助理建筑师 羲和清零 234 番外 7

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 234: Extra 7

However, in the absence of further communication with his father, Zhang Siyi couldn’t verbally confirm or reveal anything more through the photographs.

Even though he quietly maintained the status quo, the prolonged unresolved state was torturous. instead of remaining silent, it was better if his father took action and either called him up and shouted at him or flown directly to London to beat him.

It wasn’t until two week later that Zhang Siyi learned the reason why his father acted so distant. It wasn’t something he had done. It was Gu Yu’s father’s doing.

“What do you mean it’s your dad’s fault?” Zhang Siyi, who had just heard the news from Gu Yu was worried and firmly asked: “What exactly did your dad do? Did he tell my dad?”

Gu Yu shook his head and said: “My dad did the same thing as us and made a private WeChat group for your father. In it, he posted a well-known article in the group about sexuality, titled: “What should a parent do when your child is gay?”

Being caught by surprise, Zhang Siyi nearly choked. Coughing, the rice he was eating practically sprayed out of his mouth: “What!? How do you know? Did you ask him?”

Gu Yu glanced at him: “Yeah. Do you think I haven’t noticed your mood recently? Do you think I’m not worried? If the problem wasn’t something we did, I wondered if my parents did something. After all, they exchanged contact information after the wedding and I must assume they have contacted each other since then in private. I spoke with my father this morning and I told him about your father’s recent behavior. Guess what? My father gloated about it. In his words, he said “Ah-ha! That article I forwards to Siyi’s dad a few days ago had some effect!”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Damn it! Thanks to him, he was so stressed! He repeatedly checked his online posting thinking he had made a mistake. Every day he fretted about what he should tell his dad. In the end, his mother had over thought the whole process because simply put, Zhang Siyi had no effect!

Gu Yu: “I’ll know more when I talk to him again. My dad also told me that he was better to handle your father because he was his peer. It’s especially so since your father is rather concerned with his image. If he knew his son was gay, he would never admit it. However, what if my dad could influence his opinion and change his mind? Coming from someone from an older generation would have more weight, right? Your dad would reflect, if my father could accept it, then why couldn’t he?”

Zhang Siyi didn’t want to say anything. He simply wanted to bow down and worship Elder Gu!

Gu Yu smiled: “Of course, the photos we sent to your father weren’t meaningless. Now that he had sorted through them again, he is probably reevaluating their meaning. His silence just means he is seriously considering the matter. Don’t worry about it too much. We are far away in the UK. If he is angry, let him be angry. He won’t be seeing us for a long time.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” He suspected that Gu Yu arranged it all! (=_=)

Not surprisingly, after some time had passed, Gu Yu updated Zhang Siyi on the topic of his father’s involvement. Gu Yu told him that Father Zhang began to seek out his father secretly to talk about homosexuality and what to do if a child was gay.

Eager to hear more, Zhang Siyi quickly asked: “What did your father say?”

Gu Yu chuckled and took out his mobile phone: “They have been chatting for a while. My father sent me screenshots. You can see it for yourself.”

Zhang Siyi couldn’t wait to take a look. At first, Father Gu didn’t express his unconditional support. He honestly told Father Zhang his thoughts about the struggles he had in his heart and his unwillingness to accept it. Zhang Siyi’s father immediately responded with similar thoughts. He took the opportunity to delve into the topic more seriously and discussed many social problems.

For a few days, the two of them talked about various topics ranging from recent events to their hobbies and having established a better relationship, the topic returned to the issue of homosexuality.

The latest chat record from two days ago showed Father Gu finally bringing the crux of the matter to Father Zhang: “You’ve also read the article. Like a child that is born with a physical or mental disability, it reports that homosexuality is something a person is born with. Do parents abandon their disabled children? If this kind of thing happens, I think it is not something one can control. It is an issue that is difficult for parents to accept when it happens to their own child. Regardless of what other families think, in my own family, if my child really likes another of the same sex, as long as they are truly happy, then his mother and I will support them.”

After Gu Yu’s father sent his long message to Zhang Siyi’s father, there was a time lapse of twenty minutes. Eventually, Father Zhang replied: “I see…. You have been enlightened. How can you be so open-minded?”

Reading the messages, Zhang Siyi almost burst into tears. Despite Father Gu’s best efforts, Zhang Siyi’s father didn’t seem to understand or maybe, he simply couldn’t accept the facts.

Amused, Gu Yu looked at him and chuckled: “If you read further, there is something interesting.”

Using his thumb, Zhang Siyi scrolled the messages down on his mobile phone. Father Zhang tried to validate his own beliefs and challenged Gu Yu’s father: “I don’t think my son is gay. Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu have a very good relationship and they are in the UK. If they really are together, what are you going to do?”

Father Gu replied: “Ha-ha! Didn’t I already say at the wedding? If Siyi was a girl, I would want my son to marry him. Elder Zhang, even as they are, are you really so reluctant?”

Father Zhang: “Elder Gu, you jest. Gu Yu is an excellent son. If I had a daughter, I would willingly marry her off. To be honest, since reading the article you sent me, because our two sons have a very good relationship, there isn’t a day I don’t think about it, but even so, I can’t accept it. If Zhang Siyi was gay and brings home a man, I can not agree to it, even if it breaks my relationship with him. I am more worried about the scourge of others.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Father Gu: “Elder Zhang, you don’t give your son enough credit. He is a hard-working and an obedient son. A real treasure.”


Afterwards, the two elders bragged about them one after the other. Looking through the comments, Zhang Siyi clenched his teeth. Smirking, he finally thossed Gu Yu’s phone back to him.

Gu Yu smiled: “Now can we relax?”

Zhang Siyi hugged him with relief and sighed: “It’s ok now.”

Gently patting his back, Gu Yu smiled and said: “This is what’s called strength in numbers. Even though your Father isn’t on board now, we have the full support of our loved ones. Sooner or later, with the help of everyone, he will come around.”

Yes, to have this happy situation today, not only was it due to Zhang Siyi’s and Gu Yu’s effort the past six months, but also because of Mother Zhang’s secret assistance. Everyone is helping them.

Zhang Siyi wanted to laugh and cry: “Poor Dad …”

Soon after, Zhang Siyi received a message from his mother saying that his father had forwarded the article to her. Mother Zhang laughed happily on the phone: “He still treats me as if I didn’t know anything. Last night at dinner, he lectured me about homosexuality. It was really amusing.”

Zhang Siyi smirked and said: “It’s good. Let Dad think he was the first to know. Don’t inform him otherwise.”

Mother Zhang: “Okay.”

In order to let Father Zhang, enjoy the status of being the head of the family, if a lie can protect his dignity, then pretending to be ignorant was a small price to pay.


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