助理建筑师 羲和清零 185

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 185: Speculation


It wasn’t until after work when they met each other at the subway station that they could talk freely about the day’s event: “When I took the cake out of the box, there was a package of candles. Guess how many there were.”

Gu Yu: “Thirty-five?”

Zhang Siyi: ”…… “

Watching Zhang Siyi’s expression, Gu Yu snorted and laughed. He knew that he had guessed correctly.

Holding his fist, Zhang Siyi felt insulted and said: “That’s right. Is he suggesting something by giving me thirty-five candles? Is he ridiculing me? This son isn’t even twenty-five yet! Motherfucker!”

Gu Yu patted his arm and said: “Don’t let all of his tricks bother you. If such a small thing can stir you up this much, then I have to be jealous.”

A person’s energy is limited. No matter what emotion, in addition to work, Gu Yu hopes that Zhang Siyi’s attention will only be on him.

Shoulders collapsing, Zhang Siyi exhaled completely. He didn’t want to care, but he was really upset!

As they got into the subway train, Zhang Siyi remembered that Gu Yu still carried his phone. “Did Bai Rui send a message?”

Gu Yu returned the phone to him, saying: “See for yourself.”

Zhang Siyi opened WeChat and swiped his screen to scroll through the chat history. Bai Rui sent dozens of messages, but Gu Yu replies were few and far between.

While looking through the texts, his bad mood was alleviated. The frown his was carrying slowly turned into a smile, until he couldn’t contain himself any longer and burst out laughing.

In particular, when Bai Rui evaluated Gu Yu…..  If Bai Rui knew he was chatting with the Director directly, what expression would he have made?!

And then at last, at the end of work, having held Bai Rui on a leash all day, Gu Yu finally ‘opened’ the box and replied: “It’s a cake. I don’t like cake.”

Bai Rui: “…”

Gu Yu followed up with his own question: “Do you really have nothing better to do? I don’t mind the expenditure for a few cups of coffee. Why would you personally come to my office and give me a cake?” [Smiles]

As if all the flirting and taunts were seen through, the best part of Gu Yu’s message was including [Smiles] at the end, just like Bai Rui had done. Gu Yu really put him in his place, making Bai Rui’s behavior seem stupid.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” Staggering, Zhang Siyi laughed wholeheartedly. For once, Zhang Siyi loved Gu Yu’s poison tongue.

Finding Zhang Siyi amusing, Gu Yu looked at him and smiled broadly: “Silly, what’s so funny?”

Looking at Gu Yu full of adoration, if not for being in public on the subway, Zhang Siyi really wanted to pounce on Gu Yu, hold him tightly and plaster kisses all over.

Because Bai Ru might have been provoked and irritated by Gu Yu messaging, he hasn’t responded since.

Zhang Siyi felt relieved: “He shouldn’t bother me anymore, right?”

Gu Yu: “It’s hard to know. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Zhang Siyi: “I gave him thirty-five and he gave me a cake, so that makes us even. Why is it hard to know?”

“Didn’t I say we need to figure out whether or not he is gay? Looking at it from another angle, he tricked a straight girl into being his girlfriend, essentially lying to her and then secretly began to flirt with her male friend….” Gu Yu paused and frowned. He continued: “Perhaps it’s not so dramatic as that and he was only trying to test what your orientation is.”

Feeling panicked, Zhang Siyi was on edge and said: “What should I do?”

Gu Yu smiled warmly at him: “I’m here. What are you afraid of?””

When the train stopped, Gu Yu got of the subway car and walked up the stairs. Zhang Siyi closely followed. Gu Yu continued their discussion: “What would a normal straight guy feel if their classmates’ boyfriend gave them a cake?”

Zhang Siyi scratched his head: “Umm.. If he can deliver a cake as a request from his girlfriend on a weekday, then maybe he is doing her a favor?” Fuck! Zhang Siyi was afraid of his own train of thought that he gave himself goose bumps.

Gu Yu: “A straight man probably wouldn’t feel like anything was particularly wrong.”

A bead of sweat fell from Zhang Siyi forehead… I am so lucky that Gu Yu is by my side and can remain calm in WeChat. (=_=)

Gu Yu remarked: “The last thing I sent hinted that I understood his purpose. Since he didn’t respond, it proves my guess was correct.”

Zhang Siyi: “Why do you say that?”

Raising his eyebrows, Gu Yu offered a question: “If he was frank, why didn’t he just answer me?”

Touching his chin, Zhang Siyi nodded in thought. From the beginning, if Bai Rui hadn’t told Zhang Siyi that he was interesting and wanted to be friends, Zhang Siyi wouldn’t be on alert. The more mysterious Bai Rui acted, the weirder it was!

Gu Yu: “I think there were two reasons why Bai Rui didn’t reply. First, I think he has a guilty conscience.  Now that Bai Rui suspects you of thinking that he was gay, he was thinking about countermeasures. Second, his pride was hurt and doesn’t plan on pursuing you anymore. Of course, I hope it is the latter. If Bai Rui doesn’t contact you again, then the matter has nothing to do with you. If you don’t feel comfortable knowing what you know, then you can tell Ren Mengyu of the events that transpired. Also, you can find the chance to tell her the meaning of Bai Rui’s avatar. She is an adult and can make her own decisions. You don’t have to worry about it further.”

Zhang Siyi vigorously nodded. That was exactly what he wants. He wasn’t interested in being associated with his classmate’s boyfriend or being pursued by a gay man!

Gu Yu sighed: “Although I want the case to be the latter. From an objective analysis, the first point is more likely.

Zhang Siyi: “…” Ah, ah, in the end, why is this surnamed Bai looking for him! ┻━┻(╰(‵皿’)╯(┻━┻

At home, while Gu Yu was cooking dinner, Zhang Siyi mentioned Su Yuan’s matter and asked him if he had looked through her portfolio that he had emailed.

Stirring the pot, Gu Yu lifted the spoon and tasted the salinity of the soup then said: “I’ve seen it.”

“What do you think?” Although Zhang Siyi thinks he gave Su Yuan too much credit, he still respected Gu Yu thoughts and opinions.

Gu Yu added some salt to the pot and laughed: “It was much better than the collection you showed me during your interview.”

Knowing his temper, before Zhang Siyi could react, Gu Yu quickly followed up: “But it is far worse then where you are now.”

Gu Yu placed the lid on the pot and seriously commented: “The style of design that your classmate showed has a unique soft feeling, which is typical of female designers.”

Zhang Siyi: “You can see the difference?”

Gu Yu: “Well, female designers tend to be more subtle. There is a certain simplicity and warmth to her designs. Architects with this characteristic, unless they can broaden their vision, have limited growth and aren’t suitable for large-scale planning or big commercial buildings. Ask your classmate if she is interested in doing small buildings like homes, cafes, and kiosks. If she is, I know of a good place to recommend to her. The story of her collection was also very attractive.

Listening to Gu Yu point out Su Yuan’s strengths, Zhang Siyi was happier than if he got praised himself. He wanted to say something positive too: “Well, she originally studied English in Taiwan. She told me that her parents were university professors in the Department of Culture and History so she is deeply connected to humanity.”

Gu Yan smiled and said: “Exactly. I have a friend who is an editor of Literature and Architecture magazine and occasionally translates foreign architectural review articles. I recently heard him say that there is a lack of insiders who can write articles and understand the industry to translate. I would suggest she consider translating and writing review articles. She would acquire a lot of additional income.

Zhang Siyi was so excited, he could have jumped three feet high. He immediately pulled out his phone to give Su Yuan the good news, but Gu Yu stopped him.

Gu Yu quickly said: “Hold on. I need to confirm with my contacts whether or not there is still a position open as it has been two months since the information was updated. What would happen to her if you told her now, but the position was already filled?”

Zhang Siyi naturally listened to Gu Yu and tried to suppress his excitement. He took a deep breath: “Right.”

Just as the table was set for dinner, Gu Yu’s sister came back.

During her several months of internship, unless she had to work overtime, she came home every night at six. Lately, she had been required to stay later than usual. As a result, her bright and soft face looked worn and haggard. Today, she came home looking more miserable than ever. When she entered, her head was hung low as she lamented: “Brother.”

Gu Yu pulled the chair out from under the table for her: “Come on. You will feel better after you eat.”

Gu Yao dropped her small backpack on the sofa and said: “I have no appetite. I don’t want to eat. I’m sick of it!”

Getting straight to the point, Gu Yu asked: “What happened?”

Gu Yao wailed: “I’m being harassed!”


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