助理建筑师 羲和清零 196

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 196: Discovery


Before tasting the chocolate, Zhang Siyi felt the tip of Gu Yu tongue against his own and as a result, his heart quickened. Too late to chew, in the warmth of his mouth, the chocolate lay beside his gums slowly melting.

Tentatively at first Gu Yu probed Zhang Siyi mouth with his tongue but soon, as their tongue entwined, their kissing intensified. Gu Yu held Zhang Siyi close their passionate kisses became one with the melted sweet taste of chocolate. A strong taste of alcohol spread between their lips and teeth, intoxicating the heart.

Until the chocolate was melted completely, like the pairing of the chocolate and liquor, the two were intertwined; you have me and I have you. Gu Yu withdrew his lips and not forgetting the last drop of chocolate, he licked Zhang Siyi’s lips clean.

Completely forgetting about his worries, now hot and bothered, Zhang Siyi stared at Gu Yu expectedly.

Gu Yu placed his forehead against Zhang Siyi’s forehead and whispered: “The taste is very good…”

Helpless in the hands of Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi forgot he was eating chocolate and as a result, the sweetness of the chocolate was instead the sweet taste of Gu Yu. Unconsciously, as if the end of the treat was unsatisfactory, Zhang Siyi licked his lips.

Although Zhang Siyi dazed action ignited Gu Yu’s desire, he looked at him in the eye and after Gu Yu sucked on Zhang Siyi’s lower lip one last time, he said: “It’s just a painting. What are you so worried about?”

Looking away, Zhang Siyi turned slightly: “From the start, you didn’t seem to care about his presence.”

Not letting him hide, Gu Yu held his face: “I do not care about him. I only care about you.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu sighed and said: “You are too easily influenced by others. Bai Rui teases you and you get angry. Then, with one emotional story of his, you break-down and talk to him frankly. Why do you care? On the other hand, including everything Bai Rui is doing now, no matter how much he prods, it doesn’t affect me. In my opinion, it’s just another one of his schemes to affect you.”

Thinking about it more carefully, Zhang Siyi was tongue-tied. Indeed, it seemed to be the case.

“If you are his goal, I can help you out. But, if I’m the goal, what can I do? I can’t make him disappear.” Feeling helpless, Gu Yu sighed softly. “He is very persistent and has found your weaknesses. Not only will he test me, he will also test Tao Fei.”

With Gu Yu admission, Zhang Siyi was surprised at Gu Yu insights. Now remembering what transpired in the elevator, was Bai Rui testing Tao Fei or who was he really concerned with?

Gu Yu pinched his nose and asked: “Now do you know what to do?”

“Yeah!” Zhang Siyi eyes flashed bright. He raised his pointer finger and exclaimed: “I’ll show some concern over that Fat Peach!”

Gu Yu: “…”

Even though Gu Yu gave him some food for thought, Zhang Siyi decided the answer was to pay attention to Tao Fei. Gu Yu’s mouth twitched a bit. He flicked Zhang Siyi’s forehead.

Zhang Siyi guarded his forehead with his hands: “Why are you hitting me!”

Stroking his ear, Gu Yu was both angry and cheerful: “Just as I only have you in my eyes, I hope you only look at me. Be yourself and try to ignore him. In this way, no matter what Bai Rui does, it won’t be a problem.”

Hearing the phrase ‘I only have you in my eyes’, with a warm heart, the blood rushed to his face and Zhang Siyi instantly became flush.  Sure enough, a thousand words can’t match the truth spoken by a lover! He looked up at Gu Yu with adoration and said: “Ok.”

Just as he was going to say something else to Zhang Siyi, he suddenly saw the shadow of a person standing outside the frosted glass door of his office.

He immediately retracted his smile and whispered: “You should go back to your desk.”

After turning the knob to open the door, Zhang Siyi saw Be Lele standing outside holding a stack of printed paper with her hand raised as if she was about to knock on the door. In a good mood, Zhang Siyi faintly smiled at her then left.

When Bi Lele entered the office, she felt the lingering sweet emotions between the two in the environment… Yes. She heard it.

From the time when she saw Zhang Siyi’s cell phone in Gu Yu’s office a few days ago, she consciously began to pay attention to the movements of the two men.

One night, she covertly followed Zhang Siyi on a whim and found him meeting Gu Yu at the subway station. Watching them meet each other, she almost screamed excitedly. Unexpectedly, after two stops, Zhang Siyi got off without Gu Yu. At that time, she wondered if she was over thinking things.

In the next few days, since nothing happened between them out of the ordinary, Bi Lele started to doubt her instincts. However, today she confirmed her suspicion. After printing the documents for the new project, she needed to Gu Yu to look them over.

Gu Yu’s office, which was separated by frosted glass, doesn’t have good soundproofing. In addition, there was a visible gap between the glass door and wall which allowed one to see inside if they looked closely. When she went to his office, she vaguely saw someone else inside. She was about to leave and come back later but the voice she heard made her pause: ‘….why are you hitting me….’

She snuck a peak and saw Zhang Siyi’s back. In the next moment, she saw Gu Yu hold him in his arms. Witnessing the scene before her, Bi Lele froze momentarily. Her heart jumped wildly and couldn’t stop herself from peeking. The soft voice fluttered through the crack in the door: ‘I only have you in my eyes…’

She couldn’t hear anything else, but Gu Yu’s actions were enough to explain everything!

Is it normal for a male boss to hold his same-sex subordinates in his arms ???

Sitting in front of Gu Yu, pretending nothing happened, Bi Lele calmly handed over the documents to Gu Yu: “Boss, this is the final design for the Elementary School. Take a look.”

Looking at her sharply, Gu Yu watched her hand him the papers. She remained quiet as Gu Yu flipped through the documents. Returning to his normal calm tone, he spoke to her firmly with constructive feedback on a few details that needed revision. In the face of Zhang Siyi, he was like a different person.

Not able to look directly at Gu Yu, in response, Bi Lele kept her line of sight down at her notepad while she wrote the necessary memos for accurate changes.

After reporting, Bi Lele stood up and prepared to leave his office when Gu Yu suddenly called her: “Wait.”

Sweating, Bi Lele became nervous: “Yes?”

Gu Yu handed her another document and said: “Bring this to Ji Feiyu and tell him there weren’t any problems.”

Feeling relieved, she took the added folder and left.

…… Oh, my God! Such a rigid boss… Is he really in love with Zhang Siyi!? Ahhh…..!

Watching Bi Lele leave the office, Gu Yu also sighed with relief and let out a long breath.

Since she wasn’t acting any differently, he didn’t say anything about it. Gu Yu hoped she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Gu Yu hadn’t been impulsive at work in a very long time. When he noticed how anxious Zhang Siyi was with a hesitant expression on his face, Gu Yu couldn’t help himself. He wanted to hold him, kiss him, comfort him….. Hey, it’s really difficult to do nothing!

Drinking his tea, Gu Yu ruefully pressed his temples, then began to focus on his work.

Sometime later on one afternoon, feeling very motivated, Zhang Siyi was absorbed with his work. He reached up and took a moment to stretch. Looking up, he noticed Bi Lele across the room staring at him with a grin. He asked her: “Do you need something?”

Bi Lele: “Oh, nothing…”

Zhang Siyi: “…”


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  1. Yaah.. Gu Yu.. Don’t look down on Fujoshis..we are not that rumor maker 😅..
    In anyway.. This novel is a sweet type ..so all in all.. This is one of the few danmeis that I love the most 💜💜💜


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