助理建筑师 羲和清零 049

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 49: Reminder


Unlike the time when the annual meeting was in full swing, the lights in the KTV room are dim and the sound is loud. Around him, no one heard Zhang Siyi ask Gu Yu to sing a song, and thus he didn’t get anybody’s support and encouragement.

In fact, KTV just provides a place for everyone to gather and not necessarily to sing here. Even though there are twenty people from both architectural firms, there are only seven or eight people who actually sing songs. Most people just chat and listen on the side with their drinks. No one thought about having Gu Yu sing. It just so happened that Zhang Siyi was the first to ask.

Gu Yu held the microphone in his slender fingers while fiddling with the switch on the top. He laughed: “I will sing like you play the violin; just for the person you like…” He turned his head and looked directly at Zhang Siyi and teased: “Are you sure you want to hear me sing?”

“……” go to hell!

Forgetting his own words said to Gu Yu on the high-speed rail, Zhang Siyi didn’t think Gu Yu would remember and throw them back on him. Face red to the root of his neck, provoked, Zhang Siyi snatched the microphone from Gu Yu’s hand, and he had an absurd feeling like he was just molested.

Zhang Siyi thought: “……Why can Gu Yu say this so seriously without jumping in his heart? His expressions don’t change at all! Is he teasing me? But it’s weird to tease a guy like that, doesn’t he feel very embarrassed!?”

Next to him, Gu Yu was leaning back on the soft cushions, trying to cover up his laughter, but it was quite obvious to Zhang Siyi that he was laughing at him because Gu Yu couldn’t stop trembling.

With a bang-ching-bang-ching, Zhang Siyi ground his teeth in anger. Although he felt Gu Yu’s character is bad before, he at least was serious. Now, Zhang Siyi completely does not think so!

Liang Xueying is right, Gu Yu, this person is a belly of bad water, wilting, bad!

Forty minutes passed and everyone was chatting and relaxing in a good atmosphere. A girl shyly asked if Boss was going to sing, but Gu Yu refused.

With so many people, it was hard to organize a dinner so many people are gathering their things to leave. Although the party time wasn’t long, the purpose of making new friends and contacts has been achieved. Many people have added social accounts and emails so if there is further interest, they can contact them privately.

After the fun, Zhang Siyi took the initiative to ask Fu Xinhui if he had a good time in the afternoon and if he wanted to go out to eat. Fu Xinhui put his hands in his trouser pockets with a casual smile on his face: “It was very good. Your company’s sisters are very cheerful.”

After hearing Fu Xinhui, Zhang Siyi felt relieved. Fu Xinhui had a good personality. He was modest and generous, and he was able to get along with everyone. He would be popular everywhere.

It was a bit embarrassing to talk to Gu Yu at the beginning. Zhang Siyi said: “Ignore what Gu Yu said. This person is accustomed to being the boss.”

Fu Xinhui glanced and smiled: “I didn’t think he preached.”

Zhang Siyi: “well, he didn’t mean to say that your life is easy!”

Fu Xinhui looked down at the road and sighed. He said: “He is quite right. I am really ‘very casual’, born casually, grow up casually, study casually, and live casually…”

Zhang Siyi thought that Fu Xinhui had to fall into the ruined state before, and he was anxious to comfort him. Unexpectedly, Fu Xinhui suddenly raised his head and sighed. “I can’t do this anymore, I have to hurry and find what I want to do.” .”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Fu Xinhui said again: “I didn’t quite understand why you were so invested in your job before, but after today, I know why.”

Zhang Siyi: “Why?”

Fu Xinhui squinted for a moment and gestured and said: “Your colleagues are very cohesive and together you form a team. The feeling of having someone always watching your back prevails and at the lead of this organization is Gu Yu. I found that his eyes were particularly firm and confident. He is the kind of person that knows what he wants.”

Zhang Siyi laughed and said: “Is that how you see it?”

Fu Xinhui gently frowned: “You don’t think so? When he talks to people, his voice is not heavy, he is still very calm, but what he says makes people feel very weighty and can easily give people a sense of oppression.”

Zhang Siyi put away his smile and remembered the debate between Gu Yu and Tong Heyi two months ago. Indeed, as Fu Xinhui said, Gu Yu’s tone is always calm, but so powerful.

Because he was repeatedly being bullied, teased and manipulated by Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi momentarily forgot how radiant the other person is. Now reminded, the advantages that Fu Xinhui reiterated about Gu Yu, magnified.

…… Well, if you think about the goodness of Gu Yu, the other person’s bad character seems to be forgiven.

Is this “In the eye of the beholder”? (=_=)

But Gu Yu is not a “lover” … (=////=)

It’s rare for Zhang Siyi to treat Fu Xinhui. Although he said he wanted to eat at Xiao Yang Sheng Jian, Zhang Siyi isn’t sure if he really wants to or he is just saving himself some money.

The two of them ordered sautéed pork and two bowls of curry beef vermicelli soup. Sitting at a table to eat, they continued to chat. After chatting for a while, Fu Xinhui’s cell phone on the table vibrated. He glanced at it, smiled and swiped the phone to answer. He spoke a few words then hung-up.

Zhang Siyi asked: “Who?”

Fu Xinhui: “One of the girls from your company from KTV this afternoon asked us to eat at night.”

Zhang Siyi smiled: “So soon someone will hook up with you?”

With that, his phone shook again, and Fu Xinhui raised his eyebrows and said, “There’s more than one.”

Zhang Siyi glanced at his quiet mobile phone, envious: “Why isn’t anyone calling me? I sang so well!”

Fu Xinhui smiled a little bit: “It seems that my type of boy is liked by your company colleagues.”

Zhang Siyi flattened his mouth and gave himself an excuse: “It must be because I’m not new.”

However, if you think about it carefully, Fu Xinhui, in addition to his good looks, will cook and do housework. He is considerate and habitually caters to others. He pays attention to details like paying rent in advance. When a group of people eat, regardless of whether it is a barbecue or a hot pot, Fu Xinhui is always on the side of “serving the people”. He is true to his friends. Any girl that can become Fu Xinhui’s girlfriend will be very happy.

Zhang Siyi saw Fu Xinhui still replying to the text message, curiously sneaked over and peeked: “Who is it? Tell me soon! Maybe I know, I can tell you some gossip.”

Fu Xinhui turned the phone to him. Zhang Siyi looked at it and was shocked: “Bi Lele! She is a big rot woman, you must be careful. Last time she asked if we were a couple!”

Fu Xinhui: “…”

Zhang Siyi looked at another number ID and said: “I don’t know this person. She is probably from the other company.”

Fu Xinhui received the mobile phone and said: “Say, there is one thing, I don’t know if I am too sensitive…”

Zhang Siyi: “What’s that?”

Fu Xinhui glanced at Zhang Siyi and said, “I feel like the way your boss looks at you is weird.”

…… What? Zhang Siyi looked up and stared at Fu Xinhui, waiting for him to explain.

Fu Xinhui took the chopsticks and stirred his soup. He took a bite and continued: “While we were at KTV, I caught him looking at you most of the time. He didn’t pay much attention to anyone else.”

Zhang Siyi felt his face start to get hot again: “Are you sure about that?”

Instead of answering, Fu Xinhui stopped moving his chopsticks and looked at Zhang Siyi and asked: “And, I remember when we walked the dog together some time ago, you said that your boss had also joked about us being a pair, right?”

Zhang Siyi: “Well…”

Fu Xinhui said seriously: “Do you really think that if you were straight man, you would make a joke about another being in a gay relationship?”

Zhang Siyi’s heart jumped, it seems that it is not. He remembers that he once went to the office of Gu Yu. At that time, Gu Yu was on the phone, and he was curious and asked if Gu Yu’s caller was his girlfriend. Right! The normal straight male mentality would ask about a girlfriend

“It’s not just that, “said Fu Xinhui. “His eyes are very firm. I think he is the kind of person who knows exactly what he wants. The way he looked at you……. Well, the rest, you will know it yourself.”

Zhang Siyi: “…………(o////o)………….”

Everything that Fu Xinhui has mentioned to this point, Zhang Siyi is completely clueless and can’t understand.

His face was distorted, and he made a war between the heavens in his mind. He retorted: “No, no, no, no! He has a girlfriend! I have seen her!” At such an eager speed, it is not known whether Zhang Siyi is trying to persuade Fu Xinhui or convince himself.  But that’s nothing for Fu Xinhui, Fu Xinhui shrugged: “You don’t have to be so paranoid. Maybe I was wrong.”

Zhang Siyi’s face contorted in a myriad of expressions trying to say something. Finally, he said: “Certainly you were the one making a mistake!”

Fu Xinhui: “…”

Zhang Siyi wants to desperately expel Fu Xinhui’s words from his brain. Even after returning home and taking a bath, he continued to be full of problems. When he thought that Gu Yu might “like him” and “want him”, Zhang Siyi shuddered for fear of something strange, but also because he felt excitement from the bottom of his heart.

There seems to be a clear boundary between the two feelings, like a high wall bisecting it. Inside, he is clinging to himself and outside, there is a poppy that is tempting him all the time……. Oh, my God! Why are you torturing me like this! (#°д°)

At ten o’clock in the evening, while Fu Xinhui was in the living room brushing the hair on Cheer-Up, he heard Zhang Siyi in his room again. First, he heard ‘that noise’: “Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack……”

When Fu Xinhui could not endure, he was about to get up when the sound of the house suddenly transformed into a melodious melody. Fu Xinhui listened to the ear and felt that the tone was a bit familiar. Then he listened carefully. Hey, isn’t this “Liang Zhu”! …… Finally, a good song.**

Under the beautiful music, the restless Cheer-Up calmed down. Also, Fu Xinhui followed along with the music humming. Not two minutes have passed when he heard a crazy cry: “Aaaahhhhhh” and Immediately thereafter: ” Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack…….”

Fu Xinhui jumped straight up roaring: ” Zhang Siyi !!! “


The author has something to say: The straight man’s mental journey of being bent… So entangled ~_(:3∠)_


**T/N: The song Butterfly Lovers (Liang Zhu)

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    1. Yes it is advanced music. One would need significant training to be able to play the song. I added another link to a youtube video of a solo violinist so you can get a better sense of how hard it is.

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  1. :Do you really think that if you were straight man, you would make a joke about another being in a gay relationship?”
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  2. “Cheer up felt restless”

    I thought dogs can’t comprehend music?
    Or maybe the violin creates violent vibrations when it “quacks” compared to smooth vibrations, and Cheer Up felt


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