助理建筑师 羲和清零 222

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 222: Money


Concerned, Gu Yu immediately pulled Zhang Siyi upstairs to use the computer and reply to the email.

Since Zhang Siyi ignored the previous notifications, the deadlines have passed. Luckily, Big A University’s notice was issued later than the other two schools and thus, since the deadline hadn’t expired, he had ample time accept his admission.

As he filled out the acceptance form, Zhang Siyi excitement grew. The sudden feelings of happiness made him feel like he was on cloud nine. It hadn’t even occurred to him to discuss the problem of money before confirming his enrollment at Big A University.

Now that the acceptance form was completed, he used an online banking system to pay for his deposit. With his spot reserved, their minds were at ease. Zhang Siyi questioned Gu Yu: “When did you apply to Big A Uni?”

Gu Yu: “I started preparing after meeting with Xie Jiayu.”

Zhang Siyi was surprised: “After Christmas? Wasn’t that too late? How much time was there to prepare?”

Gu Yu: “Almost a week.” “

Fuck! It took him almost a month of hard work to prepare! Zhang Siyi wondered: “How did you complete it in one week?”

Gu Yu: “Well, all I needed to do was gather a few previous projects to assemble a portfolio and touch up on my English. I haven’t used English for a few years, so I was a little rusty. It took a few days to write my application.”

Learning how little effort Gu Yu had to put into assembling his application portfolio, Zhang Siyi wanted to scream. Damn! In contrast, Zhang Siyi spent countless hours mulling over appropriate choices that represented his work for his own portfolio. Why was the gap between them so large?!

Well, considering Gu Yu’s extraordinary accomplishments as a licensed architect that graduated from the top school with national awards, it wasn’t surprising how quickly he created his portfolio. For Gu Yu, the process of applying was rather like playing a game.

Gu Yu pinched Zhang Siyi’s face and smiled: “Actually, applying to the program at Big A was my Plan B. Originally, I thought I would find a job in England and directly work in the industry, but even though I don’t like to study and I don’t find school particularly challenging, I thought it would be fun to go to school with you.

Hearing Gu Yu speak about how easy it was to apply and how school was too simple for him, Zhang Siyi wanted to vomit blood. Bastard!

At the same time, Zhang Siyi was very moved: “Are you alright with leaving a good company and job? What about leaving this villa?” Zhang Siyi looked around then grabbed Gu Yu’s hand and held it tightly to his chest and asked: “Are you really willing to come with me?”

Asking this very question, Zhang Siyi felt somewhat sentimental, but Gu Yu’s answer was even more precious: “What I can’t lose is you.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Smiling, Gu Yu took his hand and solemnly said: “Even if I left my job, as long as there was a will, work can be found again. But maybe while separated, I will lose you. There won’t be another Zhang Siyi. What should I do then?”

“There are so many other people better than me, how is that possible? I’m worried that you will be taken away!” Zhang Siyi threw his arms around Gu Yu’s neck and held him close to dispel his insecurities.

Unexpectedly Gu Yu tenderly replied: “You are able to be with women, but you decided to have a same-sex relationship instead. Knowing that you can’t have a normal life with me, we can’t get married, we can’t have a baby, and yet you still choose me, where else am I going to find someone as foolish as you?”

Zhang Siyi: “…” God damn! He is going to kill me to death with honeyed phrases and sweet words! (= 皿 =)

Seeing Zhang Siyi’s angry expression, Gu Yu reached behind his neck to grab his wrists then lowered them down in front of him and pecked his lips. Leading him up to the bedroom, they enjoyed each other’s love and warmth. The process of stimulating Zhang Siyi followed by the act of pacifying him, Gu Yu greatly enjoyed.

When Zhang Siyi woke up the next day on Sunday, he thought about the cost of going abroad. Laying on his side, snuggling in bed, Zhang Siyi lightly caressed Gu Yu’s body with his hand and asked: “Hey, do you have enough money for the two of us to study in England?”

Running around yesterday for business and then suddenly being called back home by Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu was exhausted. He was half-asleep when he heard Zhang Siyi. Gu Yu mumbled: “Yeh.”

Startled, Zhang Siyi paused momentarily before running his fingers down Gu Yu’s abdomen again and said: “But it will be almost two million for the both of us. Do you really have that much money?”

Preventing Zhang Siyi’s hand from wondering too far, Gu Yu gently grasped it within his own then closed his eyes to go back to sleep, too lazy to answer.

Not long after, he heard Zhang Siyi muttering to himself next to him: “…at least one million. Using my current annual salary of about 100,000, then at least ten years to be clear, oh and there is interest …”

Zhang Siyi had to accept the facts.  Since Gu Yu was planning on studying abroad together, he probably needed his own money and thus, Zhang Siyi thought he had to borrow money to afford tuition. Zhang Siyi took out his mobile phone and searched the Internet for special loans. He entered the amount and calculated the total with interest: “Shit! For a ten-year loan of a million with interest adds up to nearly four million…. Oh, my God, when will I be able to fucking pay it off!!”

Alarmed, Zhang Siyi harassed Gu Yu again but this time, he specifically handled Gu Yu’s most sensitive organ: “Boss, I can’t afford England. Maybe we shouldn’t go!”

Frowning, Gu Yu opened his eyes and said: “What nonsense are you saying?” He grabbed Zhang Siyi arm that was half wrapped around him and lazily replied: “I can’t just wait for you to graduate. In order to pay me back, you can simply work for me your whole life. I don’t mind.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

GU Yu’s explanation didn’t satisfy Zhang Siyi. Watching Gu Yu close his eyes to go back to sleep, Zhang Siyi pushed his back a little and pestered him further: “Don’t go back to sleep. First explain it to me. How do you have so much money?”

Using his hands to count, Zhang Siyi continued: “Your annual income isn’t just seven hundred thousand? Your standard of living is pretty high. With your new car that was worth half a million combined with needing expensive clothing, shoes, and accessories, the total amount exceeds your salary. Working for eleven years…… Five, ten, twenty… wait, are you going to take out all your savings to pay for us to go to school? What are we going to do after that!?”

Zhang Siyi nudged him again: “Yu! Yu! Wake up!!!!”

Zhang Siyi’s mutterings amused Gu Yu. Now completely awake, he quickly turned over and pinned the restless Zhang Siyi under his body then kissed him until he was teary eyed and breathless. He chuckled then said: “Who told you that I only make seven hundred thousand a year? And, who told you that I’ve only been working for eleven years?”

Zhang Siyi reacted swiftly and realized he made an error in his assumption. He remembered Tao Fei mentioning it to him that Gu Yu had earned money when he was in college and his roommates followed him to get rich.

However, in Zhang Siyi’s view, with his junior qualifications in college, even if the university could take a cut of the profits, it was unlikely that he earned more in the past than he does now, right?

However, the truth of the matter was really beyond his expectations.

Gu Yu thoroughly explained: “To be precise, I have been making money since my sophomore year in high school. At that time, the construction industry was very lucrative because cities and land were being developed rapidly, especially in the real estate market. At the time, my father was working on projects as a draftsman, and he took me along with him to learn. In college, because my peers knew I had experience, I often tutored my classmates on drawing and drafting in the evenings. Later, I was introduced to a real estate investor and used my 100,000 in savings to invest in a house in the city. The home is still there and have increased in value ten-fold.”

T, ten times … one million? Gu Yu’s remarks shocked Zhang Siyi silly!


3 thoughts on “助理建筑师 羲和清零 222

  1. Everything in this story is so realistic yet the only exception would be Gu Yu’s character. Handsome, rich, intelligent, modest, frugal, responsible, mature, can cook and guide you well and has a clear vision and outlook on life.

    Where could you find someone who’s as almost perfect as him in the real world? 😂😭

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