助理建筑师 羲和清零 162

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 162: Wasabi


Xu Jia was fortunate to have won the right to ask the first question. She looked around, and eventually settled her eyes on Gu Yu: “I have a question to ask the Director.”

Gu Yu took a napkin and wiped his mouth. He calmly replied: “Ask away.”

Hesitating slightly, Xu Jia felt a little embarrassed, but she went ahead and asked anyway: “Boss, who do you think is the best employee of the group?”

Everyone snorted — what kind of question is that? He can’t answer it!

Gu Yu: “You are all very good because each of you have your own strength.”

Since his answer was too impartial, everyone felt extremely dissatisfied. They wanted him to name someone. Feeling helpless under the pressure of the group Gu Yu finally offered up a name: “It would be Yuan Zhicheng.”

Yuan Zhicheng had his face buried in his food. He was eating a salmon sushi when he suddenly heard his name and looked up.

Everyone thought Gu Yu would name Zhang Siyi, but unexpectedly the Boss said Yuan Zhicheng.

Gu Yu explained: “Even though Yuan Zhicheng is a low-key person, he is very serious and works extremely diligently. His drawings are excellent.”

Even though Yuan Zhicheng was the best illustrator in the company, his presence was low. Listening, people were moved by Gu Yu’s explanation because it proved to everyone, whether they were loud or quiet, that their work and effort was acknowledged by the Boss.

Everyone raised a glass and coaxed: “Here, here. A toast!  The Director likes you the most!”

Yuan Zhicheng raised his glass and said: “Boss, Thank you.”

After everyone finished the toast, Gu Yu casually picked someone and asked a question, keeping the game going. Not long afterwards, Gu Yu was questioned again!

Even though everyone knew the origin of Ji Feiyu proposition, the group continued to direct their questions at Gu Yu. Who cares which person likes whom! They want to hear gossip!

This time Bi Lele asked the question. She smiled and asked: “Boss, why did you choose Zhang Siyi for your partner in the company’s couple matching game?”

Zhang Siyi: “…” He suspected this! Knowing about her ‘rotten’ nature, this type of question would definitely be asked!” (=_=)

However, since Gu Yu wanted to ignore the rules, the truth-telling aspect of the game is simply a game of ‘willing to take the bait’. Since statements are considered truth, liars don’t need to accept a punishment even when they lie.

Gu Yu glanced at Zhang Siyi and smiled a little: “Because I like him a lot.”

Zhang Siyi: “!!!”  – What about “lie”? Why the fuck aren’t you playing by your rules! (╯#°Д°)╯

After a brief silence, the crowd burst into laughter. Picking up their chopsticks, they tapped on their bowls noisily. It was probably the first time the Director made a joke with them! This game was interesting!

After answering, Gu Yu chose Tao Fei as a target for his next question: “Brother, you have been working with Zhang Siyi for two months on a project. What do you think of Zhang Siyi?”

This is the first time in public that Gu Yu has called Tao Fei brother. Tao Fei grinned and looked straight at Zhang Siyi: “I also like him a lot.”

Zhang Siyi: “!!!” Fuck! You are ganging up on me!

Everyone: “Ha-ha-ha-ha…”

The cooperation between Gu Yu and Tao Fei was too clever. Gu Yu first gave an ambiguous answer causing people to wonder if he had special feelings for Zhang Siyi, but then he asked Tao Fei a question and characterized they’re ‘like’ as in friends and comrades. His answer made it clear to everyone that they were just joking.

Anyway, as long as everyone is having a good time, no one cares whether there is any truth to the statement or not.

“It’s my turn to ask a question, yes?” Tao Fei directed his site to Zhang Siyi and grinned: “Zhang Siyi, who do you like more, me or my brother?”

Zhang Siyi: “……” What the fuck are you doing!

Everyone burst into laughter. Some people were laughing so hard that they fell to the tatami mats and rolled on the ground.

As the questions continued to revolve around him in some fashion, Zhang Siyi felt indignant. Since Gu Yu told him to lie, he will: “I don’t like either of you!”

Tao Fei was surprised: “Hey, you’ve fouled!”

Zhang Siyi stubbornly questioned: “How did I foul?”

Tao Fei: “I gave you a multiple-choice question so your answer has to be either myself or Gu Yu, but what answer did you just give? Replying without using the correct format is punishable!”

Since part of the game revolved around actions when someone didn’t want to admit a fact, in the excitement, everyone was swayed by Tao Fei’s logic and started to chant: “Puh-nish! Puh-nish!”

Framed by the crowd, Zhang Siyi couldn’t get away from the spotlight. Throwing everything to the wind he exclaimed: “Fine!”

He raised his glass to drink but was held back by Tao Fei: “Wait, who said the punishment was drinking?”

Zhang Siyi: “Doesn’t the person who chose Dare drink directly?”

Looking at him, Tao Fei raised his eyebrows. He took his chopsticks from his small dish and picked up a huge piece of wasabi then placed it on top of a piece of sushi: “I have heard of that lazy way of playing, but I play it differently.”

Zhang Siyi was shocked at what was placed before him. Does Tao Fei want him to eat it? He doesn’t tolerant spicy foods well. Normally, he can’t even stand the tiniest piece of wasabi, let alone a huge chunk like what was placed before him. If he ate it, he would definitely die!

Tao Fei smiled at his ‘masterpiece’ and offered an alternative: “I’ll give you two choices. Either eat this piece of sushi or,”  he glanced at Gu Yu, “you give brother a kiss.”

Gu Yu: “…”

Zhang Siyi: “………”

Everyone excitedly banged the table and chanted in unison: “Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him!”

Tao Fei narrowed his eyes at Gu Yu, as if to say, brother, I can only help you here.

Comparing the two choices, the difficulty of eating such a large piece of wasabi was obvious, However, kissing Gu Yu in front of everyone…… Zhang Siyi was beyond shy. He quietly looked a Gu Yu. To his surprised, Gu Yu was watching him with anticipation.

Given this rare opportunity to show affection in front of everyone in the guise of the game, Zhang Siyi had to admit he was a little excited…… Maybe, Gu Yu wants it too?

Temporarily forgetting the shackles that society has placed on him, Zhang Siyi unconsciously already had turned his head and leaned over…. He placed a kiss on Gu Yu’s face.

All the female colleagues held their face and screamed. Even the male colleagues hooted and whooped. While everyone was being boisterous and loud, the atmosphere reached a high tide!

Bright red, Zhang Siyi retracted his head. He wiped his mouth in a hurry and drank a glass of wine to hide.

Contrary to Zhang Siyi actions, Gu Yu sat still with a calm face. Having been kissed by another man, he didn’t appear embarrassed at all and in fact, he looked at Zhang Siyi in the eye and smiled slightly at him.

This little expression once again sparked the screams of a couple of rotten coworkers……. God, what to do! They want to see the Director and Zhang Siyi together!

Among them, there is one person who can’t find any reason to feel happy: Lu Qiao.

Even though it is supposed to be a game, his views were collapsing. Is it true that he is the only one who thinks that the relationship between Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu is not normal? And Tao Fei, why did he suggest such a proposition? How can he make that type of joke? What are they all excited about?

Lu Qiao felt as if he was slowly being separated from the group. He was unable to connect with his colleagues and integrate with them and as a result, he wasn’t able to find his place.

He was like a spectator only able to watch people revel in happiness, but not participate in it.

“Now it’s my turn, right?” Zhang Siyi looked to Ji Feiyu and said: “Chicken brother, I want to ask you a question.” Since Ji Feiyu was the main character of the game, this brother looked forward to ‘The-Question’ for so long. Wanting to divert people attention away from Gu Yu and himself, Zhang Siyi decided it would be a good time to address Ji Feiyu and lend him a helping hand


20 thoughts on “助理建筑师 羲和清零 162

  1. Tao Fei the wingman bro, fighting the good fight lol. I think it would do Lu qiao good to debate his current dilemma with him, to gather a viewpoint from a fellow outsider who has inisights to the truth of ZSY and GY’s relationship.

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  2. Tao Feo the true Bro,paving the way for them.At 1st I wasnt sure abt him but now I appreciate his quick wit and boldness.Sigh LQ,it’s dangerous how inferiority complex can become.

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  3. Lu Qiao is the one isolating himself to the group, not the group. He said it himself, he categorized people based on their economic status. Who told him to categorized people. The problem lies with himself, then he blames it to other people. His inferiority complex isn’t visible before, but it’s taking a maximum turn here. Somebody talk him out of it. Tsk tsk.

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  4. I don’t like Lu here. He’s being pessimistic and even a homophobic idk why. He’s thinking that he’s being left behind, it’s his way of thinking that separated him from his acquaintances. His jealousy, insecurity and self-pity conquered him.


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