助理建筑师 羲和清零 089

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 89: Scolding


Moving off to the side, Gu Yao reached for her phone, but instead of calling her brother she opened WeChat to look at the social media circle of friends. She was looking for the post that Zhang Siyi mentioned and as she thought, there weren’t any new posts this week from her brother. She turned off her phone, adjusted her demeanor and returned to the table looking distressed. She asked: “Brother Siyi, I forgot to charge my phone last night and It just shut down when I tried to make a call. Can I borrow your phone?”

Her question pulled Zhang Siyi out of his reverie. Only half paying attention he said: “Uh, yeh sure.” He unlocked his phone and handed it to her without complication. On second thought, he realized that Gu Yao would be calling her brother on his own phone. Wouldn’t Gu Yu think it was Zhang Siyi taking the initiative to call him? Acting coy, Zhang Siyi could feel his face becoming flushed. (q//a//q)


Receiving his phone, Gu Yao smiled and moved over to the side. Her curiosity got the better of her and like before, she opened Zhang Siyi’s WeChat to forcibly peeked at the chat records between Zhang Siyi and her brother. She selected her brother’s avatar, opened the page and scrolled through the posts. Looking at the news through Zhang Siyi’s perspective, she saw:



Tape measure?


What’s all this? Why has she never seen this information before!

Quickly realizing the truth of the matter, Gu Yao’s understanding of her brother completely changed. She didn’t expect her perfect, black-belly, and invincible brother, to be so lovesick! Oh My God! He sent all this WeChat information to Zhang Siyi privately!

Gu Yao covered her chest and took a deep breath to settle her heart. If a boy did such a romantic gesture for her, she wouldn’t be able to resist. But to drag it out… It’s stupid! Shit. Why can’t he just be blunt? Previously, Ga Yao only speculated that her brother might like Zhang Siyi and now she is 100% certain.

She sighed. Although she complained about her brother’s approach, on second thought, she understands that the situation isn’t so easy. After all, Zhang Siyi was raised as a normal boy. How would he respond with the knowledge of being the object of love from another man? In order to gauge Zhang Siyi’s limits, Gu Yu can only endure it himself and carefully test Zhang Siyi time and time again. Also, a rash confession isn’t in her brother’s character. He would never risk exposing himself unless he was absolutely positive.

Gu Yao was happy for her brother because he was able to fall in love, but she also felt sad for the immediate situation; her brother’s one-sided love. It was hard enough to find ‘normal’ love, let alone the love from the same gender.

It’s common for little girls to fantasize about perfect love just like in a fairy tale. The prince and princess will be happy together forever. Gu Yao is no different. Although she isn’t a little girl anymore, she believes true love is the greatest blessing one could achieve in their lifetime. Is it so wrong for her brother to love Zhang Siyi? If her brother could be with him then she will cheer for them on the side. Feeling good about her decision, she felt joyous tears on her cheeks. She laughed and pulled herself together. Closing the app, she dares not delay anymore and called her brother.

The phone rang three times before her brother picked it up: “Hello?”

Hearing her brother answer the phone, she doesn’t know if her recent thoughts have changed her perception, but this greeting her brother gave was unlike anything she heard when she normally called her brother. The gentle and joyous tone was overpowering.

Gu Yao: “Brother, it is me!”

Gu Yu: “…… Oh, what’s going on? Are you with Zhang Siyi?”

The two degree drop in tone just now…. It wasn’t just Gu Yao’s illusion! She hastened to explain the current situation. She told him about the date, utilizing her three tickets that has expanded to four, and now his invitation. They talked for more than a few minutes.

After Gu Yu listened to his sister’s synopsis, he replied: “You mean to tell me that Zhang Siyi had a date with friends which you invited yourself to join and even included me into this scenario?”

Gu Yao: “…” Why does it seem like her brother is a little angry?

Sure enough, in the next second Gu Yu addressed her more formally: “Gu Yao, first I have to criticize your behavior as it was rather rude.” Taken by surprise, Gu Yao shrunk her neck down and lowered her head. She listened to Gu Yu’s continued scolding: “Since Zhang Siyi didn’t take the initiative to invite you, how can you just butt into his affairs like that? Not only do you not know his friends, but you also have not known him for very long. Are you saying that in such a short period of time your relationship with Zhang Siyi is better than mine?”

Gu Yao: “…” She heard the tone of the last part…. So thick with contempt and resentment.

Gu Yu: “You are supposed to be an adult that will soon enter society. Why are you still acting so brash? It’s not sensible.”

This time Gu Yao really wasn’t pretending. To receive her brother’s scolding for working hard on his behalf for what her heart believed in, she felt wronged. Feeling sorrowful, tears fell: “Brother……” Having grown up with her brother’s criticism since childhood, like a conditioned reflex, she didn’t argue with him.

Gu Yu paused and then spoke to her gently: “Okay, then. There is no need to delay lunch so I will come over later for the movie. I hope you can adjust your behavior and learn something from this incident.”

The change in her brother’s tone made Gu Yao feel relieved: “Yes. I know.”

Having been scolded severely by her brother, she had a hard time adjusting her mood. Returning to the dinner table, Gu Yao handed he phone back to Zhang Siyi and sat down with her head down and an unhappy face.

He Chengtian saw her and was concerned: “What’s the matter?”

Gu Yao wanted to pretend that she was calm and said “Nothing” but with the pitiful face and teary eyes she is unknowingly showing, no one believed her.

Zhang Siyi watched her as she sat down and gently asked: “What did your brother do?”

Gu Yao looked at Zhang Siyi at a glance. Ah! He really understands! Now with Zhang Siyi’s question, she really couldn’t help herself and unloaded some of her grievances: “Well, he said I don’t know you well enough and shouldn’t have interjected……” Blinking, Gu Yao realized her behavior was out of line and not something righteous. With guilt she apologized: “I’m sorry.”

The three of them were stunned. He Chengtian spoke first: “Why is your brother so strict? What do you have to be sorry about? Since you are here, we can get to know each other and become friends.” Saying thus, He Chengtian said it to comfort the girl. Gu Yao’s ability to apologize for her own mistakes made He Chengtian like her more.

From the beginning, He Xueying only politely greeted Gu Yao and payed no attention to her. After hearing her explanation, the traces of jealousy hidden in her heart also vanished. He Xueying smiled at Gu Yao: “We are all from the same city. If not for Zhang Siyi, we would have never met. It must have been what fate wanted so don’t think about it so much!”

Since the two siblings offered comfort to a near stranger, he felt relieved that there wouldn’t be any animosity between them. Now, he only cared about one thing: “Is your brother coming?”

Gu Yao’s mood improved a lot: “Well, he will join us later for the movie.”

He Xueying nodded: “Then there is no need to change tables.”

Although he had butterflies in his stomach, Zhang Siyi breathed a sigh of relief. He is both afraid and excited to see Gu Yu

Thinking of the battery problem Gu Yao had with her phone, He Chengtian was attentive to her need so he took out a charging cable from his bag and asked her: “Your phone is an Apple model, right? You can use this if you need to.”  

Feeling a bit embarrassed, Gu Yao accepted the offer and used it to charge her nearly full battery in her phone. (=_=)

Zhang Siyi was still struggling over the issue of whether or not he needs to tell He Chengtian who Gu Yao brother is. However, he can’t bear to break the harmonious atmosphere, so he set aside his thoughts.  -Ah forget it…. Eat first, then worry about crossing that bridge later.

Abundant and loud laughter could be heard from their table during their lunch. They reminisced about their childhood adventures including the role-playing games they had played. Who was it that broke their leg? Who was the one who fell and chipped a tooth? Listening quietly, Gu Yao also laughed at the stories alongside them.

Remembering Qu Miao’s wedding, Zhang Siyi was curious: ”He Xueying, why weren’t you at Qu Miao’s wedding?”

He Xueying smirked: “Qu Miao’s wedding? She has hated me since we were kids. Other than showing off her new husband, there was no reason to invite me.”

Not only was Zhang Siyi a little surprised, but so was He Chengtian who seemed to have heard this for the first time.

Zhang Siyi asked: “Weren’t you guys always playing together as kids?”

He Xueying scoffed and looked at Zhang Siyi and said: “That was only for appearance sake. I grew up better-off then her family and with my brother as play-mates, I was always sounded by a group of boys. I remember she used to be so angry with me all the time. She was just pretending to be a good friend. I think she…… Well, the world of young girls is hard to understand. It’s all in the past now so it’s not worth talking about any longer.”

Listening to gossip piqued Zhang Siyi interest and although he wanted to hear more, his phone’s vibration tuned his attention elsewhere. Gu Yu sent him a new text message: “Gu Yao said her phone’s battery was dead and she forgot to tell me the theater address. Where are you?”

After Zhang Siyi texted the address, Gu Yu returned with “Great.” Looking at both his current response and his previous “hmmm” text, Zhang Siyi felt excited and anxious.

Changing the subject, He Chengtian asked Zhang Siyi about his proposal: “Sisi, have you thought about my offer?”


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