助理建筑师 羲和清零 235 番外 8

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 235: Extra 8

Since Richard Rogers won a bid for a project in China, not only was Zhang Siyi the liaison between the two companies, but he was also appointed as the main designer. As a result, there were several opportunities to travel from London to his home in China.

Although he was busy with official business, the first time he traveled back to China, Zhang Siyi went home to visit his parents. When he arrived, he had to face his father. No matter from which angle one looked at it, Father Zhang was acting a little awkward. That’s right. It is the first time Zhang Siyi has seen his father since his revelation.

From within his suitcase, Zhang Siyi pulled out some health care products that he brought back from England and said: “Dad, Mom told me your joints are bothering you lately, right? I bought you some red shrimp oil. It’s good for your joints.”

Father Zhang was only lukewarm and said “Hmm.” Sitting on the sofa, he seemed to want to say something, but stopped.

Taking out a few more bottles and jars, he gave his mother a set of high-end skin-care products from the duty-free shop. Finally, he took out a bottle of liquor from the bottom of the box and handed it to his Father: “Gu Yu asked me to bring this to you. “

Father Zhang’s eyes lit up when he heard: “Why did he give me liquor?”

Explaining with a smile, Zhang Siyi spoke: “Not long ago, we went to tour Wales. We went to a local distillery and taste-tested various flavors of whiskey. It’s better than the named brand at the stores. Gu Yu noticed you like to drink, so he bought two bottles. One for you and another bottle for me to give to his father.”

Carefully inspecting the bottle, Father Zhang stiffened then faintly smiled. He was obviously very happy but pretended to be indifferent: “Thank him for me.” He pointed to the stack of health-care products and calmly asked: “Take some to Gu Yu’s parents as well.”

Inwardly, Zhang Siyi smirked. In fact, he had prepared it all in advance, but he still responded to his father like it was his Father’s idea: “Ok.”

After he finished with official business while in China, Zhang Siyi tried to make time in his schedule to visit home in Ningcheng. Each time, he brought back small gifts that Gu Yu picked out for his father like a belt, a shirt, a tie, etc.…. One can never underestimate the power of small sugar-coated gifts!

 After a few months, Father Zhang’s attitude softened a lot. Although he hadn’t said anything with regards to his sexuality, his father started to ask Zhang Siyi for his opinions and asked questions about himself and how he was doing in London while living with Gu Yu. It was as though his father wanted to know more about his son for the first time.

It is one thing to look at photographs and another to hear about them from personal experience. Since Zhang Siyi had learned a thing or two over the years by watching Gu Yu’s acting skills, unlike a few years ago when he used to frequently fight with his father, Zhang Siyi knew what to say to his father to be courteous and keep things calm.

Not only does it take a long time to fly from country to country, it also wreaks havoc on your sleeping rhythms due to the time differences. After a year of flying back and forth to make reports, sign contracts, and troubleshoot issues, Zhang Siyi lacked his usual energy and looked rather haggard.

When the project was finally over, he specifically went home to visit his parents since it was the last time he would be able to go home for many months. At dinner, when he caught his father sneaking peeks at his hand multiple times, he realized he had forgotten to take off his ring! Upon his realization, he clenched his fingers into a fist in an attempt to mask his ring. He was so nervous, he wasn’t able to eat properly

After dinner, as his mother cleared the table and washed the dishes, Father Zhang summoned Zhang Siyi to the study alone for a talk. Even though Father Zhang intended to interrogate his son about the matter, when he saw how uneasy and haggard he was, Zhang Siyi’s father couldn’t bear it.

His son was already grown-up. Zhang Siyi matured into a hard-working adult with his own career and way of life. It would be meaningless to ‘educate’ him at this point. His father exhaled with a long, drawn-out sigh then went straight to the point: “You and Gu Yu… Your mother and I already know.”

Zhang Siyi expressed surprise and pretended to be ignorant: “What? How do you know?”

Father Zhang: “Well, I am your Father, what don’t I know? When you open your mouth, I can see the bottom of your stomach. I know what you are thinking by just looking!”

Zhang Siyi: “……” (=_=) Really?

Even though Zhang Siyi held his hands behind him and thus, hiding his ring, Father Zhang glanced towards his hands and motioned slightly: “You are wearing a ring. Is this matter already settled?”

Zhang Siyi bowed his head weakly asked: “Dad … Can you really accept us? “

Father Zhang said with an attitude: “What can I do? If I don’t accept it, are you planning to stay in London and not come back?”

Zhang Siyi: “I didn’t…”  Did his father think he went to England to avoid him?

Father Zhang: “Okay, you don’t need to explain this to me anymore. The person you are looking for is Elder Gu, but don’t worry. I have already spoken to him and his family already accepts it so you don’t have to hide anymore. Just come home.”

Zhang Siyi looked at his father with love as his statement was both funny and touching. Zhang Siyi couldn’t help but step forward and give his father a long bear hug. With a quivering voice, he affectionately said: “Dad, thank you.”

When he returned to his apartment in London, due to the success of the project, Zhang Siyi was given a week off. That night, Gu Yu personally prepared a candlelight dinner for Zhang Siyi and they spent all night together in bed until exhaustion. Holding Gu Yu close, Zhang Siyi told him the good news: “My father gave us his approval and told us to come home.”

Happy, Gu Yu opened his eyes up in surprise: “Really? So fast! Was he that impressed by the gift I gave him?” They thought it would take a lot longer for his father to accept them.

“Come on, why do you think you have all the credit?” Zhang Siyi proudly displayed his left hand and said: “This time, I was very busy and ws too tired to think about the details so I forgot to take off my ring. When he saw it, he was unable to keep quiet and openly talked to me.”

While Gu Yu listened, Zhang Siyi elaborated about the conversation with his dad. Gu Yu grinned and said: “So, it was because of the ring that you can be honest? Since I gave you that ring, isn’t it my credit?”

Zhang Siyi burst into anger in an instant: “… Hey!”

Gu Yu grabbed his left hand, holding it and said: “Ha-ha! I’m just teasing you! Ok you fool, being forgetful developed into something good.”

Gritted his teeth, an old issue popped into mind and Zhang Siyi pressured Gu Yu into explaining himself: “Hey, when it comes to the ring, weren’t you originally planning on giving it to me as my twenty-third birthday gift?”

Gu Yu froze: “How did you know?”

Zhang Siyi told Gu Yu about getting up at night to use the toilet when he stepped on the ring box on the floor. In fact, this matter has been on his mind and in his heart for a long time. After Gu Yu gave him the ring, he never mentioned it.

Taking advantage of the situation, Zhang Siyi wanted an explanation: “I have been curious, why did you suddenly give me a mobile phone instead? Was the decision to give me a ring so easily changed?”

With a rare trace of uncertainty, Gu Yu was silent for a moment before he started to explain: “We hadn’t even been together for a year yet at that time. I contemplated it for a long time and was very unsure of myself. I was afraid it was too fast for you and I was terrified that you would end things between us. It just so happened that your mobile phone was lost so I opted to give you one to replace it. Later, when we were accepted to study in London, do you remember that night, yelling at me over the phone and later together in bed… ? At that time, I wanted to give you the ring.”

Zhang Siyi remembered. The memory was very touching: “Then why did you give it to me at the airport instead of the night during our anniversary?”

Gu Yu tilted his head: “I always felt that proposing on an anniversary was too cliché, so I wanted to wait for a more suitable opportunity.”

“And walking through the airport was more appropriate!?” Zhang Siyi firmly asked. In a flash the real answer came to mind: “Wait, was it because you were …” Zhang Siyi paused, second guessing himself: “Were you jealous of Fu Xinhui?”

Gu Yu: “…”

Watching Gu Yu look away in silence to evade the question served to confirm Zhang Siyi’s suspicion. Since he was unhappy that Fu Xinhui called and was taking up Zhang Siyi time, Gu Yu deliberately gave him the ring to interrupt his call.

Damn, so childish! And to think that he was deeply touched for so long! (=皿=)


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