助理建筑师 羲和清零 187

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 187: Protection


Early the next morning, Zhang Siyi was the first to ‘guard’ Gu Yao. Since the company Gu Yao works for was in the opposite direction as Borderless, they had to leave their house thirty minutes earlier than usual in order for Zhang Siyi to get to his job on time. As a result, Zhang Siyi sacrificed his sleep for the sake of his ‘little sister’.

Even at thirty minutes prior to rush hour, the subway was still jammed packed. Zhang Siyi did his best to block other people from pressing themselves against Gu Yao so that she had a little breathing room.

Gu Yao leaned closer to Zhang Siyi so he could hear her amongst all the noise and asked: “Is that guy still harassing you at work?”

In order to cover up his expression, Zhang Siyi moved his hand up and coughed lightly: “I’m a guy too so I have the ability to protect myself, unlike you. Rather than worrying about me, I am more worried about you.”

Gu Yao stuck her tongue and exhaled, giving him a raspberry: “Hey, isn’t my brother jealous?”

Zhang Siyi snorted and said: “There are many people who covet him and I’m still jealous.”

Gu Yao looked at Zhang Siyi with envy. Before, she always felt that two men in love wasn’t a sustainable relationship. Knowing her brother’s character, she used to fret about the time when Zhang Siyi wouldn’t be able to tolerate it anymore and ask to break up. However, now that she has lived with them for six months, she knew her fears were completely superfluous because she witnessed their display of love practically every day!

On average, the number of times a week she saw her brother and Zhang Siyi hugging or kissing each other was no less than four times; on the sofa, in the kitchen, near the bathroom, on the stairs…..

.….. If they were of similar height, why stand on the stairs creating a height different to kiss? Was there something special about the position?

…… Like last night after dinner, Zhang Siyi went to wash the dishes. At first, my brother stood behind him chatting. Suddenly his voice was gone and when I took a peek, sure enough, my brother was hugging Zhang Siyi from behind and kissing his neck.

She doesn’t want to be sneaking a peek on purpose, but watching them expressing their love was as addicting as a heart-throbbing scene in an idol drama.

What’s more, Gu Yu doesn’t even seem to care if she was present and thus, in reality, there wasn’t such a thing as ‘sneaking’. The two inadvertently exposed their desire and each other’s cute doting side all the time. ╮(╯_╰)╭

Gu Yao especially liked to listen to them bickering. Zhang Siyi rarely spoke back to her brother. The only time when he did was when Gu Yu riled him up into an angry mess and every time, her brother only needed to take Zhang Siyi into his embrace and kiss him to console him. When she witnessed this process each time, Gu Yao heart exploded. Of course, as much as her brother showed Zhang Siyi affection, Zhang Siyi also showed his love for her brother.

Living in such an environment infected with sweet love, Gu Yao’s resistance to flirting steadily rose. Being surround by true-love all the time, she could easily identify the real thing. Giving gifts was no way an expression of love. Really, she also wanted to fall in love, but she was afraid that it wouldn’t be as deep as her Brother and Zhang Siyi’s.

After arriving at their stop, they exited the subway and walked outside. Across the street, Zhang Siyi saw a street vendor selling breakfast sandwiches. Since they left so early, they didn’t get the chance to eat before leaving the house. Zhang Siyi asked her: “Would you like to eat one?”

Gu Yao enthusiastically replied: “Okay!”

Zhang Siyi walked over and waited in the queue. When it was their turn to order, he asked for two sandwiches with extra bacon. As Gu Yao rummaged for her wallet, Zhang Siyi stopped her: “I’m here. What are you paying for?”

Although it was only an eight-dollar breakfast sandwich, Gu Yao was moved by Zhang Siyi’s thoughtfulness. She really felt like she had another brother.

After picking up the hot sandwiches, the two moved to the side to eat. They looked at each other, smiled and took a bite. Zhang Siyi spoke up: “Let’s savor this moment as it isn’t something your brother would normally buy from a street vendor!”

“Yeah!” Gu Yao giggled and nodded.

Zhang Siyi walked with Gu Yao to the lobby of the company she worked at. Rubbing her head, Zhang Siyi smiled: “Go on in. If you need something, either call me or your brother. Although if it is urgent, I would probably be able to respond sooner since your brother is normally very busy.

“I know!” Gu Yao waved her hand to him and said: “Get to work too!”

After watching Zhang Siyi leave, Gu Yao turned around to go to her office. Two female colleagues approached her from behind and asked: “Hey Gu Yao, who was that handsome guy who dropped you off?”

Full of pride, Gu Yao’s face lit up: “My second brother.”

The girl’s eyes lit up: “Wow! It’s no wonder he is so handsome. Your family has good genes.”

Gu Yao: “…” In fact, Zhang Siyi has no blood relationship with her. Her brother was even better.

After pressing the elevator call signal, one of the women asked: “What does your second brother do? Why did he drop you off?”

Gu Yao only answered the first question: “He is an architect.”

Her colleague’s squealed in delight: “Wow! An architect? That’s amazing!

In the eyes of outsiders, the profession of architect always seems so grand. However, for Gu Yao, who has been watching her father and brother over the years, she knew it was a hard, unglamorous path to follow.

Gu Yao didn’t want to bother explaining the true aspects of architecture to her colleagues. For once, the girl’s attention was on something other than the client who pursued her. Gu Yao felt a bit relieved.

In the evening, Zhang Siyi went to Gu Yao’s office to pick her up and politely greeted her colleagues when he arrived. Like a rabbit, Gu Yao happily jumped to Zhang Siyi and grabbed his arm affectionately: “Brother, you came!”

Walking away, Zhang Siyi lowered his voice, leaned over and whispered: “Is that stalker here?”

Gu Yu held onto him and whispered back: “Well, over there sitting in that white BMW about a hundred meters away from us.”

Raising his brow in surprise, Zhang Siyi stopped walking: “Oh? Since I’m here, lets go over and tell him to stop harassing you!”

Gu Yao quickly nudged him forward to continue walking: “Don’t. He has accounts with our company and I don’t want to have a head-on confrontation with him.”

Zhang Siyi: “Is he there every day? What is he waiting for?”

Gu Yao was embarrassed to tell him: “He is waiting for me to join him for dinner.”

Zhang Siyi: “Didn’t you already say no? And, he’s still waiting for you? What’s wrong with this guy?”

Gu Yao depressingly said: “He told me he was going to wait because one day, I might change my mind….”

“…..” Zhang Siyi was curious what kind of person this guy could possibly be? He looked back at the BMW again to catch a glimpse of the guy. Zhang Siyi was a bit surprised at what he saw. When listening to Yu Yao complain about this jerk, he instinctively imagined the person to be a bald, fat bellied old uncle. However, at a brief glance, he could tell that the man was well dressed, had a full head of black hair, and wasn’t fat.

Dragging him along, Gu Yao energetically walked to the subway station: “Don’t look! I don’t want him to notice us.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

After the train arrived at the station, they got on. As they found seats, Zhang Siyi asked: “How old is that man? What does he look like?”

“Thirty-something; small eyes; nose turned up like he thinks he is better than everyone….” Gu Yao made hand gestures as she described him: “Anyways, he is very ugly.”

Having grown up surrounded by the beauty of the Gu family, Zhang Siyi thought Gu Yao’s idea of ugly had been skewed.

He asked another question: “Have you talked to your manager about your troubles yet?”

Gu Yao replied: “Yes I did! Our manager said she would talk to him and will ask him to stop giving gifts to the staff members. Even if he doesn’t comply, the manager told the receptionist to collect all the items. She wanted to deal with them herself so they wouldn’t effect everyone’s work.”

Zhang Siyi nodded. In dealing with this problem, Gu Yao was more mature than he was.

As they were discussing the stalker, Gu Yao mobile phone buzzed with a new text message. She showed it to Zhang Siyi and said distressed: “Look, he really saw us!”

Zhang Siyi looked at the message —— “Who is that person with you?”


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