助理建筑师 羲和清零 203

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 203: Dowry


Wanting to sooth his anxiety, as if Zhang Siyi was departing the next day, Gu Yu desperately held Zhang Siyi’s waist with one arm and the back of his head with the other. Fiercely kissing him, biting Zhang Siyi’s lips and sucking on the tip of his tongue, Gu Yu squeezed Zhang Siyi tightly in his embrace, not allowing him any chance of escape.

With the force of Gu Yu’s advancement, Zhang Siyi was caught off guard. Slowly, he found his rhythm and began to intensely respond in kind. Since his actions spoke louder than words, Zhang Siyi understood the meaning behind Gu Yu behavior. Even in silence, Gu Yu was telling him, ‘don’t leave me.’

When everything was said and done, there is a kind of relief as the dust settles, but even so, deep down, Zhang Siyi felt regret for bringing the topic up.

In fact, Zhang Siyi didn’t believe that it was worth sacrificing his future relationship with his lover in order to return to University. Since it wasn’t a bad option to remain as Gu Yu subordinate, he could work hard and continue to advance his career, albeit more slowly.

Moreover, if Zhang Siyi didn’t return, he wouldn’t have to think about the tuition anymore. After all, a million yuan wasn’t chump change. The average income of an ordinary person wouldn’t even be able to earn one million yuan over ten years. It was unclear whether or not the value of a Master’s would be ever be returned in the future.

Trying to appease his lover’s anxiety, Zhang Siyi wrapped his arms around Gu Yu to hold him close. However, right at this time, Gu Yu distanced himself slightly.

While holding him, Gu Yu looked deeply into his eyes. His hand that was holding Zhang Siyi’s head slowly moved forward, brushing his ear, caressing his cheek and stopped at his chin. Squeezing gently on Zhang Siyi’s chin with his thumb, he tilted his head and brought his lips to meet Zhang Siyi’s in a tender long-lasting kiss. Finally, he released Zhang Siyi and flatly said: “Go if you want to go.”

In the back of his mind, Zhang Siyi thought Gu Yu would end up bullying him and was mentally preparing himself for the potential onslaught of his black belly nature. However, upon hearing Gu Yu’s unexpected answer, Zhang Siyi’s heart lurched.

Gu Yu remained calm. Neither showing anger nor despair, his tone reflected his careful consideration of Zhang Siyi. Never the less, it was this kind of business-like proceeding, combined with Gu Yu’s earlier behavior that made Zhang Siyi feel the same type of suffering as Gu Yu.

Both hot and painful, his heart was thrown into a frying pan.

At Zhang Siyi’s continued silence Gu Yu explained in a soft tone: “I know you are determined and have an enterprising spirit. I have never thought about keeping you tide down for the rest of your life. I just….”

Gu Yu paused and sighed: ”I didn’t expect this day would come so early.”

In a hurry, Zhang Siyi wanted to ease Gu Yu’s heart and stated: “How was it fast? I was only seeking your opinion. I’ve already told my family I won’t spend their money after graduation and I haven’t dared talk to my family about our relationship. Even if wanted to go, the tuition fees…..

Gu Yu interrupted him before he could finish speaking: “I’ll pay it for you.”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

At the moment, Zhang Siyi didn’t know what to think or feel. For so long, Zhang Siyi tormented himself over it and yet, without hesitation, Gu Yu decisively solved the problem so easily!

In contrast, Zhang Siyi was feeling very uneasy: “Th… This…   It’s not….”

From his previous behavior when Zhang Siyi insisted on paying rent when they first moved in together, Gu Yu knew exactly the reason why Zhang Siyi was hesitating; how reluctant Zhang Siyi was about accepting help for nothing.

Gu Yu paused then calmly said: “Since you were the one that brought up the matter, on some level, you must have made up your mind one way or the other. I have also carefully considered it for the past two days. At this point, it is indeed better to go back to study and get a Master’s then it would be to stay with the company. I know living abroad isn’t cheap and since the industry is a little depressed now, it would potentially be more difficult to save up. I’m not sure if you would ever make enough money on your own to afford it. If you won’t talk to your parents, and you don’t want my help? What are you going to do?”

Gu Yu curled his fingers to gently clasps Zhang Siyi’s hand: “Afterall, isn’t money just paper?”

Racking his brain, Zhang Siyi opened his mouth, paused to think, then stated : ”I can… I can ask Shen Hao to borrow…..” His friend was as wealthy as any young master, so money wasn’t an issue. In fact, it was probably just a drop in the water bucket for him. With his strong sense of friendship, Zhang Siyi thought it wouldn’t be a problem to borrow some money slowly over time and besides, Zhang Siyi would diffidently pay Shen Hao back.

Unexpectedly, when Gu Yu heard him, he let go of his hands and in irritation he said: “You would rather borrow money from him and not me?”

Zhang Siyi frowned: “You aren’t the same…”

Gu Yu grabbed his hands quickly and placed it on his chest. He declared sharply: “Zhang Siyi, I am not just your boyfriend. I am the person closest to you besides your parents. When there are difficulties in life, I hope I am the first person you think of. I want you to rely on me and let me know when you need help! If we want to spend our lives together, sooner or later all of my assets will be yours. Home, properties, finances…. What’s mine is yours and what is yours, is mine.  How can I make you understand?“

Shocked, Zhang Siyi was dumbfounded. He recalled the ring that wasn’t given to him on his birthday.

If Zhang Siyi had the ring in hand, then maybe he would be more likely to accept Gu Yu’s words. But, since Gu Yu chose not to give him the ring, he didn’t know what to think. Perhaps, Gu Yu wasn’t ready or he wanted to test how strong Zhang Siyi feelings were?

Suddenly hearing Gu Yu’s speech, Zhang Siyi was caught off-guard. Feeling overwhelmed by Gu Yu’s heartfelt sincerity and deep love, Zhang Siyi felt like he was going to drown.

Hugging him tightly around the waist, Zhang Siyi gathered Gu Yu in his arms and buried his head against Gu Yu’s chest. With red eyes he choked out: “Why are you so good to me…”

Yes. They have been together for less than a year. How was it possible to trust a person that much? Wasn’t he afraid of that Zhang Siyi would run away with his money? Not only that, but also to be able to selflessly devote oneself for another person…. How lucky was Zhang Siyi to have met such a man in his life?

Gu Yu looked at his tearful face and couldn’t help but raise his hand to rub the corner of his eye. Then he changed his tone. He jokingly said: “It’s okay now, no need to feel worried. I’ve just paid the dowry in advance.”

Zhang Siyi burst into laughter: “Dowry?!”

Gu Yu raised an eyebrow: ” What, you don’t want my gift? Then let’s make a deal and sign a one-time contract so you will remember: Alive, my body belonged to you; dead, I am your ghost.”

Zhang Siyi turned completely red: “Come on. Don’t do whatever you want with your money now. In thirty years, who knows if your investment will give you an adequate return. When I return and earn a lot of money, I’ll arrange for the wedding carriage to pick you up and bring you to the Zhang family’s home. It’s not proper to give a dowry in advance.”

Listening to him, in his heart, Gu Yu knew that Zhang Siyi’s love was equal to his own. After hugging him, he pressed him down onto the bed. He grinned mischievously and commented: “So bold and confident….. Then I’ll eagerly wait for the wedding carriage to arrive…..”

While Zhang Siyi was being crushed, he lifted his limbs. He wrapped his legs around Gu Yu’s butt and with his free arm, he wrapped it around Gu Yu’s neck. Zhang Siyi was like an octopus hanging upside down. With his free hand, he rubbed the back of Gu Yu head and said: “Wife.”

Gu Yu: “…”

Gu Yu narrowed his eyes and smacked him hard. Zhang Siyi woke up from his beautiful dream.

“What did you call me?” Gu Yu squinted his eyes and pressed him down.

Zhang Siyi: “Honey….”

Pretending to be rough, Gu Yu grabbed Zhang Siyi’s legs and raised them while maneuvering his own hips closer. Zhang Siyi quickly changed his tune and squealed: “Husband!”

Smiling, Gu Yu laughed: “Good!”

When they finished their bed play, it was nine o’clock at night and Gu Yu had mentioned not having had dinner yet. Zhang Siyi quickly sat up: “Why didn’t you say so before? Let’s go eat!”

Even late the evening, the night market in the ancient city was open. Zhang Siyi dragged Gu Yu around the streets to find a barbeque place to eat at. In a livelier area, they sat down at a vendor and ordered a bunch of dishes to eat and two cups of sake to drink. While eating their meal, they continued their conversation about applying for a Master’s program.

Gu Yu wanted to know if Zhang Siyi had any specific programs he was going to apply to and what the time frame was for the application. When he heard Zhang Siyi say that he would go abroad next September if admitted, Gu Yu fell into silence.

Afraid of making Gu Yu upset, Zhang Siyi looked up at him and earnestly promised: “I’ll come back as soon as I graduate and during holidays we can visit….”

As Gu Yu nodded, Zhang Siyi could see his handsome features in the dimly lit area. Although he was smiling, he didn’t appear happy. Instead, he seemed lonely and distressed.

Zhang Siyi wanted to change the topic: “I’m going back to Haicheng the day after tomorrow. Why did you come today?”

Gu Yu glanced at him and in a calm, small voice he said: “I missed you.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” How can he be so bold with such a straightforward, calm tone?

Zhang Siyi heart was beating like crazy. Even though it was only a few days of separation, Gu Yu purchased a direct flight, overnight to come see Zhang Siyi! Thinking along those lines, Zhang Siyi could imagine Gu Yu buying airline tickets every weekend to England while Zhang Siyi was abroad. Does he have that much money to burn? Actually, since they weren’t relatives, Zhang Siyi wasn’t sure it was possible to obtain a travel visa and therefore, without being married, Gu Yu wouldn’t be able to go at all. The only thing Zhang Siyi could do was wait until he returned to China. Thinking about it was depressing.

After eating barbeque, Zhang Siyi reluctantly returned to his room. When he arrived, Liao Jun was still awake on his bed, laying on his side and talking on his phone. As Zhang Siyi walked into the room, Liao Jun lowered his voice and abruptly said: “My roommate is back.” Listening to him momentarily, Zhang Siyi could tell he must be on the phone with his girlfriend. Trying not to disturb his phone call, Zhang Siyi went into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. When he came out, Liao Jun hung up the phone.

Zhang Siyi smiled and casually asked: “Was that your girlfriend? You must have a great relationship since you call every day.”

Liao Jun’s expression changed slightly and he hummed a reply.

Zhang Siyi climbed into bed and asked: “Is she abroad? I accidentally overheard you that morning when you said ‘good night’ so I assumed the person was abroad.”

Liao Jun said: “You didn’t guess wrong.”

Zhang Siyi: “Which country is she in?”

Liao Jun: “United States.”

Zhang Siyi: “Wow! Is she in the same profession as us?  What is she studying?”

Liao Jun: “Humanities and the history of architecture.”

Zhang Siyi was surprised: “That’s amazing! Is she older than you? If you are in a Master’s program does that mean she is getting her doctorate?”

Liao Jun didn’t give Zhang Siyi an answer. Since Zhang Siyi thought he didn’t want to talk about his private affairs anymore, he stayed quiet. Not wanting to upset his roommate, he was about to change the subject, but Liao Jun suddenly looked up at him, interrupting Zhang Siyi. He said: ”We are like you.”

Zhang Siyi didn’t react. What is the same?

Liao Jun tilted his head in the direction of the door and stated: “That guy who just came for you… the director of your company, isn’t he your boyfriend?”

Startled, Zhang Siyi bolted up straight and blurted: “How did you know?”  Upon further thought, Zhang Siyi calmed down to reflect on his words and realized Liao Jun only said ‘the same’, he didn’t say anything more than that. They were very careful. How was it possible to have exposed their relationship?

Liao Jun explained: “I went out for a walk on the first night. I happen to see him pull you aside roughly into an alley, so I was worried he was going to fight with you. As a result, I looked passed the ally and saw him kiss you.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” God, he was so cautious with Gu Yu. In order to prevent any suspicions, he had stayed in the room with his roommate. Even so, Liao Jun had discovered the truth on the first day!

Watching Zhang Siyi acting awkward with embarrassment, Liao Jun laughed out loud. Smiling he said: “I told you we are the same so you don’t have to be so nervous. We can keep each other’s secrete.”

Zhang Siyi nodded and asked: “Uh, so… was that your boyfriend on the phone?”

Liao Jun answered all his questions: “Well, we were classmates before. While I went to work after graduation, he was in a master’s degree program for a year then applied to Rice University’s doctorate in Architecture program. He left China in August.”

Zhang Siyi: “Will he come back after graduation?”

Liao Jun: “That’s the plan.”

Recalling his own plans, Zhang Siyi figured Liao Jun was experiencing the separation that he and Gu Yu would have to go through. He was curious and wanted to know how Liao Jun felt: “It hasn’t been half a year yet. How can you stand it?”

Liao Jun lowered his eyes and honestly replied: “The first two months were very difficult. Since we used to see each other almost every day, as soon as he left, I felt completely empty, like half of my soul was gone. During restless nights, in order to fall back asleep, I would have to call him to hear his voice.”

At the thought of experiencing the same heartache, Zhang Siyi fretted in worry: “How are you now?”

Liao Jun smiled: “I’m accustomed to it so its fine.”

As the truth of the matter in Zhang Siyi’s future was laid bare in front of him, for a long time, Zhang Siyi didn’t say anything.

Liao Jun noticed that something was wrong with him and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Bitterly, Zhang Siyi spoke: “Because I also plan to go abroad next year while he will stay in China. But after listening to you,  I don’t know what to do.”

Liao Jun glanced at him and quietly said: “Then it will be very hard. For someone to fly back overnight to see you again…. He must love you very much.”

Zhang Siyi felt like he could cry. Bowing his head, he slowly covered his face with his hands.

Liao Jun sighed softly then said: “But there is nothing you can do about it. Your academic career is still important. Love alone isn’t enough.”

Zhang Siyi: “… Hmm. “

Liao Jun comforted him: “While you are still together, cherish it.”

Blushing, Zhang Siyi was silent for a bit then asked: “Do you mind if I stay in his room tonight?”

Liao Jun was stunned for a long while before laughing out loud: “G.. Go! Who is stopping you?”

Zhang Siyi got out of the bed and put on a pair of pajama pants. He gathered the rest of his clothes and left the room in a hurry. Liao Jun looked at Zhang Siyi’s disappearing back and shook his head with a smile.

In the early morning of the next day, Zhang Siyi who had served the gold master all night, stepped into the hallway stretching his sore back and bumped into Bi Lele again.

Bi Lele froze: “Did you change rooms?”

As she spoke, she saw Gu Yu come out of the room. She suddenly covered her mouth in surprise with an indescribable expression on her face.

Zhang Siyi felt somewhat panicked, but Gu Yu on the contrary was surprisingly calm. He said he was there to inspect the work and bring them back to Haicheng.

Bi Lele turned away after listening to Gu Yu’s explanation. It took her great effort to keep a straight face.

Gu Yu accompanied them on their day off to visit the city as a tourist. In the evening, they packed up their luggage and flew back to Haicheng the following day.

Finally, after half a month, they returned home to Yuanshan Garden.  When Zhang Siyi walked through the door, Townhouse pounced on him in greeting. Due to the physical work all week at the survey site and combined with traveling all day by plane, Zhang Siyi felt completely exhausted.

He made up for his lack of sleep all afternoon. In the evening, Gu Yao came home from work and saw Zhang Siyi’s unpacked luggage. She called out: “Second brother, are you back?”

Zhang Siyi called down stairs and said: “Where is He Chengtian? Is he still dropping you off?”

Gu Yao: “Well, he just left.”

Walking down the stairs, Zhang Siyi joked: “What, really? It’s been more than half a month, right? Is he still picking you up and dropping you off?”

Gu Yao’s cheeks were red. “Well the harassment has stopped, but it’s complicated.”

Well rested, Zhang Siyi excitedly sat down on the sofa, crossed his legs and patted the empty space next to him: “Come and explain everything!”

Slightly hesitant, Gu Yao came over to sit besides him and talked about what happened. 

As it turned out, when He Chengtian started picking up Gu Yao, she introduced him to her company as a friend.  When her colleagues in the company saw how handsome he was, no one ever mentioned Jiang Zhanpeng again, let alone speak about Gu Yao having a cold personality.

However, since Jiang Zhanpeng had business with the company, he continued to visit the building frequently. This unscrupulous guy exposed Gu Yao’s ‘fiancé’ at a meeting soon afterwards and kindly apologized to Gu Yao in front of the whole office. Everyone really believed she was He Chengtian’s fiancé.

For He Chengtian, since he and Jiang Zhanpeng were in some business circles together, he also had to continue the act even outside of the office. There were many people in his social circle who approached him wanting to know when he got engaged and when his wedding was. They all wanted to be invited.

After hearing about it, Zhang Siyi felt guilty. The development of the incident was beyond his expectation. If there wasn’t real emotional affection between the two, then wasn’t his impulsive white lie hurting them ?


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  1. Hahaha I knew Lu Jiao is the same as them, if not then he wouldn’t have to be so secretive just to answer a phone call from a girlfriend, after all they’re both men~

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  2. Gu Yu really love Siyi 😭 My heart hurts when I read how distressed he was over Siyi’s soon departure.

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