助理建筑师 羲和清零 225

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 225: Thank You


Although the news caused his mother some grief, ultimately, she was on Zhang Siyi’s side. Instinctively, her reaction was to help her son hide the issue for now instead joining forces with her husband to deal with him and potentially causing an irrevocable rift between them.

After his mother left, Zhang Siyi sat for a moment in relief then sent a message to Gu Yu. He told him the truth of what just had happened.

When the matter of tuition came up, Gu Yu expected some doubt and a little push-back. However, he didn’t think their relationship would be discovered so soon. In contrast, he expected it to take a few years. After all, Zhang Siyi is still young and the expectations of him when entering society weighs heavily on his shoulders. For the young adult, life can feel overwhelming. In addition, Zhang Siyi academic career was still a priority. Least of all did Gu Yu expect Zhang Siyi’s mother to link the two things together. Gu Yu had underestimated the insight of a ‘rotten mother.’

Over the phone, Gu Yu’s warm and reassuring words were comforting. Once the matter came, it was alright and no longer was an issue of lies and concealment. Now, it was time to work together and pull his Mother squarely onto their side.

Nevertheless, his mother’s immediate negative reaction was etched into Zhang Siyi’s mind. He felt guilty and couldn’t sleep all night.

The next day, with a pair of dark circles under his eyes, he went downstairs and saw his mother helping their housekeeper prepare breakfast in the kitchen. Like his own, he noticed her eyes were also swollen. She probably didn’t sleep well either.

Without knowing the underlying reason, the others present thought her haggard look was because she was unwilling to be separated from her son. Father Zhang also made a remark on the matter. Seeing his son also looking similar, he couldn’t help but shake his head in disapproval and sigh.

Sitting around the table for breakfast, they sat quietly without saying a word. Even his mother, who normally nagged Zhang Siyi and was naturally talkative, remained silent. Witnessing her attitude, it cut deep in Zhang Siyi’s heart and made him feel miserable.

Soon, Father Zhang picked up on the mood and just when he was about to rebuke them, someone came knocking on the front door!

When the housekeeper announced it was Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi nearly jumped from his chair from the shock at his sudden appearance. Why did he come over at this time! Did Gu Yu think his mother wasn’t stimulated enough? Appearing in front of his mother at this time was simply adding fuel to the fire!

Indeed, when the housekeeper announced Gu Yu, none of enthusiasm and joy of the past flashed on her face. Only surprise and panic were expressed.

As they glanced towards the entrance, they saw Gu Yu enter from the side. He was wearing a tailored silk shirt and matte black trousers. With his styled hair, the clean-cut garments accentuated his long legs and athletic build, making him look particularly striking, like a model.

With a single hand in his pants’ pocket and a pleasant smile, he extended his other naturally in humble greetings, highlighting the most proper etiquette.

Although a minute ago, Zhang Siyi was feeling rather anxious, when he felt Gu Yu’s presence, he seemed to have grown a back-bone. Feeling less worried, he suddenly relaxed.

Zhang Siyi didn’t know whether Gu Yu was born with the innate talent to charm everyone in a tense environment simply by his presence, or if his ability was something he fostered step-by-step over the years through work experience. His confidant smile and calm actions soothed everyone.

Quietly, Zhang Siyi shot a glance at his mother, fearing the worst. To his surprise, he saw a noticeable change in her demeanor. Even with her previous resistance and her personal struggle, she could not hide her appreciation of the young man in front on her.

Zhang Siyi’s Father, who knows nothing about the truth, naturally welcomed Gu Yu. Now that he has learned about Gu Yu’s proposal to fund Zhang Siyi’s tuition yesterday, he regarded Gu Yu as a nobleman. Enthusiastically he warmly invited: “Gu Yu, you are here so early. Did you eat breakfast yet? Come and Sit.”

Gu Yu: “I have eaten, thank you. Please take your time to finish your breakfast. I will go to the living room to sit for a while. I have something I need to discuss with Zhang Siyi about.”

Father Zhang: “What’s so pressing that you need to come here in person to talk? For anything urgent, you should let him come to you. Don’t spoil him too much.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu laughed and said: “It’s a matter of his visa. I happen to be out on an errand close to here so dropping by wasn’t out of my way.”

Zhang father nodded and turned to address Zhang Siyi a glance: “Well then, you eat quickly. Don’t let our guest wait.”

With another three mouthfuls, Zhang Siyi finished eating and got up. While walking towards the living room, Zhang Siyi’s mother watched him like a hawk.

The housekeeper gave Gu Yu a cup of tea and when she moved away, Zhang Siyi whispered to him: “What are you doing here! What are you going to talk about?”

Gu Yu raised his eyebrows and lowered his voice:  “Don’t we need your family registry and property certificate to get a visa? Since your mother knows about us, I thought there might be some hesitation and possibly, she wouldn’t give it to you. I came here to help and add a little pressure.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”  Fuck, I totally forgot about that!

While his parents were still eating, Gu Yu comforted Zhang Siyi with reassurances: “Don’t worry, it’ll be okay.”

Zhang Siyi lowered his eyes: “I’m not worried.”

Wanting to offer comfort, Gu Yu raised his hand to gently rub his cheek and said: “How can you say that when you have such dark circles under your eyes. Didn’t you get any sleep last night?”

Zhang Siyi jerked away to dodge his hand: “Hey…”

Although he dropped his hand, his look of tenderness lingered. A look that couldn’t be mistaken for anything but love and concern.

Mother Zhang came out of the kitchen holding a plate of fruit. As she walked towards the living room, she saw them whispering to each other. When she noticed their tender interactions, she could feel her heart thumping in her chest. Staring at them, it took awhile for the two men to notice and react.

Zhang Siyi “…”

 Gu Yu: “…”

After she put down the fruit, she turned to go. Seeing that she would leave without saying a word, Gu Yu quickly signaled to Zhang Siyi with a wink and a quick nod.

Biting the bullet, Zhang Siyi stopped her by calling out: “Mom….”

His mother turned around and said: “What?”

Zhang Siyi bowed his head and quietly said: “Well, I’m going to get a visa in a few days so I need the family registry and a copy of the property certificate….”

Mother Zhang: “…”

In order to issue a Visa, both documents are necessary. Since Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu neither have a direct family relationship nor are they husband and wife, Gu Yu must deposit money in his bank as proof of assets. However, with the large amount of money combined with the short period needed to pay before going to school in less than six months, there was a risk that the deposit could be rejected. Zhang Siyi can only provide proof of identity and property related to his parents as a reasonable guarantee.

However, “The Family Registry”. These three words are difficult for Zhang Siyi to speak of. He knows that the family registry is needed to registrar a marriage. Now that his relationship is known, it appears like Zhang Siyi was running away to elope!  (=_=)

Thoughts jumbled; Mother Zhang stared at them for a long time. Watching the two younger men look at her pitifully, like two begging puppies, her heart was both sour and soft.

Finally, she sighed and turned around, walked to a drawer, took something out, and gave it to Zhang Siyi. Since she hadn’t given him a clear opinion about his relationship, her silence was her way protesting.

Just before she turned away for the second time, Gu Yu suddenly held Zhang Siyi’s hand in front of her.

Zhang Siyi was frightened and impulsively jerked his hand away but instead, it was held tightly by Gu Yu.

Gu Yu looked earnestly at his mother and sincerely said: “Auntie, thank you.”

Mother Zhang: “…” Thank you for your thanks! Who allowed you to be together! I’m just providing a copy!

Knowing Father Zhang was still at home and could come over here at any time, made her feel very anxious. She was very eager to separate their clasped hands. However, Gu Yu was even quicker than her. When she approached, he let go of Zhang Siyi and at the same time, moved over to create an open space for her to sit. Then, he reached up to pull her down onto the sofa.

“Auntie…” Gu Yu looked at her imploringly and earnestly stated: “I will not take Zhang Siyi away from you. He is still your son. I just like him and want to love him as much as you do.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Good, so nauseating!

In her heart, Mother Zhang’s felt like she experienced all the flavors of Chinese five-spice. With red and swollen eyes, she asked: “How long have you known each other? Now and for the rest of your life, can you afford it? Your status is so much better than our family’s. Zhang Siyi is so young. Perhaps, he hadn’t thought about the future so clearly and on an impulse…..”

Zhang Siyi rebuked: “Mom! “

He wanted to say that it was not like that, but Zhang Siyi’s Mother ferociously snapped: “You shut up, don’t talk!” “

Zhang Siyi: “…”

As Zhang Siyi’s mother collected her thoughts, she looked to Gu Yu and said: “Zhang Siyi is my son. Only his Mother knows who he really is. Only his parents know how many shortcomings he really has and only we are able to put up with them. No matter what lifetime promise you give me now, I won’t believe in it. I don’t want to be the bad mother who ends your relationship because if that happened, Zhang Siyi would hate me. If you want my blessing now, to be honest, it’s not possible.”


10 thoughts on “助理建筑师 羲和清零 225

    1. Indeed. But mother Zhang is also just like any other ordinary mother. Although the probability of accepting homosexuality was higher for fujoshis, however we cannot rule out the possibility that they might not be able to accept it too. Mother Zhang just happened to belong on the population that was “less likely” to approve of it.

      I feel Mother Zhang’s reaction on this, although not enthusiastic, was still better than any other. As long as they don’t received total opposition, then there’s hope. Their future of getting their blessings isn’t bleak.

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  1. Ahhhhh I just caught up again, such a rollercoaster these last 10+ chapters have been T.T

    I thought Zhang Siyi’s side was going to be the tougher side even before reading about Gu Yu’s parents blindsiding them a couple chapters ago. Hopefully it gets resolved somehow before the main story is over.

    Thanks so much for your continued effort with this novel! It’s been a really enjoyable ride reading your translations, and I hope you can finish it in style ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for your hardwork. This novel have easily become one of my favorites, thank you so much for the effort! I’m really thankful for translators who goes out of their way to translate novels to be read by more people.

    On the other hand, this story has been a real journey. I cried during the last few chaoters because Siyi and Gu Yu is just so precious. They are literally meant for each other and no one else. I haven’t read the specials yet but I’m looking forward to them.


  3. I think that’s the place where the problem lies in some fujoshi, not all but some who watch homosexuality-related things just to fetish over them or because they are cute and for whatever reasons…I hope instead of just using it as a fetish this kind of fujoshi will accept that being gay is normal

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    1. Obsolutely. There is a lot of harmful bl content written by straight women who dont know a thing about what it means to be LGBT, I think this author is clearly well versed and respectful writer in how she presents her characters. I am happily surprised at every work I read of hers. I would actually recommend them to my queer friends, as opposed to other works there are still traces of homophobia, despite having good intentions. Gay men are not a fetish and should not be treated as such.


  4. i wonder when the day will come where all kinds of love will finally be accepted without anyone blinking an eye. compared to before, we’ve come so far but it’s still really not enough. cant begin to imagine the struggles the lgbtq+ community has to face — acceptance from themselves and their peers and family


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