助理建筑师 羲和清零 182

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 182: Verification


Bai Rui’s antics made Zhang Siyi feel like he was forced to owe him something. Although it was only thirty-five extra bucks and Bai Rui said to keep it, Zhang Siyi couldn’t accept it. Since it didn’t make much sense to Zhang Siyi he relied on Ren Mengyu to figure it out: “Ren Mengyu, why did you tell Bai Rui to pay back the money for the coffee?”

Ren Mengyu sent a cartoon expression with a question mark: “What?”

Zhang Siyi explained: “Your boyfriend befriended me in WeChat and said that you were angry, about the coffee money.”

Ren Mengyu: “Hmm? Was this why he asked me for your WeChat?”

Seeing her reaction, Zhang Siyi thought it was strange. Why does it seem like she had no knowledge of this matter?

After a little while, Ren Mengyu sent another message: “Now that you mentioned it, after our lunch, he may have sensed that I wasn’t happy.” ^_^

Zhang Siyi’s emerging doubts dissipated as Ren Mengyu explained. He said: “You are too polite. We rarely get the chance to eat together and a few cups of coffee wasn’t a big deal. You needn’t ask your boyfriend to refund me. I didn’t want to take the money, but he insisted. [Laugh][Cry]

Not waiting for Ren Mengyu to reply, Zhang Siyi continued: “The money for the coffee has been refunded but he over paid me by thirty-five yuan. I tried to give it back but he refused. Since I can’t keep his money, please transfer it to your boyfriend for me. Zhang Siyi took a moment to send thirty-five yuan to Ren Mengyu.

Watching the payment appear on her screen, Ren Mengyu looked at the chat record and felt a little confused.

When Bai Rui deliberately maneuvered Zhang Siyi today, she felt that something wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t natural for Bai Rui to fuss over a small amount. If Zhang Siyi hadn’t told her, she wouldn’t have known that Bai Rui was trying to give back his money. Moreover, the reason he used to asked Ren Mengyu for his WeChat ID wasn’t to pay him back. It was because he said: “I noticed your classmate likes to attend design lectures. The next time, I can get him into one for free.”

Art and design are like a type of family and since Bai Rui is a curator, he often holds both large and small exhibitions. Ren Mengyu had attended them several times and found them rather lacking in attendees. Bai Rui often invited a small circle of friends who have an interest in art, but in reality, the free art exhibition was just a night to hook-up with others in disguise.

Ren Mengyu thought that’s what he wanted to add Zhang Siyi as a friend for. Both of them were straight men so she had nothing to fear. She didn’t expect Bai Rui to accost Zhang Siyi about the money. In her mind, the Bai Rui she knew, was always a serious gentleman that rarely made jokes.

Although Ren Mengyu was curious, she saw Zhang Siyi’s explanation of Bai Rui’s involvement and felt moved. She thought Bai Rui really cared about her feelings and that was why he was willing to go behind her back. After all, she did complain to him a little after the lunch saying he couldn’t let someone else pay for a miserly amount of money for coffee.

Thinking about it further, Ren Mengyu recalled her emotions at that time and knew she wasn’t actually angry. She was just joking with him. She didn’t think her statement would cause Bai Rui to act.

It is said that one’s IQ becomes zero when they are in love and Ren Mengyu is no exception. Although she thought Bai Rui’s behavior was a little odd, she only took notice of his actions that were most beneficial for her. Since she was immersed in the illusion of being loved by her boyfriend, she was unwilling to think of a different possibility.

Ren Mengyu accepted Zhang Siyi payment and replied: “Okay, I’ll pass it along to him. I’ll make it a quick money transfer so don’t worry about it.”

Relieved, Zhang Siyi sighed and was about to close his WeChat app, but he saw a new dialog box pop-up. “Bai Rui has accepted a money transfer of two-hundred-fifty.”

Zhang Siyi: “…… ” What the fuck! (=皿=)

Bai Rui: “Since you didn’t want to accept my offer, now we are even.”

Zhang Siyi: “%¥#………………..”  

Bai Rui: “Ah, Ren Mengyu just transferred me thirty-five and said it was from you.” [Smiles]

Zhang Siyi couldn’t help saying: “Yes, because you originally refunded too much. Now that you have the two-hundred-fifty, give back the thirty-five.”

Bai Rui: “Oh…. Instead, why don’t you let me treat you to dinner.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Shithead! Who wants to eat with you!

Just as Zhang Siyi was about to blow his top, Gu Yu returned to the room and said: “You haven’t slept yet?” He was watching Zhang Siyi frown at his phone that was tightly clenched in his hand. He asked: “What are you looking at?”

Zhang Siyi violently said: “Ah fuck! I’m so pissed! I didn’t receive a penny and instead, lost thirty-five in vain!”

Thoughtful with concern, Gu Yu asked: “What’s the matter?”

Sitting up, Zhang Siyi put his phone down on his lap and then proceeded to briefly tell Gu Yu what happened in a very animated fashion by waving his hands and arms around.

While unbuttoning his shirt, Gu Yu asked: “You’re talking about the boyfriend that your classmate met at the nightclub? He added your WeChat?”

Zhang Siyi: “Yes! That’s him. What perfect rich gentleman!?”

Gu Yu moved to the side of the bed and reached down: “What did you talk about? Let me see.”

Willingly, Zhang Siyi handed over his mobile phone and pointed out Bai Rui’s avatar to Gu Yu: “This is Bai Rui.”

When Gu Yu saw Bai Rui’s avatar at a glimpse, he didn’t look at his webpage with personal information. Instead he used his fingers to zoom the screen and enlarged the picture.

Zhang Siyi didn’t really know why Gu Yu was looking at it so closely: “What do you think of his avatar?”

Gu Yu’s eyebrows furrowed deeper: “This is a portrait of George Dale. It is the work of Francis Bacon, an Irish born artist who resided in London.”

Zhang Siyi asked: “Is this painting very special?”

“Francis Bacon was known to be gay and George Dyer was one of his lovers.” Gu Yu explained.

Zhang Siyi: “… How do you know that? Are you sure?”

“In college, I minored in the history of Western art and had to study various artists and works of art.” Gu Yu clicked back to the original screen, and noticed Bai Rui nickname. He raised his brows in question: “He gave himself the nickname Vinci in English?”

Zhang Siyi: “Yes, and? Does it mean anything?”

“Vinci is Leonardo da Vinci’s English surname.” Gu glanced at Zhang Siyi and said: “There are rumors about Leonardo Da Vinci since he had strong homosexual tendencies.”

“…..” A known gay painter and a name of a master with speculated leanings…..

Zhang Siyi was shocked: “My God. Ren Mengyu’s perfect boyfriend is gay?”

Gu Yu looked down at Zhang Siyi and said: “It’s not possible to ascertain the truth from only his WeChat account. However, if he studied art, he should have known the story behind this painting. In addition, he used the English name, Vinci, which when recognized, could be very misleading.

Zhang Siyi: “…..” It’s no wonder he thought his relationship with his friend was strange.

After Gu Yu finished, he looked through Zhang Siyi chat records. The more he swiped the screen to read the entries, the more he frowned darkly. After he finished, he gave Zhang Siyi a hard look and asked: “He is clearly hitting on you. Can’t you tell?”

Incredulous, Zhang Siyi formed a ‘wtf’ expression on his face: “Wait, what!?”

Gu Yu scrolled back the records and analyzed them one by one for Zhang Siyi: “He gave you money. You really didn’t want to accept it so you politely decline him. Wouldn’t that normally be the end of it?”

Zhang Siyi was anxious: “Yes, but he wanted the money back fast!”

Gu Yu stared at him: “Are You stupid? This is obviously a routine to bait you. Didn’t you say he was very rich? Do you think a real rich guy would care about being paid 24 hours later for a refund? If you hadn’t accepted the money, it would have been returned to Bai Rui sooner or later. The only repercussion he would experience was him being short a meager two-hundred-fifty bucks for a little while.”

Zhang Siyi: “…….”

Swiping further down the chat record, Gu Yu said: “After you sent the payment back, shouldn’t you have said a few polite words and be done with it? Whether he accepted it or not…..”

Bursting, Zhang Siyi interrupted him: “I don’t like owing money!”

Putting emphasis on his words, Gu Yu continued to explain: “It’s just thirty-five. For the rich, that is equivalent to breakfast. Are you saying he is worked up over missing his morning fritters? This is definitely a rouse to get your attention. How can you be so naive?”

Feeling wronged, Zhang Siyi’s face paled. How would he have figured out such a long and complicated ploy?

…… If I’m naïve, why don’t you call yourself a schemer!

…… Why did he come onto me? Do I have the potential to attract gay men? Do I seem gay to outsiders?

Closely watching his boyfriend, Gu Yu was thoughtful. He was intimately familiar with Bai Rui’s tactics because after all, he used similar methods. At the beginning, over the issue of the cactus, he deliberately maneuvered Zhang Siyi to play the violin for him.

However, knowing he continued to fall for such a ruse…. Gu Yu was really depressed. How can Zhang Siyi be so clueless!? Gu Yu suddenly sighed. Thankfully, the fool has Gu Yu’s stamp on him and in the future, no one will be able to deceive him.

“I swear, I really didn’t want anything to do with Bai Rui. I was just trying to clear my name!” Almost in tears, Zhang Siyi was anxiously trying to argue his point. “And, he is my classmate’s boyfriend. Why would he be hitting on me?”

Gu Yu looked at him speechless. This little fool really wasn’t aware of his own charm.

Frantic, Zhang Siyi worried: “What do I do now? Should I tell Ren Mengyu?”

“There isn’t a rush.” Gu Yu absently said. His eyes fell on the last message that was sent to Zhang Siyi. Gu Yu’s face darkened: “Don’t say anything until you know for sure because it could affect your relationship with her. We first have to verify whether or not he is gay. If he is, then he amounts to being a scumbag for knowingly deceiving a girl’s feelings.”

Gu Yu squinted his eyes; seducing my love…. You dare!?


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  1. Hohoho, I too knew it~~

    Really love that this:

    Gu Yu squinted his eyes; seducing my love…. You dare!?

    …is definitely the crime Gu Yu is most interested in punishing Bai Rui for. Deceiving ZSY’s lady friend? Shitty, but meh. Doing so by coming on to ZSY? Death is assured!!!

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