助理建筑师 羲和清零 217

Chapter 217: Son-In-Law


As mischief flashed in Gu Yu’s eyes, his prank was clear: “Ouch. Your voice is really loud.”

When He Chengtian saw Gu Yu’s expression on his face, he felt more frustrated than watching him take first place every time. Although he said it, what would he have done if Gu Yu hadn’t relented?

Gu Yu looked at him with a grin and continued: “I remember you when you were in high school. As president of the student council and president of the football club, you were very well known. Since you were a role model, the students looked up to you and called you ‘big brother’.  What does it feel like to call me Big Brother today? Did it bother you?”

When Zhang Siyi heard Gu Yu, he felt a bit puzzled. In the past, he had asked Gu Yu about He Chengtian, but Gu Yu had told Zhang Siyi that he had forgotten about him. Hearing these details, it seems he really did remember clearly, right?

He Chengtian, this poor fellow was labeled as ‘not-so-great’ when he was scored second all those years…...Fuck! No one got better grades then me except you!

As Gu Yao only recently acknowledged He Chengtian, he had her within his grasp. He came to the Gu residence to make it official. Naturally he didn’t dare offend them so he simply lowered his voice, submitted and said: “Please.”

Gu Yu appeared to be very happy. His previous anger from being woken up early was resolved. However, he wasn’t off the hook just yet and continued to block his way inside. Gu Yu continued: “Now that you have called me Brother, I have a few rules I need to explain to you first.”

He Chengtian:“……” (t皿t)   

He knew that this guy wasn’t so easy to deal with !!!!

With the shake of his head, Gu Yu said: “Since you called me elder brother, then you must recognize it and abide by the family rules. From now on, you must respect your older brother and sister by listening to them carefully and doing what your told. Can you accept that?”

He Chengtian: “…..” What the fuck! (╯t 皿 t) ╯︵┻━╯︵┻

Gu Yu smirked at him and said: “Will you accept it?”

While he answered “Yes”, in his heart, He Chengtian burst into tears.

Nodding in satisfaction, Gu Yu spoke: “ I’ve watched Gu Yao grow up all her life and know she has been treated with great care. How will she be treated in the future? You think you know best, but you are an outsider. The care given to her by her family would naturally be better than yours. You have to be nice to my sister if you want to be treated favorably. The more she likes you moving forward, the higher your status will be in my mind. Got it?”

He Chengtian looked up at the sky: “I understand. I understand …..” How did his life end up in the hands of these two!

Gu Yu turned and smiled at Gu Yao, who had finished washing: “Did you hear it all?”

Nodding, Gu Yao’s face reddened. She was both grateful and moved by her Brother’s protective nature.

Gu Yu finally let He Chengtian inside to meet Gu Yao.

Staring at the bullied He Chengtian, Gu Yao walked closer to the door awkwardly. She quietly said: “You came.”

“Yao Yao” He Chengtian passed the Boss Mob and raised five levels. He finally saw his sweetheart. When he heard her, he almost knelt at Gu Yao’s feet and cried. He came here to offer greetings for the New Year, but instead he was bullied by Gu Yu. Of course, he should have known better to think it would be so easy!

From within the coat closet, Gu Yao pulled out a pair of slippers for him. She bowed her head as she placed them down and said: “Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming?”

To see his girlfriend’s shy smile, He Chengtian suddenly felt like all of the humiliation and suffering he went through was well worth it.

After changing his shoes, he came inside to the living room. Gu Yao pointed to her father who was drinking his tea and introduced him: “This is my father.”

He Chengtian looked at Father Gu and respectfully addressed him: “Uncle.”

Next, Gu Yao pointed to the kitchen and introduced her mother: “That’s my mother.”

Mother Gu smiled and nodded toward He Chengtian. He Chengtian was so surprised at her beauty that he gazed at her stupidly and called out: “Mom …..”

Breaking the tense atmosphere, Gu Yao smacked He Chengtian on the arm with her hand and scolded him: “Is that how you treat someone you have never met!?”

He Chengtian turned red and became panicked: “Ah, Auntie!” The family burst into laughter. Father Gu wanted to remain calm and take a stand, but he couldn’t contain his laughter. He Chengtian presented the gifts to Father and Mother Gu which included first-class Pu’er tea cakes, special second generation Da-Hong-Pao tea, Indonesian ‘bird’s nest’ sugar treat, and a women’s high-end Hermes silk scarf. At a glance, anyone could tell how valuable the gifts really were.

While the Gu family chose to live modestly, they haven’t been without exposure to such luxuries and as a result, they didn’t bat an eye when He Chengtian presented them. Father Gu dug into his tea on the spot and opened the package to brew it, eager for its taste.

Since there were still many hours before lunch time, He Chengtian sat with the family around the coffee table in the living room. While He Chengtian sat on one side, Father and Mother Gu sat opposite with Gu Yu standing nearby behind them. His sweetheart and Zhang Siyi happen to be sitting to the side. Suddenly, like a television crime drama, He Chengtian felt like he was about to be put on trial.

Utilizing his experience as a businessmen and social status, He Chengtian quickly recovered from his initial uneasiness and was able to speak calmly. Soon, he was in deep conversation with Gu Yao’s father.

With Father Gu’s experience and breadth of knowledge, through their conversation, it didn’t take long for him to understand the background of the He family.

On the outside, his appearance lead peoples to believe he was born and raised as a proper young master, but in fact, the origins of the He family and Gu family were fairly similar. Not only did they originally live in the same city, Gu Yu and He Chengtian were classmates. Only after He Chengtian was in college did his family rapidly accumulate wealth by getting into land development and real-estate.

It was evident through the way He Chengtian both conducted himself and navigated through the various topics of conversation that Father Gu knew He Chengtian was a good person. As a result, Father Gu’s trepidation eased and he relaxed.

When He Chengtian excused himself politely to use the bathroom, Father Gu took the opportunity to ask: “Does he know about Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi?”

Gu Yao replied: “Yes.”

As soon as Gu Yao’s father heard her answer, he was even more satisfied with He Chengtian. Originally, he worried over the possibility that a same-sex relationship in the Gu family would cause problems for Gu Yao’s marriage. He never would have guessed that the problem he feared, never existed. Young people acceptance was much higher than those in the older generation.

After He Chengtian returned to the living room, Father Gu sat with them for a while before getting up and going to the kitchen to help Mother Gu prepare lunch. The four juniors were left to talk amongst themselves.

Glancing at He Chengtian and Gu Yao, Gu Yu tried to mask his displeasure and asked tersely: “When was it that you were officially together? I didn’t get the chance to ask.” The authority that an elder brother normally wielded was completed ignored by Gu Yao and it was for this reason why Gu Yu was feeling peevish.

Gu Yao shyly said: “New Year’s Eve …”

Startled, Zhang Siyi opened his eyes in surprise: ” It was on New Year’s Eve?” Weren’t they with Gu Yao with on the day of New Year’s Eve? The three of them were still setting off fireworks on the roof of the building together. How did he propose?

He Chengtian smiled and looked at Gu Yu: “Hey, speaking of which, I have to thank you.”

Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi Looking at He Chengtian questioningly. ..…What for?

He Chengtian: “Who told you two to be so affectionate in front of Yao Yao every day, making her feel even more lonely and thus, granting me an opening!”

With puffed cheeks, Gu Yao reached out to pinch He Chengtian hard: “So you only took advantage of the mood caused by my two brothers’ announcement?”

In pain, He Chengtian flinched but he was happy. He grabbed Gu Yao’s hand, held it and soothed her: “How did I take advantage? I already confessed to you long ago.”

Zhang Siyi was dying of curiosity: “So, what did you do?”

He Chengtian: “I set off some fireworks in the middle of the night and recorded a video for her.”

Zhang Siyi exclaimed excitedly: “Oh? Let me see!”

As Gu Yao saw He Chengtian take out his mobile phone, she stopped him and said: “Don’t show it to anyone else!”


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