助理建筑师 羲和清零 209

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 209: Thirty


Even though Zhang Siyi was able to recaptured the photos, three of them were a damaged after their tussle.

Failing to destroy his black history, Gu Yu strutted in front of Zhang Siyi and joked: “I am right in front of you. What’s so good about that photo?”

Angry, Zhang Siyi glanced at him resentfully. He was holding the photo in his arms protectively, cherishing it.

When Gu Yu went to take a bath, Zhang Siyi hesitantly took out the photo again. Crying without tears, he tried to smooth out the wrinkles and mumbled: “Bastard… trying to make me lose it.”

Fortunately, all the damage was on the edges. The image of Gu Yu was good.

Looking at it, Zhang Siyi suddenly had an idea. He went to the desk and opened a draw to pull out a pair of scissors. Cackling with glee, he trimmed the edges of the photo then took out his own wallet, and inserted the photo into a plastic pocket in his wallet. Not too small and not too big. Just right.

Gu Yu’s handsome figure wore a white shirt in the photo. With a ‘mua’, ‘mua’, Zhang Siyi kissed the photo in the plastic cover…. I will never get tired of looking at it.

After showering, Gu Yu pushed the door open into their room and witnessed Zhang Siyi antics: “……..”

Zhang Siyi, who was caught red handed: “…..”

After the weekend, the busy days continued. Neither Zhang Siyi nor Gu Yu mentioned the prospect of studying abroad again. Even so, although, Gu Yu didn’t want him to worry about it by himself, in private he continued to think about the many issues he had to consider when going to the UK.

After New Year’s Day, it would be Gu Yu’s birthday soon.

Since both of thier birthdays were relatively close in November and Janurary, the euphoric feeling from celebrating his own birthday recently hadn’t passed. Considering his own extravagant gift at the hotel, Zhang Siyi didn’t want his own gift to Gu Yu to be any less.

He already had given him a handmade gift last year. The Cactus lamp continued to be displayed on the bedside table. Maybe, he could decorate the house and cook a meal for Gu Yu? However, he doesn’t cook as well as Gu Yu and thought he would likely be as critical of the food Zhang Siyi made as he was towards He Chengtian’s meal. So… Play the violin? Well, he is so busy, he doesn’t have time to practice. Besides, living under the same roof, he would hear it. There wouldn’t be a surprise at all!

He wanted the gift to be creative and didn’t want it to be ill conceived. At a loss, racking his brain, he didn’t know what to give Gu Yu and failed to make a plan. After having dinner that night, the two were sitting together of the sofa reading and drinking tea. Gu Yu asked: “What is going on with you? For the past few days, you’ve been in a daze with a sad expression on your face.”

Zhang Siyi: “Uh……”

Gu Yu turned his head to look back at his book. Slowly turning the page, he smiled and said: “Are you thinking about my Birthday?”

Zhang Siyi: “…”   …..Does he have to be a know-it-all and spoil the surprise. Doesn’t he understand romance?

Since he brought it up, Zhang Siyi thought it would be meaningless to remain quiet about it. He replied frankly: “Yes. I can’t figure out what gift to get you. What would you like? Just tell me what you want!”

Glancing at him sideways, Gu Yu addressed Zhang Siyi affectionately by his nickname: “What do you want me to say?”

Zhang Siyi’s face warmed up two degrees. He knew what Gu Yu was implying. Inevitably, he thought he would have to do this kind of thing with Gu Yu on his Birthday and even though he had prepared himself mentally for it, he was hesitant. It was a weekday and Gu Yu’s requests weren’t ever so simple, right?

Moreover, Gu Yu was also good at ‘specialized research’ and usually liked to try new methods with him. Even on his own Birthday, Zhang Siyi didn’t think it could be any better than it already was.

Feeling down, Zhang Siyi watched Gu Yu use his mobile phone. Immediately, his own mobile phone received a text.

Taking the phone out of his pocket to look at the screen, he saw the picture Gu Yu sent him.

Gu Yu looked at him and muffled a laughed: “I want that.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” He knew Gu Yu’s request wouldn’t be so simple! (╯‵皿′)╯︵┻━┻

Embarrassed, after a day of feeling reluctant, Zhang Siyi couldn’t think of another way to satisfy Gu Yu’s request. Taking advantage of a bathroom stall’s privacy, Zhang Siyi went to the toilet with his laptop to research his options in accordance with his request on the internet. When he found what he was looking for, he placed an order online and choosing the self-pickup option, he had it shipped to a mailing center near Yuanshan Garden. When the package arrived, he quietly hid it in the wardrobe.

Two days before Gu Yu’s Birthday, Zhang Siyi went to Gu Yao and asked her about her plans. He hoped he would have the day to himself to celebrate it alone with Gu Yu.

Originally, for her brother’s Birthday, Gu Yao wanted to celebrate it together, but after she saw Zhang Siyi’s ears turn red and acting shy, she held her smile and answered with a nod.

Gu Yu’s Birthday happened to be on Friday. In the morning, Zhang Siyi greeted him first with a “Happy Birthday.” Needing to get to work on time, they got up and dressed quickly. Since there wasn’t time for bed-play, the day started off like any other normal day.

After work, Zhang Siyi took Gu Yu out for his Birthday to eat at a Japanese restaurant in the city center. Since they were out in public, he couldn’t really show his emotions and affection. They quietly finished their meal and returned home before nine at night.

Now, Zhang Siyi’s  ‘show’ could start.

Grabbing the dog leash, Zhang Siyi handed it to Gu Yu and with downcast eyes he said: “Go take the dog for a walk. When you come back, take a shower. You aren’t allowed to enter the bedroom until ten o’clock!”

Laughing, Gu Yu looked him straight in the eye as if he knew everything and grinned: “Ok.”

When Gu Yu left, Zhang Siyi ran up the stairs in two to three steps at a time. It took him only fifteen minutes to take a quick shower. He entered the bedroom, closed the door and retrieved the package from the closet. Feeling so embarrassed that he could die, he opened the box, took a deep breath, and began to prepare……

Half an hour later, Gu Yu came back with the dog and took some time to tidy up downstairs. Glancing at the clock, it was almost quarter-of. When he reached the top of the stairs, he could see the bedroom door closed and the washroom open with Zhang Siyi change of clothes hanging on a rack.

At 9:55, Zhang Siyi was lying on the bed waiting for Gu Yu to receive his ‘blessing’.

He heard Gu Yu’s footsteps up the stairs……

He should be in the shower now……

At ten o’clock, Zhang Siyi’s heart was pounding …..


10:02 ……

The wait was making Zhang Siyi feel nervous.

It’s past 10, shouldn’t he be finished?

At 10:05 he heard the sound of the bathroom door being opened!

Suddenly, all the cells in Zhang Siyi’s body quivered excitedly.

With the click of the doorknob, Gu Yu pushed open the bedroom door and appeared at the doorway…..

Zhang Siyi was on the bed on his hands and knees wearing cat ears and a tiger patterned cosplay suit. The actual fabric covering his skin was very little. Revealing most of the wearer’s skin, it was only symbolically wrapped around his body. When the door opened, Zhang Siyi twisted his head to look back at Gu Yu in the doorway. Red faced, he swung his hips to sway his tail at Gu Yu, enticing him.

There was a note attached to Zhang Siyi’s back with four words written with a marker on it: “I am a gift.” Also, drawn around the phrase was a heart.

Gu Yu’s blood drained from his head for a moment. He was beside himself.

Zhang Siyi really did it! He dressed so cute and sexy and was waiting for him to ‘enjoy’.

Gu Yu eyes seemed to devour Zhang Siyi inch-by-inch.

Gu Yu’s lustful expression made Zhang Siyi feel a sense of accomplishment over his painstaking effort. Although he was feeling rather bashful to lie on the bed with the costume on, he thought Gu Yu was going to pounce on him. Unexpectedly, Gu Yu remained in the doorway dazed for a while. With his phone in hand, Gu Yu raised it up and started taking pictures of Zhang Siyi.

“… Hey !!!” Zhang Siyi was so angry that he dug his ‘claws’ into the bedding, ready to turn over.

Gu Yu suddenly yelled: “Don’t move!”

Hearing Gu Yu’s commanding voice, Zhang Siyi stopped moving. Damn it, just endure it. Today was Gu Yu’s birthday. Let him be the boss. Gu Yu could clearly see the embarrassment and shyness written on Zhang Siyi face.

Gu Yu inched forward and gave directions for Zhang Siyi to move in: “Turn over slowly… good. A little more, stop. Good.  Extend your paw… so cute……”

Zhang Siyi: “…”  I can’t bear it!  (= 皿 =)

When Zhang Siyi turned over completely, Gu Yu discovered another note that had been on his chest. In crooked lines, it said: “Happy 30th birthday Yu!”

When the note on his chest was exposed, Zhang Siyi blushed so red that he could fry an egg.

Gu Yu watched him for another second before he put his phone on the desk with a smack. He couldn’t hold back any longer and rushed over to fling himself onto Zhang Siyi.

“Ouch! ” Because of the sudden weight on top of him, Zhang Siyi subconsciously wanted to push him back. However, since his hands and feet were covered in puffy cat paws, not only was pushing pointless, it was also like a kitten’s refusal. His actions provoked Gu Yu even further, making his desire burn more.

”Mm mm…… ” Zhang Siyi’s lips were forcibly bitten. Gu Yu’s familiar taste invaded Zhang Siyi mouth. Gasping for breath, he tried to match Gu Yu’s pace.

At the end of the deep kiss, Gu Yu looked fondly at Zhang Siyi. Husky and horse he said: “Gift, I accept. You are mine.”

Zhang Siyi felt suffocated wearing the costume. As a man himself, it went against his notion of masculinity and as a result, he felt stupid and indignant. However, contrary to his pride, his self-sacrifice for Gu Yu’s sake was nothing.

Holding onto Gu Yu with his furry paws, Zhang Siyi meekly and affectionately said: “Happy 30th Birthday, Yu”


When Zhang Siyi woke early the next morning, he clutched his rear, wanting to cry….. Fuck! It hurts. At his behest, even if he dressed up cutely and enticed him sexually, did Gu Yu have to frantically do him all night?

After the third time, Zhang Siyi begged for mercy and requested: “Its after midnight, we have to stop.” Although it was Gu Yu’s birthday, he must have a limit, right? But Gu Yu turned a deaf ear and persisted until three o’clock in the morning! This beast! (t 皿 t)


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