助理建筑师 羲和清零 223

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 223: Cultivation


He was even more shocked when Gu Yu wasn’t finished: “The following year in 06, I made about four hundred thousand from renting my house and tutoring fees. I didn’t make as much because I was busy studying.“

Zhang Siyi: “…” Shit! Four hundred thousand was more than just, ‘a little’ !

Gu Yu: “In 2007, I participated in the design competition where I met Shanxi, the local real estate developer. He asked me to help him renovate his own villa and gave me one hundred thousand for my efforts.”

This matter, Tao Fei told him about. Zhang Siyi wondered: “Why did he prefer to find a college student to help him renovate when he could have used a professional architectural firm instead?”

Gu Yu: “At that time, no matter what design projects the various Firms were doing, the industry was run by a circle of businessmen and not real architects. It was a chaotic time with vague values. No one could distinguish the difference between good or bad design. They were only concerned over making money out of developing land fast and the housing market. In that type of environment, how many architects would retain the fundamentals of design? I also asked the Shanxi that very question. I had neither a degree, nor qualifications and was just a student in the architectural department so why come to me? He told me that previously, he did go to a design institute and asked the architect for a few examples. The architect asked how high the villa was, went to a database to find a five-story villa then removed the two bottom floors and handed it back with the original marked five-level floors. That type of thing had happened more then once. He felt a college student would be more knowledgeable about design then those muddy architects. In those years, since endless streams of money was flowing from large development contracts, design firms largely ignored small renovation projects like Shanxi’s.”

Zhang Siyi was surprised. No wonder Gu Yu’s Father told them last year about why the slowly stabilizing construction market was good for the industry in the long term. Only when the market slowly changed from a frenzy into a balanced state would real architects have a foothold.

After listening to Gu Yu’s story about 2008, Zhang Siyi temporarily interrupted him: “It seems that you made the most money in 2005.”

Gu Yu laughed: “Since 2005, the price of the house I bought has been increasing exponentially. I have earned an average of 1.8 million every year.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Speaking of which, He Chengtian’s family also got rich in real estate. The difference between them was that He Chengtian relied on his parents, and Gu Yu accomplished it on his own.

…… Oh! Why didn’t he live in the era of making easy money! Instead, he was born in the era of eating dirt! Aah!

Gu Yu continued: “At the beginning of 2008, because he liked my design work, Shanxi hired me again. A few of his friends were very enthusiastic about it so they invested jointly to develop a piece of land. He gave me the project to plan and design it.”

Zhang Siyi: “Fuck your luck!”

Gu Yu laughed: “At that time, it was graduation. When my thesis project was completed, I called my roommates to help design the villas with me. After finishing the project, I received more than 3 million in design fees. I didn’t have time to manage money, so I bought a house in the east third ring of the capital. Just after the purchase, a restriction on buying multiple homes was issued. You see my good luck?”

Zhang Siyi: “…… ” What’s there to say? Clearly, he is favored by God!(t_t)

Gu Yu: “During the two years I was studying for a master’s degree, I focused on my studies so I didn’t take as many private commissions. As I result I only earned one million.”

Zhang Siyi rolled his eyes at Gu Yu: ” Say, how much money do you have now!”

Gu Yu thought for a while and said: “All my assets add up to about 20 million.”

Zhang Siyi choked….. He secretly fantasized about a day in the future where he could make money and earn a reputation but Gu Yu was just too far ahead of him. What could he possibly do? No matter how hard he worked, it would never be enough!

Gu Yu patted his face and smiled: “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Zhang Siyi pretended to be dead: “You go away….. I already have a dog …”

Laughing, Gu Yu smirked and reached down to squeeze his sensitive part. Zhang Siyi yelped and instinctively jerked himself up into a ball. However, underneath Gu Yu, even though he twisted and kicked up his legs, Zhang Siyi’s attempts to throw him off were futile.

Gu Yu looked at him with amusement: “Are you not a dog?”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Knowing his fate was in the hands of Gu Yu, he felt even more agitated as it struck a nerve. If Gu Yu wanted him to live, he can live. If Gu Yu wants him to die, he dies.

Fully in his grasp, Gu Yu incited Zhang Siyi further. Not only did he tease him physically, he also bullied him with words: “How about marrying me as the daughter-in-law? As long as you are obedient, your husband will not only provide you with study materials, but also bring you delicious food.”

Zhang Siyi was getting angry. He lifted his leg and tried to wrap it around Gu Yu torso to pin him down without success. “You don’t understand! I don’t want your charity. I want to be the one who works hard to make a lot of money so I can support you!”

At Zhang Siyi’s unexpected remark, Gu Yu stifled a laugh, pausing momentarily. It didn’t last long however because he laughed out loud shortly thereafter.

Zhang Siyi flushed with shame: “What are you laughing at? Don’t you believe me?”

Nodding, Gu Yu put his fists against his lips and gently kissed them: “Umm, Hmm …”

Zhang Siyi snorted softly a looked away. Since Gu Yu was so much better than him, he knew he was bragging, but as a man, he also wanted to show-off his macho side.

Staring at the wall, Zhang Siyi suddenly felt Gu Yu pulling his pants down.

Zhang Siyi’s big declaration was so adorable that Gu Yu couldn’t take it anymore. Toppling him down and smirking he said: “Before you take care of me, let me take care of you.”

Zhang Siyi: “Hey! Ah … oh!”

Zhang Siyi protests were quickly squelched by Gu Yu’s lips as he passionately kissed Zhang Siyi. Their weekend began with hearty laughter and heavy panting.

Soon, their anniversary arrived and that night, after work, Gu Yu took Zhang Siyi out to eat for his favorite meal; a steak. When they arrived home after dinner, Zhang Siyi played the violin for Gu Yu. While the day went by without a hitch, the ring that he was expecting never came and as a result, Zhang Siyi felt a little lost.

At the end of April, Zhang Siyi finally received his formal acceptance letter and paperwork for Big A University. If an employee wanted to leave the company before the end of their contract period, a person must apply three months in advance to the personnel department. Now that his future at Big A was secure, Zhang Siyi officially handed in his letter of resignation and filled out the necessary paperwork.

During the May first labor-day-holiday, Zhang Siyi went back to Ningcheng together with Gu Yu. He needed to tell his parents the news about his acceptance letter and plans to study abroad.

After he explained, Mother and Father Zhang were shocked. His mother asked: “What? Why didn’t you say something before?”

Zhang Siyi scratched his head and apologized: “I wasn’t sure if I was going to get in, so I didn’t tell you sooner.” In addition to telling them he was accepted to multiple schools, he highlighted the famous Department of Architecture program that he was accepted to.

Knowing nothing about British Universities, Zhang Siyi’s parents took the information at his word. Most concerning for his parents was the method of payment: “How much will it be to earn a Master’s degree? You’ve only been working for two years. Do you have enough money? Do we need to prepare money as soon as possible to help finance it?”


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