完美关系 羲和清零 002

The Perfect Relationship by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 2: Inheritance

For Yin Chang, Yao Manhuai wasn’t just an agent who accompanied Yin Dong for work. Early in Yin Dong’s career, when he rose in the ranks as a movie star, he increasingly had less time to spend with Yin Chang. When any unresolved problems occurred in Yin Chang life, he could only find Yao Manhuai to help him solve them.

Once, the Asian-American nanny, Fiona, suddenly was bedridden with a high fever at home. Yin Chang called for Yao Manhuai and in turn, while overseas, she called the ambulance for him. In the interim, she hired another housekeeper to look after him until Fiona was discharged from the hospital.

On another occasion, Yan Chang accidentally tripped his classmates while playing football at the school which caused the other boy’s ankle fracture. The foreign boy threatened him physically. When Yin Chang’s teachers couldn’t contact him, they called Yao Manhuai. She flew abroad and settled everything on his behalf. She also contacted the boy’s family and had them over for dinner. She wanted Yin Chang to talk to the boy, properly apologize, shake hands and make peace. It wasn’t until three months later that Yin Dong found out about the matter.


Of course, there were only a handful of such emergencies in his life. Yin Chang was a self-reliant person and rarely troubled his father. Even though Yao Manhuai wasn’t a blood relative, since Yin Chang grew up without a mother, the only other adult he could trust was her. This fact hadn’t changed even when a new agent was assigned to Yin Dong.

Even now, when Yin Dong had his accident, the first person to call Yin Chang was still Yao Manhuai. Over the phone, she asked: “Yin Chang, I hope you can return to China as soon as possible to deal with your father’s estate and business.”

So, he came back.

“A lot of people saw me at the airport.” Yin Chang recounted the experience at the airport to Yao Manhuai.

“Your father was a famous film star. After such a shocking accident, you would inevitably become involved in the aftermath.” Yao Manhuai hinted at the larger picture. Instead of over protecting Yin Chang, she wanted him to become accustomed to the antics of the entertainment circle earlier.

Moreover, Yao Manhuai thought Yin Chang’s responses in front of the various reporters tonight were very good. Normal people, when bombarded by strangers with sudden personal questions, usually became terrified and would lose their composure. Yin Chang remained emotionally calm and maintained an excellent demeanor.

Without talking much about the past, Yao Manhuai got straight to the point: “I contacted your father’s agent and attorney. We need to meet and go over your father’s will.”

Together, the three of them met at Yin Dong’s film studio. Yao Manhuai personally drove Yin Chang.

Yin Dong’s film studio was in a four-story business villa on the western outskirts of the city. After news of the plane crash was broadcasted, the location had become a place for mourning fans. Outside the building, visitors placed flowers in rows. The scene reopened his wound and was rather stressful for Yin Chang.

Yin Dong’s current agent was an overweight man in his thirties named Yang Jiajia. When Yao Manhuai left her position to further her career, she left her most effective apprentice to take care of Yin Dong. In the five years since then, Yang Jiajia had become a refined ace broker. However, in front of Yao Manhuai, he respectfully called Yao Manhuai, Sister Yao.

Near midnight, the office area was dimly lit. They headed for the conference room. Looking haggard, Yang Jiajia commented: “The workers stayed up all night, and most of them went upstairs to sleep.”

The day before yesterday, the plane had crashed and the whole company was in chaos. As if a thief came looking for something, there were scattered documents all over the table and some on the floor. On computer screens that weren’t shutdown, news of Yin Dong’s death was still being displayed.

As they entered the conference room, the lawyer, who had been waiting for a long time, stood up to greet them. Yao Manhuai made introductions: “This is Yin Chang, the only son of Yin Dong, who has just returned from abroad. This is Wang Yan, a lawyer for Yin Dong.”

Attorney Wang handed a business card to Yin Chang and introduced himself: “I have been in charge of your father’s business and his private assets for more than 10 years. I’ll do everything I can to help you with your affairs.”

After his introduction, he went on to inform Yin Chang both of Yin Dong’s assets and his company’s status.

Yin Dong had stakes in six state-owned companies in China, mainly in the film and television industry with a total valuation of more than 500 million. He also had shares in Yao Manhuai’s company, Rising Star Entertainment. There were only two companies in Yin Dong’s name. One was his business and the other was a cultural company that recruited multicultural projects abroad.

The film studio was set up solely by Yin Dong. When Yin Dong was alive, he personally had his hands in many projects. Once he died, someone had to take over the management rights to ensure each of the projects could continue.

Also, in addition to the film and tv drama contracts, there were a few commercial endorsements as well. As the news of Yin Dong’s death still lingered on the Internet, many people sent letters of sympathy. When the emotional turmoil of the moment eventually cooled, someone would have to deal with the aftermath.

That was precisely why Yao Manhuai arranged for Yin Chang to return to China as soon as possible. After all, Yin Chang was the only person currently able to take over Yin Dong’s position. It is up to Yin Chang to decide whether he will lead in his father’s stead, or hand over the matter of running the business to a professional.

Afterwards, Mr. Wang wanted to inform Yin Chang of Yin Dong’s private assets separately. Thus, Yao Manhuai and Yang Jiajia excused themselves and left the room.

His father owned more than 200 million in real estate, 100 million in liquid assets and 200 million in charitable funds. According to the lawyer, the charity fund had nothing to do with Yin Chang.  Before his death, Yin Dong had signed an agreement to transfer the management rights of the fund to relevant agencies when he passed.

In addition, Yin Dong had bought a 30 million-yuan insurance policy for Yin Chang alone for protection and financial security in the event his reputation was damaged or his investments caused a bankruptcy. However, the 30 million yuan couldn’t be withdrawn at once. It would be paid out to his personal account over time, ensuring financial security for the rest of his life.

After reporting everything, without a moment to digest the news, Lawyer Wang asked Yin Chang: “Do you know about your own life?”

Confused about the lawyer’s question, Yin Chang asked faintly: “My life?”

Attorney Wang commented: “Mr. Yin kept a copy of his family registration file here. He has no legal spouse and his relationship with you started a year after you were born.”

Yin Chang frowned: “What do you mean?”

Attorney Wang explained: “The reason Mr. Yin added you to his family registry was because of adoption.”

Yin Chang was shocked: “Adoption?”

“Impossible.” He instinctively refused to believe this fact. How could he have been adopted by Yin Dong?!

Attorney Wang reassured him: “Don’t be nervous. I’m simply stating the facts based on the present information. Indeed, many adopters choose to hide the truth for the physical and mental health of the adoptees. However, as a well-known figure without a spouse, in order to protect his reputation, he established a father-son relationship with you under the name of adoption. It doesn’t mean you aren’t blood related. If you have information about your birth mother in private, please don’t take my nonsense in offense.”

The words of Attorney Wang didn’t offer much comfort to Yin Chang.

Indeed, he didn’t know who his mother was. When he was a child, Yin Chang had questioned Yin Dong relentlessly. Yin Dong told him that his mother died of illness shortly after giving birth.

Also, the love of his Mother was so overwhelming that he told Yin Chang he was afraid of seeing her mementos, so he destroyed all of her photos and related objects.

Every time he mentioned this, a look of melancholy would appear and often times, Yin Dong mourned. For many years, Yin Chang believed him. However, now that Mr. Wang has mentioned this matter, Yin Chang had begun to doubt his father’s words.

Not knowing what to think, Attorney Wang hesitated. He spoke up: “May I ask if your father ever mentioned the person, Shao Junling, to you before?

Yin Chang asked: “Who is Shao Junling?”

When the lawyer saw the blank look on Yin Chang face, he shook his head and said: “Nothing, it’s not a big deal.”

Although Yin Chang was a little puzzled, his mind was already speculating the facts about his own life and didn’t have much interest in an unknown name.

After he had asked this unrelated question, attorney Wang closed the file and tried to sooth Yin Chang: “There is no need to worry so much about your blood relation to your father. By law, you are Yin Dong’s son. Since Yin Dong didn’t leave a will, in theory, you are his sole legal heir.”

Having made a total estimate of his worth, the lawyer told Yin Chang that he would inherit, excluding some investment losses, compensation for business disruption, and equity transfer taxes, a total of 700 million in assets.

In fact, Yin Chang, who had grown up with material wealth, hadn’t shown interest in this figure. He was more concerned over the adoption issue than how much money he would inherit.

It was nearly two in the morning at the end of their meeting. Since learning of his father’s accident, Yin Chang hardly had time to rest.

Yao Manhuai entrusted Yang Jiajia to settle Yin Chang in, so he would be able to rest well for  the night. They would meet again tomorrow.

Yin Dong has a high-end apartment where he usually stayed five kilometers away from the film studio in Haicheng. Yang Jiajia had a spare key and asked Yin Chang if he wanted to spend the night there.

Yang Jiajia drove Yin Chang to Yin Dong’s apartment. When approaching the building, he noticed Yin Chang’s strange look at the surrounding environment. He couldn’t help but ask: “Have you ever been here before?”

Yin Chang confessed: “First time.” To be honest, until tonight, he wasn’t even aware of the number of homes his father owned.

Although Yin Dong was his father, their lives were independent of each other. Yin Dong had created a safe and affluent living environment for his son abroad. Yin Chang understood the necessity as he was familiar with his father’s domestic work. The amount of houses Yin Dong wanted to buy was his father’s freedom.

Yin Chang’s indifference also made Yang Jiajia feel a little emotional. This was the residence where Yin Dong spent most of his time. Even as his biological son, Yin Chang had never been here. For the son of a most loved movie star, how much stress and expectation did he have to endure? It was loneliness that led to Yin Chang’s independence.


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