完美关系 羲和清零 004

The Perfect Relationship by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 4: Crash Site

At ten o’clock, Yang Jiajia appeared on time. Yin Chang changed his clothes and went to Yin Dong’s studio with him.

Unlike the desolate state the office was in when he arrived late last night, today’s office area was fully staffed, and everyone was working diligently in front of the computer. When Yin Chang entered the place, he caused a great commotion.

The airport storm was fermented by public opinion overnight. At this time, Yin Chang was no different from a public figure and coupled with his star-like appearance, the girls in the company could not keep their eyes from following him.

“Is he Yin Dong’s son?”

“Oh, my God!  So handsome! He’s much better looking than the most recent idols that have become famous!”

“Keep it quiet. His father just died…..Is that an appropriate thing to say……”


Hearing their whispers, Yang Jiajia was embarrassed: “The girls in the company are gossiping. Don’t mind them. Let’s go to the upstairs conference room today.”

As he knew he was a good-looking individual, Yin Chang didn’t care much about their whispers. Even without Yin Dong’s relationship, many people have pursued him over the years. He had grown numb to the attention.

Yao Manhuai arrived more than 10 minutes later than they did. She wanted to clear the air and offered an explanation: “Sorry, there was a traffic jam on the way.”

As Yang Jiajia pulled a chair out for her to sit, he said: “We have just arrived.”

Yao Manhuai didn’t delay. She sat down and said: “Let’s get started.”

First, they discussed the general plan for several companies under Yin Dong’s name. Since Yin Chang had little experience dealing with investments of the industry and company management, he decided it was most prudent to follow the advice of the lawyer and let Yao Manhuai, Yang Jiajia and Wang Yan form a temporary executive team for Yin Dong’s Film Studio. As long as the decisions were unanimously approved by the three executive members, until Yin Chang formally became the CEO, Yin Chang no longer had to make decisions for the business. As a result, the weight on Yin Chang’s shoulders was much less.

As for Nova Entertainment, even though Yin Dong was a major shareholder and should have a say about its’ business conduct, Yao Manhuai told Yin Chang that he was a silent partner. Due to their close relationship for many years, Nova Entertainment had always been operated and managed solely by her.

Yin Chang had no reason to object. With the division of labor between Yin Dong and Yao Manhuai, the arrangement was very reasonable. He also agreed and had no problem with continuing the current business contract.

After two hours, the four of them suspended their meeting so they could eat some lunch. As they unpacked the takeout, a variety of dishes were placed on the table. Yao Manhuai glanced at them and asked Yang Jiajia: “Why are there so many dishes? Is there something special going on?”

Yang Jiajia scratched his head: “Ah, no. I didn’t know what Yin Chang liked.”

Yao Manhuai glanced at Yin Chang: “Thanks to you.”

Yin Chang froze. He thought of the pile of breakfast foods that Yang Jiajia ordered for him in the morning and realized it was due to Yang Jiajia’s special care. He said: “Don’t mind me. Please eat whatever you want.”

Yang Jiajia smiled and said: “You are the only son of the Film Emperor.” Three years ago, Yin Chang was exposed by paparazzi. Yin Dong was so anxious that it caused an uproar in the company. Yang Jiajia dare not neglect Yin Dong’s son.

Yao Manhuai followed up with: “This is the nature of our work. When time allows, take advantage of it and enjoy a full table of delicious food because more often than not, there only is enough time for a quick snack. When Yang Jiajia orders food, he does it with your father’s money so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Yin Chang: “…”

During the meal, Yao Manhuai received several calls. It seemed like one of them was related to the plane crash because she frequently glanced at Yin Chang while talking to the person on the phone.

After she hung up, she said: “That was the Ethiopian Embassy. They have opened up the crash site for families of victims to visit. Would you like to go?”

Chopsticks in hand, Yin Chang paused: “I think so.”

Yao Manhuai added: “However, they have already said that the plane disintegrated when it crashed. The remains of the victims were primarily lost in the subsequent fire. Identification of them and relics found may take weeks or even months. If you go, there probably won’t be anything left for you to bring back.”

Yin Chang insisted: “I’m going.”

Yao Manhuai nodded and said: “Okay then. I’ll make arrangements for you as soon as possible.

After eating, Yin Chang walked out of the conference room alone, and leaned against a support column in a daze.

Yang Jiajia couldn’t bear his treatment and whispered to Yao Manhuai: “Sister Yao, you couldn’t let him eat in peace? You talked to him so directly that it’s rather cruel to him, no?”

As she was thinking about it more, Yao Manhuai didn’t answer him immediately. She was also observing him through the glass door. Using this chance, a girl brought him a cup of coffee in order to speak with him. Yin Chang accepted it and thanked her politely. In this way, he neither lacked grace nor was he pretentious.

“You don’t have to worry …” Yao Manhuai looked at Yin Chang’s calm eyes. Like a sculptor admiring the perfect material to work with, both precious and malleable, she said: “That child is stronger than you think.”

That evening, Yao Manhuai returned to the company and held an emergency meeting with various departments to plan Yin Chang’s trip in detail.

In the morning, Yao Manhuai informed Yin Chang of the details of his travel plans. His departure to Ethiopia was scheduled for the following evening.

Since Yang Jiajia and Yao Manhuai had to deal with official business, they couldn’t leave. A female agent from nova entertainment by the name of Lu Lingxuan was assigned to accompany Yin Chang while he traveled.

On the day of departure and ready to bring him to the airport, Lu Lingxuan was waiting for him outside his house. Approaching her, he noticed how short she was as she didn’t even reach the height of his chest. Also, she had short hair and a round youthful face that gave her the appearance of a freshmen in college.

“Hi. Are you Yin Chang? My name is Lu Lingxuan.” The girl spoke very clearly.

Yin Chang: “Hello.”

On the way to the airport, Lu Lingxuan reviewed the responsibilities that Yao Manhuai assigned to her for the trip some of which included helping with his lugguage and food and other trivial matters. “Treat me as a versatile assistant. If you need anything, don’t feel embarrassed and don’t be afraid to ask.”

As an individual who had been completely independent for most of his life, her comment made Yin Chang wince: “I can do it myself.”

Although he was only eighteen years old, he had no shortage of experience traveling alone. Since Yao Manhaui specially arranged for a person to pick him up, to take care of his belongings, and to drive him to the airport, he wondered if she was treating him like one of the movie stars in the company.

Lu Lingxuan laughed and didn’t argue. She only smiled and said: “It’s all right, you’ll need me eventually.”

He didn’t expect her words to be so prophetic. Once again at the airport, he was besieged.

However, this time it wasn’t a swarm of reporters, but fans. Hundreds of people gathered at the airport in support of Yin Dong and shouted at him unceremoniously.  “Yin Chang! Yin Chang!  Go see Yin Dong for us!”

Fortunately, the security was dispatched ahead of time. Before Yin Chang arrived at the airport, there were already people hovering nearby. As soon as they saw the eager crowd surge, they blocked it with a human wall in order to protect Yin Chang as he walked through into the airport.

Even when he passed through the security check, there continued to be many people who pointed at him. He didn’t feel any relief until he entered the first-class private waiting area.

“I’ll hold your ticket and passport for you. Sit here and don’t go anywhere before you get on the plane.” Wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, Lu Lingxuan exuded authority. A completely different feeling then Yin Chang had with his first impression.

It wasn’t that Yin Chang thought traveling alone was hard, but he didn’t realize how much nearly being overrun by a crowd overwhelmed him. Lu Lingxuan took care of all the necessary details along the way to make his journey go smoothly.

When she observed him licking his dry lips, Lu Lingxuan asked: “What do you want to drink? I’ll bring you something. Would you like some orange juice?”

Yin Chang: “…”

Lu Lingxuan pushed her glasses up: “You don’t want orange juice? How about a soda? “

Yin Chang: “… Coke.”

Lu Lingxuan: “Okay, I’ll be right back.”

When Yin Chang calmed down a little, he asked Lu Lingxuan: “Where did all of those fans come from?”

Lu Lingxuan: “A large portion of people are here for your father, but now you have your own group of fans. Do you not know how hot your airport photos have turned out to be? It’s been on the hot-searches on the internet all day!”

Yin Chang knew something vaguely about it. Like what he experienced three years ago, he thought it was only temporary and would soon be quelled.

Lu Lingxuan joked with Yu Chang: “When we first met, despite my outward appearance, I wasn’t calm. Actually, I was very excited.”

She made a gesture and said “You look even more handsome and much bigger than in the photos.”

Yin Chang: “… oh?”

Lu Lingxuan: “I’m talking about your body size. You can’t tell in the photos. Petite people are more attractive when they are on camera. With your long legs, delicate features and handsome looks, I thought you were like one of the small idols in China. Seeing the real person… it’s really rare to be so tall and so beautiful like you.”

There were plenty of people around him who have spoken about him, but Yin Chang heard Lu Lingxuan’s accolade for the first time. Since he grew up abroad with other wealthy and similarly aged people around him, he didn’t feel like he was anything special.

Yin Chang asked her: “How do they know that I was going to Africa today?”

Lu Lingxuan answered him: “The news might have been leaked. In the entertainment circle, this kind of thing is hard to control. The same thing happened when you came back to China, right?”

In fact, in order to appease Yin Chang and make him feel more at ease, Lu Lingxuan was bluffing. Entertainers also need to follow rules. Certain information was always kept secret. One mistake and it could have an irreparable impact on a star.

The encounter Yin Chang had at the airport that night when he returned to China was an accident. Yao Manhuai arranged for someone to pick him up, but since the reporters were there, it was only natural to know his private information about his flight number was leaked.

Having confidential information being leaked to the press was an embarrassment for Yao Manhuai’s business and at the time, the problem of the leak couldn’t be investigated immediately. However, once she started probing for details, she discovered the girl who was the crew’s driver that day had previously worked at Kuaigou Entertainment. It was the same paparazzi team that had taken Yin Chang’s photo secretly three years ago. When the girl learned of Yin Chang’s return to China, the she told her colleagues in her former company. Once the information was spread by the hands of the paparazzi, Yin Chang would be under siege. Such mistakes would never be allowed in the company and a result, Yao Manguai’s fired the girl.


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