助理建筑师 羲和清零 173

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 173: Fart

Today was supposed to be another ordinary work day, however Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu quarreled at the office.

Now that the hotel project had reached its final phase, execution of the design was transferred to the construction company. While Zhang Siyi was working on various small projects, he was required to provide a series of data statistics for the construction company. Unknown to him, Zhang Siyi had made a careless calculation and sent the wrong figures.

With the completion of the tourist hotel project, Gu Yu was hoping to deepen Zhang Siyi knowledge by letting him begin a larger independent project. Today, the construction contract was handed to Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi’s mistake was discovered for the first time. He was immediately called into Gu Yu’s office.

Gu Yu forcibly slammed the documents on his desk with a loud bang and loudly snapped: “How is your area calculated? How did you not notice this beforehand? The total area of the villa construction is over thirty thousand square meters. You have been working here for over a year and yet you have so little a common sense? The plans are signed and stamped. Do you understand the amount of losses the company will incur now?”

Standing in his office, Zhang Siyi was silent. Out of shock of being yelled at, he didn’t know what to say. Since the start of his employment, Gu Yu has never criticized him so harshly. Since he hasn’t experienced Gu Yu’s disapproval in such a long time, it was psychologically hard to accept.

The series of expressions that flashed across Zhang Siyi face conveyed a variety of emotions from surprise and shock to anger and resentment. Zhang Siyi was lost in thought:

……. Isn’t it a common mistake for the area to be miscalculated? Isn’t it normally checked by multiple people? What about the people from the construction company? There are many people involved so it isn’t just my fault. Employees have made mistakes before, but why am I singled out and being judged so severely?”

Not knowing where he went wrong, Zhang Siyi’s confused silence and disapproving expression at feeling unfairly treated provoked Gu Yu to explain: “If you can’t manage this little thing, how am I supposed to safely hand over a bigger project?”

Forgetting that they were in the office, out of habit, Zhang Siyi addressed Gu Yu casually. In return, he snapped at Gu Yu angrily: “Since you don’t trust me, then don’t give it to me!”

Slightly scowling, Gu Yu clenched his jaw in anger which made the muscles taut and the veins bulge in his neck.

Full of grievances, Zhang Siyi glared at him. Both stubborn, they were in a stalemate.

Fortunately, the deadlock was broken as Tao Fei entered the office. Breaking the silence, he brazenly spoke up. “Yo, what’s going on? You guys are arguing so loudly that everyone outside can hear you.”

Gu Yu coldly said: “We weren’t fighting.”

Zhang Siyi turned his head and stared at Tao Fei.  –Yes! We weren’t fighting because Gu Yu unilaterally blamed him!

When they made eye contact, Tao Fei winked at Zhang Siyi and let him leave the office first. Now that Tao Fei has been with Borderless for a few months, his temper had leveled off. To the surprise of others, the current office disturbance wasn’t caused by Tao Fei.

With lingering negative feelings, Zhang Siyi felt like he was ready to blow his top. Eager to calm down, he poured himself a cup of coffee then walked to the dining area and sat down at the edge of the room. Alone, he was lost in thought.

Not long after, Tao Fei came over gleefully. He took delight in witnessing the ability to provoke Gu Yu to such an extent. Knowing Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi faught, he felt fulfilled and asked: “What are you doing? You can’t possibly be angry with Gu Yu?”

Without expression, Zhang Siyi glanced at him and explained: “I made a statistical error with the hotel area.”

Incredulous, Tao Fei asked: “Really!? He blew up over a mathematical calculation?”

Zhang Siyi bowed his head: “It seems to be the case.”

Even Tao Fei felt that it was a minor issue and didn’t understand why Gu Yu treated Zhang Siyi so harshly.

The fact that the area was wrong was indeed Zhang Siyi’s carelessness, but wasn’t it because Gu Yu made excessive demands at night and assigned him multiple tasks all at once? He was very tired and as a result, he had made an error.

Feeling a little dazed, Zhang Siyi held his hand over his face and sighed deeply.

Tao Fei glanced at him and asked: ” How Are you doing?”

Zhang Siyi looked up: “What?”

Tao Fei: “Your feelings.”

Zhang Siyi thought of his nightly activities with Gu Yu and felt a little flush. It was difficult to say: “Hmm.…”

Tao Fei: “Since returning from Japan, it doesn’t feel like your relationship is good.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” That was the façade that Gu Yu wanted people to see. Zhang Siyi didn’t clarify Tao Fei’s wrong assumption.

Even though Tao Fei didn’t know the situation, he offered he emotional analysis. Holding his chin in thought, Tao Fei said: “Has the period of love ended? Now, has all of his previously invisible shortcomings been exposed?”

Startled, Zhang Siyi was a little surprised at Tao Fei’s analysis. It carried a bit of truth. He really didn’t see any of Gu Yu’s shortcomings, but now that they have been together for several months, some of them were exposed like his bad performance playing Era of Music, and his inability to sing.

The most serious was Gu Yu’s insatiable desire. To be honest, if Zhang Siyi knew it ahead of time, he might have really backed off. Compared with Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi was very conservative and more simple-minded and ‘pure’ with his thoughts about relationships. If he had acted with his ex-girlfriend like Gu Yu had with him, Zhang Siyi would have already had years of intimate experience.

It was also strange that Gu Yu’s true nature was hidden so deeply. Step-by-step, he skillfully laid out a plan and set a trap for Zhang Siyi. Unbeknown to Zhang Siyi, he foolishly and happily followed Gu Yu all the way into a cage. Now, it was impossible to escape.

Aside from these points, in every aspect, Zhang Siyi thought Gu Yu was exactly like the man he appeared to be. A mature, calm man that was strict and kept his private and public life separated.

Zhang Siyi finally shook his head and said to Tao Fei: “Today was my fault.”

Gu Yu is his boss. If not for being his boyfriend, Zhang Siyi would never have talked back. It proves how close a relationship they truly have.

After calming down, Zhang Siyi thought about what Gu Yu had told him previously; the high hopes that Gu Yu had placed on him and how much he wanted Zhang Siyi to catch-up as quickly as possible. For this reason, putting his faith in Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu assigned him jobs in order to help train him and let him grow as an architect. Zhang Siyi was well aware that the things Gu Yu did, he did it for him. He has long been grateful for his guidance, but instead of recognizing this fact, he told Gu Yu that ‘I don’t need your concern’. Gu Yu’s anger wasn’t surprising.

It’s just that people are emotional animals and in the face of a hard truth, their reactions will surface suddenly without control. In this way, today’s events, rather than addressing things calmly, it proves how immature, childish, and petty Zhang Siyi really is!

Zhang Siyi sighed. He wanted to understand. Now resolute, he went back to his desk to fix his error and recalculated the area.  Upon his completion, he took the initiative to send his results to Gu Yu. Gu Yu promptly sent a letter back to Zhang Siyi asking him to relay the new information and apologize to construction company.

Finally, by the end of the day, the mishap was successfully resolved without further problems and both Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi were able to leave the office on time. Traveling by subway, they quietly went home together to eat dinner.

However, that night, putting Zhang Siyi on the bed, Gu Yu began to settle the matter…….

“Oh, how bold! How dare you talk back to me at work. Are you the boss, or am I?”

“Who gave you permission? Hmm…..” Gu Yu gave Zhang Siyi a meaningful look. “I’ve told you before how much I want you to catch-up to me. But then, you say not to bother. Is your heart wavering? Should I not be worried and angry?”

“Ah! I was wrong…… I won’t…………”

“Little fool.……”

Gu Yu bullied him three times in anger before saying: “Your performance at work has been a lot more mature than before and that is very commendable. As a reward, I’ll let you go.”

Despite feeling like he was abused to death, Zhang Siyi couldn’t say a word.

Early the next morning limping to work, Zhang Siyi clutched his waist. Even though Gu Yu’s noble and glamorous appearance was restored, he continued to abuse him at night. One word could be used to describe the situation: Unforgiving! (=_=)

The little energy that Zhang Siyi had left by the end of the work day was completely drained by Gu Yu at night.

Unlike their ‘love-period’ in the beginning, lately, the two were often seen arguing and bickering over something. Even though there was constant friction between them, their relationship wasn’t distant at all. In fact, with their nightly ‘deep body connection’ and constant ‘grinding together’, their relationship was becoming more intimate than ever before.

One evening for dinner, in a large pot, Gu Yu stewed ribs and radish and made a soup. Having cooked the radish until it became crystal clear, the sweetness of the root vegetable was infused with the meat. Zhang Siyi couldn’t wait to dig in. He wolfed down three bowls in one breath.

Later that night when he was in bed with Gu Yu, his stomach started gurgling. As the noises became louder and louder, Gu Yu stopped and asked: “Are you alright? Do you have to fart?”

Zhang Siyi groaned and said: “Don’t provoke me, otherwise I’ll fart on you!”

Gu Yu grinned and said: “Reassured, I am blocking you so you can’t release anything.”

Zhang Siyi: “Damn, you bastard……”

Afterwards, Gu Yu was afraid that Zhang Siyi would ‘leak’ so he leaned down to his ear and jokingly asked: “Do you want me to hold you and take you to the bathroom?”

Red faced Zhang Siyi exclaimed: “What?! No! Gu Yao is next door!”

Gu Yu: “I can send her a WeChat message telling her to stay in her room for the next ten minutes.”

Zhang Siyi: “…… ” Shit! That isn’t the issue! The point is, does he need Gu Yu’s help? Can’t he just hold it?

Since he was already on his hands and knees, Zhang Siyi twisted and tried to crawl away: “Go away!”

Preventing him from moving, Gu Yu wrapped his arms around Zhang Siyi and held him close: “No. I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold it in.”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Trapped by Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi was starting to feel angry. Suddenly, he belched loudly.

Gu Yu: “…”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Fuck! Is he only able to expel the gas from the top?  Σ( ° △°|||)_

The room fell into a strange silence and a second later, unexpectedly, Gu Yu burst out laughing!

Feeling ashamed, Zhang Siyi tried to get away by taking advantage of the situation. As a result of the movement from Gu Yu shaking in laughter and Zhang Siyi desire to break free, a string of sounds emanated from Zhang Siyi behind.

Watching Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu laughed even more loudly. Twitching, he collapsed on the bed laughing uncontrollably.

Zhang Siyi never saw Gu Yu laugh so hard that it was entirely unlike his outward image. Immediately, Zhang Siyi felt angry out of embarrassment and couldn’t bear it any longer.

“Fuck! Gu Yu unexpectedly shouted. Clutching his nose, he rolled over off the bed to go open the window.

Zhang Siyi got his way, and laughed without restraint…

Gu Yu gritted his teeth and said: “Don’t look at me. I won’t pick you up!”

Since belching, Zhang Siyi has lost his composure. Turning to look at Gu Yu he quipped: “Who is afraid of who?!”

Of course, inevitably Gu Yu would have to ‘punish’ Zhang Siyi again. Despite Zhang Siyi’s anger, Gu Yu always had a way to appease him and together, they would always fall asleep peacefully…….

Being able to act so brazenly in front of one another just shows how close and in love with one another they really are.


12 thoughts on “助理建筑师 羲和清零 173

  1. Couples farted in front of each other is a common scene, but farting whilst making love is kinda….. (Moreover, it’s bl okay, he’s using that hole at that moment!) Goddammit!!!! I fucking laugh myself to death! This is my first time reading this kind of scene.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. f, i love how this portrays overcoming your partner’s bad side. 😂

    though, I feel like Siyi is wavering. He is wavering with the idea that the fire burns brighter only at the start of relationship and it’ll soon turn dim. Accepting the flaws of your partner is also part of love and being in a relationship. If they can’t even do that, how are they supposed to face the hurdles together in the future?


    1. It seems like you share the same brain cells with Katie wandering Fujoshi.

      I mean you don’t see anything wrong with Gu Yu’s way of bullying Siyi with sex, even when it is boldly written that the sex at night affects Siyi during the day. But then you are quick to point out the subject of Siyi wavering in love.
      Can you be less biased ?

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      1. oh. I don’t remember being ok with it just because i didn’t comment 🤔 but my bad, i did mention on the first halve I’m a little biased to Gu Yu but I tried to understand Siyi on the later parts as well. tbh Siyi’s character is a bit getting on my nerves so I was quick to point him out. It happens when you’re annoyed with someone, I supposed you can understand that feeling?

        Also it’s perfectly normal for other people to have the same opinions. 🙂


  3. Ohmygash 😂 he really did fart 😂😂😂

    And another dog freaking food 🤦🏻😂

    Indeed, their bond is to strong.

    They say, you can only freely do fart with people who you trust and love with your life.

    It’s like, farting even if your immediate family members are there 😅.


  4. Finally! Something that normal couples actually do. Hahahaha! Can’t believe they’ve been living under the same roof for months and the fart barrier has only been broken here. Though I remember my friend (who is a bottom) complaining about men who think he has an *ss made of steel. Bottoms should be given a few days to rest. This is a valid complaint and could really cause a breakup.


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