助理建筑师 羲和清零 032

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 32: Invitation

After Gu Yu returned the text message, he counted all the packages that belonged to Zhang Siyi. One, two, three, four, five…. He looked at Zhang Siyi and said: “You need a laborer to return from home.”

Zhang Siyi reluctantly said: “I didn’t want to bring so much, my mother insisted that I bring them.”

Gu Yu: “It seems that your mother is very fond of you.”

Zhang Siyi: “Fortunately…” Aren’t all mothers like this?

Gu Yu also teased: “You are all grown up but are still being breastfed!”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu looked at the violin case that Zhang Siyi had placed at his feet. He had no chance to ask previously, but now he was curious: “Do you play the violin?”

Zhang Siyi guilty: “Well, I have been studying for a few years.” He wanted to make an impression on Gu Yu, so he didn’t tell him he hadn’t practiced for a long time and forgot how to play it well.

Gu Yu appears to be very interested: “Oh? When will you play it? Let me hear a song.”

Zhang Siyi coughed. In order to avoid his white lie being exposed, he pretended to be serious: “I have a rule. I only play violin for people that I like.”

Gu Yan looked at Zhang Siyi and expressively said “Oh”.

Could Gu Yu see through his act? Zhang Siyi felt embarrassed and he subconsciously drummed his fingers.

Gu Yu: “I was going to tell you that if you took the stage to play a song during the company’s annual meeting then there would be a reason to give you another bonus.

Zhang Siyi: “…” You didn’t say it earlier!

Originally, Zhang Siyi felt that it was a wonderful experience to meet a fellow in Haicheng at the station. He wouldn’t be lonely and could chat, but now finds that he is wrong! Between his Father and Gu Yu, he felt belittled. Not wanting to feel insulted again, he was afraid to talk to him. An Awkward silence broke out, so Zhang Siyi turned his attention to his mobile phone. Gu Yu also seemed disinterested in conversation, so he turned away and closed his eyes.

Seeing Gu Yu resting on the side, Zhang Siyi discretely turned sideways and opened WeChat: “I met the Boss on the train! I’m so depressed!”

Lele: “What train? Where have you been?”

Zhang Siyi: “I went back to my hometown and now I am on the high-speed train back to Haicheng. I happened to be on the same train as the Boss. He is sitting next to me!”

Chicken wings: “You have some nerve complaining here.”

Joe Sister: “Serious warning: Please don’t expose the secret base of the revolutionary organization.”

Aunt Four: “…” Damn it, this secret base is still formed by me!

Xuan Xuan: “I don’t understand. Why is the Boss traveling from your hometown to Haicheng?”

Lele: “Oh! After the bid, we continued to stay in the city for two more days. The boss said he wanted to go home so he went to the airport and flew. Do you have a place with the boss?”

Zhang Siyi thought for a moment. At first, he thought it wasn’t a good idea to expose the past connection between himself and Gu Yu, but now they have worked together for a few months. He is very familiar with his colleagues, so he didn’t feel that it was necessary to hide it anymore. In the chat group he said: “Well, Director Gu and I graduated from the same high school.”

The crowd didn’t doubt his words, but also recognized Zhang Siyi own work strength.

Only Du Rui said with emotion: “No wonder you are so special to him.”

Xu Jia: “No. Our company also had an intern from the same school as Gu Yu. I didn’t see any special treatment.”

Zhang Siyi is Speechless: “Do you really think it’s good to be on the Boss’s radar?” I feel like I’m being stared at all the time. I’m not free at all!”

Xu Jia: “That is the gaze of love. Aunt Four, you must change your attitude. The more attention he shows you, the greater his expectations are!”

Lele: “The boss pays attention to you only means you still need to grow. Don’t struggle teenager.”

Chicken wings: “Yes, as long as the work is done well, Gu Yu won’t control you.”

Tai Cheng: “Agree …”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Why didn’t anyone help him say a word!

Just when Zhang Siyi was concentrating on replying to the group chat news, Gu Yu next to him suddenly said: “What are you doing?”

Zhang Siyi was so scared that he quickly quit the interface and turned around. Gu Yu looked at him with his arms crossed and raised his eyebrows and asked: “Are you on social media again?”

”No” Zhang Siyi spat. “I’m talking to a friend,” He was afraid Gu Yu was going to accuse him again. To defend himself, he vehemently responded, “What’s the problem? I’m not at work and yet you still criticize me. Am I at work now??? Then there is no problem!!!”

After watching Zhang Siyi eagerly argue with him, Gu Yu was unexpectedly amused. He covered his laugh: “Of course.”

Zhang Siyi blankly looked at Gu Yu’s smiling and felt stupid. While this person normally has a very stern face, if he smiled so handsomely and cheerfully all the time, it is estimated that it wouldn’t be long before Zhang Siyi stopped being afraid of him.

Gu Yu: “You don’t have to shrink into the corner to chat.”

Feeling embarrassed, Zhang Siyi sat up straighter and stopped playing with his mobile phone.

Gu Yu coughed and suddenly asked: “Are you free tomorrow?”

Zhang Siyi: “Hmm? What’s up?”

Although tomorrow is his birthday, he didn’t make specific plans with either his circle of friends or confirming plans with Fu Xinhui, so nothing is certain.

Gu Yu paused and said: “I want to take you to a place.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” What – is – happening??

Since Gu Yu didn’t hear Zhang Siyi refuse, he assumed it meant he was free. He directly asked: “Do you know the Center Union Square?”

…… Hey, huh? What do you mean? Is Gu Yu asking him out?

Because Zhang Siyi was entangled with his thoughts, he didn’t say anything about his birthday. He heard him say: “Beside the No. 3 line xx Road Station, tomorrow at 9 am, see you there.” There was no room for refusal.

“What are we going to do there?” Zhang Siyi can only continue to ask questions along the subject.

Gu Xiao: “Tomorrow you will know.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” It’s a mystery!

Gu Yu successfully piqued his interest, so he slowly nodded. “Okay.”

When the train arrived in Haicheng, the two men took the big bags and left the station. They decided it was too cumbersome to travel by subway with all the packages, so they went to look for a taxi. Gu Yu helped Zhang Siyi bring his things back to his apartment. Feeling a little upset, Zhang Siyi, asked: “Where do you live?”

Gu Yu reported a general location not far from the company which was in the same neighborhood of the cafe that Zhang Siyi and his ex-girlfriend had met last time. The very affluent area was mostly occupied with old-fashioned houses. Whether it was buying a house or renting a house, the price is not cheap.

Zhang Siyi curiously asked: “Are you living in your own house?” This is a rather impolite question for an employee to ask his Boss. He guessed that Gu Yu wouldn’t reply, however he answered calmly. “I am borrowing a friend’s house.”

Being influenced by gossip, Zhang Siyi’s can’t help wondering about what friend Gu Yu has. What type of friend is so close that you borrow a house? Is it the person who has called before? Although curious, Zhang Siyi did not dare ask Gu Yu.

During the taxi ride home, he called Fu Xinhui and asked him to come to the door and meet him. Then he had to take the crab paste and crab out according to his mother’s instructions and give it to Gu Yu.

Gu Yu refused: “Don’t give it to me, you can eat it yourself.”

“No, no, my mom said to give you half.” Zhang Siyi said.

While Gu Yu couldn’t directly deal with his mother before, he can now deal with Zhang Siyi: “So eager to give me something. Soliciting favors? Am I collecting bribes?”

Zhang Siyi choked and nearly spit blood. He wanted to say a few more words, but Gu Yu quickly explained: “Your mother has already given me oranges. These things are her heart for you. Keep it for yourself. It is better to work hard to make me happier.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Fu Xinhui has stood at the door of the neighborhood waiting. Gu Yu helped Zhang Siyi get out of the car with his bags and made another face-to-face with Fu Xinhui. Fu Xinhui also politely asked if Gu would go up for a drink, but he refused unceremoniously.

Zhang Siyi carried his things upstairs with Fu Xinhui help. He felt irritated and couldn’t stop himself from complaining to his friend about Gu Yu’s indifference: “That guy is so unreasonable!”

Fu Xinhui: “What’s the matter? Why are you so pissed?”

Zhang Siyi: “My mom asked me to give these things to him, but he refused saying I was trying to bribe him!”

Fu Xinhui smiled and reassured him: “Why are you so angry? It just means he doesn’t have a close enough relationship with you that he felt comfortable accepting the gifts. That’s all.”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

After entering the house, Fu Xinhui looked at the bag again: “Hey, red cream, crab, good things!”

Zhang Siyi said with a sigh of relief: “Yes, this from the housekeeper. She picked the fattest crab meat to make it. It’s the best, super delicious crab paste that money can’t buy!”

Zhang Siyi appeared better. The two cooked some rice and made a fried green side dish. They set the table then decided to call Jiang Hai. For fear of not coming, they invited his girlfriend to join them.

After the meal, Fu Xinhui mentioned Zhang Siyi’s birthday. Jiang Hai and Tian Yujing were quite excited as they were free on the weekend and was available to do something together.

Zhang Siyi remembered Gu’s invitation and said: “I can’t go out tomorrow. My Boss told me to meet him.”

Fu Xinhui said: “Where is goSquare?”

Zhang Siyi: “It’s at the union center. I have never been, so I’ll check the map.”

Jiang Hai: “I’ve been there before. It’s a business center with shopping and dining. Why are you meeting him there?”

With a timely response Tian Yujing said: “A date?”

Zhang Siyi: “………”


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  1. He is so silly. I don’t know if I should love him or hate him. Like, he is so simple. He loves or hates based on such superficial things. Thanks for the chapter 😊😍


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