助理建筑师 羲和清零 194

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 194: Sister Control


The moment of excitement started to waiver. Shit! Why does his emotional baggage continue to control him? Will Gu Yu’s shadow influence him for the rest of his life. Focusing his mind and inspiring his fighting spirit, even if it was detrimental to his immediate psyche, He Chengtian abandon his reservation and decided to chase Gu Yao.

When she was the one that initiated contact, even if she was Gu Yu’s sister, no matter what her brother could do, she was her own person. If Gu Yu tried to interfere, he could still say “screw you!”

As they settled into the living room, her small hand had made contact with his briefly. He Chengtian thought she was flirting with him. Keeping that in mind, he pushed down his painful past and continued to calmly eat and drink.

During dinner, the two old classmates spoke about their respective work situation. Unlike the last time they spoke to one another, Gu Yu didn’t offer any retaliatory remarks. In fact, He Chengtian thought he was rather polite.

Now satiated, Gu Yu went to get the pot of tea to help with digestion.

He Chengtian collapsed on the sofa and sighed with satisfaction. He watched Gu Yao sitting cross-legged on the carpet, stroking the big Dog. Zhang Siyi was rummaged through a bag of nuts. The comfortable environment around him made him relax and a pleasant sense of fatigue washed over him. Gu Yu wasn’t annoying at all.

Sipping his cup of tea in hand, He Chengtian understood why Zhang Siyi choose to follow Gu Yu instead of himself. Gu Yu’s presence was a calming force and as long as he was around, one couldn’t help but feel at peace. It was the temperament of a true leader.

As his thoughts drifted, He Chengtain wondered why he hated Gu Yu in the first place. Was it because he was young and competitive? If he had simply admitted his defeat, rather than clinging to an imaginary foe, would they have become good friends? … However, it wasn’t important to pursue the answer anymore. Now, they we able sit together for a meal and talk about each other’s lives like friends.

Since He Chengtian drank two glasses of wine, he couldn’t drive home. Instead, he paid for overnight parking and hailed a taxi. In any case, it wasn’t a problem because he would have to come back tomorrow to bring Gu Yao to work.

After He Chengtian left, Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi went out to walk to dog. Gu Yu asked: “Has Bai Rui contacted you?”

Having forgotten about it, Zhang Siyi was momentarily startled. Then he began to tell Gu Yu about his conversation he had with Bai Rui on the subway.

Gu Yu was surprised: “You admitted that you have a boyfriend?” “

”Yeah. I thought it would be like a slap in the face if I told him directly.“ Zhang Siyi pulled on the leash and said: “He even wanted to know your number!”

Gu Yu suddenly laughed.

Watching Gu Yu laugh so happily, Zhang Siyi felt a little dumbfounded. Soon he started to feel irritated and questioned: “What are you laughing at!”

Gu Yu looked at him in the eye: “Just because Bai Rui said he wanted to meet me, why are you so nervous?”

“What can I do? Let him be a good friend?” Zhang Siyi couldn’t stand other men thinking about Gu Yu.

Gu Yu: “Whatever he has to say to me, you will see it too, right?”

Zhang Siyi smacked his own forehead. Right, how can he be so stupid? Previously, Gu Yu had used Zhang Siyi’s phone to reply to Bai Rui. There was no reason Zhang Siyi couldn’t do the same and use Gu Yu’s phone.

Smiling, Gu Yu raised his hand to rub Zhang Siyi’s head. “In any case, deleting him has saved you from over thinking about such trivial matters.”

That night, Gu Yu put into practice the promise of the evening and punished Zhang Siyi for ‘selling’ his sister.

At first, Zhang Siyi also quite enjoyed it, but after a long time, he began to call out ‘don’t and ‘that’s enough’. Unbeknownst to Zhang Siyi, showing his weak side only excited Gu Yu more. Not only was he ‘punishing’ Zhang Siyi for his sister’s sake, he was also excited because of Zhang Siyi’s jealousy. Gu Yu was so incredibly happy that he couldn’t control his raging heart.

Zhang Siyi didn’t know the real reason. He only thought it was because of Gu Yao.

Afterward, Zhang Siyi was lying motionless aside Gu Yu. While listening to his complaints, Gu Yu helped wipe his thighs and butt with a warm towel. Zhang Siyi grumbled: “Why are you so controlling? You wanted your sister to find love and I found a candidate and yet, you used me to vent your anger. I should have just changed jobs when He Chengtian offered and made lots of money…. AH!”

Gu Yu smacked him hard on the ass. Eyeing Gu Yu intensely, Zhang Siyi moved to protect his rear.

Gu Yu got up and hung the towel on the side of the chair. Playful, Gu Yu asked: “Gu Yao is going to marry out and you are going to marry in. What is there to be jealous about?”

Zhang Siyi’s face quickly heated up: “Who, who is marrying in?!”

Pinching his chin, Gu Yu covered him with his body then whispered: “You. Gu Siyi. You haven’t recognized it yet?”

Zhang Siyi: “Don’t talk about … Mmn, mm.”

His protest was quickly stifled by Gu Yu mouth and the sound of his voice quickly turned into a series of ambiguous sucking noises.

A few days later, at noon one day after Tao Fei finished up a project, he invited Zhang Siyi out to eat lunch. The two took the elevator downstairs and were discussing which restaurant to go to. In his peripheral vision,  Zhang Siyi caught a glimpse of a silver-white sports car on the road near the company. He turned to look at the car more clearly.

Tao Fei was also a fan. As he turned to take another look, he quickly called out the model of the car: “Wow! A Porsche 911!”

The car….. where has Zhang Siyi heard of it before?

As he was lost in thought, the driver’s side window lowered and Zhang Siyi was able to see who was inside. It was Bai Rui! Now that he saw Bai Rui get out of the car, he remembered Su Yuan mentioning in the group chat that Bai Rui drove a Porsche 911.

With Tao Fei standing next to him, Zhang Siyi saw Bai Rui looking in his direction, smiling.

Zhang Siyi was shocked. He thought the business between them was finished and didn’t think Bai Rui would continue to look for him.

“What’s the matter?” Tao Fei squinted his eyes and asked: “Is that the same guy who gave you a cake?”

Feeling irritated, Zhang Siyi turned to leave and grabbed Tao Fei then said: “Don’t look at him!”

Tao Fei turned his head to wink at Bai Rui then turned back around and hooked his arm with Zhang Siyi’s. He asked: “ Hey, who is that? Brother’s rival? Tell me honestly.”

Zhang Siyi: “…..” This dead fat peach is really too observant! Feeling a little afraid of Tao Fei’s insightful intuition, avoiding a possible misunderstanding, he quickly started explaining the situation.

Over lunch, Tao Fei listened and laughed: “Haha! So, the guy still doesn’t know who really is your boyfriend.”

Zhang Siyi: “Well….”

Tao Fei: “And then you deleted his contact in a hurry?”

Looking downward at his food, Zhang Siyi said: “Yeah…”

Tao Fei touched his chin: “Do you think he came back today to find you?”

Zhang Siyi looked up: “Don’t scare me!”

Tao Fei narrowed his eyes and grinned mischievously: “If you don’t want to say anything specific, I’ll help you toy with him.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”


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  1. Lol I can already imagine Tao Fei’s fake dog blood attempts, I’m really looking forward to it 😀

    Thanks for both chapters <3. It's always a treat to go on NU and find there's been an update on this 😀

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  2. Go Tao Fei!!! HAHA I wonder if Bai Rui and Tao Fei will be a pair? Though Tao Fei seems to be really a straight one.

    and He Chengtian’s sister and Heartless Han in Australia?? Hmmm 🙂

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