助理建筑师 羲和清零 221

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 221: Concealment


Unlike Zhang Siyi’s imagination, Gu Yu wasn’t moved by his words. Instead, he appeared to be displeased.

Last December, with excitement and determination, Zhang Siyi was in a rush to complete his application, but now, he seemed unconcerned. Since applying to a Master’s program wasn’t a simple matter, being accepted was worthy of celebration. Gu Yu thought Zhang Siyi would be more concerned over the outcome and since he wasn’t, did Zhang Siyi think he would be rejected?

Actually, Gu Yu sensed something wrong with Zhang Siyi recently. He thought perhaps, Zhang Siyi was feeling depressed because his results were negative. He wanted to make a joke about it to lighten the mood and comfort him. However, he didn’t expect Zhang Siyi, with his usual quick to anger personality, be unreactive. It made Gu Yu feel particularly strange.

Zhang Siyi didn’t want his outward expressions to reveal anything to Gu Yu so he quickly moved into Gu Yu’s arms, hiding his face. He joked: “Didn’t you say before that you were afraid I would run off with someone else while we were apart? If I don’t go, you should be happy, right?”

Stroking his head, Gu Yu combed fingers through Zhang Siyi hair and said: “I gave that example just to explain my sister’s concern, not my concern. Of course, I want to trust you….”

After Zhang Siyi lifted his head and looked up at Gu Yu,  Gu Yu tilted his head and gave Zhang Siyi a tender kiss on his forehead. He continued: “I told you to leave these problems for me to solve. You just need to concentrate on what you need to get done. Now that you have made the decision to get a Master’s degree, you must work hard to achieve it. Don’t keep needlessly changing your mind.”

Zhang Siyi tightened his arms around Gu Yu’s waist. Since he didn’t know what to say, he only managed to reply with ‘hmm’.  In his heart, he cried: but now, I want to stay!

Once Gu Yu discovered the truth, he would insist on Zhang Siyi going abroad and thus, Zhang Siyi wanted to keep it a secret no matter what.

Fortunately, the company has been very busy since the holiday, so there wasn’t free time to dwell on the status of the applications. The design department began work on multiple new projects at the beginning of the New Year and Gu Yu has recently had to travel back and forth for various business trips.

Zhang Siyi also wasn’t idle. For the latest project, he served as a team leader and for the first time, had four members in his group to manage. Enjoying his step forward, he adjusted his mindset and put the regret of not studying for RIBA part 2 behind him.

His initial excitement from being accepted quickly faded. Since the last University to send a notice hadn’t corresponded with him about his application for a long time, Zhang Siyi thought Big A didn’t intended to admit him. As a result, he gradually lost heart and forgot about it. In addition, Gu Yu hadn’t brought up the topic again. Because his regret hadn’t festered for a long time, the emotional stress wasn’t severe and thus, didn’t cut deep.

Busy as a bee, time flew buy and already spring was around the corner. The beginning of April is the time when everything starts to sprout back to life.

At his desk one morning, Zhang Siyi received a phone call from a client confirming he received the necessary details that was requested via email about the current project. When he opened his mailbox to check, while the new material wasn’t present in his inbox, instead, there was something else that immediately caught his attention. Zhang Siyi was shocked.

Since he recognized the address of the sender, he immediately opened the message. There was an extremely eye-catching word as the header: Congratulations……

Reading the message, his heart quickened suddenly. The pounding in his chest got louder and faster, making him break out in sweat and his brain freeze. As the realization of the message sunk in, his excitement grew, and he became detached from the present. An urgent voice on the phone brought him back down to earth: “Hello? Mr. Zhang? Are you there?”

Out of his reverie, Zhang Siyi coughed and quickly resolved the client’s phone call and hung up. He opened the link in the notice and read the full statement, word by word, several times.

Holy shit! He was accepted! (=口=)

Oh My God! What to do!

He was admitted to the Big A University’s RIBA Part 2 course!!! ~ \ (≧ ▽ ≦) / ~

Aah! aah! aah! aah!……

However, even though he had terrific news, Zhang Siyi couldn’t express his excitement to anyone. He looked around to check if people had seen him. Everyone was focusing on their own work so no one had seemed to notice. Gu Yu wasn’t in the office as he was away on a business trip in Tianjin for another two days.

It took a great deal of effort for Zhang Siyi to suppress his desire to scream in excitement. At noon, using the bathroom as a private space, he rushed into a stall, sat down on top of the toilet seat and grabbed his mobile phone from his pocket. He sent his friend, Fu Xinhui, a message.

Zhang Siyi: “Aaaah! Heartless Han!”

Zhang Siyi: “Where are you!?!?!”

Zhang Siyi: “I got accepted to the RIBA part 2 program at Big A University!!!!!”

With a string of exclamation points, it wasn’t long before Fu Xinhui replied to Zhang Siyi’s message. He followed up with a statement: “No way! That’s awesome!”

 Zhang Siyi: “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!”

Through the texts, Fu Xinhui could tell just how excited Zhang Siyi was. He replied cheerfully: “Will you go this year? When are you planning to leave?”

Reading Fu Xinhui’s message, Zhang Siyi was woken up from his dream and couldn’t prevent himself from feeling sad: “I don’t intend to go.” [Cry]

Fu Xinhui was surprised: “What!? Why not?”

Zhang Siyi: “Well… I don’t have the money….. sniff.”

Of course, he couldn’t tell him the real reason was because he didn’t want to leave Gu Yu behind. Although the lack of money was one reason, if he told him the full truth, Zhang Siyi thought Fu Xinhui would ridicule him.

Even though Gu Yu offered to support Zhang Siyi on his endeavor, Zhang Siyi felt like the sum of money was putting too much of a burden on Gu Yu’s shoulders. He continued to feel it wasn’t appropriate.

Moreover, even though getting a Master’s was a method of quickly improving themselves in a short period of time, Zhang Siyi also understood the fact that it wasn’t necessary to go abroad to grow professionally. With careful consideration based on his own income and needs, he thought he was making the most mature and practical decision.

Fu Xinhui hurriedly said: “It’s a bummer that you can’t afford it!”

Zhang Siyi was depressed: “I can at least afford the application fee!”

Fu Xinhui: “…”

However, Fu Xinhui has been friends with Zhang Siyi for a long time and knew how head-strong he was. Zhang Siyi always tried to solve his problems by himself. He wouldn’t even ask his parents for help with his finances.

After a moment of silence, Fu Xinhui said: “It’s such a pity to let this good opportunity go to waste. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of money right now otherwise I would invest in you.”

Zhang Siyi was moved to tears. Even though they have been separated for a long time, Fu Xinhui’s words of support let Zhang Siyi know how special of a friend he truly was.

Zhang Siyi replied: “Don’t say that. I couldn’t help you when your family had the accident.”

Fu Xinhui: “You helped me with my dog! Heh!”

Zhang Siyi: “That doesn’t count!”

Still in the bathroom, Zhang Siyi continued to chat with Fu Xinhui to catch up with the respective news in their lives. Even though he felt better after talking to someone, the excitement of being accepted didn’t subside. Soon, Gu Yu returned home from his business trip and from time to time, saw the joyous and proud expression flash on Zhang Siyi’s face. Even when doing mundane things, like taking off his shoes, Zhang Siyi would unexpectedly laugh in delight.

Naturally, Gu Yu  picked up on Zhang Siyi’s emotions. For the past two weeks, he had been waiting for Zhang Siyi to tell him the reason, but he said nothing about it. Knowing that his lover was hiding something from him, Gu Yu felt very uncomfortable.

However, he knew he couldn’t say anything because he himself also made a calculated decision and hid something from Zhang Siyi. The problem lay with Zhang Siyi’s acting skills; they were too lame! Even though he didn’t say anything, his body language was broadcasting: I-have a-secret-so-come-and-ask-me-about-it.

After two more days, during lunch break, Gu Yu exited his office and saw Zhang Siyi’s desk empty with his computer still on. He must have gone with his colleagues to eat lunch. Deciding quickly, he went to Zhang Siyi’s computer and tapped the keyboard, used the mouse and selected his mailbox. Sure enough, this little fool let the browser auto-fill his name and password.

Even Gu Yu admitted his method was a bit despicable. However, how could his sweetheart play a game with this old fox? When the mail opened, he quickly scanned it and not surprising, all three universities sent Zhang Siyi a letter of acceptance!

The corners of Gu Yu’s mouth rose while he wondered. Why hadn’t Zhang Siyi told him about it? Was he also waiting until April 18th to tell him the good news? Yes, that day was their one-year anniversary from the time Zhang Siyi played the violin and confessed. Gu Yu also had a secret to tell Zhang Siyi.

With the warm expectation in his heart, Gu Yu smiled broadly. He felt excited over the prospect. He shut down the webpage and left his desk how it was as if no one tampered with it. He wasn’t in a rush to expose Zhang Siyi and regarded the news as if nothing had happened.

What Gu Yu didn’t know, was that Zhang Siyi wasn’t going to tell him about it at all. Zhang Siyi worked very hard to suppress his joy and continued to pretend to be depressed.

During the weekend, Gu Yu went on another business trip and since Gu Yao has been dating He Chengtian, she has gone out every weekend with him and thus, hadn’t been home. Zhang Siyi was left home alone with the dog.

Laying on the coach and facing an empty living room, he sighed and sighed, like the loss of a first love. After all, because he wasn’t a good liar, Zhang Siyi had been torturing himself all month long.

He was flipping through an architectural book to pass the time when he heard someone knock at the door. Zhang Siyi got up to open it and see who was there. The post came to deliver a registered letter.

The postman asked: “Does Gu Yu live here?”

Glancing at the large envelope that was encased in plastic in the mailman’s hand, Zhang Siyi was startled momentarily then nodded: “Yes. I’m his roommate.”

The postman asked: “Is he in?”

Zhang Siyi: “No. He’s away on a business trip. I’ll sign for him.”

Only when Zhang Siyi showed the postman his ID card was he allowed to sign and collect the envelope. Holding it hand, he brought it into the living room. As he walked, Zhang Siyi was trying to send a text message to GU Yu about it. However, when he saw the address, he stopped what he was doing…. From Big-A University in England?

Zhang Siyi was stunned silly. His thoughts were a mess…… Wait, was this letter meant for me? Did I make a mistake on the application so it’s addressed with the wrong name?

No. Foreign schools will only mail formal acceptance letters when the prospective student confirms their enrollment. That way, their spot could be filled by another applicant. If they don’t reply by a certain deadline, the institution automatically withdraws the admission.

Since Zhang Siyi hadn’t responded to any of them so far, it was impossible for him to receive a formal letter of acceptance on paper.…… So, what’s going on with this letter? Was it really mailed to Gu Yu?

Zhang Siyi was really puzzled and wanted answers. He couldn’t stop himself from getting a scissor and opening up the envelope carefully. He removed the outer envelope and looked at the folder inside.

A large black and white logo was printed on the smooth, glossy cover. As his fingers gently stroked the front page, Zhang Siyi’s whole body felt excited. His blood was boiling and at this moment, he firmly believed that the letter was sent to him. Gu Yu’s name was just an error.

With this in mind, Zhang Siyi couldn’t wait to tear open the inner envelope. From within, he pulled out a thick packet of papers with an admission announcement on the front page.


Mr. Gu Yu

Yuanshan Garden, Haicheng

A. R.xxxxx



To his surprise, the notice was clearly addressed in pinyin to Gu Yu. Unmoving, Zhang Siyi stared wide-eyed at the name of the addressee and as if the sound of a large copper bell animated him, he reacted. It really was an admission notice for Gu Yu!

Capturing the important points of the letter, he quickly read through the body of the text. Essentially, it was an acceptance letter to a professional 16-month program called: Architecture and Future Urban Planning. It was different from his own application!

No way !


Shit !!


Aaaah! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Aaaah !!!


What the hell did Gu Yu hide? !!!!!!

Collapsing on the sofa, Zhang Siyi immediately took out his mobile phone and sent a series of nonsense expressions to Gu Yu. He didn’t have the right words to clearly articulate the surprise he felt at the newly discovered news and his turbulent yet euphoric feelings.

In WeChat, Gu Yu answered him with a question mark. Immediately, Gu Yu called Zhang Siyi back.

After Zhang Siyi was connected: “Hey …”

Gu Yu: “…”

Gu Yu: “What happened?”

With the adrenaline surging though his veins influencing him, Zhang Siyi almost shouted at Gu Yu with an accusatory tone. Instead, he loudly said: “Why didn’t you tell me you also applied to a program at Big A University?”

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief. What else could he do when his lover was leaving? A bit irked at Zhang Siyi’s discovery in advance, he replied: “I wanted to surprise you.”

Zhang Siyi: “Surprise my ass. I’m so upset with you!”

Gu Yu: “…”

Zhang Siyi: “I didn’t tell you but, did you know, I was also admitted to Big A University?”

Gu Yu smiled: “I know.”

His ire was rising and Zhang Siyi felt like vomiting blood. The anger in his voice was evident. Speaking even more loudly, he demanded: “Why would you know that?”

Gu Yu: “…”

Frantically, Zhang Siyi continued to loudly shout in the phone and blast Gu Yu: “Then do you know why I didn’t tell you? Because I don’t want to go! … don’t want to be separated from you! …  don’t want a long-distance relationship! … don’t want to sleep alone! … don’t want to leave you alone in China! …  don’t want to know what missing you feels like! Did you know? I don’t want you to know how guilty I’ve felt.”

Choking back tears, Zhang Siyi roared on until his voice couldn’t withstand his outburst and cracked. Breathing heavily, he suddenly stopped and felt numb.

Gu Yu was silent on the phone for a while. Slowly, he answered him: “I know.”

Who says, boys don’t cry? Tears gushed out of Zhang Siyi eyes uncontrollably: “You…you come back now! I want to see you!” Zhang Siyi rubbed his tears away, so happy to be going crazy.

“Alright. I’ll change my plans and come back.” He heard Gu Yu say in a comforting tone.

With the last vestige of the construction site still lingering on his body, six hours later, at the door, Gu Yu appeared in front of Zhang Siyi.

They were each other’s site-for-sore-eyes. Excited, they eagerly embraced the person they loved. Both of them reached out and using their fingers to glide through their hair, they caressed each other’s head, their ear, their cheek and kissed violently and passionately as if it was rain during a long drought.

It was never enough. As if he was subjugated by a deadly poison and the antidote was the person in their arms, every hug, every kiss, every skin contact, could make their spirit produce the ultimate pleasure and relief.

Knowing how irrational and irresponsible his impulse was to make Gu Yu come back home. Zhang Siyi felt guilty and apologized: “I’m sorry I messed up your work.”

Gu Yu gazed at Zhang Siyi with burning affection. Holding Zhang Siyi’s forehead to his own, he said: ”It doesn’t matter. We were almost done anyways.”

Zhang Siyi tentatively asked: “Are you really planning on going with me?”

Gu Yu glanced at the envelope still lying on the coffee table and said: “My acceptance letter has arrived. What do you think?”

In his arms, Zhang Siyi remained silent for a few seconds until he realized a small detail: “Fuck, I haven’t responded to Big A University yet!”


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