助理建筑师 羲和清零 183

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 183: Lobby


Filled with indignation, Zhang Siyi clenched his fist: “Yes! He’s scum!”

Pointing to his phone, Gu Yu said: “See here, his purpose at the beginning wasn’t to pay you back, but to find a variety of reasons to remain in contact with you. The more you chat, the more familiar you become and thus, more willing to go out to eat.”

Zhang Siyi: “…..”

Zhang Siyi mulled it over then foolishly asked: “So how do we verify it?”

In order to expose Bai Rui, wouldn’t Zhang Siyi need to stay in contact with him? However, Gu Yu already exposed his true purpose. The last thing Zhang Siyi wanted was to spend time with Bai Rui.

Looking down at the screen, Gu Yu thought for a moment and then typed a message to Bai Rui: “You want to take the thirty-five then just take it. Please use it for dinner. I have no time to go out.”

Zhang Siyi leaned over and saw Gu Yu’s message. His cold and curt message changed the momentum of the chat. Heh-heh-heh. Suddenly, Zhang Siyi felt a little excited about it.  (⊙v⊙)

After Gu Yu finished, he snorted at the phone and muttered to himself: “Over thirty-five bucks…. keep dreaming! He would never go with you.”

Witnessing the possessiveness that Gu Yu unintentionally revealed, Zhang Siyi couldn’t help but giggle a little. Even though Gu Yu was acting a bit childish over a trifle, he thought Gu Yu was really cute.

Leaning over, Zhang Siyi put his arm around Gu Yu’s shoulders and gently shook him: “Don’t worry. Even if he really asked me, I wouldn’t go.”

Gu Yu pinched his cheek and smiled: “You were already being fooled. How can I rest assured?”

Being an independent man, how could Gu Yu think he was so foolish? He stared at Gu Yu: “So, you don’t trust me?”

Instead of answering him, Gu Yu laughed. In retaliation, Zhang Siyi forcefully pushed Gu Yu down, straddled him, and pinned him down. Angrily, he repeatedly asked: “You don’t trust me? Why don’t you trust me?”

Suddenly, Gu Yu gave one fierce thrust of hips upwards there by knocking Zhang Siyi off.

Face flushed, Zhang Siyi yelled out ‘ahhh’ and braced himself for the fall. Caught by surprise, he almost fell on top of Gu Yu.

Grabbing his waist, Gu Yu prevented Zhang Siyi from fleeing. Peering at him deeply, he replied seriously: “I trust you, but I too get jealous. Just like when you see other girls talking to me and become jealous…. You are mine. Even when another man teases you, I can’t stand it.

Zhang Siyi: “……” (o////o)

What’s more, after Gu Yu looked through the chat records and saw how long Bai Rui toyed with Zhang Siyi for, he wanted to go straight to the man’s face and punch him hard. Of course, he wouldn’t actually do that. The best way to deal with that kind of person in fact, was to turn a blind eye and adopt an absolutely indifferent attitude with them. Without interaction, teasing becomes senseless.

However, this time, Zhang Siyi’s classmate was also involved. Gu Yu knows, his warmhearted little fool certainly wouldn’t sit by idle. In that case, the best course of action was to replace Zhang Siyi for all future interactions with this so called ‘perfect boyfriend’.

Changing his hold from Zhang Siyi waist to his hands, Gu Yu told him: “When next he contacts you, no matter what, don’t return his message. Come and get me and let me respond instead.”

Zhang Siyi burst out laughing. He joked: “We really are each other’s hotline! The girls are calling me, and now you get to solve my problem with my accoster, Bai Rui!” One thing Zhang Siyi didn’t fully comprehend. Why do girls constantly approach Gu Yu when he’s gay, but the person to flirt with himself was a man. Does he look like a delicate girl? (=_=)

Laughing, Gu Yu smiled at him and said: “Isn’t that good?”

Zhang Siyi nodded with satisfaction: “It’s a great idea. But you just rejected him for me, so what else is there to say? I don’t think he will contact me again.”

Holding Zhang Siyi’s back, Gu Yu lowered him down to kiss him and said: “You wait and see. If he is interested in you, he definitely will not back down. Although he won’t message you again tonight because if he did, then his intention would be too obvious and arouse your suspicion.

Sure enough, after Gu Yu sent his text message, Bai Rui hadn’t responded.

About a week later, Zhang Siyi had returned to his desk from lunch at noon to see Su Yuan’s portfolio and resume in his email. She spent the week gathering her collection and only now, did Zhang Siyi have time to spare to look through it. After loading the documents in the computer, Zhang Siyi opened Su Yuan’s portfolio with great expectation. After a brief look, he frowned. The portfolio was a lot worse than he expected.

It stands to reason that she would have more works in her portfolio since It has been over a year since graduating. Under normal circumstances, projects are often displayed in order with the first work as the most recent and therefore the highest level.

However, at the beginning of her collection, Su Yuan still presented her work from University. That is to say, she believed she hasn’t worked on a design that has surpassed her graduation project.

Seeing them, Zhang Siyi thought she had sent him the wrong document, but when he turned over to the latter portion of her portfolio, he knew she was not wrong. Indeed, the projects Su Yuan took part in weren’t worth mentioning. Being delegated to analysis, modeling, and translation, her work at her job remained at the most basic level. Even the highest scoring design from their graduation was, in Zhang Siyi’s eyes, rough, riddled with problems and naïve.

From the pit of Zhang Siyi’s stomach, a myriad of emotions welled up after looking through her portfolio twice.

When he first starting working at Borderless, having to draw bathrooms and parking lots incessantly, he complained to his friends about his work conditions. He thought Gu Yu’s training model was inconsistent with their foreign educational background because when a designer encountered an engineering problem, it wasn’t something they troubleshooted. More then once, he suspected he wasn’t suited to work at the company.

Nevertheless, when he overcame these difficulties, now he could look back and see his own shortcomings. It stands to reason that it’s human nature to take the easiest path forward. But, if he only ever worked on things within the scope of his education, then he would never grow and develop as a designer.

Zhang Siyi sighed and had to admit that Gu Yu was right again.

Believing that Su Yuan will never take short-cuts with regards to her collection, Zhang Siyi thought she had done her best to show her current abilities. Unfortunately, perhaps in Gu Yu’s opinion, she and a freshly graduated undergraduate weren’t any different.

Zhang Siyi forwarded Su Yuan’s collection to Gu Yu and in the postscript sent a prostrated kneeling expression: “Please.”

As he clicked send, Zhang Siyi felt the ‘buzz’ of his vibrating mobile phone. He reached into his pocket and took it out to look. At the top was a WeChat notification: Vinci has sent you a message.

Looking at Bai Rui’s nickname, Zhang Siyi heart jumped into his throat. Gu Yu was right again!

Bai Rui: “Borderless design firm……. is the company you work for?”

“…….” While talking to Su Yuan Zhang Siyi remembered mentioning it when they met at lunch. Zhang Siyi assumed Bai Rui knew it from that time. Impulsively he started to type a response, but stopped. He just remembered what Gu Yu asked him to do previously. Zhang Siyi erased his message – I just have to ignore him!

In less than two seconds, Bai Rui texted him a photo. Staring at the screen wide-eyed, Zhang Siyi nearly fell out of his chair. The image was that of the office building lobby and the Borderless name on the information signboard.

Fuck! Why is Bai Rui downstairs?! (#°Д°)

Bai Rui: “Are you at work today?” [Smiles]”

Zhang Siyi looked around to find Gu Yu, but he and the director of the other design team, Child Labor, went out for lunch and weren’t back yet!

He quickly took a screenshot of Bai Rui’s message and sent it to Gu Yu: “What should I do?”

Zhang Siyi waited for Gu Yu’s message, but none came.

Bai Rui: “I was passing by and wanted to give you something. Come down or shall I go up to you?

Zhang Siyi: “………”

Zhang Siyi forwarded Bai Rui’s second message to Gu Yu. He was starting to panic: “He’s coming! What should I do?” [Kitten Crying]

God damn it!  Why isn’t Gu Yu responding!?!?

How can Zhang Siyi go downstairs to meet another man and receive a gift. In the face of other people, he was still a proper straight boy!

After anxiously waiting for two minutes, Zhang Siyi couldn’t stand to wait any longer so he called Gu Yu directly seeking answers. There came a ring from behind the glass door of Gu Yu’s office…… Shit! Gu Yu left his phone in his office.

Fretting over it, Zhang Siyi broke out in a cold sweat. At any moment, Zhang Siyi thought Bai Rui would actually walk out of the elevator and onto the office floor. He grabbed the phone and called the front receptionist: “No matter who looks for me, tell them that I don’t work here!”

Front desk receptionist: “……”

Front desk receptionist: “Hey, Auntie Four, is the mafia on your tail?” (*^__^*)

Zhang Siyi simply wanted to burst into tears. Yes, it’s like that! Ever since Gu Yu deduced that Bai Rui may be gay, Zhang Siyi thought of him as a demon. All the unwanted attention; Zhang Siyi wanted to avoid it at all cost.

Zhang Siyi: “I’m serious, please! “


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  1. Hahaha this couple is so cute. I thought when GuYu hip thrusted, it’s an invitation to papapa but they’re so adorable. I love their interactions and thank you for the quick update. Ahhhhh ❤ I love this light novel!

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  2. Lolol this Bai Rui sure has some guts, soooo directly going for the kill. I can only imagine the kind of expression Gu Yu will have when he finds out >.>

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