助理建筑师 羲和清零 164

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 164: Worries


Even though he wasn’t really expecting anything to happen, Zhang Siyi was struck in the heart by Gu Yu’s seemingly simply but in fact, profound action.

Yes, the point is not on the tying of the shoelaces themselves, but rather, the process of taking one knee to the ground.

Zhang Siyi asked himself whether or not it was possible for him to kneel down like Gu Yu had to tie his girlfriend’s shoes. The answer was, no.  He would even feel embarrassed to kneel in front of his parents to tie their shoes. From a young age, boys are taught to stay strong and show no weakness.

Perhaps while joking with friends, one might do it, but not after such a serious discussion. Zhang Siyi found Gu Yu’s prostration extremely shocking. For a few seconds, he felt as though he was restricted by in an invisible barrier and couldn’t move.

Zhang Siyi felt himself fall in love with the man before him all over again. If, in that moment, Gu Yu had asked him to marry, he wouldn’t hesitate and say yes.

The faint touch on his foot, like an electric current, spread from his toes, throughout his limbs and to his scalp causing him to tremble.

After he was finished, Zhang Siyi naturally extended his hand to Gu Yu to help pull him up. When Gu Yu accepted his hand, Gu Yu was gazing up at him affectionately and like a prince kissing a princess, Gu Yu planted a kiss on the back of Zhang Siyi’s hand.

Zhang Siyi was reminded of the dream he had during the movie ‘Cinderella’ where he grabbed the prince’s hand and asked him if he liked him or not……

With a pounding heart, Zhang Siyi felt like he was going to drown in his emotions. For once, he was thankful for Gu Yu’s silence, otherwise with further stimulation, he thought he might faint!

His feelings at the moment were so hot and sincere that Zhang Siyi quickly embraced Gu Yu and kissed him after he stood up. However, because they were both men standing outside in public, Zhang Siyi felt his anxiety rise and as a result the longing he felt couldn’t be satisfied right now. Even so, he felt true happiness that one feels when their dreams come true. Ecstatic, he held him tightly and affirmed; he wouldn’t let Gu Yu go for the rest of his life.

Drunk, not only on alcohol, but on love, the two of them remained in each other’s embrace and kissed deeply. The night air of Kyoto, saturated with sweetness, wrapped around them.

While taking a stroll through the ancient roads, they held hands and relished the rare opportunity to be affectionate together outside. Like a fool, they stopped here and there and kissed each other as if they were the only two people in the world.

Gu Yu: “I thought your secrete plans with Ji Feiyu went smoothly.”

Zhang Siyi: “What plans? I just thought of that punishment on the fly. If I had known ahead of time, I would have told you. If I told you, would you have written ‘lie’ on my hand still? And even so, you disregarded your own rule and said you liked me in front of everyone. That Fat Peach too! Were you guys in collusion?

Gu Yu laughed and smiled at him: “It’s not…. It’s just…… I can’t hold back. Anyway, being part of the game, I didn’t think it was a big deal. People took it as a joke and no harm was done.

Zhang Siyi: “You scared me to death!”

Gu Yu looked at him and leaned over to his ear and whispered: “When you kissed me, I was hard.” He planted a hot passionate kiss on Zhang Siyi lips.

Zhang Siyi: “………” (o////o) Gu Yu, this rogue!

After separating their lips, Zhang Siyi asked: “Do you believe in Tao Fei’s ‘love period’ theory?”

Gu Yu smiled: “You are my first love. What Tao Fei said isn’t allowed.”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Zhang Siyi’s silence prompted Gu Yu to continue: “Our experience is the same, don’t you think?”

Zhang Siyi: “Even though I went out with one other person I think what you said is true. Don’t be angry, but when I was with my ex-girlfriend, I felt at that time that I liked her very much and……”

“Hey” Zhang Siyi called out “why are you pinching me!? I told you not to be angry… hey… help… I was wrong! I was wrong!”

Laughing, Zhang Siyi squirmed and begged for mercy. He tried to move out of reach, but Gu Yu pulled him close instead. As Zhang Siyi was being held in Gu Yu’s strong embrace, he pleaded: “Okay, okay…. I didn’t like her. I only like you.”

Continuing to prod Zhang Siyi’s sensitive waist, this time with gentle caresses, Gu Yu stared at him.

Zhang Siyi dare not move. He knew enough not to say more positive things about his past with his ex-girlfriend: “In retrospect, our best time together was only the first few months because there was less contact when I went to the UK to study. The difficulty in maintaining long-distance relationships……”

Gu Yu: “So, what is it that you are trying to say?”

Zhang Siyi lowered his eyes and whispered: “I am afraid that after the first few months we are together, you won’t like me anymore.”

Gu Yu smiled broadly. It seems he wasn’t the only one suffering from his own doubt. This little fool was also afraid. While Gu Yu was afraid Zhang Siyi would regret his relationship with him, Zhang Siyi was afraid of being tossed aside.

“Do I look like the kind of person who only likes new things?” Gu Yu asked.

Zhang Siyi shook his head. Even though he knew it wasn’t the case as the old tape measure that Gu Yu gave him was his evidence, Zhang Siyi’s insecurities out-weighed his rational thought.

Gu Yu softly said: “According to Tao Fei’s theory, since this is our third month together, we are supposed to have cooled down already. Will there be a time when suddenly, like the ending of a magic spell, where we will think the person besides us isn’t who we thought they were and our emotional ties cease?

Zhang Siyi shook his head again. How could it be?

Gu Yu added: “Although we have had our fair share of squabbles these last few months, we were able to resolve our problems every time. As a result, our understanding of each other became better and our feelings for one another are stronger. As we get to know each other more and more, there will be fewer unknown elements between us and thus lack freshness. Which, by the way, are very normal changes in a relationship. I understand that life is long and that the feelings between us may change subtly over time into responsibility and affection for family.” Gu Yu clenched his hand and softly asked: “Do you think that is boring?”

Zhang Siyi: “No.”

Zhang Siyi is obsessed with the calm and peace of mind that Gu Yu brings into his life. Wherever Gu Yu is, he is his soul’s safe harbor.

Gu Yu sighed with relief and said: “It is good to be accepting of things for the future. In any case, I don’t believe that our relationship will be any different after three months.”

In fact, in comparison to his normal stoic and calm demeanor, the strong impulsiveness and loss of control that Gu Yu felt from time to time was difficult to restrain. If his impulses were due to the love period, then Gu Yu was wondering, if when his enthusiasm settles down, how will they continue?

Gu Yu calming timber of his voice soothed Zhang Siyi. Not only did Gu Yu quell any uneasiness in his heart, but Gu Yu’s attitude and maturity made Zhang Siyi adore him even more.

Brimming with love and affection, Zhang Siyi wanted to shout it out to the world. He waned to tell every female that secretly coveted Gu Yu…… Your male god, he is my love!


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  1. Oh no, now I feel dumb for assuming it was GY trolling by kneeling down last chapter. Really love how intense the author made that moment though o(≧∇≦o)

    Thanks for the chapters ❤

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  2. I really like GY’s point of view when it comes to long term relationships and how mature he was when it comes to discussing his feelings with ZSY. I think it’s really important for couples to do what these guys do, which is communicate… Anyway, thanks for the update!

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