完美关系 羲和清零 022

The Perfect Relationship by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 22: Magazine Article

Yao Manhuai explained further. When taking into consideration Shao Junling background of growing up in a welfare home, and thus without an elite education, his perfect score on the logic portion of the entrance exam was rather remarkable. In addition, since he scored very high on his IQ test, the school had made their final determination based on Shao Junling’s life experiences and not just the school’s admission test.

However, Dee International School’s education was competitive and had high expectations for its students. The comprehensive quality of students far exceeded those of the same grade that were studying at ordinary schools. The main concern for the school was whether or not Shao Junling could keep up with his peers. As a result, the school’s administration suggested he start at first grade with continued private tutoring at the end of the school day to ensure he can fully adjust to his new environment. Once a solid foundation was established and his routine became habit, Shao Junling could skip grades as needed.

In order to facilitate his growth, Shao Junling had to live at school short term and could only return home once a month. On this point, Yin Chang had no objections for Shao Junling hardly ever talked and was difficult to get along with. Rather, Yin Chang felt relieved because he only needed to see Shao Junling once a month.

After finalizing the details of his admission, in order for Shao Junling to look presentable, Yin Chang bought Shao Junling new clothes, new shoes, and new school supplies.

In reality, in wasn’t difficult to see Shao Junling’s likeness with Yin Dong and thus, Yin Chang felt he should be able to wear similarly cut clothes. Even though Shao Junlin had experience wearing luxury clothing because Yin Dong had given them to him in the past, he still looked rather awkward wearing them.

His habits and personality didn’t help the matter. When Shao Junling looked at people, he was always on guard, like he was ready to fight. His involuntary fierceness caused people to think he was trying to pick a fight. Evan had pointed out his habit during their last video call when, the child’s inadvertent glance made Evan feel “provoked”.

Although fierce, he’s still young. Yin Chang didn’t worry about him actually starting a fight. He was more concerned about him becoming a target. After all, no matter where, the stubborn and unmannered kid was the one to get picked-on by peers. Even so, Yin Chang felt, despite his past issues being bullied at the welfare institute, he could slowly change at the school by being surrounded by better educated students.

On the day Shao Junling was sent to school, there was a bit of a situation. For the first time, the normally well-behaved child showed his rebellious side.

Since last night, he had locked himself in his bedroom and shouted at Yin Chang. He told him not to come in. In the morning, when Shao Junling didn’t appear for breakfast, Yin Chang went directly to his room to find him. Shao Junling was under the covers in protest.

“You… It’s time for school. What are you hiding for?” Since Yin Chang wasn’t about to crawl under the covers to grab him, he stood by the bedside.

At first, he was patient and good-natured. “You got into Dee International and can go to school now. Aren’t you happy? There will be many children there your age to play games with and study together.”

“Shao Junling, did you hear me? Come out. “


His gentle coaxing had no impact and Shao Junling remained under the covers on his bed. Looking at the time, they were going to be late on the first day of school and Yin Chang couldn’t help but get angry.

“If you don’t come out when I count to three, be prepared for the consequence. One…. Two…”

Before reaching three, Yin Chang reached out impatiently and pulled the whole bed covering in one yank, revealing Shao Junling.

Tucking his legs up, Shao Junling tried to make himself smaller: “…!!!”

Before making his escape, Yin Chang seized Shao Junling with the other hand. The little guy suddenly made a horrible howl.

Yin Chang heard his wailing, but he didn’t let go. Grabbing Shao Junling’s arm more firmly, Yin Chang brought him out of the room. He firmly, but gently warned him: “Stop crying.”

Shao Junling: “Ah……”

Grabbing his bag on the way, Yin Chang man-handled him out of the house, down the stairs, and into the car. Yin Chang buckled his seatbelt for him.

On the way to the school, Yin Chang tried to reason with him: “If Dad was still alive, he would send you to school too. He would have to go to work, so how could he have time to stay with you every day at home.”

“I’m the same. I will be busy at work every day. Won’t you get bored at home being alone all the time? It’s good for you to go to school. Study hard and make Dad proud.”

Yin Chang don’t know if Shao Junling was listening to him or not, but at least, he had quieted down a little. Now, he was eyeing Yin Chang angrily and grasping his seatbelt with such force that his knuckles turned white.

Yin Chang squinted at him and almost laughed at him: “I’m taking you to school, not the execution ground!”

Shao Junling: “…”

While the school was only 20 kilometers (~12.5 miles) to school from Huaihe Apartments, with the morning traffic, it took Yin Chang an hour to drive Shao Junling to the Dee International school. Miss Lin, his future teacher, was already waiting for them when they arrived.

Watching the approaching car and noticing the boy, Teacher Lin took the initiative to open the front door for Shao Junling. Holding his hand, she gently guided him out of the car and with warm words she spoke: “Shao Junling, I’m Teacher Lin. For the next few days, I will be helping you. Aunt Yao and your Brother will come back on the weekend to pick you up, OK?”

For what reason, Yin Chang didn’t know why he was so quiet. Maybe it was because she was similar to the kind women at the Welfare Institute. Or maybe, Shao Junling saw how far from home he was. Regardless of the reason, Shao Junling let himself be led away without resistance.

Yin Chang got out of the car as well. He went around to the trunk and took out a brand-new suitcase that he bought for Shao Junling. It was packed with daily necessities and clothes for the week that Shao Junling needed.

He rolled the luggage over to Teacher Lin and passed it to her. He politely said: “Teacher Lin, Shao Junling will be in your care.”

Teacher Lin was only twenty-seven. When she saw such a handsome young man like Yin Chang approach her, she was stunned. She couldn’t help herself and flushed red: “Don’t worry! You can rest assured!”

As Yin Chang returned to the car, Teacher Lin crouched down and gently tried to coaxed him: “Junling, your brother is leaving. Say goodbye to him!”

Shao Junling: “…”

Through the window, he saw Shao Junling eyeing him as if he owed him millions.

Yin Chang pressed the anger he felt to the bottom of his heart. As Shao Junling had remained silent, so did Yin Chang. Pressing on the accelerator, he only left dust behind.

In the next few days, Yin Chang didn’t have any job assignments to do. Instead, in an effort to make him a qualified star, vocal and dance teachers taught him privately at the studio.  With six classes per day and one and a half hours per class, plus meal and rest time, Yin Chang stayed in the company for almost twelve hours a day. Without a worry for Shao Junling, Yin Chang was very focused.

Initially, the teachers thought Yin Chang was a spoiled second-generation wannabe actor. When the Chief Director, Yao Manhuai, initially told them to teach Yin Chang, although they didn’t show it, they were reluctant and disappointed.

However, Yin Chang’s humble attitude towards others combined with his hard-working determination served to dispel their inherent prejudice against him in only one day.

“He is worthy of being Yin Dong’s son. Like his father, the son works hard too.”

“Yeah, it seems like Yin Dong taught him very well. Every father would want a son like him to be proud of!”

What shocked the two teachers the most was how fast Yin Chang’s caught on. Whether it was vocal training or dancing, Yin Chang could learn it with minimal instruction. Normally, complex dance movements took a full day to learn. However, Yin Chang learned them quickly with one or two practices.

When compared to other newcomers, who were instructed ten times and still couldn’t grasp the movements, the two instructors wanted to cry tears of joy. The gap in ability between a true talent and a layman was just too large.

“I don’t understand how Yin Dong could have hid such a son for this long. His debut was long overdue! Let him out now!”

Moreover, the sense of achievement brought on by teaching a talent was unparalleled. His instructors became even more strict and dedicated to Yin Chang’s education.

In fact, Yin Chang had some vocal and dance training when he was young. He started with hip-hop. However, since it was too easy for him and thus, not challenging he didn’t think it was a big deal. As  result, he had shifted his energy towards other endeavors. Now that his boundless potential was under the care of professionals, with strict guidelines and goals, they could take advantage of his natural ability and help Yin Chang develop quickly.

On Friday night, the publisher announced the latest issue of New People. With Yin Chang’s photo on the cover, they posted the information on social media. “Want to know this handsome guy? Reserve your copy of New People, issue 312, featuring a full 22-page interview with Yin Chang: the mysterious and low-key son of the star actor, Yin Dong. Meet the person so you will get to know him! @ Yin Chang [heart][heart][heart]”

Subsequently, Yin Chang reposted the announcement on his social media page without much explanation and description.

It had been six weeks of silence since the last public opinion storm. It was the first time Yin Chang had used his social media account since then. The naysayers who had tried to trample him had already left. All that remained were loyal fans and some newer fans who were captured by the previous shabockle.

“Ah, ah… Yin Chang, you’re finally back!” “

“Sisters! He posted to Weibo again!”

“He is so gorgeous in the photos. I just want to smooch the pictures!”

“How is it possible to have such a good-looking son?!”

“First, you must have a handsome husband like Yin Dong. [Smile]”


As of Saturday night, in just twenty-four hours, the online shopping sales of the issue surpassed 100,000. In the age of print media’s decline, the results were definitely called a huge success. It was clear why New People invested so much effort into Yin Chang’s article.

On the inside, there were sixteen color photos including both photos in uniform and various fashions. There were also photographs of him at home. Three days later, the first batch of buyers received their magazine and gathered on Yin Chang’s Weibo to discuss it.

“You won’t regret buying it!” [smooch][smooch][smooch]

“Yin Chang’s astrology sign is a crab. It seems that our newly promoted Male God is a loving family man! “ ~o(∩_∩)o~

“…able to speak four languages, he likes to ski and is trained in Muay Thai…. He bakes his own desserts every day….. With his face, I can dream this fantasy every day.”

“I want to see couples’ photos of him! Which sister could be paired with him and create the perfect image?!” QwQ


As the magazine continued to sell, the products in the advertisements on his featured pages including Dove Chocolate, KE Sunglasses, and OneRose Flowers, also sold well.

 This phenomenon surprised the industry: What is so special about Yin Chang? Isn’t he just Yin Dong’s son? He hasn’t even been in any movies or television and yet, with just a few photos, he was able to achieve this result?

The reason is hard to say, but the profits are obvious.

When Yin Chang’s feature in New People hit the market, it caused an explosion of invitations one after another, from all corners of the industry like Fashion BZ, Men’s Wear Show, Aile….

The media that wanted to feature him have been scheduled from October to February. The feature in the magazine, with continuous promotion, would definitely maximize his exposure to the greatest extent. Neither Mi Xiu, who was so popular two years ago, nor Wang Chen, a wealthy man who debuted at the beginning of this year, had such results.

However, just as Yin Chang thought he could feel at ease and concentrate on his career, there was another problem.

Ten days after Shao Junling started school, Teacher Lin contacted Yao Manhuai and said that the child had injured another student at school.


The author has something to say:  【Vignette

Growth chart of Shao Junling’s anger:

Abroad for a week +20

Come back with gifts but not for him +30

Cut his ten nails +45

Suspected of being intellectually retarded +60

Elementary tutoring +75

Making him go to school +90

Don’t bother saying goodbye +!00


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    1. Welp. Can’t help it, with how Yin Dong had just mostly dumped his son on the housekeeper and his long absence in his growth… Oof, this development is entirely expected…

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  1. Thanks por tu trabajo, no te desanimes que está historia es interesante y seguro tiene sus fieles lectores, que como yo aunque no dejemos comentarios, estamos agradecidos y expectantes por el próximo capítulo. Nuevamente en nombre de todos los silentes te agradezco tu excelente traducción. Creo que la historia está aún en su comienzo así que tiene mucho para desenvolver.
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  3. … seeing people criticize the main character, even though I know their dissatisfaction makes sense, I still want to defend the main character. There’s obviously something wrong, but the main character is eighteen and grew up independent. How can anyone ask him to raise a child?

    Actually, as someone who also has to make independent decisions for myself a majority of the time, I understand him. I don’t think I can raise a child either because I largely find satisfaction in work and self-growth. If I were him, I would also make this decision, because not only is it easier, it makes sense for me. If I wanted to continue my dead father’s legacy, then never mind being independent, even just this sentiment would make me feel pressured to work hard in my father’s industry, especially one as terrible as the entertainment industry. There’s no way I would have time to raise a child. Just let someone else do it.

    In this, I feel like it’s rather refreshing to have the main character face consequences for his ignorance, because there’s not enough make characters who make mistakes in the first place. He’s young enough to make mistakes and old enough to learn from them.

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  4. yin chang grew up independent, and he learned to be well behaved from young by his father and nanny. while shao jun ling grew up on the streets and with bad environment, so he naturally has his guard up wherever he goes. so yin chang can’t understand why shao jun ling is like that. he’s not at fault, he’s still 18 too. the adults around them should pay more attention to shao junling, but they thought yin chang can handle him cause he’s responsible and all.

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