完美关系 羲和清零 010

The Perfect Relationship by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 10: Future Plans

Halfway through his responsibility of receiving guests, Lu Lingxuan noticed that Yin Chang was getting tired. She made up an excuse for him and sent him to a room to rest.

Entering the room, Yin Chang walked straight to the floor-to-ceiling windows and gazed down at the city’s 10,000 lights. Sighing softly, he didn’t understand the people at the memorial service. One minute, they were all red-eyed crying in grief and the next minute, they were so lively and smiling. Was it all an act, or were people just callous and cold?

With a slight touch to his hand, Lu Lingxuan appeared next to him with a cup of hot coffee: “Are you tired? If you are, I will arrange for a car to take you home.”

“No.” Yin Chang took the cup and drank slowly. Today was his father’s memorial service. If it was anyone else, they could leave, but he could not.

Standing next to him, Lu Lingxuan realized he was feeling better: “I just took a picture of you.”

“What picture?” Yin Chang looked at her sideways.

Lu Lingxuan handed him her mobile phone. On the screen, there was a picture of Yin Chang’s back while he was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window looking outside.

Since no lights were turned on inside the room, his image was only illuminated by the countless city lights from outside. The indigo hue of the light clearly defined Yin Chang’s silhouette. His black suit accentuated his long legs, broad shoulders and narrow waist, making him appear even taller. Despite looking like a young emperor who was peering over his kingdom from high on his throne, Yin Chang’s image revealed a sense of indescribable loneliness.

When Lu Lingxuan entered the room, she thought the image was very striking so she took out her phone and took his picture.

“I think it’s pretty cool. But, if you don’t like it, I’ll delete it.” Lu Lingxuan said.

“If you like it, just keep it.” “Yin Chang said absent-mindedly and returned her phone. He turned to look out the window once again.

After the memorial service, Yao Manhuai personally drove Yin Chang back to his apartment.

Watching his desolate and blank expression, Yao Manhuai felt it was time to ask him about his future plans: “Now that the business with your father was settled, have you ever thought about what to do next?”

“I haven’t thought about it…” Although Yao Manhuai and Yang Jiajia manage the company’s affairs, there were numerous other industries that his father was involved with. It was impossible for Yin Chang to be at the forefront of them all.

Over the past few days since his return from the accident site, he had thought about asking Yao Manhuai for information about the entertainment industry. He wondered whether he should learn a little about management or not. He just didn’t know where to start.

Yao Manhuai asked him: “If Yin Dong hadn’t been on that plane, what were your plans for the future?

Yin Chang had attended a multi-faceted private high school where he not only studied academics, but also a wide range of sports and hobbies. There, he learned how to speak four languages and engaged in niche sports like polo, fencing and Muay Thai. When his father was free, he often took Yin Chang around the world to experience extreme sports like skydiving to exercise his determination and mental fortitude.

In addition, in his free-time, Yin Chang taught himself many life skills. He learned various culinary arts in order to bake desserts for a past girlfriend that liked cakes. Another time, he learned how to bartend and mix cocktails for a girl that liked fancy drinks. Even though he was qualified to get a certification, he didn’t bother to get one after they had broken up.

A wealthy family can provide an extremely enriching environment without the need to think about working for a living. All one needed to do was simply think about something you wanted to try and then go do it.

After graduating from high school, Yin Chang planned to go to a liberal arts college and study humanities. There, he had planned to take courses in philosophy, art and music. Even though a degree in humanities wasn’t very conducive for finding a normal job, Yin Chang wanted to study the subject because he found it very interesting.

His first course of action was to take courses in photography and art history. During the winter break, he had planned to travel to Italy and Spain to document his trip and take photographs of architecture. But, the accident happened and all of his plans for the future were interrupted.

“I think … What I wanted to do wasn’t so important. I should do something for my father. Aunt Yao, what do you think?”

“I think you are right,” Yao Manhuai replied and asked further: “I have a suggestion, do you want to hear it?”

“What advice do you have for me?” Yin Chang humbly asked.

Yao Manhuai firmly suggested: “Like your father, how about being a star?”

“….Huh?” Her suggestion was somewhat unexpected.

While driving, Yao Manhuai explained her reasoning to Yin Chang: “In the entertainment business over the years, your father has accumulated many resources and assets. While you can inherit money and property, intangible things like contacts aren’t easy to come by. It will be difficult to sustain those connections if you don’t follow in his path. Since I was the one by his side as he rose in fame, I know how hard he worked and how difficult it was to establish himself. I don’t want to see his connection to the industry disappear.”

“But…… Show business is really hard.” Yin Chang frowned.

Yao Manhuai looked at Yin Chang’s expression and guessed his thoughts: “Yin Chang, I know your Father spent very little time with you while you were growing up. And, I know you probably complained about it, but please don’t misunderstood. He had sacrificed his time with you to do something that was more relevant globally. For more than a decade, he has worked hard to make meaningful films. He had succeeded in becoming a famous actor and left a legacy of classic films.”

Yu Chang understood that it was Yin Dong’s choice. Presumably, it was something he liked to do.

Yao Manhuai remarked: “But as a public figure, you have to assume the corresponding social responsibility. He can use his resources and power to help those in need and help the world become a better place. From nature conservation, to gay rights, to disaster relief and other fund-raising events, he participated in a variety of charitable causes. Even his accident; he was on his way to film for a public service..…”

Indeed, Yin Dong was traveling to Kenya to make a public interest film about wildlife conservation.

As a famous actor, Yin Dong used to film on-set in his studio in Taiwan. But being dedicated to a good cause, in later years, he decided he needed to travel to the location himself and film on-site. To be honest, Yin Chang would have wanted his father to be selfish and stay home to film so nothing would have happened.

“I’m not asking you to be as successful as your father. With the connections and resources he has passed on to you, you can reach a level that no one else can.  If you commit yourself to acting, you will be able to understand the industry better and thus, be better equipped to take over your father’s business.”

Yin Chang hesitated and said: “But I don’t know anything about being a movie star.”

Yin Chang didn’t have the same voice and dance training that was necessary for entertainers. He learned a little hip-hop and ballroom dancing while attending school and he sang karaoke at KTV, but acting… He can’t even tell a lie to his housekeeper, Fiona.

Yao Manhuai explained: “A star is a dream-making career for fans, but it’s not just one person. Behind a star’s success lies countless people working diligently behind the scenes. Even your father had a team. There was me, Yang JIajia, and all the people from Yin Dong’s studio…..”

In this era with social media, the entertainment industry functioned differently compared to the past when Yin Dong was a rising star. Yao Manhuai wanted Yin Chang to do the opposite of what his father did. Start small and then cultivate his professional qualities slowly by producing quality works to build a positive reputation.

Moreover, unlike stars who have deliberately shaped their lives to become famous, Yin Chang was naturally attractive. He could gain enormous popularity just by being in public. Of course, it was too early to tell him about these matters with him.

Yao Manhuai said: “I don’t need you to do anything now, as long as you have the will, I have the ability to make you a star.

Listening to Yao Manhuai’s vow, Yin Chang was also swayed.

Yao Manhuai added: “To be honest, most of the news that came out on your way to Kenya was orchestrated and manipulated by Nova Entertainment.” After she told Yin Chang about her arrangements, he was very surprised.

“I did it largely for your father because I wanted people to remember him always. The news kept him in the minds of the masses and building on that momentum, his memorial service was a great success. I hope more people will remember him and mourn him. Of course, I’m not trying to waylay you. If you are opposed to the added attention, I can remove your presence from media outlets and over time, people will forget about you. Then, you will be able to return to your old life abroad and live peacefully out-of-site and out-of-mind. On the contrary, if living in the spotlight doesn’t bother you, then I can assure you that you will find success in the entertainment industry. I’m here to help you in any way, whether it’s for advice or solving problems, I’ll always be there for support.”

For such a life changing decision, Yao Manhuai couldn’t ask him for an immediate answer.

As they approached the Huaihe apartment complex, she said: ” For the next few days, take your time to think about it seriously and let me know what you decide later. I’m not in a rush for an answer.”


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