助理建筑师 羲和清零 219

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 219: Attributes


Gu Yu smiled then kissed his lips and said: “After dinner, I’ll teach you.”

As Gu Yu’s flirting enticed Zhang Siyi further, Zhang Siyi reached out to pull Gu Yu close. As their bodies pressed close together, they suddenly heard footsteps upstairs coming closer to his bedroom door. Zhang Siyi’s tender embrace turned into a forceful push. Frightened to death, Zhang Siyi stood up instantly and tried to calm himself.

“Sisi, are you there? Dinner is almost done.” As it turned out, it was only the housekeeper checking in. Once Zhang Siyi answered her, she went back downstairs.

It was a false alarm. Zhang Siyi let out a long breath that he was holding and went to lock the door. He must not let Gu Yu provoke him again.

Gu Yu asked Zhang Siyi if he had any pictures from his childhood. Since his family told Zhang Siyi all about his ‘black history’ and showed Zhang Siyi his childhood photos, Gu Yu wanted to see what Zhang Siyi was like as a kid.

“Yes!” Zhang Siyi wasn’t perturbed at all and immediately went to his closet to find a family photo album to show him. Since he was a cute child and didn’t have any current image to protect, unlike Gu Yu’s ‘male-god’ appearance, he didn’t have any past baggage to burden him.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened the closet door, with a ‘plop-plop-plop’, a large pile of haphazardly stacked books had spilled onto the floor!

The color of Zhang Siyi’s face changed and he wanted to block Gu Yu’s view, but it was too late.

Gu Yu stared at the fancy cover of a book with the title ‘What to do about becoming gay for the straight guy next door?’ …… “What is this? Is this your book?”

Zhang Siyi slapped his forehead and could hardly explain why there were gay romance books stored in his closet by his ‘rotten-mom’. He quickly defended himself: “They aren’t mine. They are my mother’s!”

As Gu Yu picked up the book that fell down and turned over to read, his expression brightened. He opened the book to a random page and took a moment to read. He looked up at Zhang Siyi with glee.

Zhang Siyi quietly glanced over and saw what he was reading ….. “As the smack of his ass reverberated in the silent room, he moaned. Was it pleasure……? If you don’t listen to me, I’ll spank you more…..”

“Shit! Don’t look!” Zhang Siyi face felt hot and he felt like he could explode. He snatched the book out of Gu Yu’s hands and stuffed it back into his closet. He didn’t want Gu Yu to get any more bed-play ideas!

Gu Yu gazed at Zhang Siyi with interest and stated: “So your mom likes this kind of play.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” (t皿t) Fuck! Why do I feel so ashamed!

Gu Yu laughed: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Zhang Siyi: “Tell you what? Reality and this novel are two different things. My Mother still thinks of me and your sister as a future couple.”

In thought, Gu Yu held his chin for a moment and said: “This is different. If she can read these types of books, it proves she has a higher acceptance of homosexuality. However, in order to draw your mother’s attention away, we played a trick on her.”

Feeling distressed, Zhang Siyi said: “Well, I also feel like my mother is nagging me more about your sister.”

In order to temporarily give Zhang Siyi’s parent’s false hope and thus, wouldn’t interfere with Zhang Siyi’s love life, Gu Yu used his sister. Zhang Siyi didn’t know that all this was deliberately orchestrated by Gu Yu.

However, the situation wasn’t the same anymore. After experiencing the lessons learned from the Gu family, both of them have changed. The effect of the ‘lie’ was counterproductive because it would enhance intolerance. When the elders came to realize the truth, it may be even more difficult to accept because to them, the ‘fantasy’ was real. Instead, if they were straightforward to begin with, although the initial reaction might be difficult to bear, over time his parents could gradually change their opinions and accept reality.

Gu Yu: “Have you ever thought about when you will tell them?”

Shaking his head back and forth Zhang Siyi despondently replied: “I don’t know. My parents and your parents aren’t the same. It won’t be so easy for them to accept our relationship.”

Gu Yu: “Shall we play it by ear and take is slow?”

Zhang Siyi: “I guess. “

Gu Yu nodded his approval. Since Zhang Siyi was going abroad, this way was also good. Once abroad, other than video-calls, Zhang Siyi wouldn’t have much contact with his parents and thus, giving them two years to slowly win their approval. Moreover, now that they knew Zhang Siyi’s Mother’s hobby, their ‘tactics’ had to change.

Gu Yu turned to look at Zhang Siyi in the eye and seriously said: “You have to find an opportunity to clearly articulate your relationship with my sister to your mother.”

Zhang Siyi: “Well, won’t she suspect something between us?”

A glimmer of light flashed in Gu Yu’s eyes. He grinned and said: “Exactly. It is to sow a seed of doubt.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

After Gu Yu explained the ‘mission’ to Zhang Siyi, it wasn’t long before they ate dinner and afterwards, respectfully said his goodbyes to the family and went back home. After all, in addition to living nearby in Ningcheng, Zhang Siyi was a subordinate and there wasn’t an appropriate excuse to stay overnight.

As the Spring Festival holiday drew to a close, Zhang Siyi’s father and mother went back to work. They only saw him when they returned home in the evening. Soon, while Mother Zhang started preparing his favorite dishes to bring back with him, she pestered him about his own return to Haicheng for work: “When are you going back to Haicheng?”

With his feet up on the cushions, Zhang Siyi was lounging on the sofa playing a game on his mobile phone. He casually replied to her inquiry: “Next Monday. This time, don’t make me bring so much back. I can’t eat it all.”

Mother Zhang: “Since you are driving back, why not bring a little more? Are you still going back with Gu Yu and his sister?”

Zhang Siyi: “Just Gu Yu.”

Mother Zhang wondered: “What about Gu Yao?”

Zhang Siyi solemnly said: “Gu Yu and I have an annual break that’s longer than hers. She’s already returned to work.”

Zhang Siyi’s mother frowned: “Then why didn’t you go back with her? You are home idle anyways.”

Zhang Siyi debated: “You should be happy that I stayed at home with you for two more days. Why are you trying to drive me away!?”

Mother Zhang smiled: “I’m happy that you are home, but Gu Yao is a young woman. How can she go back alone during the peak travel times? Is her brother not worried?”

Zhang Siyi: “Hey, it’s none of our business. Besides, Gu Yao had someone else to return to Haicheng with.”

Mother Zhang’s interest was piqued: “Who went with her?”

Zhang Siyi flatly stated: “Her boyfriend.”

Surprised, Zhang Siyi’s Mother jumped up and exclaimed: “What!? Gu Yao has a boyfriend!?”

Zhang Siyi shrank his neck and felt a little guilty. He immediately responded and said: “She’s so smart, and cute. Why can’t she have a boyfriend?”

She couldn’t hide the look of surprise on her face. Not wanting to believe what she heard, as if seeing him for the first time, Zhang Siyi’s mother stared into his eyes. In her mind, the meaning of life was greatly destabilized.

Gu Yao and Zhang Siyi are so well matched. If these two children aren’t in the Gu family’s radar, then why would they invite Zhang Siyi over to celebrate Chinese New Year? Why is Gu Yu so good to Zhang Siyi?

Mother Zhang inquired further: “When did she get a boyfriend?”

Zhang Siyi: “Recently. Her boyfriend is He Chengtian.”

Zhang Siyi’s mother frowned: “He Guoliang’s son?”

“Yeah, our former neighbor. Now, they live in Haicheng. Last year, when I attended Qu Xiaomiao wedding, I bumped into him.” Watching his mother turn paler and paler, Zhang Siyi felt even more guilty. He didn’t have the nerve to tell her that he personally set them up. Instead he said: “Hey, I already told you before that we are just friends, but you never believed me.”

Sitting on the couch with a blank face, Mother Zhang’s heart cooled down a bit. She remained silent for a long time before quietly asking, half to herself: “Is it because our family’s economic conditions aren’t comparable to that of the He Guoliang’s family?”

Listening to his mother’s self-reproach, Zhang Siyi choked up. Anxious to justify the situation, he quickly defended her: “No Mom! Gu Yao isn’t such a shallow person!”

Mother Zhang looked up at her baby boy and sadly said: “But you are so good. Why doesn’t she like you?”


8 thoughts on “助理建筑师 羲和清零 219

  1. ‘If she can read these types of books, it proves she has a higher acceptance of homosexuality.’

    I think, not really…… Not all of mom being fujoshi can fully accept (?) (remembering some comments from some forums) Not being hypocrite, but their most concern (and mine too) will be, they’re worried to death that the world outside will be harsh on their son, and what else can make mother hurt badly than their son is hurt 😥


    1. of course no mother would willingly drive or force their son to become gay. the point of the statement is, if they can afford to become a fujoshi then they’ll likely to be more open-minded regarding these things, and thus, ‘raises the possibility’ to accept homosexuality. It said ‘higher acceptance’ not ‘fully acceptance’. Gu Yu was also not sure with his conjecture that’s why they are testing waters.

      Regarding your concerns why a mother can’t fully accept if their son is homosexual. I mean, sure, who doesn’t fear getting their child criticized? Who doesn’t worry? Reality always entails worries if you have a lot of things you disapprove of, that’s why sometimes it’s better if you could just let loose and concede with what’s in front of you. Acceptance. Because I think it’s harsher for the child if it’s their parents who will be the first to not approve of them. They don’t need 100% acceptance, but just a tiny bit of acknowledgement is enough. Atleast if they will be acknowledged by their parents, then that could be their source of strength. But of course, if the parent truly worries about the welfare of their son, then they will support him 100% no matter what their sexuality is.

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  2. It’s true, liking gay romance and homophobia aren’t mutually exclusive, I’ve heard some stories proving this fact, some people are really hipocrytical and preach tolerance as long as it doesn’t involve their own children… But I think Zhang mother will be able to bear it.

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