完美关系 羲和清零 014

The Perfect Relationship by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 14: Yin Chang’s Dissapearance

At the end of her conversation with Yang Jiajia, Yao Manhuai slammed the phone down. Thinking of another person who had potential information, she quickly lifted up the phone to make a call.

As the phone connected, Yao Manhuai asked in a cold tone: “Attorney Wang, I don’t know if you’ve seen the news on the Internet yet….”

“Director Yao, I’m really sorry……”Wang Yan apparently knew of the situation and his voice was full of guilt. I just finished talking with Yin Chang.”

Yao Manhuai frowned: “Why would you be speaking with Yin Chang?”

Wang Yan: “Yin Chang took the initiative to call me first. He asked me about Shao Junling.”

Yao Manhuai: “Do you know Shao Junling?”

Wang Yan: “I know of him, but I haven’t met him. Yin Dong only mentioned him twice.”

Yao Manhuai: “What did he tell you?”

Wang Yan: “This matter also involves Yin Chang’s privacy. Telling you would break client-attorney privilege, but now it’s like this on the Internet and I think you need to know all the facts so you can restore his reputation. However, you can’t go public with the information even though you are in a public relations crisis.”

Yao Manhuai: “Okay, I promise you.”

Wang Yan: “It was around March of this year when Yin Dong called me and he asked me what he needed to do if he wanted to adopt another child.”

“And……” Yao Manhuai immediately got key point and asked: “Was Yin Chang adopted?”

Wang Yan: “Yes, Yin Chang was adopted by Yin Dong when he was one. This matter, Yin Chang was completely unaware of before he met me. Although Yin Dong was wealthy, he was single and wanted to adopt a child. If he wanted to adopt a second child, it is not legally viable. I suggested he raise a second child by sponsoring him financially, but he refused.”

Yao Manhuai wondered: “Why? Was he really his flesh and blood?”

Wang Yan: “I don’t know for sure, but I thought of a way he could use to legally adopt him. The law recognizes blood relations. With a positive paternity test, Yin Dong could claim him as his son and adopt him.

“Yao Manhuai: “How did he answer?”

Wang Yan: “He hesitated for a little while, but then told me, he will find a way.”

Yao Manhuai was stunned: “Find a way……What do you mean?”

Wang Yan: “My guess is, that he may not have a true blood relationship with the child, but he can find a way to forge a paternity testimonial.  It may also be that the child refused to acknowledge him until he had a paternity test done.”

Yao Manhuai: “And then what happened? Did he get it?”

“No.” Wang Yan replied and remained silent for a moment. He continued: “Yin Dong said that the child wasn’t ready yet that he would wait. But, I didn’t hear anything about it afterwards.”

Trembling, Yao Manhuai dropped down in her chair, abruptly sitting.

Attorney Wang’s words very clearly had implications. When she thought of the photograph of the boy that was exposed by Fast Dog Entertainment, Yao Manhuai was cold.

In her past, Yin Dong had refused her, stating that he couldn’t forget Yin Chang’s mother and claimed that he wouldn’t be able love anyone else. As a result, she let him go. But ten years ago, having a child behind her back, how could she swallow the news?

On the phone, Wang Yan continued: “This is all I know about it. My previous conversations with Yin Dong about Shao Junling was less than fifteen minutes total. When Yin Chang called me, I told him the same thing. Although I feel sorry about the ambiguity, I couldn’t make any irresponsible remarks. After the accident, when Yin Chang returned to China, I did ask him briefly if he had heard the name Shao Junling. If he had, I was going to take the necessary adjustment to move forward with his inheritance, but Yin Chang said he had never heard the name. Additionally, it was that night when he first learned he was adopted. He looked shocked and I didn’t want to provoke him any further with uncertain matters. Maybe there wasn’t a follow-up because Yin Dong ultimately wasn’t going to go through with the adoption. Don’t you think?”

Yao Manhuai asked: “So what did Yin Chang do after you finished talking with him?”

“Nothing. He was quite calm over the phone, but I guess, he must feel very upset now. After all, the news is shocking and the bad-mouthing is rather unpleasant.”  Wang Yan sighed then continued: “I’m really sorry. If I had known there would be such a storm today, I would have informed you in advance.”

As she was listening to Attorney Wang, Lu Lingxuan burst through the door suddenly. Sweating heavily and clenching her mobile phone in her hand, she exclaimed: “Director Yao, Yin Chang, Yin Chang… I can’t get in touch with him!”

Neither did Yin Chang respond to texts nor did he respond to phone calls. Lu Lingxuan was afraid that Yin Chang saw the overwhelming abuse on the Internet.

Originally, Lu Lingxuan wanted to go to his apartment in person, but it just so happened that the company’s car was dispatched already. As a result, Lu Lingxuan spent a few minutes waiting at Yao Manguai’s office door. When she vaguely heard they were talking about Yin Chang, she couldn’t help but interrupt them

Hearing Lu Lingxuan’s urgent announcement, without a word, Yao Manhuai grabbed her car keys and said: “Let’s go.”

After speeding to the Huaihe Apartment complex, at the gates the security guards blocked their admittance. The maintenance staff of high-end apartments compounds pay great attention to protecting the privacy of their residents. Since Yin Chang hadn’t updated the list of trusted contacts, neither of them could enter without the permission of the apartment’s owner.

Yao Manhuai worked very hard to explain her relationship with Yin Chang. The property management finally allowed her to sign a security agreement before informing her that Yin Chang had left Huaihe Apartments at about 8:40 in the evening.

“He isn’t at home?” Yao Manhuai froze. “Are you sure !?!?”

The guard defended the staff: “We recognize every head of household here because we see them every day in and out through the surveillance cameras!”

Besides, the plane crash of the former head of the house was big news. The security guards were very impressed with his son, Yin Chang. He also commented: “You can look at the video recording yourself. He drove a black BMW from the underground garage. Isn’t that the car Elder Yin drove before?”

Yao Manhuai was speechless.

However, since Yin Chang had lived abroad from an early age and only lived here for a month, without friends, where could he go? In addition, the time he left his apartment was approximately the same time when Yao Manhuai left Nova Entertainment with Lu Lingxuan. In other words, when  Lu Lingxuan called Yin Chang, he was still here.

Yao Manhuai returned to the car with a somber complexion and commanded Lu Lingxuan to keep calling him.

Surprised, Lu Lingxuan said: “He … He turned it off.” After making five calls in a row, Lu Lingxuan got an automated voice message: “The phone number you have dialed cannot be reached.”

“Send him a text message to ensure that he can see our messages as soon as he turns on his phone.” As she spoke, she searched through her address book and quickly found the person she wanted to contact.

“Chief Jin, this is Yao Manhuai. I’m so sorry to disturb you this late……Yes, I need your help with a little matter. Please, I would like your help in finding a specific vehicle….”

The night was dark and inside the luxury hotel, at the highest room of the building, someone drew the curtains closed. By the bed, Yin Chang sat on the soft chair with his head down, drinking from a bottle of wine alone.

When he saw the news, he felt that the name, Shao Junling, was familiar. Later, when he remembered what the Lawyer had asked him that night when he first returned to China, he immediately had called Attorney Wang to inquire about him.

Listening to the lawyer, Yin Change started to piece together the strange details he found at the apartment when he first arrived.

It turned out that the Transformers sheets in the guest bedroom, the towels and toothbrush in the bathroom, and the large box of Legos near the coffee table in the living room, were all prepared for the child named Shao Junling.

In addition, the books he found in his father’s study on psychological issues in adolescence were used by Yin Dong to get along better with Shao Junling.

Not only that, after he hung up the phone with Lawyer Wang, he rummaged through Yin Dong’s study until he finally found what he was looking for. A file folder in the drawer on the right side of his desk and inside it, there was a copy of Yin Dong genetic testing that proved Shao Junling relation to Yin Dong by blood.

Reading the report, Yin Chang could only surmise that Yin Dong really had an illegitimate child behind his back! He thought, all this time his father wasn’t able to spend time with him growing up was because of work. He tried desperately to be a good son, sensible and understanding of his situation. In the end, he realized he was a complete fool!

Imagining a situation where Yin Dong was in the same apartment with the young child caused Yin Chang to feel flustered and sick. He panicked and wanted to leave immediately.

The author has something to say: 【Vignette】

Chief Jin: “Yao Manhuai, I have asked the traffic officer to check it for you. The car you mentioned was currently located in the Westin hotel parking garage on XXX Road.”

Yao Manhuai: “Okay, thank you very much!

Chief Jin: “However, there are a few points I have to inform you of. According to the monitoring, we found a problem with the car’s speed at the intersection of Hongjing and Linan Road.

Yao Manhuai: “… ?????”

Chief Jin: “Also, he ran a red light at the intersection of Jiangming Road on Fengshan Road…… Although there was no one at that intersection, we saw him drive through even though it was a yellow light.”

Yao Manhuai: “Really, I’m very sorry! He may be in a bad mood…”

Chief Jin: “Even if I his mood isn’t good, he can’t drive like that! It’s not a race car! Next time, I’ll have to pull him over in public and let the traffic police issue a ticket!”

Yao Manhuai: “I know I know! I will definitely give him a stern reminder when I find him!”


(PS: Yin Chang wasn’t driving drunk – he only drank after driving to the hotel.)

[Spoilers] The paternity test was forged. Don’t get me wrong.


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