助理建筑师 羲和清零 180

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 180: Reconciliation


Lying motionless on the bed breathing heavily, from the throes of passion, Zhang Siyi’s mind was numb from pleasure. Playing with Zhang Siyi’s earlobe, Gu Yu was still on top of him. After a long time, Zhang Siyi regained his senses and wiped his red, moist eyes. With a hoarse voice, he complained: “Asshole.”

Due to their charged emotions and heightened feelings from their fight, they were unusually intense in bed. Moving his lips alongside Zhang Siyi’s neck slowly, pausing here and there, Gu Yu kissed him tenderly. He said: “Who told you to start a fight?” At the base of his neck, Gu Yu sucked particularly hard, leaving a punitive mark.

Zhang Siyi muttered: “Who wants to argue with you……”

“You didn’t?….. Because of my refusal to help your classmates with the company, you immediately threw a fit and decided not to eat. You know that my hands are tied, and yet you put me in a difficult position and asked me anyways. I don’t want to fight with you, but I can’t compromise. You think I don’t care about you……What did you tell me to do?” Gu Yu looked up at him and sighed helplessly. He brandished his hands to loosely grasped Zhang Siyi’s neck and squeeze. He whispered: “I’m so furious with you that I could kill you.”

When enough pressure was on his throat to feel his breath being affected, he swatted Gu Yu arms away. Gu Yu, such a proud man. Being forced to sit on the stairs for an hour and a half and then pleading with Zhang Siyi was completely unexpected behavior. In that moment, it showed how indignant and dire Gu Yu really felt.

Now that their negative emotions were vented, they could finally calm down and discuss it further. Zhang Siyi grabbed Gu Yu’s hand and gently gave him a peck on the lips then complained: “Clearly your attitude is too bad and unsympathetic!”

He continued: “Being two years older, Su Yuan is very mature. When we were abroad and new to the city, she showed us around and taught us where to go and what to avoid. She helped us with registration and getting the proper documents for foreigners. She even helped me get a local bank account set up. Not only that, Su Yuan was exceptional with her academic studies in college. She would take time out of her busy schedule to help when we asked. She gave us tips and helped us organize our coursework. She showed us the best places to buy materials for classes. Whether is was something about school or life, she was always there to help make things better. She is a very good-natured person. When I see her doing poorly, I really want to help her. At least compared with my schoolwork, she always scored higher than I during University. I wouldn’t have asked you if I didn’t think she would be a capable member to Borderless’s design team. It’s not hard for you, is it? If you could interview her and see, I thought you would be able to understand. Instead, I got cold water poured on my head. How can I bear it and say nothing?”

In quiet contemplation, Gu Yu listened to Zhang Siyi. When he finished, Gu Yu explained why he rejected him in the first place: “Siyi, the situation at Borderless isn’t fairing any better than other companies. This past year, large scale projects have been on the decline. Although you may not be aware, there are many projects that stall during the construction process and are abandoned partially completed. The upper managements kept those facts about a crisis away from their employees in order to maintain moral. Otherwise, it could affect the whole company’s performance and productivity. At present, the company can maintain the current salary and benefits of its employees because there is an investor behind the company. Since Borderless is a smaller design firm that strives to put out quality work instead of focusing on quantity, the company hasn’t been affected as much as other places. At 20 people, we have a cohesive group of talented individuals. It is already saturated. There is a risk of breaking a team’s cohesion when hiring new people, especially with less than a year’s worth of work experience. I am too busy right now to bring in another new person. Think back to when you first started. How long did it take you to work on a simple task? Let alone, a big project? Do you know how much I expect from you? When I thought you were ready to be on your own, you even made a beginner mistake calculating area not long ago.”  Thinking about it, Gu Yu pinched Zhang Siyi’s chin.

Zhang Siyi’s heart lurched. Now that he heard Gu Yu give a detailed explanation, he understood why Gu Yu was so angry. Not only that, then Zhang Siyi said, ‘don’t humor me’…. That was Gu Yu’s last straw.

Gu Yu continued: “I don’t know how other companies run their business, but at Borderless, instead of simply employing someone to ‘work for the company for a base wage’, we recruit people and train them as independent talents. As a result, every single person who is looked at, must be carefully considered. Even though it’s only been a year, no matter how much ability you think she had while studying, it is already in the past. Since different environments have different effects on people, her current ability is unknown. If she were to begin at the company, she might be fine for a while, but what would happen if she no longer felt comfortable with the work that was given to her? What would you do? Would you be responsible for her? For the company? You would just feel more stressed about it.”

Zhang Siyi listened attentively to Gu Yu’s words. Now with mixed feelings, he thought his original idea was too naïve. From Gu Yu perspective, it was much more complex than it seemed! Feeling embarrassed, he covered his red face with his arms in guilt.

Gu Yu rubbed his head and said: “Also, many design companies prohibit the recruitment of people from the same background. Since you two were abroad in the same class, your experience was too similar. Your designs ideas inevitably would overlap and cause unnecessary competition between team members. As a result, the balance of working relationships of the team would crumble and cause internal divisions and strife.”

Zhang Siyi revealed his face and defended his friend: “Su Yuan isn’t that kind of person.”

Gu Yu stretched out a finger to block his lips and interrupted him: “Whether she is or not, I am the design director of Borderless. The first thing I must consider is the company’s situation, followed by you. Did you already forget what happen in Japan with Lu Qiao? If I recruit your classmates into the company, what do you suppose he would think? How about when Tao Fei began at the company? Did you not suspect me of preferential treatment?”

Zhang Siyi frankly admitted “Uh-hmm.” When he first heard Tao Fei address Gu Yu with such familiarity, it was obvious how uncomfortable he felt.

Gu Yu: “Isn’t that right? That is why I asked you if she had the ability beyond Tao Fei. If she could showcase her abilities to prove her worth as Tao Fei had done when he first came to the company, then people would understand why she was recruited. Otherwise, if I recruit a common newcomer, people will start to suspect the impartiality of the employment.”

“I’m sorry…” As he listened to Gu Yu explanation, the more Zhang Siyi realized of his own ignorance and capriciousness. He lightly kissed Gu Yu and wrapped his arms around his waist, pampering him. Zhang Siyi looked up at him coyly and softly said: “I know you have your strict principles and I don’t want to embarrass you. I’m sorry I took you for granted.”

When Zhang Siyi argues, he fights like a lion with his claws out, ripping open hearts. But, once the quarrel passes, Zhang Siyi is like a soft harmless kitten, waiting to be petted. Witnessing his lover’s contrasting mood swings, Gu Yu just wanted to cry and laugh.

This incident made Gu Yu learn about his own faults. If Zhang Siyi hadn’t mentioned it, he wouldn’t have learned about his ‘cold and unsympathic attitude’ that his lover perceived.

Gu Yu reached around this ‘cute kitten’ and embraced him. Gu Yu pulled him close and asked: “What about your classmate? Why don’t you let her have an interview?”

“It’s not necessary.” Gu Yu explained the reasons for refusal so clearly. How could Zhang Siyi still be willful?

In fact, when he was downstairs, he had already figured it out. For the sake of his friend, he jeopardized his relationship with Gu Yu and regretted it.

Discouraged, Zhang Siyi gloomily replied: “I didn’t offer any commitments. I’ll let her know that Borderless isn’t recruiting.”

Listening to Zhang Siyi’s somewhat frustrated tone, Gu Yu offered: “In fact, it’s not like I didn’t want to help you help her. I have been in this business for a long time after all and I know a lot of peer businesses. If she has the will to change companies, let her prepare a new resume and portfolio. When it’s ready, we can meet, and I can assess her capabilities and recommend a company that she is suited for. Maybe it could change her current situation.”

Elated, Zhang Siyi’s heart was happy: “Why didn’t you say so from the start!?”

Gu Yu: “……” Because someone just blew up at me……

 “All right! I will tell her later!” With both arms and legs, Zhang Siyi wrapped himself around Gu Yu and squeezed him hard and excitedly kissed Gu Yu’s face a few times. In between kisses he spoke: “Say so earlier! ….. I’ll have a better attitude…… I won’t be angry! ….. You see….  I’m not unreasonable…. right?”

Gu Yu laughed. He didn’t want to mention how much of a temper his little fool had. He simply wanted to love him, and it seemed, these days, he spoiled him too much.

Like wives seeking forgiveness on in a TV drama, talking coquettishly, Gu Yu raised an eyebrow and asked: “Baby, did I do a bad thing?” With light caresses, he slid his hand down Zhang Siyi’s abdomen and fondled his region tenderly. Zhang Siyi part was quickly ready for more.

Zhang Siyi twisted and twisted and tried to get out of Gu Yu hold. He couldn’t escape from Gu Yu talented hands. He called out for mercy: “Enough is enough! I don’t want…”

Continuing his rubbing and smiling broadly, Gu Yu snorted: “…. Just be honest.”

The argument between them made Gu Yu fully understand Zhang Siyi soft-hearted character. If he was too rigid, both would end up getting hurt. Zhang Siyi Enjoyed the sensations for a moment until he suddenly remembered the previous text messages. He sat up and asked: “Why did you give those girls my number? Am I a hotline?”


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