助理建筑师 羲和清零 220

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 220: Admission


Since he really wanted to tell his mother, Zhang Siyi almost blurted out: Because I love her brother! You old rotten women, how can you not see it!

But how could he dare? Watching his mother’s heartbreak simply because he wasn’t with Gu Yao greatly impacted Zhang Siyi. He really didn’t want to hurt his mother’s feelings. As long as her smile could be restored, he was willing to sacrifice himself, but he would never sacrifice Gu Yu. He loved him so much, Zhang Siyi wasn’t willing to let him get hurt.

After all, the precarious situation could go either way, good or bad. Zhang Siyi sighed, moved closer to hug his mother, and said, “Ms. Zhang, why do you feel so bad? Your son doesn’t like Gu Yao.”

Ms. Zhang was amused by Zhang Siyi’s comforting deep tone. Pleased at how much her son had matured, she smiled and said: “She is such a good girl. Why are you so picky?”

Holding her gently, Zhang Siyi slowly shook her: “Now I’m picky? I want to find the person that I like for myself. Why should I allow someone else to choose for me?”

Zhang Siyi’s mother bopped Zhang Siyi on the nose: “Oooh, talking so big. Then what type of person do you like?”

As he thought about it, Zhang Siyi remained next to his mother. He started to explain slowly: “Tall. Gu Yao is a bit too short.”

Mother Zhang squinted: “How tall are you? Just one meter seven, right? When a girl wears high heels, she will match you well. You don’t want her to be too tall.”

Zhang Siyi didn’t rebuke her. Instead he continued: “I hope my future half works in the same industry as me so we have something in common.”

Zhang Siyi’s mother also didn’t agree: “Friend or enemy? What’s to keep you from fighting over who is right.”

Zhang Siyi was annoyed: “Am I choosing or are you?”

Mother Zhang coaxed him: “Ok, Ok… you pick…. Keep talking.”

Zhang Siyi: “They also have to be smart, wise and confident.”

“Find a smart woman and you won’t die from over eating…..” as a disapproving expression formed on Zhang Siyi’s face, his mother turned and smiled at him: “Well, a smart person will be good for you. You silly child, they will be able to help you take care of everything well. As long as she loves you, there won’t be any problems.”

“Hey” Zhang Siyi said then smiled. “They also have to look good; smooth skin, straight nose, big eyes, slender fingers….”

Hearing his description of his ideal person, feeling sorry for her son, Zhang Siyi’s mother turned to look him in the eye and solemnly shook her head.

Not taking it seriously, Zhang Siyi snorted. He bowed his head and added: “And I don’t like children very much. I’m not interested in having them in the future.”

Zhang Siyi’s mother laughed at him: “You are still a child yourself. How could you possibly know what you want in the future? Your thinking will change after another ten years.”

Zhang Siyi pouted: “Then wait ten years to ask me again.”

Maybe by then, homosexuality will be more open. Surrogacy and adoption were always possible. Anyways, there is always a way if one wanted.

After listening, Mother Zhang summarized his description with a finger on her cheek: “A tall, beautiful person that is smarter than you and working in the same profession….” She reached out and poked her son’s head:  “Zhang Siyi, wake up! Stop dreaming and come back to reality!”

Zhang Siyi raised his hand to block his Mother’s finger and debated: “But what if I actually found a person like that?”

Zhang Siyi’s mother sneered: “Come and show me. I’ll be here waiting.”

Feeling angry Zhang Siyi pursed his lips together in a straight line. If not for the fact that Gu Yu was a man, he would be able to tell her now and prove he wasn’t dreaming. What would she say then!

A few days later when it was time to return to Haicheng, Gu Yu came to Zhang Siyi’s house to pick him up.

Despite Zhang Siyi’s protests, Mother Zhang still prepared a bunch of delicious food for them to take. Gu Yu got out to help him pack everything into the car. Mother Zhang politely thanked him again, however, she no longer looked at Gu Yu as a future in-law.

As they settled into the car, Zhang Siyi’s Mother stood outside the glass window, said her goodbyes and reminded them to drive safe.

Zhang Siyi waved his hand impatiently: “I know, Mom. You can go inside now.”

Sitting in the driver’s seat, Gu Yu reminded Zhang Siyi to fasten his seat belt, however, since he was busy talking to his mother, he hadn’t drawn the belt. As a result, Gu Yu leaned over him, reached for the belt strap and pulled it across his lap then buckled it for him with a ‘click’. As he straightened up, he rubbed Zhang Siyi’s head, laughed and said: “What’s the matter with you, you can’t fasten a seatbelt?”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

As Gu Yu finished, he leaned down one last time to look at Zhang Siyi mother through the car window and waved goodbye and said: “Take care Auntie, we’re off.”

It took a moment for Mother Zhang to came back to her senses. She hurriedly said:  “Oh, ah… call me when you arrive safely!”

Now that they were out of view, Zhang Siyi breathed a sigh of relief. He was uneasy and wanted to scold Gu Yu: “What did you do that for? It was too ambiguous!”

Gu Yu laughed: “Did you see your mother’s expression change? That was funny.”

When Zhang Siyi’s mother saw their interaction, her eyes suddenly widened with a burst of knowledge at the rather intimate scene she just witnessed. Her expression wasn’t suspicion or anger, but inquisitive and curious.

Zhang Siyi was speechless. Was Gu Yu treating his mother like she was an experimental subject?

He took the opportunity to tell Gu Yu about the conversation he had with his mother about his ideal type. Gu Yu laughed and said: “Relax. It won’t be too difficult to come out to your mother in the future.”

While encountering a traffic light, Gu Yu stepped on the brake and was listening to Zhang Siyi mutter to himself: “Technology will be more advanced in ten years. Maybe it will be possible for men to get pregnant and have kids too.”

Releasing the wheel momentarily with his hand, Gu Yu smacked Zhang Siyi on the back of his head. He couldn’t stop laughing: “Fool, what are you thinking about!”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu teased him: “You want to have a baby for me?”

Zhang Siyi straitened his neck and replied: “Get out of here! You will have the baby for me!”

Gu Yu smirked at him and said: “With our positions? Who do you think will be the one giving birth?”

Zhang Siyi was irritated and was about to blow his top, but suddenly remembered something. He teased Gu Yu: “I heard someone ate a strange pumpkin as a child and was waiting for a son.”

Gu Yu: “…”

Seeing Gu Yu’s deflated expression, Zhang Siyi felt so triumphant and refreshed that he wanted to look up at the sky and cackle with glee. Finally, Gu Yu was caught speechless and it felt great!

Unexpectedly, his triumphant exuberance only lasted for a few seconds because Gu Yu had said something else: “Ah maybe, the pumpkin seeds have already been shot into your stomach.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Bastard! !! !! (╯‵皿′)╯︵┻━┻


At the end of February, they returned to work and at the same time, Zhang Siyi began to pay close attention to his e-mail for acceptance letters as it was about the time many foreign Universities responded to applicants. Although he had decided to stay with Gu Yu, he was excited to hear back from them non-the-less. After all, being accepted into a Master’s program was proof of his ability.

On March 3 at 6 pm and 10 am UK time, Zhang Siyi received the first e-mail correspondence – Big-C University – unconditional admission notice!

‘Unconditional’ meant that he could go to the university without any further submission of work. Even as a foreign undergraduate, he no longer needed to submit proof of language proficiency. In addition, since he had enough post graduate working hours, there wouldn’t be any gaps that would impact his course work.

Less than a week later, on the night of March 9, Zhang Siyi received another admittance e-mail from Big-B University. It was also an unconditional admission.

Zhang Siyi was overjoyed at the news, but due to his own decision to stay, he couldn’t express his joy with Gu Yu. For the first time, he got himself into a huge contradiction of happiness versus pain.

There was only one more University to hear from which was the most prestigious. Now, Zhang Siyi wanted to be rejected because of his desire to stay. For if he was admitted, he would have to face an even more difficult decision.

Coincidence or not; Zhang Siyi didn’t know, but that night, as if Gu Yu was psychic, he suddenly wanted to know about the status of his applications: “Has any of the schools replied to your application yet?”

Panicking internally, Zhang Siyi tried to remain calm said nonchalantly replied: “Ah? I don’t know. I haven’t checked email.”

“It’s March. Didn’t you say before that foreign schools begin their enrollment now?” Gu Yu asked then quipped: “Or was it that your incompetency showed up and they turned you down?”

Even though Zhang Siyi was pretending to be calm, he broke out in a cold sweat and answered: “If I get rejected, then I’ll be able to stay with you.”


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