助理建筑师 羲和清零 231 番外 4

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 231: Extra 4

After a brief internship, with the expected salary of thirty-eight-thousand pounds a year, Zhang Siyi signed a two-year contract with Richard Rogers. Although he was able to live very well in London with his salary, the British pound had fallen in value year by year and in terms of a domestic salary, it equated to approximately three-hundred-thousand Yuan.

From a financial point of view, earning a Master’s degree wasn’t worth the cost. However, Zhang Siyi never regretted it because he no longer cared about the economics of it. Every day, he was full of enthusiasm and hope for his career. In order to pay off the debt that he owed Gu Yu as soon as possible, other than living expenses, Zhang Siyi voluntarily deposited his wages directly into Gu Yu’s account.

It used to bother Zhang Siyi to have his finances be controlled by someone else but now, he has changed his views. There were so many couples in the world that when married, the wife took care of family finances. Since Zhang Siyi imagined Gu Yu as his wife and even though he didn’t lack money, it didn’t prevent Zhang Siyi from thinking; Gu Yu was responsible for being beautiful and he was responsible for making money to support the family.

Now that they were both working on the job, they didn’t have a summer vacation. Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu were only able to return to China during Christmas break. This time, not only did they return to visit family, they went back home for the wedding of Gu Yu’s Sister,

Yes, after two years of courtship, He Chengtian and Gu Yao were finally getting married. In addition to having a Bridal shower in Ningcheng, their wedding and reception was held in Haicheng. In order for Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi to attend, the parents of the couple specially selected a good day after Christmas.

After arriving at the Haicheng airport, Gu Yu’s to-be brother-in-law came to pick them up and drove them to the rehearsal dinner being held at an ethnic restaurant in the city center.

As soon as they walked into the facility, Zhang Siyi saw an unexpected person inside!

“Heartless Han! Why are you here?” Zhang Siyi looked at Fu Xinhui in surprise.

Sitting next to Fu Xinhui was He Chengtian’s sister He Xueying. They stood and greeted Zhang Siyi. Not having seen each other for more than three and a half years, Fu Xinhui gave Zhang Siyi a bear hug. The two were almost moved to tears!

“I’m back from Australia!” Fu Xinhui exclaimed.

Zhang Siyi peeked at He Xueying and He Chengtian: “I know you’ve come home, but why are you here with them?”

Fu Xinhui smiled. Hooking He Xueying’s shoulder and pulling her close, he said: “Oh, I haven’t told you. I have a girlfriend!”

Raising her hand and offering a V for peace, He Xueying gave Zhang Siyi a bashful smile: “Sorry, I stole your best friend.”

Zhang Siyi: “… Holy shit! “

Fu Xinhui grinned and said: “All right, sit down. Let’s chat.”

Having ordered ahead for all of the guests, He Chengtian had picked a restaurant that specialized in middle eastern cuisine. With a table full of kebabs, Zhang Siyi bit into a chunk of lamb while talking with Fu Xinhui and He Xueying.

As it turned out, they met and ended up becoming a couple because of Zhang Siyi. When Fu Xinhui first went to Australia after his family’s bankruptcy, he had asked He Xueying to help him get situated.

When she learned the Fu family’s experience, she was very sympathetic. With continuous contact and communication, he Xueying gradually fell in love with Fu Xinhui’s gentle and considerate nature. Feeling cherished at the lowest point in life, Fu Xinhui also fell in love.

The year that He Chengtian and Gu Yao had met and started dating, He Xueying pretended to return to Australia for vacation. In fact, she went looking for Fu Xinhui. When the two returned to China together, the first thing Fu Xinhui wanted to do was find his ‘son.’ He was caught by surprise when he discovered that Townhouse was being taken care of by his future in-laws!

Giving himself a pat on the back, Zhang Siyi sighed. Was the world just small, or was fate so wonderful?

Although he wasn’t happy about the secrete love affair, Zhang Siyi sincerely gave his blessing.

After eating for a while, Zhang Siyi suddenly realized something and shouted: “Wait! So, you two are here because of me. Am I your matchmaker?”

Fu Xinhui laughed: “That’s right.”

While gesturing with a kebab in his hand excitedly, Zhang Siyi joked with He Chengtian and with exuberance he said: “In my past life, I must have owed you something because my fate’s red string is being manipulated by you. Remember to send me eighteen pairs of pig trotters, no thirty-six! No cheating! Ha-ha-ha!“

According to an old custom of Ningcheng, the matchmaker collected eighteen trotters as a thank-you gift. He Chengtian laughed: “Rest assured; you will get your payment.”

Laughing together, the topic naturally moved onto other issues and Zhang Siyi asked Fu Xinhui about his work.

Since his graduation last year, Fu Xinhui has been in China. While Fu Xinhui and He Xueying were abroad, they found a lack of office and school supplies and felt there was a business opportunity here. Upon their return to China, the two started a small trading company that specialized in overseas orders.

Even though he started in a seemingly non complementary field of work as architecture, in reality, utilizing his creative skills and design background, he was able to put together a plan step-by-step and put it into practice and build a new efficient and smooth-running business. Despite it being brand new, the company was very productive and his income was quite impressive.

As for Fu Xinhui’s uncle, he was in jail. His father, after spending a modest two years living simply out of the spotlight, was able to utilize his connections and resell his bank assets for large amounts. As a result, he regained his foothold in the financial sector and was gaining momentum. Fu Xinhui managed his company while helping his father and sister revive the Fu family’s business. By his side was He Xueying, a beautiful and understanding women. Like a perpetual warm and welcoming spring breeze, Fu Xinhui didn’t think his life could get any better and feel any happier.

Also relaying his current situation, Zhang Siyi happily told Fu Xinhui about his time studying for his Master’s at Big A and his upcoming job at Richard Rogers architectural Firm. In addition, he spoke of his aspiration to earn a Royal Architect’s license and wouldn’t return to China until he got one.

“Oh, so, the next time you come home, will you be a Royal Architect?” Fu Xinhui half joked.

“Ha-ha, maybe!” Zhang Siyi didn’t know for sure. As the legendary Royal Architect license was always just a distant daydream in the past, it was the last thing he expected to have so close by at his doorstep.

After dinner, in order to give Zhang Siyi his matchmaker’s gift, He Chengtian asked Zhang Siyi for his bank number.

“What kind of payment are you going to give me? Why do you need my account number?” Zhang Siyi enquired then quipped: “I expect nothing less than the thirty-six trotters. No cash substitutes!”

Just as He Chengtian lifted his hand to smack the back of Zhang Siyi’s head, he realized the fact that Zhang Siyi was his ‘sister-in-law’. Pausing in mid-air, he put his hand back in his pocket and laughed heartily: “Stop joking around and just wait for the money!”

Since Zhang Siyi joked about the matchmaker’s gift, he assumed it wouldn’t amount to much and quickly forgot about it. Later that night, he was shocked to see the message from his bank: “Saving account deposit: For the matchmaker: 180,000.”

Wide-eyed and staring intently, Zhang Siyi’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull. He quickly went to Gu Yu and exclaimed: “Fuck! He Chengtian send me 180,000! Why is it so much!?”

Gu Yu glanced at him briefly and laughed: “They gave away millions in dowry gifts. Your one-hundred-eighty-thousand is but a puny fraction. Besides, you are Gu Yao’s family. Don’t be surprised.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Shit!  No wonder there are so many matchmaking agencies! The fees are so fucking good!

After reading the text message a few more times and relishing the money, Zhang Siyi transferred it to Gu Yu’s account.

Looking at the message displayed on his phone screen, Gu Yu asked: “Why did you give it to me?”

Zhang Siyi sharply replied: “I still owe you money.”

Gu Yu laughed out loud. Rubbing his head, he commented: “Good boy.”

A few days later, unexpectedly, He Chengtian appeared at Zhang Siyi’s house to deliver the reward. Staring at the basket of meat products and other food-stuffs, Zhang Siyi exclaimed: “You really came! But, it was just a joke!”

He Chengtian was also there to deliver a wedding invitation. He laughed and said: “Getting a sister-in-law wasn’t a joke! I’m here with my fullest sincerity.”

From inside, Mother Zhang came to see what the commotion was at the door. When she saw He Chengtian, she understood who it was and quickly told Father Zhang to come to the entranceway and greet him: “He Guoliang son is visiting. Don’t you remember him?”


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