助理建筑师 羲和清零 163

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 163: Kneel


Acting like he was going to ask the most provocative question, Zhang Siyi squinted his eyes at Ji Feiyu and said: “I heard you liked a female colleague in our group. Is it true?”

Everyone listened and thought there was going to be a good show! As long as Ji Feiyu’s answers, naturally they will continue to probe him for answers. However, Ji Feiyu scratched his head and smiled: “I choose a Dare.”

Zhang Siyi almost spit out his mouthful of wine.  – Huh? Why didn’t he go for it? I provided the perfect opening!

Ji Feiyu suddenly looked at Zhang Siyi for additional help and moved his eyes in the direction of Du Rui.

Zhang Siyi understand. Ji Feiyu couldn’t wait for the next question! All right then, send the Buddha to the West for help. Zhang Siyi coughed lightly and said: “Since you are not willing to answer, I will have to punish you. Kneel down before the girl you like.”

Ji Feiyu: “…”

Everyone: “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!”

Ji Feiyu slowly got up from his seat and walked to Du Rui. Under the watchful eyes of the group, he got down on his knees onto the tatami mats. Since they were in a traditional Japanese Inn, they were dinning on tatami mats and low tables. As a result, it didn’t look very strange for Ji Feiyu to kneel down as he was on the same level as everyone else.

As Ji Feiyu maneuver into position, many members of the group hooted and hollered. While some people banged on the table, others tapped their glasses. For a second time the, ruckus grew louder and louder until it culminated into unified cheers.

Watching him in disbelief, Du Rui covered her mouth. His shy expression overshadowed any embarrassment……

Since Tao Fei assessment was correct, Zhang Siyi breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that Du Rui is interested in Ji Feiyu as well.

After ji Feiyu knelt down, he took a small box out of his trouser pocket…. Witness to his actions, everyone in the room held their breath in surprised. They all seems to have similar thoughts. – Shit! Is Ji Feiyu is going to propose?!

Even Du Rui looked shocked at the box he presented. She was even a bit scared.

Fortunately, when Ji Feiyu opened the box, there was only a pair of delicate earrings. He looked at Du Rui and sincerely said: “Du Rui, since your arrival at the company one and half years ago, I am yours. I’ve been attracted to your gentle and quite demure. With further contact, not only did I find that you are a soft-spoken person, but you are also a strong, independent, and hardworking individual with considerable empathy for others.

Being in the spotlight, Ji Feiyu was very nervous and as a result, his tone changed. In the now tense room, all of his colleagues sweated for him.

Ji Feiyu plucked up his courage and continued: “Do you remember the Changsha Hotel project a year ago? At that time, the company was very busy and no one else was able to spare their time to help me. Only you, after finishing your own work did you extend a hand and offer help. You stayed with me the whole week for overtime and together, you helped me tremendously. I was very moved by your kind gesture and wanted to confess to you at that time but I was afraid of rejection. I endured for a year and hearing about your family’s pressure for marriage, I became worried that you would be taken away from me. Our industry is very demanding. We sacrificed a lot of our private life for our profession and as a result, we seldom had the opportunity to date and fall in love. In this field of work, peers are more understanding. It isn’t easy to meet someone special from the same industry . Because of my hesitation, I don’t want to let you go if someone else comes to court you.”

Having heard his confession, with a touch of red in her eyes, Du Rui let go of her breath. The sweet words touched both her heart and everyone else’s. The similarity ended their however, because the sweet words were only directed towards Du Rui. The lone dogs were left feeling a tinge of jealousy.

Ji Feiyu raised the small box in his hand and said: “We saw these pair of earrings the night before in the market in Osaka. I saw you look at them more then once and ask about the price. I don’t know why you didn’t buy them so I made it a point to quietly go back to the shop and buy them for you. I hope you like them. I want to work together, design together, and grow together…… Du Rui, please be my girlfriend!”

The excitement of the occasion could be felt by the group. As the volume increased, people started chanting ‘together’ and as a result, Gu Yu raised his hand to quiet everyone. There didn’t need to be any more pressure on the couple as there already was.

Du Rui wiped the corner of her eye and reached out to take the box. Nodding, she said: “Yes.”

Everyone cheered and screamed: “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!!”

Next to her, Bi Lele was chewing a piece of tempura. With tears in her eyes she exclaimed: “I’ll eat this bowl of dog food gladly!”

After his heart calmed down from the ecstatic feelings of acceptance, Ji Feiyu immediately turned to addressed Gu Yu: “Boss, I’m sorry. I know office romance isn’t encouraged in the work place. If you think……”

Gu Yu could guess what he was going to say and raised his hand to interrupt him: “As long as the relationship doesn’t effect both your work and Du Rui’s then it won’t be a problem.” He himself hasn’t exactly followed the rules by being in a romantic relationship with Zhang Siyi. How could he prevent others?

Ji Feiyu gratefully said: “Thank you!”

Gu Yu smiled at him and said: “I have worked with you for many years and treat you more as a friend than a subordinate. You don’t need to kneel at me. Get up.”

With laughter from the group the volume in the room was once again loud and cheerful. Ji Feiyu turned red then quickly changed his position from kneeling to sitting.

Gu Yu raised his glass and continued: “Today I witnessed heartfelt feelings. I am very happy for you. Du Rui is a good person so I hope you treat her well.”

Ji Feiyu tapped Gu Yu glass with his own and drank all the wine in his cup: “I know, I will!”

After the real purpose of the game was reached, they no longer played.

Waves were made by the shock of Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi acting out ‘fake’ dog food and then shortly after, witnessing Ji Feiyu and Du Rui’s real dog food. In the excitement, many people exceeded their normal alcohol tolerance. As a result, most everyone returned to their rooms to rest.

In these last two days, Tao Fei became obsessed with Era of Music. He also left the dinner party to play the game in his room. While the group wasn’t paying attention, Gu Yu pulled Zhang Siyi along for a walk outside.

At night, Kyoto was quaint and secluded. The inn was located near the Kiyomizu-Dera Temple. Along each side of the road the ancient capital was all around them. At this time, having already closed for the night, most of the small shops are dark, but for the glow of a single warm orange paper lantern hanging outside each shop making the atmosphere rather romantic.

Gu Yu checked his surroundings. With the help of alcohol and the influence of emotions expressed by Ji Feiyu’s heartfelt confession, and seeing no one around, Gu Yu reached out and enveloped Zhang Siyi’s hand with his own.

Gu Yu gave Zhang Siyi’s hand a squeeze. He whispered: “Do you envy them?”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu didn’t hear Zhang Siyi’s answer: “Do you regret staying with me?”

Zhang Siyi: “No.”

Gu Yu smiled gently and said with some sadness: “But I am envious.”

Zhang Siyi: “Hmm…?”

“I envy them because they can openly express their love and can be blessed by everyone.” Gu Yu let out a long deep sigh: “I’m sorry Siyi. I can’t do this for you as I’ve pulled you into the dark to be with me.”

Feeling distressed over Gu Yu admission, to reassure him, Zhang Siyi held Gu Yu hand tightly: “It doesn’t matter, we are good the way we are.”

In fact, Zhang Siyi did have some feeling of jealousy, but not in the way Gu Yu thought. He was envious of the way in which Ji Feiyu got on his knees to confess his feelings.

Zhang Siyi chuckled thinking about it. He jokingly said to Gu Yu: “When Ji Feiyu chose a dare, I asked him to kneel in front of the person he liked because I wanted him to get on one knee like a marriage proposal. I didn’t think he would get down on both knees. Ha-ha……”

While half smiling and half laughing, Gu Yu suddenly took both of Zhang Siyi hands and stopped. Facing one another, Gu Yu looked at Zhang Siyi affectionately. Zhang Siyi stopped speaking and forgot to breathe.

The atmosphere became someone else and he thought that they would kiss…

Instead, Zhang Siyi was caught by surprise when Gu Yu slowly got down on his knee while staring at his face.

Zhang Siyi gasped and held his breath. His nervous heart was pounding in his chest…. The person he loves was on one knee… Gu Yu lowered his head and looked at his shoes: “Your shoelaces are untied.”

Zhang Siyi: “………”

Kneeling on the ancient store floor in Kyoto, slowly and carefully, Gu Yu re-tied Zhang Siyi’s shoelace.


5 thoughts on “助理建筑师 羲和清零 163

  1. Não poder viver um amor abertamente deve ser muito sofrível porque só quem esteve apaixonado de verdade, sabe do que eu estou falando. Estar apaixonado é a melhor sensação do mundo. Seu coração se enche de bondade.

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    1. Son tan tan hermosos… Ojala todo eso que narran pasara en la vida real, en mi vida real… Pero bueno aquí estoy para leer. Muchas gracias!


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