助理建筑师 羲和清零 204

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 204: Deception


Since He Chengtian was a man, a few rumors about him weren’t a big deal. However, as a young woman, it could damage Gu Yao reputation and innocence.

Zhang Siyi asked Gu Yao anxiously, “Well, are you okay with the gossip?”

“I’m fine. No matter what others say, the situation is at least much better than being harassed by Jiang Zhenpeng. The acting wasn’t that different from when I pretended to be my brother’s girlfriend. In fact, it was like any TV actor playing a role on a drama series.” Gu Yao looked a little embarrassed: “I think we’ve caused a lot of problems for He Chengtian.”

The soft affectionate way she said ‘He Chengtian’ made Zhang Siyi’s whole body stiffen. In his heart, he shouted ‘she actually likes him!’ As a result, Zhang Siyi didn’t feel so badly.

Smiling at her, Zhang Siyi was playful: “Is this the time when he drops you off every day? Did you go anywhere else with him? Has he invited you out?”

Gu Yao knew exactly what Zhang Siyi was trying to get at. She glanced at him and deliberately whet his appetite: ”When my brother left to find you, He Chengtian took me out to dinner.”

Zhang Siyi was so happy that he laughed out loud. He was worried for nothing. It seems, with He Chengtian’s quick display of intent, he wasn’t bothered by the predicament at all! All that is needed was a little extra fuel to the fire!

Just as Zhang Siyi wanted to gossip further, Gu Yu came out of the kitchen and called them to the table to eat dinner.

As Zhang Siyi went into the kitchen to get the chopsticks out for everyone, Gu Yu saw him with his sister with an expression of unbelievable joy. He coldly asked: ”What are you so happy about?”

Zhang Siyi: “…..”

Gu Yu handed him the stack of plates and asked him to take them to the table: “You won’t be able to run away later, even if you suffer.”

Zhang Siyi: “………” The pressure! (t 皿 t)

After being warned by Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi reflected on his actions and wasn’t feeling secure at all. Right after dinner, he went to make a private phone call to He Chengtian. After all, such a straightforward question about Gu Yu’s sister wasn’t good to ask in front of Gu Yu.

Terrified, He Chengtian hesitated then suddenly cursed: “You …”

Zhang Siyi: “Hey, hey, hey… Brother Chengtian, has a spring breeze come recently?”

He Chengtian: “If you have something to say, then say it!”

Upstairs on the balcony, Zhang Siyi coughed twice then confirming he was alone, he glanced behind him: “Hey, are you serious about Gu Yao?”

He Chengtian smirked without answering and instead asked Zhang Siyi: “What did you say? You already know I have a fiancé!”

Zhang Siyi quickly replied: “Fuck you! That act was only to fool Jiang Zhenpeng!”

Laughing, He Chengtian happily replied: “Brother Siyi, I have to thank you!”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Hearing He Chengtian mischief-making antics, Zhang Siyi rubbed his temples and sighed. Did he send Gu Yao from one tiger to another? (= _ =)

Zhang Siyi took a deep breath then said: “Brother, stop joking. It hasn’t even been a month and you have only met once before. Are you sure you want to marry her?”

Zhang Siyi didn’t know the economic status of the Gu family. It was estimated that the total economic status of her family wasn’t remotely near the He family. Although money is a shallow topic to talk about, in today’s society, in order to solidify business proposals, rich people married other wealthy people to make business alliances. Under these circumstances and knowing He Chengtian flashy personality, Zhang Siyi was afraid He Chengtian was simply using Gu Yao as a trophy for show.

Unexpectedly, He Chengtian became very serious and earnestly replied to Zhang Siyi fears: “I sincerely want to propose to her.”

Zhang Siyi: “Why? Give me a valid reason and don’t say anything about how innocent and cute she is.”  Everyone knows how lovely his sister-in-law is!

He Chengtian smiled and said: “She really is beautiful, lovely and cute. When I was with her, I was so nervous that I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to make her happy, but I was worried she wouldn’t like me. When I took her small hand into my own at dinner, I was afraid I would hurt her. So soft and smooth…. What reason do I need to give? I just like her.”

Zhang Siyi burst into tears. ….My old friend Chengtian, that’s what’s so insignificant! “It’s strange. Since you are a young, rich and successful businessman, there are women chasing you, but why are you acting like you haven’t been with one before!?”

He Chengtian replied: “Ah, but those other girls were only after me for my money. Even though a dated seriously two years ago, do you think they would give a fuck if I didn’t drive a Lamborghini and didn’t have an annual salary of a ten million? You know how vapid my circle is and now those women are picky. Do you think it’s easy to meet someone like Gu Yao?”

Agreeing with He Chengtian, Zhang Siyi couldn’t help but cry and laugh. He asked: “Do your parents know about this?”

Even if He Chengtian liked her, what about his parents? Zhang Siyi remembered them as hospitable people, but that was the memories of a ten-year-old. He doesn’t know if they have changed over the years. Zhang Siyi really considered the situation that Gu Yao would be in. Since she wouldn’t be bringing any economic power to the table, Zhang Siyi feared she would be treated unfairly in the future.

He Chengtian: “My Parents? Ha-ha, my parents have already met her and approve.”

Zhang Siyi: “Oh? When was this?”

He Chengtian explained: “Some time ago, my sister invited her over to our house. I wasn’t home at the time and they thought she was my sister’s friend. Since I’ve been picking her up and driving her home, my parents asked me about her. When I told them that she was the sister of my classmate with the surname, Gu, they knew exactly who she was. They were more excited than me!”

The corner of Zhang Siyi’s mouth twitched: “They know Gu Yu?”

He Chengtian said: “Wasn’t there a parent-teacher meeting every year in high school? Who doesn’t remember the name of the person who always ranked first in the class? My mother once told me she saw Mother Gu and thought she was more beautiful then the big stars on TV. She was so impressed! It’s no wonder that Gu Yao had a lasting impression on my mom.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

He Chengtian continued:  ” Since I’m thirty now, my family is anxious for me to marry. When they found out I was driving her to work, ever day my family asks me about my progress with her. They have urged me to pick a good day to get married next year. They want me to bring Gu Yao home and officially introduce her to the family. Also, I need to formally meet my future In-laws. I haven’t dared talk about it yet with her in fear she would run away!”

Not to mention Gu Yao, even Zhang Siyi was frightened!

After explaining, He Chengtian teased Zhang Siyi: “You can rest assured. When our engagement becomes official, I’ll make sure you get the matchmaker’s bonus red envelope.”

Zhang Siyi laughed: “Oh, don’t worry about that. I just wanted to confirm your true feelings for Gu Yao.”

He Chengtian listened anxiously: “Hey, who the hell is standing next to you? I know you. Gu Yao is Gu Yu’s younger sister. Why are you worrying so much about her? Did Gu Yu ask you to ask me?”

Zhang Siyi quickly denied it: “No! I was just curious!”

Zhang Siyi didn’t know how to explain it to him because he couldn’t tell He Chengtian about his true relationship with Gu Yu. However, if He Chengtian really married Gu Yao, then he will know the truth sooner or later. Will he also be called a sister-in-law?    …… Fuck!

In a daze from his own thoughts, Zhang Siyi vaguely said a few other remarks then quickly hung up the phone. Knowing that He Chengtian was serious, Zhang Siyi felt relieved.

After his bath, while humming a tune, Zhang Siyi unpacked his luggage. When Gu Yu came upstairs, he asked him for his birthday banner that Gu Yu wrote for him at the hotel. Since it was inconvenient to bring it with him at the time, Zhang Siyi had Gu Yu bring it home for him.

Gu Yu brought it out for him. Smiling happily, Zhang Siyi opened the banner up to enjoy it closely. He gently traced the inscribed words in ink on the smooth rice paper and sighed: “The calligraphy is so good.”

Behind Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu was taking off his clothes. When he heard Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu paused momentarily. Zhang Siyi had no idea how many drafts he had actually thrown out until he was satisfied with the result. Although a layman wouldn’t notice, any expert could see the quivering strokes. Gu Yu was very nervous when he wrote the name ‘Siyi’.

Zhang Siyi carefully rolled up the banner and said to himself: “Instead of a gift, write a banner for me every year, then by seventy-four, I’ll have received fifty happy birthday wishes from you!”

Initially, wanting a birthday banner every year made Gu Yu think Zhang Siyi was being too greedy, but once he heard Zhang Siyi state fifty-years together as a matter of fact, Gu Yu felt a warmth envelop his heart. Feeling moved, Gu Yu smiled and promised: “Okay.”

After dealing with their belongings, it wasn’t that late. Since they had to go to work early the next morning and considering their crazy night of passion the previous night, Gu Yu thought it would be better for them to get some rest.

Unexpectedly, when Gu Yu turned off the light, Zhang Siyi took the initiative to wrap his limbs around him and press his body against Gu Yu’s. Reaching with his hand, Zhang Siyi traced a line down his abdomen…..

Gu Yu grabbed his hand and smiled: “Aren’t you tired?”

With his lover in his hands, Zhang Siyi was like a little demon in bed.

After listening to Liao Jun’s feelings about his separation from his boyfriend, the phrase ‘cherish him while you are together’ was firmly imprinted on Zhang Siyi’s mind.

It wasn’t like he was particularly in the mood tonight, but when he thought of the separation in the days to come, in order to make up for the emptiness in the future, he couldn’t wait to be with Gu Yu at every moment of the day.

Gu Yu questioned: “What’s wrong with you? Who was the one that complained to me about our frequency not long ago? We did it every day for the past two nights in X city. Wasn’t it enough?”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Feeling regretful, he wished he could take back his previous protests. Zhang Siyi didn’t think his own words would bite him in the ass! Having learned all kinds of methods from Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi knew exactly how to entice Gu Yu and utilizing them, Zhang Siyi continued his advances. Without further questions, Gu Yu overwhelmed Zhang Siyi and turned him over.

Even though his back hurt the next day, Zhang Siyi didn’t complain one bit. In fact, while going to the bathroom to wash, since he was full of joy and contentment, he felt like he was walking on air.

Looking at his face in the mirror while brushing his teeth, Zhang Siyi reminisced about last night. Although he was tired, he felt overwhelmingly happy from this type of behavior. In truth, repeatedly experiencing the intimacy of your loved one was the greatest feeling imaginable. The spiritual satisfaction from joining bodies transcended heaven. It’s no wonder Gu Yu never stopped him. It was like an addiction.

Back at the company, Zhang Siyi quickly entered the data from the renovation project into his desktop computer. Using the software, he analyzed the research data and started to make a few building models. Since there was only one month left before the bid, the four-person team involved in the project were extremely busy.

At noon, Tao Fei went to Zhang Siyi’s desk and asked him to come out to lunch with him. He mysteriously commented: “Someone else has invited you.”

As he was focused on his work, Zhang Siyi was momentarily stunned: “What? Who?”

“You’ll find out in a minute. Let’s go!” Tao Fei laughed

Taking him away from his desk, Tao Fei grabbed Zhang Siyi’s arm and dragged him into the elevator. It wasn’t until he came downstairs that Zhang Siyi saw who the person was that was waiting for them; Bai Rui.

After being on a business trip for two weeks, Zhang Siyi completely forgot about him. It seems Gu Yu was right. The time spent away from Bai Rui’s presence allowed Zhang Siyi to feel much calmer. Unlike previously, he was now unaffected by his presence.

“What’s going on?” Zhang Siyi asked.

Smiling, Bai Rui looked at Zhang Siyi and said: “I heard it from your boyfriend. Were you recently on a business trip?”

Zhang Siyi raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

Turning his head, Bai Rui took another look at Tao Fei then back at Zhang Siyi. As if stoking a fire, Bai Rui said: “While you were away, I was out with your boyfriend every day. Aren’t you jealous?”

The corners of Zhang Siyi’s eyes twitched frantically. ….. Wait, did Bai Rui think that, … Tao Fei was his boyfriend?  Shit!  Tao Fei really did it !

Looking at Tao Fei, Zhang Siyi saw him trying hard to stifle a laugh then he calmly winked at him. Zhang Siyi almost broke down and laughed out loud.

“Huh? Why would I be jealous?”  ….. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I’m going to be jealous, nonsense! Tao Fei wasn’t his boyfriend.

When Bai Rui saw Zhang Siyi’s reaction, his expression was strange for a moment. However, Bai Rui didn’t suspect anything strange.

The three of them went to a Cantonese restaurant near the company. After being directed to a table, Zhang Siyi and Tao Fei sat side-by-side then purposely talked enthusiastically about the events of the business trip.

Sitting across from them, Bai Rui watched them closely and pretended to listen carefully. As time went by, his expression became more solemn. He suddenly interrupted them: “You’re not dating, are you?”

Finally, Tao Fei let loose and couldn’t stop himself from laughing. Covering his stomach, Zhang Siyi also laughed uncontrollably.

Neither angry nor sad, Bai Rui’s face remained blank. He covered his forehead for a while then finally looked up at Tao Fei: “Is it that funny to deceive me?”

Tao Fei stretched out his arms then put one around Zhang Siyi’s shoulder and grinned: “Don’t blame me. I was entrusted with a mission.”

Zhang Siyi pushed him back: “Don’t look at me. I didn’t ask you to lie.”

Tao Fei gave him a sideways glance and explained: “Gu Yu asked me to keep an eye on him. He wanted to know what Bai Rui’s intenions were.”

Zhang Siyi: “…..”

Bai Rui: “……”

Kept in the dark, Bai Rui was blind-sided.


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