助理建筑师 羲和清零 152

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 152: Exclusive


Gu Yu statement caused Zhang Siyi to feel momentarily scared. When did he say something so horrible? Under Zhang Siyi’s strong pull, Gu Yu quickly put down the pen. He didn’t want the ink brush to stain something else. Zhang Siyi turned him around and facing Gu Yu, he hugged him in an embrace.

Feeling resentful, Gu Yu wanted to remain silent, however, as soon as he saw Zhang Siyi face, he couldn’t help himself from speaking out: “I thought you wanted to play games. So, go play!”

Zhang Siyi stared at him: “How can I play when you are like this!?”

Coldly, Gu Yu replied: “I’m sorry to bother you.”

Zhang Siyi could feel his anger rising. – I hate it when he gets jealous!

He didn’t want to continue arguing with Gu Yu and as a result, he simply stared at him instead. Not knowing what to do next, Zhang Siyi held him tighter. In the end, Gu Yu relaxed. In a way, without arguing, his goal was achieved.

Slowly Gu Yu admitted: “You haven’t played the violin for me in a long time.”

Zhang Siyi’s mouth twitched… He really was jealous!

It was too late to savor the feeling as Gu Yu quickly pressed on: “Well, if you remember, you said you only play the violin for people that you like… It turns out again, that your ‘like’ isn’t serious.”

Hearing the accusations of seemingly trivial matters made Zhang Siyi heart stop.

Continuing his explanation, Gu Yu said in a soft tone like a lost child: “It seems like I have misunderstood. I thought hearing you play the violin was exclusively mine.”

Zhang Siyi completely abandoned any resistance: “I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong!”

He didn’t think that his off-handed remark would make Gu Yu think so much. Since he was most afraid of letting Gu Yu down, he could care less about the details and other things.

Shit! Since he said it, he has to adhere to his statement. In the future, he will only be able to play the violin for Gu Yu alone!

“I was just saying it!” Zhang Siyi held Gu Yu face in his hands and kissed him lightly all over his face while apologizing: “I’m sorry. I will only play for you in the future. Don’t be angry.”

Gu Yu wasn’t sure: “Only for me?”

Zhang Siyi held up his right hand and in a hurry said: “Really! I swear! Just for you!”

Finally, Gu Yu’s eyes softened. He raised his hands and caressed Zhang Siyi’s face then gently kissed him back.

He is addicted to taste of being loved by the person you love. Both sweet and sour, straight to the heart and deeply etched into your bones. This is love. It simply makes people act foolishly.

Laying down on the bed, the two continued to hold each other for a while. Gu Yu asked: “What game did you just play?”

Zhang Siyi quickly grabbed he iPad and returned to show Gu Yu: “It’s really fun. You should try it and see.”

Zhang Siyi started the simplest song to let Gu Yu get a feel for the game. The tempo is very slow and the drop-down icon is also slow. Primary school students may find it more difficult, but Gu Yu does not.

Gu Yu doesn’t seem to be interested in the game. As he pressed the required buttons he asked: “Is this not the same as the typing game that was popular in the early years when computers first came out?”

Zhang Siyi: “It’s not the same. That older game was to help you learn the letters of a keyboard. You need to listen to the beat and press keys in this one.”

At the end of a piece of music, Gu Yu looked at his own achievements; only an A. The accuracy rate was less than 95%. Gu Yu immediately raised an eyebrow.

Although he did not participate, he heard Gu Yao marveling at Zhang Siyi’s ability to achieve an A+ every time. The current best results are indeed Zhang Siyi’s.

Next to him, Zhang Siyi gloated and said: “Ha-ha, I am still awesome!”

Gu Yu wasn’t happy and requested another slightly more difficult song. This time since he missed two, the score was even worse at a B. He took a look at the highest record; still Zhang Siyi’s.

In disbelief, Gu Yu asked: “Do you always score an A+?”

Zhang Siyi: “Of course! Level three songs are so simple. I can play the first five levels at an A+”

Gu Yu: “…”

Zhang Si Yi picked a new track of the highest level he can play at present and personally demonstrated it for Gu Yu to see.

Gu Yu watched as his nimble fingers quickly press the correct keys on the screen with accuracy and again, he reached an A+ with a score of 99.3%!

Gu Yu’s eyes widened in disbelief. There seems to be more to it.

Zhang Siyi pushed the iPad to him and let him try the same level on his own. Since it was Gu Yu first attempt at playing and because of the difficulty, he couldn’t keep up with the rhythm and missed many keys.

Next to him, Zhang Siyi urged: “Move faster! Get with the beat! Ah, missed again.”

The final result came out; not even a B……

Gu Yu was silent. Zhang Siyi was silent.

Gu Yu’s silence is an accident. This game is not as simple as he thought. He was depressed at the gap between his own ability and Zhang Siyi’s.

Zhang Siyi is silent. He can’t understand why Gu Yu can’t get the simple rhythm and missed so much. He suspects that Gu Yu was deliberately losing!

With a newfound appreciation, Gu Yu seriously tried the game again. He also told Zhang Siyi to shut-up and stop distracting him. However, even with his determination, his score wasn’t much better than before.

Looking at Gu Yu’s puzzled expression of disbelief, Zhang Siyi tried to muffle a laugh, but instead a ‘pfft’ slipped out.

With a dark expression Gu Yu asked: “Tell me honestly. Have you ever played this game before?”

Zhang Siyi hurriedly said: “Don’t talk nonsense. I’m playing this game for the first time!”

Gu Yu wondered and questioned: “But how can you play so well when you don’t know how to play a piano?”

Zhang Siyi didn’t understand why Gu Yu was having a hard time. It was frustrating and he didn’t know how to explain how simply it was for him…. Suddenly, with a burst of wisdom Zhang Siyi spoke out: “I know!”

Gu Yu looked at him and flatly responded: “What do you know?”

Zhang Siyi rubbed his chin: “This may be some kind of latent talent. Just like why academics are so easy for you, this game is easy for me. You mentioned before in middle school you watched others struggle to pass exams while you passed with flying colors without effort…… Do you think they’re mentally retarded?

Gu Yu narrowed his eyes: “So, you think I’m mentally retarded now?”

Zhang Siyi mouth twitched: “I don’t mean that!”

Watching Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi had a bad feeling… If Gu Yu can’t beat his game, will he be angry at him?

“Hey! What are you doing? …Shit!   You really can’t play such a simple game…… Ah, ha-ha-ha-ha, don’t tickle me, Ha-ha-ha…. Uh, Hm, Mnm….”


After washing her face, Gu Yao went back to her room to sleep. In the hallway, she heard the familiar sound of music coming from her brother’s room. It piqued her interest, so she crept to their door and eavesdropped on them… Hey, isn’t this the same game they were just playing?

Then she heard Zhang Siyi giving out pointers: “Faster! Follow the rhythm.……”

Gu Yao jaw dropped. The more she stood there listening, the more irritated she felt. Who was the one that was opposed to them playing!? Yet now, he and Zhang Siyi were hiding in his bedroom playing! Too much!

When she heard Zhang Siyi explain to her brother why he played badly, Gu Yao almost laughed out loud! In the next moment, the music stopped and the sounds coming from the room seem a little strange…. Is he tickling Siyi? Hmm? It doesn’t seem right.…… Ah! She realized and reacted. Her face turned bright red and she felt embarrassed standing out in the hallway listening.  Oh, my god, she’s still a baby. My brothers are out of line! (&////&)

The next morning, Zhang Siyi ate Gu Yu’s breakfast and went out to the hotel to pick up his father and mother. Since Gu Yao rarely visited, she wasn’t in a hurry to leave. She was playing with Townhouse when she heard violin music in the direction of the sofa, she asked: “What are you listening to?” She curiously crept over and saw her brother watching a video on his mobile phone. The violin music was coming from the mobile phone.

Gu Yao craned her neck and took a peek. The person on the video…. Isn’t that Zhang Siyi? She also noticed the location of the video was this very living room. She saw Zhang Siyi focus on playing the music while wearing a white tux. Listening to the song, she watched him play a classical piece in a fast-paced rock style.

From the bottom of her heart and eyes sparkling, Gu Yao blurted out: “Wow! So awesome! He is so handsome!” 

Letting her only see part of the video, Gu Yu suddenly put the phone away.

“Hey! Why did you stop it?  I haven’t finished watching it yet!” Seeing the excitement suddenly came to an abrupt end, she complained. Clutching her brother’s shoulder, she tried to grab the phone away from him.

Gu Yu glanced at her sideways: “What do you think? Good, right?”

Gu Yao desperately nodded: “It’s very good, but I haven’t finished listening to it yet!”

Gu Yu put his mobile phone away and stood up, unmoved: “Your brother-in-law said he would only play the violin for me to listen to. Stop pestering him to play the violin for you. It was enough for you to see that short video clip.”

Gu Yao: “…” Bastard brother! He had his wife shun the younger sister. She really was there just to buy food!

Leaning on her, Townhouse let out a gentle ‘oowoo’ as if to tell her: “Sister, you still have me!”

When Zhang Siyi returned to the villa with his mother and father, Gu Yu drove them to the most famous spots in Haicheng. They also passed by Zhang Siyi’s workplace and learned a little about his company and job. At noon, they ate lunch at a restaurant outside. Soon, his parents needed to catch the train back to Ningcheng. Now that they know their son is following such a good boss, they could leave feeling at ease and assured about Zhang Siyi’s future.

After Zhang Siyi’s parents left, Gu Yu drove his sister back to school and also gave her a lot of fried fish for her to enjoy with her roommates.

After the weekend passed, it was time to work.  At the company the next day, in an effort to unify the travelers, everyone that was going on the trip had a package waiting for them that included their travel visa as well as a company t-shirt and travel cap. The company employees were in a festive mood.

However, the uniform dress code made the girl colleague a little bit depressed because the straight t-shirt was rather unattractive.

Someone protested: “The t-shirt is so ugly. Do I have to wear it?”

With a rare opportunity to travel out of the country, naturally one wants to take beautiful photos. How frustrating would it be if during the whole trip, only the company t-shirt was worn!?


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  1. Thank you for the translation. Their love is at early stages so I understand the fear and mental struggle. But they need to have the basic foundation which is trust. It seems they need to work on that. Otherwise, physical love will fizzle out

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  2. Gu Yu did it deliberately to quietly boast about Zhang Siyi being exclusively his.

    haha. I really do find such moments of him real adorable (*^w^*)

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