助理建筑师 羲和清零 184

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 184: Cake


After seeing the front desk girl send an “ok”, although relieved a little, Zhang Siyi dared not relax his vigilance. While guarding the mobile phone, he frequently looked up at the entrance, as if Bai Rui would come at any moment.

Several employees that have returned from their lunch break were gossiping about the stranger in the lobby.


“There is a long-legged man in a trim suit holding a huge square box in one hand standing in front of the Borderless poster.”

A few curious women went to go peek and gasped in surprise at what they found.

When Bai Rui realized there were people looking in his direction, he flashed them a warm smile.

“…… Ah, ah, so handsome!!!”

“There is a foreign visitor?”

“Go and ask who he’s looking for!”

“You go, you go.……”

Which person would take the initiative to go over there and talk with the handsome guy? As several girls continued to coax each other, a ‘ding’ sounded, the elevator door opened and Tao Fei walked out.

He had just returned from buying a soft drink from the downstairs convenience store. While drinking, he started walking towards his desk, but stopped at Bai Rui: “Who are you? Looking for someone?”

Bai Rui pointed to the poster with Zhang Siyi’s sleeping picture emblazoned on it and smiled: “May I ask if Zhang Siyi is in?”

”He……. “Tao Fei looked at Bai Rui suspiciously for a few seconds. He turned to the edge of the landscape wall and shouted in the direction of the design department: “Zhang Siyi! Someone’s looking for you!”

Bai Rui: “…..”

Looking at his computer screen, Zhang Siyi was deep in concentration and almost had a heart attack when he heard Tao Fei’s shout.

…… Fucking dead fat peach! I’m gunna kill you!

After Tao Fei’s enthusiastic roar, as if he was about to watch a movie drama unfold, he excitedly turned around and looked Bai Rui over.

Dreading the confrontation, Zhang Siyi got up reluctantly and walked over. As he passed the receptionist, she shrunk down in her seat, hiding slightly and said: “Tao Fai got to him first. It was out of my hands!”

Zhang Siyi wiped the sweat from his forehead. Whether it was good or bad, he could only solve the problem himself. When he arrived in front of them, he first gave Tao Fei a meaningful look and shot daggers. Then, he pretended to be surprised at seeing Bai Rui: “Oh, its you! Why are you here?”

Bai Rui replied with a smile: “I sent you a WeChat message. You didn’t see it?”

“What message?” Zhang Siyi took out his mobile phone to look at and acted surprised: “Ah! I’m busy and must have missed it!”

Tao Fei: “……” A good exaggeration of acting. (→_→)

Zhang Siyi: “…..” Acting is hard! Gu Yu save me!  (兀a兀)

As if the gods heard Zhang Siyi’s inner cry, he heard a ‘ding’ and the elevator door opened. He looked over and heard his low voice flow out of the elevator before he saw him. Zhang Siyi was ecstatic and shouted towards the elevators: “Director Gu!!!”

Tao Fei looked over at the elevators, sipped his drink then glanced at Zhang Siyi sideways…..

Both Gu Yu and Tong Heyi appeared in front of them.

Slightly startled by Zhang Siyi’s loud cry, he regained his composure and noticed the group of three blocking the hallway. He came face to face with Bai Rui and asked: “Who are you?”

Although Zhang Siyi took the initiative to introduce Bai Rui calmly, Zhang Siyi couldn’t stop his eyes from darting back and forth: “This is my classmate’s boyfriend.”

Gu Yu immediately frowned and his hawkish stare targeted Bai Rui.

Since it was apparent that the issue had nothing to do with herself, Tong Heyi nodded slightly to Gu Yu, excusing herself, and walked back to her office.

Out of politeness, Bai Rui formally introduced himself: “My Name Is Bai Rui and I am here for a personal matter that involves Zhang Siyi.” Bai Rui extended his hand to Gu Yu: “If he can spare a few minutes…..”

Gu Yu loosely grasped his hand, shook it once, and faintly replied: “Gu Yu.”

Just as Gu Yu said his name, Tao Fei felt a strong chill that sent shivers down his spine. Trembling in excitement, the show was about to begin. He sipped his drink and watched their reactions.

As Gu Yu arrived, Zhang Siyi sighed in relief. He gestured: “This is the design director of our company.”

Nodding unconcerned, Bai Rui waited for Gu Yu and Tao Fei to leave. After all, he had already explained to them that he was looking for Zhang Siyi and had nothing to do with the other two.

However, the two men stood side by side with no hint of moving like watchdogs.

Gu Yu’s command surprised Bai Rui: ”Zhang Siyi, get back to work.”

Even more surprising, with no objection was Zhang Siyi quick “ok” and obedient departure.

Then, Gu Yu looked at Tao Fei: “What are you looking at?”

Tao Fei: “Um……”

Gu Yu frowned impatiently: “Get back to work.”

Tao Fei smirked and walked away feeling disappointed.

Bai Rui: “…..”

Finally, Gu Yu crossed his arm on his chest and stared down Bai Rui: “Mr. Bai, unless it is an emergency, in general, we at Borderless aren’t allowed visitors that are non-work-related, even during lunch breaks. Your intrusion may affect the work of employees, please understand.” As he talked, he pointed to the group of people watching them. The women blushed, turned back to their tasks and scattered.

Bai Rui was stunned. The employees diligently just listened to the director and he doesn’t allow visitors? What kind of company is this?

Gu Yu raised his wrist to look at his watch. He said: “I’ll make an exception for a few minutes since you are here. What did you need Zhang Siyi for? Tell me and I’ll pass it along.”

Feeling a little embarrassed, Bai Rui handed Gu Yu the box and said: “This is for Zhang Siyi. I’ll trouble you to give it to him.”

Expressionless, Gu Yu flatly said in a concise manner: “I see.”

Bai Rui: “……”

Glancing at the box, Gu Yu calmly explained: “If you are here to drop something off, you can leave it at the front desk. Also, there is a courier service downstairs. Employees can pick up items after work hours.”

Bai Rui: “………”

Gu Yu looked up at Bai Rui: “Is there anything else?”

Shaking his head back-and-forth, no, Bai Rui offered a stiff smile: “Sorry for the intrusion. Thank You.”

Gu Yi smiled weakly: ”You’re welcome.”

After watching Bai Rui leave, Gu Yu’s face revealed obvious hostility. With the wind under his feet, like the king of Borderless, he purposefully strode to his office with the box in hand.

……. Coming here to flirt? Just who’s territory do you think this place is?

Gu Yu didn’t give the box directly to Zhang Siyi. Instead, he brought it back to his office and then sent him a message to come in.

Zhang Siyi rushed into the office and nervously asked: “Is he gone?”

“Yeah.” Gu Yu took the cup of tea from his desk and took a sip. He signaled with his eyes and used his chin to gesture towards the box: “He gave it to you.”

Zhang Siyi breathed a sigh of relief. Knowing what could have happened, he angrily complained to Gu Yu because Gu Yu didn’t have his cell phone with him.

Gu Yu picked up his mobile phone and quickly glanced at the chat record and missed calls. He thought Zhang Siyi antics were funny but at the same time, he was angry. In his short absence, this little fool was almost toyed with again. Bai Rui wasn’t a person who was easy to deal with.

Zhang Siyi looked at the box and was curious: “What is it? Why did you accept it for me?”

Opening the box, there was a fresh cream cake inside and written on top in English-script was the words ‘coffee payment’ in chocolate sauce.

Zhang Siyi’s mouth twitched: “Why did he give me a cake? I don’t like sweets.”

With cold eyes, Gu Yu sniggered: “I guess he thinks you are a little girl.”

Zhang Siyi shivered with goose bumps: “What!?  I’ll give it back!”

If Ren Mengyu knew that her boyfriend gave him a cake, how could he explain it! Fuck, how did he end up in such an awkward situation!

Gu Yu said indifferently: “Well, if you don’t want it, divide it amongst your colleagues.”

Zhang Siyi grimaced and asked: “What reason do I have to invite everyone to eat cake?”

Gu Yu chuckled: “I need to make an excuse for you as well? Just find something simple like….  your classmates gave you a cake.”

“Oh…” It’s the first time Zhang Siyi felt his IQ drop.

Just as Zhang Siyi was about to leave his office with the cake, Gu Yu stood up and stopped him: “Wait.”  He got up and walked around his desk, and extended his hand: “Give me your phone. He will probably contact you soon. I’ll take care of it so you don’t have to worry.”

Zhang Siyi didn’t doubt him and gladly gave Gu Yu his mobile phone.

Gu Yu kissed him: “OK, don’t think about it and leave it to me. Concentrate on work.”

Zhang Siyi: “Hmm…”

Hearing the infectious cheers of his subordinates from outside his office, Gu Yu reluctantly smiled then sighed.

Not two minutes had passed when Zhang Siyi’s phone buzzed again. Bai Rui sent a message: “Did you received something?”

Gu Yu grabbed Zhang Siyi’s phone and responded: “Hmm.”

Bai Rui: “Do you like it?” [Smiles]

Gu Yu: “I’m at work and haven’t seen it yet. What’s the mystery?” [Surprised]

Bai Rui: “Ah. You will know when you open it.”

Gu Yu: “Okay.”

Gu Yu set the phone aside and ignored it despite the many times the phone buzzed. After an hour, he picked the phone up and read the texts.

Bai Rui: “Earlier, was that man from your company the director?”

Bai Rui: “Was he always so difficult? He wouldn’t even let me see you.”

Bai Rui: “The environment of your company isn’t very open.”

Bai Rui: “Are you busy?”

Gu Yu chuckled a bit and replied: “Busy, yes.” As the game of cat and mouse began, Gu Yu got ‘busy’ and continued to text Bai Rui.


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    1. Plot twist: Gu Yu and Bai Rui fell in love instead 😂

      I mean, as impossible as it would be, that would be freaking hilarious hahahaha. And it happens to other drama where love rivals ended up together lolol

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  1. Ah ah ah you’re spoiling us with these quick updates, especially with Bai Rui’s matter heating up. Poor Tao Fei, harshly dismissed before he could eat up more than a crumb of drama XD

    Thanks for the chapter ( ̄ヮ ̄)/*

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  2. Yo tengo una duda, lo beso en la oficina y escucho a sus compañeros afuera, en q parte dice q ya los colegas de ellos saben de la relacion de gu yu y siyi?? 🤔🤔


  3. Omg, Tao Fei 😂😂😂

    GY rp-ing as ZSY to protecc bf from other lmaooo All hail Director Gu!

    Thank you for the update! Binge reading this since it’s finished naw uwu


  4. Honestly i don’t really think he’s a bad bad guy, he probably has his own problems at home or whatever because of his sexuality. (Even tho it truly is wrong for him to do that to ZSY’s classmate. I mean come on, don’t pull her into your own problems 😒😒)

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  5. im……… I wouldn’t have any problems with BR pursuing ZYS if he wasn’t already dating his friend 😒 but this man is… *sigh*


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