助理建筑师 羲和清零 171

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 171: Return


With a ‘click,’ the door shut behind Gu Yu. Having to maintain a distance from Gu Yu for the past few days, was exhausting. Now that they were alone, Zhang Siyi could finally act on his repressed desire. He immediately reached out in desperation and wrapped his arms around Gu Yu’s neck and kissed him.

As Zhang Siyi had, Gu Yu too felt the emotional toll of the inability to express his love openly and quickly reached out for Zhang Siyi. Pressing his body against him, he kissed Zhang Siyi deeply.

After a few minutes, he reached down to the hem of Zhang Siyi T-shirt and slipped his hands underneath. As his kissing became more intense, he spread his fingers out and enthusiastically used his whole hand to caress Zhang Siyi’s back. Gu Yu slid his hands down Zhang Siyi’s lats and settled his hands onto his waist. Feeling the taut curvature of his muscles, the yearning he had for Zhang Siyi grew. Sure enough, he still liked the waist of this little guy.

The firm yet gentle caresses made Zhang Siyi sigh in delight. Suddenly, Zhang Siyi impulsively jumped up and wrapped his legs around Gu Yu. Like a koala bear, with both arms and legs, he clung onto Gu Yu’s body.

Gu Yu: “…”

Thanks to Gu Yu’s great strength, the sudden addition of more than 130 pounds of weight did little to phase him. Gu Yu remained standing steadily. Zhang Siyi’s bold move enticed Gu Yu. He raised an eyebrow: “Do you dare seduce me with this position for the first time?”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Noooo! It was a completely unintentional move. He couldn’t help himself!

Who asked Gu Yu to squeeze his waist? Firmly in his grasp, Zhang Siyi couldn’t hide. He tried to wriggle out of his grip, but it didn’t solve anything because the palms of Gu Yu’s hands continued to firmly hold his waist.  One by one, Gu Yu let go of his waist then placed his hands under Zhang Siyi’s ass.

Zhang Siyi: “…”

As Gu Yu started to move, he involuntarily let out a gasp and tightened his legs around Gu Yu. A few steps more, Gu Yu carried him to the bed. As Gu Yu put Zhang Siyi down onto the soft mattress, Gu Yu pressed himself against him. Parting his lips, touching tongues, Gu Yu kissed him deeply, without restraint.

Mmn…” Thoroughly intoxicated, Zhang Siyi body reacted enthusiastically to his uninhibited craving. The uncomfortable pressure in his underwear eagerly sought relief.

Lowering his hand, Gu Yu reached for the hardness in Zhang Siyi’s underwear. While kissing him deeply, he stroked Zhang Siyi’s firmness in synchronized rhythm. Not long after, Gu Yu slipped his hand under the waistband and pulled his clothing off his body, exposing Zhang Siyi’s desire.

Without thought, Zhang Siyi lifted his body to ease Gu Yu’s task. In the past, such actions made Zhang Siyi very shy, however at every encounter, Gu Yu gentleness and tender gaze let Zhang Siyi feel cherished and thus, he could forget about all of the anxious feelings he had.

With ever increasing gasps of pleasure, Zhang Siyi met Gu Yu lips with his own eagerly. The sense of urgency and frantic nature with which they held each other and kissed became obscene.

As Gu Yu transferred his lips from Zhang Siyi mouth to his jawline, towards his ear, and down his neck, Zhang Siyi comfortably raised his head and stretched his neck, making it easier for Gu Yu to suck and kiss all the way down. The pleasure with which he felt was heightened by Gu Yu’s action on his hard rod.  “Ah,… ah…” Erotic moans escaped Zhang Siyi mouth. The places Gu Yu touched burned like fire.

Slowly, Gu Yu took Zhang Siyi’s left nipple into his mouth and sucked than teased it with his tongue. In response to the pleasure, Zhang Siyi arched his back, but Gu Yu pressed him back down and continued kissing his chest sensuously. Zhang Siyi felt like he was going to drown in passion.

Since Gu Yu knew he was prone to cuming quickly, he no longer stimulated his lower body. Dissatisfied from the sudden lack of contact, he pressed his hips against Gu Yu.

Caressing Zhang Siyi’s firm ass, Gu Yu lifted his head up, smiled and said: “Good. Bear with it. I’ll make you feel comfortable soon.” Groping his back end, he lowered his head onto Zhang Siyi’s chest and teased his other nipple.

Now that the extra stimulation subsided, Zhang Siyi muddled brain cleared. He reflexively cried out in protest as he realized what was going to happen next. Soon, his feelings and lust for Gu Yu out-weighed any resistance.

“Don’t evade me. Today I want to enter your body.” Gu Yu said in a tender yet commanding tone. Determined, Gu Yu used lubricant and massaged his sensitive opening gently. Once he felt Zhang Siyi relax, Gu Yu inserted his finger and probed Zhang Siyi’s interior tissues.

Zhang Siyi was stiff, meek and bashful.

Gu Yu smiled and asked: “What does it feel like?”

Turning bright red, Zhang Siyi answered: “It feels like there is shit stuck and I want to push it out.”

Gu Yu chuckled. He couldn’t help himself tease Zhang Siyi a little. Holding his head down with slightly parted lips Gu Yu said: “You are so adorable.” Then he pressed his lips upon Zhang Siyi’s and kissed him passionately.

Feeling Gu Yu finger, several times he couldn’t stop himself from reflexively tightening his muscles. Again, and again, he felt the care with which Gu Yu handled him. Zhang Siyi took great pleasure from Gu Yu’s gentle kisses as they made him feel loved and cared for. As their passionate kissing continued, Zhang Siyi let out erotic moans. His desire grew and gradually, he forgot about any discomfort coming from behind and was able to relax completely.

……. In fact, once you get used to it, it feels good to be touched deeply in places no one has touched before. Zhang Siyi wondered….. Is he a little masochistic?

With care, Gu Yu moved his finger to feel inside of Zhang Siyi. Suddenly, a burst of electric-like sensation coursed through Zhang Siyi’s body causing his front to ooze clear liquid. Zhang Siyi cried out in momentary pleasure: “Aah.”

What was that feeling just now ? Zhang Siyi opened his eyes and saw Gu Yu thoughtful eyes observing him closely.

Felling the change within Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu smiled and asked: “Here?”

Without waiting for a response, now with purpose, Gu Yu thrust his finger in and out repeatedly. With each movement, Gu Yu made sure he pressed on that particular point inside Zhang Siyi, stimulating him.

Lying on the soft bed, as the tense yet pleasurable sensation increased, his heart pounded faster in his chest. Zhang Siyi was unable to control his voice. “Aah, aah… Hmn… Aah”

Even though the erotic moans enticed and excited Gu Yu more, he didn’t let his self-control waver. For the first time, he wanted Zhang Siyi to experience pure pleasure. He didn’t expect Zhang Siyi to be so sensitive. It was like a treasure waiting for him to pick up.

“Aah,… mnn… aah, aah, aah….” Indescribable, intense pleasure swept through Zhang Siyi, driving him to the brink of insanity.

…….God, help me. I’m going crazy!

Gu Yu felt almost the same loss of reason and quickened his pace. He reached down to grasp Zhang Siyi’s rock hard member and stroked it with intensity. While trembling, it didn’t take long for Zhang Siyi to issue a final “Aaah” and reach his climax.

When he came, the euphoric feeling was overwhelming. As a result, Zhang Siyi shed tears. Immersed in the strong afterglow of bliss, gasping, he stared blankly into space, unmoving.

Seeing the tears, Gu Yu thought he was crying out of pain. He took Zhang Siyi tightly into his embrace and with great concern, asked: “What’s wrong?”

As he regained some assemblance of thought, Zhang Siyi really wanted to cry: “Why is this……”

Because he felt so ashamed, he didn’t dare look directly at Gu Yu. Instead, Zhang Siyi buried his face in Gu Yu’s chest.

With a smile, Gu Yu caressed his head lovingly: “What are you so embarrassed about?  Don’t you know? It is normal for men to climax from a prostate massage.”

As Zhang Siyi clung to Gu Yu, he buried his face deeper. What face does he have to be a man !!! He had an orgasm by Gu Yu’s finger!!!

 Even though Gu Yu withdrew his finger, the discomfort Zhang Siyi felt still persisted. It was terrible, yet powerfully exciting.

For an unknown length of time, Zhang Siyi hung onto Gu Yu. Once again, with only care and patience for Zhang Siyi, Zhang Siyi discovered that Gu Yu, like the past, did not get relief. In the process of waiting for Zhang Siyi to recover, Gu Yu has always fought back his own desires.

Thinking of Gu Yu’s dedication and patience, naturally Zhang Siyi was moved and thus, he set aside his dignity for his lover. With a loving tone full of devotion, he whispered seductively to Gu Yu: “Do you want to enter me?”

Watching Zhang Siyi with an indulgent and comforting smile, Gu Yu lightly chuckled and said: “Haven’t I already entered?”

Zhang Siyi: “Eh?”  …. Just with your finger?

Being pragmatic, Gu Yu explained: “I really want to, but for another to two days, we are with our colleagues on our business trip. If I do it now, you will have a difficult time walking around tomorrow.”

Moreover, since it would be a pity to let it happen in a foreign country for the first time, they wanted to wait until they returned home.

Gu Yu noticed the slight expression and flash of loss across Zhang Siyi’s eyes. He smiled and leaned over to caress Zhang Siyi’s earlobe with his tongue. With his hot breath in his ear, he sensuously whispered: “Don’t worry. One day, you will beg me to fuck you.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

“Now, will you use your mouth and help me out……?”

Although the final step wasn’t reached, the long night spent entwined in each other’s embrace was no less satisfying. Now that the anxiety that had accumulated over the past several days from lack of affection was alleviated, they slept comfortably and soundly.      

For the first time, Zhang Siyi realized that the happiness Gu Yu brought into his heart dispelled any previous feelings of uneasiness and resistance about the matter. After last night, apart from some mental fatigue, his body was unaffected. Greatly enjoying the experience, Zhang Siyi really wanted to take the last step with Gu Yu. Like an addict and Gu Yu was the drug, Zhang Siyi thought about being with him constantly.

Unfortunately, for the rest of the trip, nothing else happened. Their busy schedules didn’t allow enough free time, but more to the point, Lu Qiao wouldn’t change rooms again.

During the last two days of the tour, the group visited the Asakusa Cultural Center, the National Museum of Art, Omotesando as well as Japan’s prestigious commercial areas such as Shibuya and Akihabara.

In total, Zhang Siyi used four memory cards worth of photographs and filled half of the pages in his sketchbook. As a whole, his harvest was quite good.

On June 30 the ten-day trip to Japan officially ended and everyone returned home. Without a single day to recover, everyone returned to Borderless and began working.

Due to the accumulation of work over the course of ten days, Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu were as busy as two gyros endlessly spinning, especially Gu Yu. Since returning to Haicheng, Gu Yu went on another business trip and thus, was far apart from Zhang Siyi. Since the night in Tokyo, they haven’t had the opportunity to ‘practice’.

In the past, Zhang Siyi would never have been able to understand the happiness he felt currently. He was only able to experience such euphoric bliss with Gu Yu. The longer the delay to experience his bond with Gu Yu, the more frantic he became, and the more Zhang Siyi yearned for him.

The time seemed to pass exceedingly slow. Finally, by the end of July, the two finished their work and had a few days of respite.

Cherishing the time spent together, as he did in Japan, Zhang Siyi wrapped himself around Gu Yu in a suggestive way. Gu Yu teased him briefly, but enticed Zhang Siyi before he could get angry.

That night while showering together, Gu Yu took extra care in prepping Zhang Siyi and let him climax once. Letting go of his past feelings of shame and discomfort, now, Zhang Siyi only felt Gu Yu’s euphoric touch.

Afterwards, Gu Yu kissed his sweaty face because of his physical pleasure, and finally asked: “Do you want to try it once?”

Without hesitation, Zhang Siyi nodded and replied with joy: “Okay.”

There were neither feeling of insult nor fear. Just because of happiness, Zhang Siyi was free to feel happy. From the heart, let him love Gu Yu.


11 thoughts on “助理建筑师 羲和清零 171

  1. Gu Yu smiled and asked: “What does it feel like?”

    Turning bright red, Zhang Siyi answered: “It feels like there is shit stuck and I want to push it out.”

    I can only burst out laughing…

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  2. Ahajahajjajaajahaha I can’t believe it stops here.I mean the rest of the scenes are so explicit there’s not much different if the author wrote abt the main dish.


  3. Lately, I have been reading BL novels just to analyze the way authors write this genre, how the situations are created, and how they’re solved. I have found it difficult to read the sex scenes because the bottom is always in pain, can’t bear to be penetrated, even if the other stretches the area. In lots of Chinese novels, sex is portraited as a bully activity. You can read about the unrestrained manners of the top that penetrates the bottom like a beast, and not just one or two rounds but using the bottom the whole night as if the anus is not a place to care. Do they think the anus is a vagina? The worst scenes you will find in bl wuxia or historical novels. Ahh and it is always a top or a bottom, the characters don’t switch like a lot of normal couples do. The bottom is the girl, the wife, and the top the masculine one. Very unrealistic way to portrait bl sex. So, it is really refreshing to read about how Yu treats Siyi, with great care. Their intimacy is full of enjoyment as sex should be. It is good to read how they love each other and how their relationship is evolving. I hope this author keeps writing fantastic stories.

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    1. Hehehe maybe just maybe?? GY will be willing to bottom for ZYS in the future. When ZYS becomes more proficient, is able to top properly and take care of GY (/ω\#) hehe


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