助理建筑师 羲和清零 165

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 165: Singing


Gu Yu was concerned that the topic of their conversation was too serious for Zhang Siyi to handle, but seeing his cute expression, Gu Yu felt like he won the lottery. Amused, he reached over to rub the back of Zhang Siyi head.

Calling out “Hey” and feebly moving his head out of the way, Zhang Siyi smiled broadly. The feeling of being loved felt most euphoric. As joy overflowed from Zhang Siyi’s heart, he couldn’t stop himself from humming a tune.

At first, he only hummed a bit of a song tentatively and his youthful voice seemed childish, but with growing confidence, he sung out loud. His clear voice, like a fresh summer breeze blowing ripples on a lake, flowed through the ancient city adding warmth to the otherwise cold atmosphere.

Nearly eleven at night, they were the only two people on the road. Zhang Siyi’s musical voice echoed softly in the air, increasing the romance of the ancient capital.

Zhang Siyi sang out: “ Blue sky and rain…  Smoke rising, thousands of miles across the river…… and I am waiting for you……”

Listening with enthusiasm, Gu Yu asked: “What song is that? It’s nice.”

Zhang Siyi smiled and said: “Blue and White Porcelain by Jay Chou.” ** Haven’t you heard of it?”

“I’m familiar with it but I couldn’t remember the name of the song.” Gu Yu glanced at him and said: “You sing better than he does.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu’s loving words makes Zhang Siyi heart soar!

Zhang Siyi suddenly remembered: “Hey, I haven’t heard you sing.”

Gu Yu’s facial expression changed slightly: “Hmm?”

Zhang Siyi: “When we were at KTV , you wouldn’t sing. You told me you only sing to the person you like. I almost forgot!”

Gu Yu: “…”

Zhang Siyi said with excitement: “Come on, sing a song for me.”

Gu Yu: “Do you really want to hear me sing?”

Zhang Siyi: “Of course!” This is his privilege. He was stupid for only remembering now!

Gu Yu coughed lightly: “I can’t sing very well.”

Zhang Siyi saw the flash of embarrassment across Gu Yu’s eyes. Hey! Gu Yu also feels shy! He wrapped his arms around Gu Yu’s arm, pressed his body against his and pestered Gu Yu flirtatiously: “Come on, I want to hear you sing! Sing something for me!”

Gu Yu struggled momentarily, but relented quickly: “Okay, Okay. I’ll sing….”

With great expectations, Zhang Siyi gazed at Gu Yu with anticipation. –Gu Yu’s voice is so wonderful; his singing must be great!

Clearing his throat, Gu Yu ‘uh-hummed’ then opened his mouth to sing: “The breath of rain is the path home, on the road I chased your footsteps …”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu: “Underneath the temperature of yesterday, you hold me like a warm tree …”

Zhang Siyi: “………” Whoa, wait…. is this singing or reading  lyrics? ( ̄_ ̄|||)

Gu Yu continued to sing in a serious way: “Down the road, the rain is gone, I remember now, the wind won’t blow the blessings…”

Listening to Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi thought the song was probably ‘Let’s Watch the Sunrise’ by Joi Chua.** Searching his memory, he was trying to remember the correct tune of the song. – Why won’t Gu Yu sing the correct tune?! Am I mistaken?

Gu Yu: “There is a road after the rain. Like watching the sunrise that year, you took me through the fog and told me to see the hope in the night…”

After listening to Gu Yu for another two sentences, Zhang Siyi confirmed his guess. As Gu Yu continued to ‘sing’, he found it laborious to maintain his excited expression…. He came to a realization. He should have known considering how poorly Gu Yu plays Era of Music.

……Gu Yu isn’t perfect!

Listening to him sing, Zhang Siyi tried hard not to laugh. Now hearing how poorly Gu Yu sang, it ruined his fantasy and as a result, he regretted it just a little.

Regardless, Gu Yu was singing very seriously. Even if it wasn’t the most musical, he was very engaged with Zhang Siyi. From time to time, Gu Yu gazed at Zhang Siyi very affectionately.

Finally waiting for Gu Xiao to finish the song, Zhang Siyi took a deep breath and felt relieved. (=_=)

Gu Yu also breathed a sigh of relief. After a few minutes of silence, he spoke softly: “ Well, I finished singing. Are you satisfied?”

Zhang Siyi: “Hmm…”

Gu Yu turned his head to the side to look at him and asked: “Was it bad?”

Zhang Siyi was afraid that honesty would hurt Gu Yu’s self-esteem so he shook his head ‘no’ and then replied: “It was okay.” Thinking about his singing, Zhang Siyi wanted to cry, but at least, the emotional input was very real!

Keenly aware of his ability, Gu Yu smiled at Zhang Siyi and said: “Don’t lie. My sister has already informed me that a fish sings better than me.” He reached out to rub Zhang Siyi’s head and said: “Just now, I lost to you.”

Suddenly, Zhang Siyi burst into tears. Ah! True love! He held Gu Yu’s hand and said: “Promise me, will you only sing for me?” ….. When people listen, your image will turn to dust.

Gu Yu: “…”

Gu Yu pinched his ear and smiled: “You don’t mind.”

The two of them strolled around the ancient city for an hour. They circled around and headed towards the backyard garden of the inn. Before they reached the back gate, Zhang Siyi heard something…. It sounded like sobbing, coming from inside?

They paused and looked at each other. It seems, the sound Zhang Siyi heard wasn’t part of his imagination. Since it was a calm and clear night, there were no other sounds and as a result, the soft sound of sobs echoing in the garden could be heard very clearly.

….. Is someone crying?

Looking at Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi pouted his mouth and stroked his cheek with his hand to express tears.

Gu Yu frowned and signaled Zhang Siyi not to speak.

Zhang Siyi felt afraid suddenly. The two were in the ancient capital of Japan, where the legend of ghosts and gods flourished. In darkness in the middle of the night someone was crying at the inn. Doesn’t this make a scary scenario?

Unconsciously, Zhang Siyi moved closer to Gu Yu, grabbed his clothes tightly and held onto him.

The two men circumvented a small tree and glanced in the direction of the sound. They saw a person standing at the tree and wiping tears. Gu Yu quickly pulled Zhang Siyi back.

Even though Zhang Siyi didn’t see who it was, knowing it wasn’t a ghost was enough to put him at ease.

Scrunching his brows, Gu Yu expression changed. All traces of joy were gone. He grabbed Zhang Siyi’s hand and wrote a word on his palm, ‘Joe’.

…… Lu Qiao? Zhang Siyi was very surprised and felt very puzzled. – Because of Du Rui and Ji Feiyu? But everyone was very happy playing the game. How can he be here alone crying? Does Lu Qiao like Du Rui, too?

Before he had more strange ideas, he shook his head and got Gu Yu’s attention. He silently mouthed: “What now?”

Behind the tree, Gu Yu continued to make a ‘shh’ gesture at Zhang Siyi. He didn’t want to act rashly. Since it was the only way to enter the inn, he wanted to spare Lu Qiao any embarrassment.

Not a moment had passed when Lu Qiao’s voice could be heard talking to himself ——

“Tree hole! Tree hole! I really can’t hold it in anymore! I am too uncomfortable… No one cares what I think and no one cares that I am unhappy…”

His shaking voice was intermittently interrupted by his own helpless sobs. Witnessing his pitiful state, Zhang Siyi felt empathic. – What is he so sad about?

As Lu Qiao crunched beside the tree, tears flowed down his face. In distress he blurted out: “No one in the whole company knows about their relationship, but I know it’s true! They are gay……”


T/N: Blue and White Porcelain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8Mqw0b9ADs Let’s Watch the Sunrise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlLQrN2GBvY

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