Gu Yu’s room. Frowning, he wanted to tell Gu Yu to stop bullying Zhang Siyi so he raised his hand to knock. Before his hand landed on the door, he stopped the motion. He had heard Zhang Siyi’s soft moaning followed by his coquettish giggling. He heard him begging: “Don’t… Don’t mess around. Tonight, we can’t….” Finally, soft murmured voices and Gu Yu’s happy laughter emanated from the room.

Although it was the first time to know his son reacted like a normal person in love, as an old straight man, Gu Yu’s Father became red and helplessly turned away.

After washing and getting into the bed, Zhang Siyi realized he hadn’t told his parents Happy New Year yet.

When he took out his mobile phone to open WeChat, there were already a large number of unread messages. He texted his mother with a New Year’s greeting then visited her circle of friends on her social media page.

His mother had posted a number of messages and photos from morning until now. From Ningcheng Airport, to Hong Kong Airport, to the airport in Malaysia…. At each stop, she posted an affectionate picture with his father.

They are acting like teens, Zhang Siyi thought. As he gave numerous likes to his Mother’s posts, he felt relieved at how well his parents were doing.

With his head on Zhang Siyi shoulder, Gu Yu snuggled close with Zhang Siyi and watched him use his phone. Gu Yu said with emotion: “It turns out, social media obsession is hereditary.”

……Hey! (= 皿 =)

In defense, Zhang Siyi retorted: “I don’t use it much now!”

Gu Yu pulled on his ear and smiled: “You should post more so I can look at it again when I feel like it later.”

Zhang Siyi: “What’s so nice about looking at my social media page? I eat and sleep with you every day. You already know everything about me.”

Gu Yu softly replied: “I won’t know when you go abroad.”

Caught off guard, Zhang Siyi hesitated for a moment, voiced a ‘hmm’ softly and looked down. He didn’t dare tell Gu Yu that he had made up his mind and decided not to go.

After going through his mother’s posts, he looked at his inbox messages. He Chengtian had sent him a private message: “Are you celebrating the New Year in Gu Yao’s home?”

…… Ah, how did He Chengtian know?

Zhang Siyi quickly looked through both circle of friends posting of the Gu siblings. Not only had Gu Yu posted, but Gu Yao also uploaded many photos of the evening meal that included him!

He replied: “Well, yes.”

He Chengtian replied quickly: “You aren’t asleep yet? Happy New Year.”

Zhang Siyi: “I’m just getting ready for bed. Happy New Year! Have you returned to Ningcheng?”

He Chengtian: “Every year we come back for New Year’s Eve. Why are you spending New Years at the Gu residence? Did you meet your Father and Mother-in-law?” → _→

Since he really was formally introduced and accepted, he had nothing to fear: “Yeah, I did.”

He Chengtian: “…… The Gu Family is so open!”

Zhang Siyi: “Next, it’s up to you!” [Smirk]

He Chengtian: “Tell me Gu’s address?” [Smirk]

He turned his neck around to glanced at Gu Yu behind him. Seeing Gu Yu’s eyes closed, Zhang Siyi grinned widely and messaged He Chengtian: “My friend, I can only help you get here!” [Smirk]

——You receive 500 from He Chengtian.

He Chengtian: “Take the red envelope. There won’t be any problems!” [Smirk]

Zhang Siyi: “…… ”  Nouveau riche!

He Chengtian replied: “Things have evolved! [Smiles] By the way, what do her parents like? Give me some clues! “

Zhang Siyi took a few minutes to think about it seriously then replied: “The family likes to drink tea. Sometimes Father Gu likes to drink sake. Mother Gu is really beautiful, but doesn’t speak. Perhaps a scarf or something similar would be good.

He Chengtian: “What do you mean, she can’t speak?”

Zhang Siyi: “Literally, she doesn’t. Regardless, they are very good people.”

He Chengtian: “Oh (⊙o⊙), I know, tomorrow, I’ll learn sign language on the internet……”

When he saw He Chengtian’s reaction, he gave him a thumbs up!

On the first day of the month, Zhang Siyi went with the Gu Family to the countryside to visit a relative. At their Grandfather’s house, they ate lunch and headed home in the late afternoon. Gu Yu took Zhang Siyi to a nearby basketball court to shoot hoops for a while.

Since they got all sweaty, when they got back to the house, they washed up and later the family gathered around to eat and watch TV.

In the evening Father Gu beckoned Zhang Siyi over to play chess. Since Zhang Siyi lost every time, Gu Yu laughed and teased him.

Father Gu looked at Zhang Siyi with pity then gave a sideways glance at his son and sternly said: “You are going too far. Siyi won’t learn unless you teach him well.” When Father Gu said Zhang Siyi’s first name, his tone changed and calmly rebuked: “When you were a child I brought you with me to learn things. When did I ever make such a mockery of you?”

Confidently, Gu Yu said: “But I learned everything you taught me.”

Father Gu: “…” Is it lucky or unfortunate to have such a son? ( ̄_ ̄ |||)

Father Gu took a deep breath and commented: “You can’t laugh at others just because you have a high IQ. It’s wrong.”

Gu Yu had the audacity to say: “I don’t laugh at anyone. I just laugh at Zhang Siyi.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Go to hell !! (╯‵皿′)╯︵┻━┻

Father Gu waved his hand impatiently to drive Gu Yu away then he addressed Zhang Siyi: “Siyi, play with me. I’ll teach you.”

Gu Yu wasn’t angry. He sat behind Zhang Siyi and looked over his shoulder with a smile. After a while, he couldn’t stop himself from pointed out to Zhang Siyi what he needed to do. Annoyed at the intervention, Father Gu said: “Aren’t you supposed to be watching?!”

Gu Yu raised his hands and surrendered: “Okay, I won’t say anything.  See how much you can teach him.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

The next day, Father Gu spent hours teaching Zhang Siyi how to play chess. Although he repeated the lessons many times with great encouragement and praised him for his progress, Zhang Siyi felt like he continued to play badly.

When Gu Yu’s father left to prepare dinner, Zhang Siyi felt depressed at how poorly he was at chess. In order to make himself feel better, he opened the Era of Music app and whizzed through some levels. Gu Yu sat beside him and watched.

Zhang Siyi handed him the iPad. The accumulation of the day’s negativity began to take form and thus, Zhang Siyi vented his frustrations out on Gu Yu: “Why are you playing like that? You are too slow and missing the rhythm…. Ha, you missed…… Come on, how can you miss again?”

When the game ended, Gu Yu put the iPad down on the sofa. With a dark and defeated expression, he stretched out his ‘magic claw’ then attacked Zhang Siyi’s waist and tickled him mercilessly.

Zhang Siyi: “Ahh,  ha-ha-ha…. Why are you tickling me…? Ha-ha…… Ahh-ha-ha….. Don’t bully me just because you can’t play well! ….aha-ha-ha… Why can you laugh at me, but I can’t laugh at you… ahhh… help me!”

Even though Father Gu was busy in the kitchen he could still see what was going on in the living room. He felt the scene was unbearable and with a vein popping out of his forehead he sternly said: “You said not to interfere with our son’s way of love, but look at him….. He isn’t a child. How can he treat Zhang Siyi like that all the time!”

Mother Gu put down the plate she was holding and quickly took out a pen and small notepad from her pocket. She, smiled and wrote: “Don’t butt-in into our son’s business. They have their own way of getting along. Maybe they are just having fun.”

Father Gu: “…”

Unlike the kindness previously, that night at dinner, Father Gu watched Zhang Siyi with sympathy instead. He gave him several dishes and said: “Siyi, here you go…. eat some more.”

Zhang Siyi nodded happily and wondered…… Does he think I’m too thin?


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