助理建筑师 羲和清零 214

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 214: Fireworks


Chapter 214: Fireworks

Zhang Siyi saw Gu Yu beckoning him to come over. Zhang Siyi nervously looked around and got up, and walked around the coffee table to sit.

Originally sitting beside him, his sister grabbed a cushion and sat on the floor, leaving a space for Zhang Siyi to sit. Once Zhang Siyi left his seat, with unspoken understanding, Gu Yu’s parents closed the gap and leaned together.

Gu Yu reached out to grasp Zhang Siyi’s hand and guided Zhang Siyi to sit closely next to him. Gu Yu intertwined his fingers with Zhang Siyi as they both looked at Gu Yu’s parents. With emotion, Gu Yu addressed his parents.

“Dad. Mom. I’m sorry for concealing my sexual orientation for so long. It was rather immature of me. In this country, which focuses on the tradition of filial piety, I, as a gay man, can’t be romantically involved with women to continue future generations. I’m deeply ashamed for having hid this because I never expected you to understand and receive your blessing. I didn’t think coming out would be so easy. What you said suddenly, makes me feel unbelievably happy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much. To have you as parents is the greatest asset in my life.”

Although Gu Yu paused his quivering speech several times to recover his solemn tone, he courageously kept talking. His hoarse but serious voice was particularly dramatic against the musical background of the Spring Festival Gala.

With their intertwined fingers, Gu Yu held Zhang Siyi’s hand up and said: “Let me take this opportunity to formally introduce you to the person I intend to spend my life with, Zhang Siyi.”

Zhang Siyi looked at Gu Yu’s Father and Mother. He was already feeling emotional over Father Gu’s ‘chat’. Originally, he thought he would have a long drawn out battle with family in order to gain acceptance for his relationship with Gu Yu. Did he ever think it would be this easy? From the bottom of his heart, he followed Gu Yu’s sentiments and took a moment to thank his parents: “Uncle, Aunt. Thank you for your understanding!”

Gu Yu glanced at Zhang Siyi and laughed: “Why are you calling them Uncle and Aunt? They have already accepted you, so call them properly.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Together, the family laughed out loud. Mother Gu had covered her mouth. Both parents narrowed their brows and looked back at Zhang Siyi expectantly.

Having been introduced to the family like a young daughter-in-law, Zhang Siyi was  beet red. He was a little shy and tentatively called: “Mother, Father.”

Gu Yu’s Father laughed loudly and the others followed suit. The tense air surrounding them evaporated. He patted Mother Gu’s back and said: “It’s time for his Red Envelope.”

Mother Gu reacted and immediately took out a Red Envelope from inside a clothing pocket and handed it to Zhang Siyi with a smile.

Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi were very surprised. His parents even prepared a red envelope? It must have been determined a long time ago!

Not sure if he should accept the Red Envelope, Zhang Siyi looked at Gu Yu. He gave Zhang Siyi a nudge and said with a smile: “It’s a parents’ gift. Take it.”

“…….” Taking the Red Envelope, Zhang Siyi said thank you again. Although his heart was full of joy, he also felt guilty. In essence, he had quietly married himself off without his biological parent’s consent…. Dad, Mom… Sorry! (& _ &)

Gu Yu asked his dad: “How could you have a Red Envelope ready ahead of time? Were you so convinced I was bringing home my lifetime partner?”

Father Gu snorted then said: “When you can worry about a pumpkin for so long, let alone a person, do you think I don’t know about your head-strong personality? Once you make a decision, do you ever give up?”

Zhang Siyi, Gu Yao: “Poof!” The pumpkin !! (≧▽≦)

Gu Yu: “……”

At this time, Gu Yu’s Father seriously inquired: “Does Zhang Siyi’s parents know about this yet?”

Head hanging low, Zhang Siyi felt even more guilty and answered with a no.

Sighing, Father Gu pointed his finger at his son and shook his head: “To go after Secretary’s Zhang’s son….. I really don’t know who gave you the courage.”

Gu Yu silently smiled at Zhang Siyi with eyes full of love.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Zhang Siyi felt the need to explain: “No. He didn’t….. It was mutual. We are in love.”

Rubbing Zhang Siyi’s lower back, Gu Yu smiled.

With some apprehension, Gu Yu’s Father calmly asked Zhang Siyi: “Are you the only child in your family? Although young peoples’ concerns over love and marriage are less constrained then they used to be, you are with a man. Your parents are unlikely to accept it.”

Zhang Siyi was silent. Indeed, how many parents can also be as understanding as the Gu family?

He scratched his head in wonder: “I haven’t really thought about when I should tell them.”

Gu Yu’s father looked at Zhang Siyi sharply: “If your parents object, will you regret being with Yu?”

Zhang Siyi froze and immediately shook his head: “No. If they opposed it, I would only regret being separated from him.”

Assuring them both, Zhang Siyi held Gu Yu’s hand tightly: “I have decided to spend my life with Gu Yu.”

Father Gu looked slightly worried. He nodded with a smile and said: “I didn’t expect someone as young as you would be so brave. No matter what their future attitude will be, remember that parents always want their children to be happy. All problems can be solved with communication. If there is an issue, at least, you and Gu Yu have a permanent home here and safe haven.”

Zhang Siyi felt hot and was almost moved to tears.

Gu Yu whispered in his ear: “We are no longer two against four, but five against two.”

Not understanding what Gu Yu was talking about, Zhang Siyi sat silent and motionless, however after a few seconds, he quickly grasped his meaning and nodded in affirmation. Now that both Gu Yu’s sister and his parents were on his side, Zhang Siyi was full of hope for the future.

After everything was said and done, there wasn’t anything else to gossip about and thus, Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu could relax uninhibited. The family watched the Spring Festival Gala happily. Since their relationship wasn’t a secret, they no longer had to hide their affection.

Gazes with love and affection; you touch my hand; I rub your waist; feeling each other’s warmth…. Feelings that have been bound for so long were suddenly liberated and as a result, an unhindered loving side was boldly displayed in front of the family.

With their parents’ acceptance and understanding, good feelings saturated the air and everyone except for Gu Yao felt joyful. She, on the other hand, had to endure the newlyweds display of affection for two days alone!

In the middle of the program, Zhang Siyi laughed wholeheartedly over a skit. However, Gu Yu didn’t find it funny and they unknowingly bickered like a married couple.

Since Zhang Siyi’s opponent was Gu Yu, he didn’t have much of a chance at winning. Sure enough, after a few words, Zhang Siyi was shut down.

This kind of scene was familiar to Gu Yao in Haicheng. Typically, her brother was exceedingly refined and courteous to his elders, but the younger the person was, the more her brother’s tongue was poisonous.

It was the first time Father Gu witnessed his son bully Zhang Siyi. He couldn’t help speaking up and try to educate his son: “Yu, Zhang Siyi is younger than you so you need to take care of him more. He isn’t related by blood so you can’t just bully him around, like your sister. You better be careful because one of these days, you will return home to an empty house and you will never find him.”

Gu Yu: “…”

Gu Yao: “…” Why am I so bitter? _ (: 3 」∠) _

Zhang Siyi had already been blasted by Gu Yu. Hearing Father Gu’s declaration suddenly, was like a downpour during a long dry drought. He almost jumped up from the sofa in excitement. He glared at Gu Yu, silently saying: Did you hear? Don’t bully me!

Gu Yu saw Zhang Siyi’s mischievous expression and raised his eyebrows in response. He grinned: “Hmmm …”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Oh shit! (= 皿 =)

After a while, Gu Yu grabbed a mandarin orange from the coffee table and gently peeled it. He sectioned off a piece and raised his hand to give it to Zhang Siyi. Instinctively, since his attention was on the TV, Zhang Siyi opened his mouth to be fed and Gu Yu put it in his mouth.

After a dozen pieces, Zhang Siyi asked in a small voice: “Why are you feeding me something?”

Gu Yu took a freshly peeled mandarin and said: “Didn’t my dad just tell me to take care of you? Eat more, Gu Yao has never been treated this way.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Watching their behavior, Father and Mother Gu began to worry again. When it comes to love, why does it seem like their son acted like a kid from elementary school?

Near midnight, Gu Yu gathered Zhang Siyi and Gu Yao to watch the fireworks together.

Lighting off fireworks during New Year’s has long been a distant memory for Zhang Siyi. When his grandfather was still alive, they would light fireworks during New Year’s at his house. Later, when he passed and the family spent New Year’s at home, it was strictly forbidden to light fireworks in the city. After spending time abroad for several years during the holiday, he hadn’t had the chance to experience the fun of a traditional Chinese New Year with fireworks for a long time.

Gu Yu went with Zhang Siyi and Gu Yao to the roof deck and at 11.55 at night, the surrounding night sky lit up with various fireworks.

Zhang Siyi was ecstatic: “I thought we couldn’t lite fireworks off. I didn’t bring any.”

Gu Yu said aloud: “It is like this every year for ten to twenty minutes around midnight.” Taking out a surprise, he revealed a few firework sticks called a roman candle: “Come on, let’s also celebrate.”

Gu Yao and Zhang Siyi were very excited: “Wow! Where did you get them?!”

Gu Yu winked at them and mysteriously said: “I asked a friend to buy them and had them hidden here.”

Squealing in delight, the two walked over to grab the stick. He asked his sister: “Can you really do it?”

Gu Yao: “Why can’t I hold it? I’m not a kid!”

Gu Yu laughed and said: “So brave!”

Right before midnight, Gu Yu lit the three roman candles and in a line, they pointed them up in the same direction. Gu Yao screamed in delight as a bright pink bloom shot out of the stick with a bang and flew up into the sky. Gu Yu firework stick was next and an orange bloom burst out larger than Gu Yao’s. Zhang Siyi’s held his roman candle steadily, but nothing happened.

The roman candle only had ten shots. After watching five rounds burst out of Gu Yao’s, Zhang Siyi spoke up: “Gu Yu, did you lite mine? It’s not working!”

With his own fireworks in his hand, Gu Yu looked over at Zhang Siyi and wasn’t sure if his was lit or not. Gu Yu moved over to stand behind him and while Gu Yu gave him the roman candle to hold, he wrapped his arms around Zhang Siyi waist then placed his hands back onto Zhang Siyi’s hand’s holding both sticks: “Lets hold them.”

As Zhang Siyi held the two roman candles, the closeness of Gu Yu breath tickled his ears. Together, they watched the fireworks shot out a bloom one after another. In his lover’s arms, Zhang Siyi’s heart warmed quickly.

On a roof across the way, someone began to count down and shouted: “Ten, nine, eight…”

One after another, Zhang Siyi felt the pulse of the two roman candles shooting out a firework bloom.  He shouted excitedly: “Ahhhhhhhhh!  It’s coming out now! “

A dazzling red and then a gorgeous purple burst forth and flew into the sky! Gu Yu followed the voices from rooftops and shouted: “Seven, six, five …”

Gu Yao interjected sadly and said: “Oh, darn. My firework is out.”

Zhang Siyi continued the countdown: “Four, three, two …”

In unison, they screamed: “Happy New Year !!!”

Watching the blasts of the roman candle, Zhang Siyi was still giddy over the fireworks and laughed. He was about to say something when he heard Gu Yu affectionately speak into his ear: “Siyi, I love you.”


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  1. The fluff is so cute. Hahaha Gu yao silently enduring like a single dog. I wonder if she’ll get her revenge. Hehe. Well… There’s a pending LDR soon so I hope everything will turn out fine. And I don’t know much about China government, but is Siyi’s dad some high ranking politician? Secretary of what?

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