助理建筑师 羲和清零 201

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 201: Ring


Even though it was Zhang Siyi’s Birthday, Gu Yu still had his way. Witnessing Zhang Siyi coquettish exuberance, Gu Yu suddenly switched roles and let Zhang Siyi experience what was called, being plundered. Like a beast, Gu Yu was being rather aggressive, but nevertheless, his affectionate gazes, gentle caresses, and tender kisses let Zhang Siyi feel completely loved.

Normally at home, Zhang Siyi always thought about Gu Yao next door and being considerate, he often felt hindered. In contrast, they were currently at a high-class hotel with good sound insulation and thus, not being afraid of being heard, while holding GU Yu tightly during the throes of passion, Zhang Siyi let out his voice without constraint.

At the height of the climax, Zhang Siyi’s spirit and body were greatly satiated. Feeling spent, he languidly sank into Gu Yu arms and snuggled up close to him comfortably.

At nine at night, it wasn’t terribly late, but even so, Zhang Siyi definitely wasn’t going back to his hotel room where his colleagues were. However, since he didn’t have a cell phone, he didn’t have a method of contacting his roommate, Liao Jun. Afraid his colleagues might worry without notification, he decided it would be best to contact Bi Lele to pass on a message.

Gu Yu took a moment to collect his thoughts then dialed Bi Lele’s phone number: “Hello, Bi Lele?”

Glancing at Zhang Siyi’s stretched out body that lazily wrapped his arm and leg around him, Gu Yu couldn’t help but smile. When Bi Lele answered, he quickly adjusted his mindset and collected himself to answer: “I got a call from Zhang Siyi asking me to pass a message to you. Please let his roommate, Liao Jun, know he bumped into an old friend while he was out shopping for a new phone and won’t be returning to the hotel.”

…… An old friend?  Zhang Siyi squinted his eyes and smiled smugly at Gu Yu. Now he finally understood the meaning behind Gu Yu’s deception by telling the group he was returning to Haicheng. No one would suspect Zhang Siyi was with Gu Yu for the night!

He had to admire Gu Yu’s acting ability. Not only did he have perfect control over the tone of his voice, but he also had total control over his facial expressions. How was he able to make it sound so convincingly serious while maintaining a straight face?

Gu Yu continued to explain the situation to Bi Lele: “He didn’t remember your phone number, so he used his friend’s cell phone to call me first…”

The contrast between Gu Yu’s previous tone of adoration to his current formal attitude spurred Zhang Siyi on. He was feeling rather playful and subconsciously let his hand gently caress his torso, leaving his fingers to trail down his body while he rested his head momentarily on Gu Yu’s abdomen.

Zhang Siyi could hear the slight tremble in Gu Yu voice while speaking on the phone. Since his reaction encouraged Zhang Siyi further, he continued to move further down to take Gu Yu in his mouth.

Burying his face in his crotch, Zhang Siyi teasingly used his tongue to caress the tip before enveloping him whole. While listening to Gu Yu’s quivering speech, Zhang Siyi felt his slender fingers comb across his scalp and hair. In a hurry, Gu Yu ended his conversation: “Well, he will return to work tomorrow morning on time.”

From below, Zhang Siyi looked up at Gu Yu in surprise at his inability to maintain his act. He didn’t think Gu Yu would respond so quickly making him wonder if in fact, Gu Yu wasn’t such a great actor or if it was his technique that was just too good.

Soon, he wasn’t pondering it anymore. Once Gu Yu hung up the phone, he curled his fingers against Zhang Siyi’s hair, grasping it tightly and forcefully pushed Zhang Siyi’s head against his hips making him go deeper. Then he heard Gu Yu say: “Do you want to eat?”

Zhang Siyi: “….”

Sitting up, Gu Yu pulled at the waistband and let the remaining portion of his robe fall off revealing Zhang Siyi completely.

Even though Zhang Siyi himself knew he was playing with fire and wanted to confess his mistakes, instead he was further pressed onto Gu Yu to eat.

Having cum once already, it can be particularly slow for a second time. Zhang Siyi was left eating and eating and ultimately left his mouth feeling sour. Never the less, once the arrow has been drawn taut on a bow string, it had to be released. Even though Zhang Siyi resolutely increased his oral maneuvers, eliciting Gu Yu’s moans, Gu Yu suddenly grabbed Zhang Siyi’s hair: “Stop eating.”

Rubbing his head, Gu Yu grinned then turned him around. Standing up, Gu Yu plunged his rock hardness into him saying: “You need to cum again.”

Zhang Siyi’s long, sweet, erotic moans, excited Gu Yu further. This time, ‘looking after’ Zhang Siyi inside and out, Gu Yu made him take three different positions until he was allowed to touch his front and release himself.

Forced to ‘eat then support’, Zhang Siyi lamented…… It’s my birthday so why does it always feel like I’m the one that lost?

After a night of ‘torment’, neither of them had much energy. Once bathed, they went to bed in each other’s arms. Leaning closely against Gu Yu’s shoulder warmly, Zhang Siyi lazily said: “I dreamed last night that you told me Happy Birthday.”

Gu Yu: “… Hmm? “

Zhang Siyi mumbled: “I thought you had forgotten my birthday because you chose to leave the group on this day. I was very angry and went to bed early. In the middle of the night, I dreamt that you kissed me and said Happy Birthday to me”

While Zhang Siyi’s tone continued to be somewhat resentful, in reality, he had already forgiven Gu Yu long ago. He was simply being greedy for attention and acted like a brat in front of his lover in order to obtain his solace and comfort.

Gu Yu smiled and softly responded: “You weren’t dreaming. I went to your room last night.”

Zhang Siyi raised his eyes in surprise: “Ah?”

Gu Yu pinched his ears: “In fact, before, I wanted to go with you for a walk and tell you, but what could I do about your bold temper?”

Zhang Siyi grabbed his hand and asked, “Wait. Were you really looking for me? Liao Jun and I are in the same room. Aren’t you afraid of being seen?”

Gu Yu: “I had prepared to tell Liao Jun that I had something to talk to you about, but as it turned out, when I went to see if you were asleep, his phone rang and left the room to answer it. I kissed you while he was away.”

Zhang Siyi’s heart melted. The sweet feeling wasn’t a dream…….

Gu Yu bopped his nose and said hoarsely: “Don’t expect too much in the future for your birthday. Today was special because we are together now. I will never forget it.”

“Uh-hm.” Finally feeling content, Zhang Siyi grabbed his hand and held him close.  Continuing their dialog, they talked about the rest of the days’ events, but soon, because they were too exhausted to stay awake. They fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

In the middle of the night, Zhang Siyi woke up with a full bladder probably because he had too much wine to drink late at night. When he got out of bed barefoot, the urgency his bladder demanded made him rush and as a result he stumbled on the ground while getting to the bathroom. Not seeing well in the dark, he stepped on a hard object and in pain, he covered his mouth to Stifel a hiss.

From the illumination of the night light from the bathroom, Zhang Siyi looked down and saw the messy floor. Last night, they haphazardly undressed in a rush and discarded their layers all over the floor. He noticed a lump under one article of clothing. Reaching down, he pulling it out to examine it. It was a small square box. When he opened the box, Zhang Siyi saw two plain platinum rings lying quietly inside.

With his heart now pounding in his chest, Zhang Siyi was fully awake.

Glancing at Gu Yu’s sleeping form under the covers on the bed, he hurriedly closed the box and stuffed it back into the pocket of Gu Yu’s pants then crawled back into the bed.

Disturbed by his movements and temperature difference, Gu Yu frowned slightly in his sleep and leaned over to wrap his arm around Zhang Siyi. Once his lover was close again, Gu Yu quickly fell back to sleep.

Zhang Siyi felt that his heart was so loud, it was going to wake Gu Yu back up…..

…… Oh, my God ! (≧_≦)

Could that ring be the gift Gu Yu originally wanted to give him?

 …… Oh, my God !! (≧/ / / ≦)

When Zhang Siyi entered the suite, it’s no wonder that it felt so romantically decorated. It was like a proposal scene from a tv drama. Was Gu Yu really planning on proposing to him? But they only have been dating for half a year! Was he seriously thinking about it?

…… Oh, my God !!! (≧ ▽ ≦)

Feeling both excited and sullen, Zhang Siyi was too excited to sleep. After a long time thinking about having a ring on his finger, he was able to calm down and close his eyes feeling relaxed and ready to fall back asleep.

Just as he was about to drift off, he suddenly thought about the gift being swapped with a cell phone and as a result, he jolted himself awake again. His mood, like a rollercoaster, swelled up to the clouds and then down to the bottom of a valley. (= 皿 =)

Zhang Siyi inwardly pondered the situation and questioned his motivation. Gu Yu must have had a reason for not giving him his true birthday present. What was it? Gu Yu made a solemn decision to buy the rings, and yet, Gu Yu chose to give him something else. Maybe Gu Yu decided he wasn’t ready and ultimately swapped the gift at the last minute…… ?

Ahhhh! …… Doesn’t he like him enough? During our initial confessions, we clearly stated we wanted to spend a lifetime together, so Why!?

Once again, Zhang Siyi regretted losing his phone. If he hadn’t lost his phone, he would have a matching ring on his left ring finger already. Fantasying about it, he imagined two hands entwined with each other with matching rings in his mind’s eye. The idea dazzled him…. Gu Yu hand clasped with my own….. Ooooooh! I really want it!

Indeed, people can be really greedy. Originally, Zhang Siyi thought his birthday was perfect, but now that he learned his Birthday could have been even better, he felt a little dissatisfied.

Zhang Siyi opened his eyes to stare at Gu Yu’s sleeping face. He reached out and tenderly caressed his face. The corner of his mouth raised in a grin. Before next years birthday, I must get that present!

Early the next morning, Gu Yu packed his bags and officially returned to Haicheng. With a new mobile phone in hand, Zhang Siyi went back to the ancient city project location.

Arriving at the hotel just before eight o’clock, Bi Lele saw him. She smiled at him and asked: “Auntie Four, where did you go last night?”

Zhang Siyi touched his nose and repeated Gu Yu statement from last night: “I… I bumped into an old friend.”

Squinting in disbelief, Bi Lele drilled him: “What old friend?”

Trying his best to maintain his expression, Zhang Siyi continued to lie: “Someone I knew from before whom happened to be visiting the city as well.”

Bi Lele continued to interrogate: “They were also on a business trip?”

Zhang Siyi: “Yeah …”

Bi Lele: “Was it a man or a woman?”

Zhang Siyi: “Man.”

Inspecting him meaningfully, Bi Lele let out an unbelieving affirmation ‘uh-huh’ then spoke: “Your relationship must be rather close to have shared a room last night.”

Zhang Siyi shivered, shit! How is it possible to convince this rotten girl! Even if he was lieing, any two friends could have shared a room for one night!

While taking a break at noon, Zhang Siyi took a taxi to the shopping district to re-apply for a mobile phone card. He removed the new packaging, placed the sim card inside and powered the phone on.

His contacts and photos could be restored through the iCloud, but all the chat records from WeChat, including the first time Gu Yu sent him ‘Little Fox Kiss’, was gone.

Even though he could feel the tears start to well up, he held them back. Instead he sent a ‘Crying Buckets’ expression to Gu Yu on his new phone.

When Gu Yu exited the plane, he checked his messages and saw Zhang Siyi’s text. Perplexed, yet concerned, he asked: “What’s the matter?”

Zhang Siyi didn’t want to admit his reason because, knowing Gu Yu, he didn’t want to be teased and laughed at.

Gu Yu text came quickly: “Miss me?”

Zhang Siyi admitted: “Yeh… “

Gu Yu: “Good. Work hard and I’ll call you when I have time.”

Their short dialog had the desired effect and quickly calmed Zhang Siyi down.

Later in the day, several delayed unread messages popped up in WeChat, including Happy Birthday sent by his Mother. Zhang Siyi read them one by one and replied to some of them here and there. Someone in Borderless chat group also wished him a Happy Birthday.

Chicken Wings: “Yesterday was the fourth aunt’s birthday!”

Xu Jia: “Really? How do you know?”

Chicken wings: “I just got back from the personal department. There, Ms. Wang was talking about Zhang Siyi getting his birthday benefits next month because of his business trip.

Piggy: “Oh! Happy Birthday Four!”

Du Ruixuan: “Happy birthday!”

Many of his colleagues wished him a happy birthday and Zhang Siyi quickly responded with a thank you.

Not long after, Bi Lele bumped into Zhang Siyi again. Surprised, she asked him: “It turned out, it was your Birthday yesterday! Did your ‘old friend’ come to meet you for your birthday?”

Zhang Siyi denied: “Don’t be ridiculous!”

Bi Lele smirked a little and slowly walked away. In the group chat she asked: “Yesterday, did the Boss return to his office at the company?”

Chicken wings: “No.”

Watching the chat window Zhang Siyi saw her question and froze in his tracks. What does Bi Lele know?

He looked suspiciously at Bi Lele’s back as she walked away. As if telepathic, Bi Lele turned her head and looked at Zhang Siyi in the eye. With a broad, ridiculous smile on her face, she winked at him as if she could see right through it all.

“…… ” Fuck!  Heeeelp! There’s a rotten girl here!! (t 皿 t)

During the next six days, the survey and investigation of the area continued and under Professor Cui’s leadership, several people completed half of their workload. In order to be considerate of everyone’s health both mind and body, Professor Cui generously granted a day off and let the group explore wherever they wanted. However, after several days of physical labor, everyone was exhausted. As a result, most everyone elected to stay at the hotel to rest.

Zhang Siyi also felt tired and elected to stay in his room to rest. That day, he slept in until noon and when he woke, he wasn’t happy to discover the gloomy day with threatening, dark, rain clouds.

Noticing his roommate sitting by the window, Zhang Siyi casually asked: “Is it raining outside?”

Liao Jun turned his head: “It’s drizzling out.”

Making light of the matter, Zhang Siyi joked: “Did Professor Cui watch the weather report? Knowing it was going to rain, is that why he gave us a day off?”

After his joke, Zhang Siyi became concerned that he offended Liao Jun. After all, Professor Cui was his mentor and he didn’t want to give Liao Jun a reason to dislike him.

Unexpectedly, Liao Jun laughed when he heard Zhang Siyi and replied: “The Professor has a black belly and already knew he was using us for cheap labor.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Finally, on the fifth day together, Liao Jun seemed much more relaxed. His smile and warm attitude towards Zhang Siyi were a rarity.

Zhang Siyi climbed out of the bed and asked: “Did you eat? Want to have lunch together?”

Liao Jun accepted with a ‘hmm-mm’ then sat by the bed to wait for Zhang Siyi to wash up and dress.

Moving quickly, Zhang Siyi was finished in a few minutes. He grabbed his wallet and mobile phone then walked downstairs with Liao Jun.

Having eaten at all the restaurants along the street next to the hotel, they chose to go further away to find a different place to eat. Walking under an umbrella together, they found a place that served the local delicacy; beef noodles.

During the meal, the two talked pleasantries. Since Liao Jun’s attitude was much better than before, he took the initiative to talk about his situation with Zhang Siyi. It wasn’t that he was indifferent and cold, he was simply a person that took a while to open up.

Through their conversation, Zhang Siyi learned that Liao Jun has been a graduate student for one year. Since he and his classmate were still studying, they didn’t earn a salary under Professor Cui. Other than airfare and accommodation, they had to pay for the rest of their expenses.

Zhang Siyi asked: “If we get the project, will you be reimbursed?”

Liao Jun replied: ” It’ll be divided among us so it wouldn’t amount to much. However, the opportunity is very rare.”

With emotion, Zhang Siyi replied: “Ahh. It’s difficult.” In contrast, Zhang Siyi felt his situation was much better since he not only had a wage, he also had a subsidy that paid for the trip.

Liao Jun laughed: “Studying is like that. How can there be such a good thing as making money while reading books?”

Zhang Siyi nodded. That’s true. When Zhang SIyi was studying, he was like a parasite that only spent his parent’s money. He recalled Gu Yu university days making money and told Liao Jun about his ‘Legendary Deeds’.

In admiration, Liao Jun replied: “He is a rare person who is favored by the Gods.”

“Yeah!” Zhang Siyi agreed. Thinking about university, Zhang Siyi considered his path towards earning his RIBA Part2 certificate back in the UK. However, with his current savings, he doesn’t have nearly enough to cover the cost of tuition fees for two years, let alone supplies and living expenses. Although he really wanted to rely on his own ability, it was only now, while living with Gu Yu that his income and life was stable. He worried about whether or not he would get an opportunity to go back to school.

His curiosity piqued and wanting to know further about graduate school, Zhang Siyi asked: “Since there wasn’t money to earn in going to graduate school. Why bother going back for another degree?”

Moreover, the master’s degree in architecture in China is a three-year program. Since Liao Jun specialized in ancient architecture, the opportunity for project development was much less than commercial buildings. Even after graduating, he was reliant on ancient city renovations, antique architecture and the maintenance of monuments. The direction was quite limited. Like Zhang Siyi, did he simply like architecture and was willing to overlook the meager wages?

Sure enough, after slurping up some noodles, Liao Jun replied: “Because I like it.”

Feeling like he met another person with a similar passion towards architecture, Zhang Siyi eyes brightened and excitedly continued to ask him why he liked it and where he wanted to work in the future.

Liao Jun: “In college, when I saw Mr. Liang Sicheng’s “History of Chinese Architecture”, I felt moved. After graduating from undergraduate school, I went to work in the Design Institute and found that most of the projects were residential buildings. I drew plans every day. Eventually, I thought that my years studying architecture was a waste if all I got to do was draw templates. It was so boring. I decided to go back to school and study ancient architecture. If given the opportunity, I really want to do something, whether it was design or research that continues the Chinese architectural tradition. Japan has maintained their cultural traditions and history through Kyoto Nara and other ancient structures. Since China hasn’t done as well in this regard, it’s somewhat lacking.”

Speaking of his dreams of the future, Zhang Siyi could see Liao Jun eyes glaze over full of hope.

Feeling like the distance between them lessened, Zhang Siyi opened up and told him about his own pursuit of architecture. He also told him about his company’s trip to Japan.

Zhang Siyi said: “But I still admire you. You committed yourself to graduate studies despite the lack of wages. If I want to go back, I would have to rely on my family to support me. I feel stressed about asking my parents for more money.”


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