助理建筑师 羲和清零 150

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 150: Match


After an hour of walking, they decided to head back to the villa. Once they returned, while Gu Yu offered tea to drink in the living room with Father Zhang, Mother Zhang rolled up her sleeves, put on an apron and called Zhang Siyi to the kitchen to help start preparing an early dinner.

First, the two dealt with the food-stuffs that Zhang Siyi’s family brought with them. Since the fried fish was partially prepared, his mother schooled him: “If its thoroughly cooked when you store the fish in the refrigerator, then it won’t be tasty when you reheat it later. When you want to eat it, take out the fish, put a little oil on it and set it in a hot pan.”

Zhang Siyi nodded vaguely and intended to turn back to Gu Yu to tell him, but his mother interrupted: “Normally, who cooks?”

Zhang Siyi answered without thought: “Gu Yu.”

Pausing a moment, Zhang Siyi’s mother seemed a little surprised and asked: “All the time? And that isn’t a problem? “

Zhang Siyi replied as a matter of fact: “No. He cooks and I wash the dishes. His cooking is better than mine.”

Hearing thus, Mother Zhang wondered how there can be such a perfect man; handsome with strong work ethics and the ability to cook and do housework…. Why, it just like the characters from one-of-those-books….

Zhang Siyi interrupted his mother’s thoughts: “It’s not like I do nothing when he cooks. I normally help him prepare the food too.”

Mother Zhang: “……”  – These two children live together like a married couple……… – Oh, no! Xu Ruqin, don’t think about it. Do I want him to get involved?

Mother Zhang coughed lightly, and asked: “Isn’t Gu Yu’s sister also in Haicheng? With so much food, why don’t you ask her to come over for dinner tonight?”

Startled, Zhang Siyi froze and instinctively replied with reluctance: “His sister’s school is far away from here. It takes more than an hour by subway.”  In fact, there is nothing wrong with asking Gu Yao to come over and eat. The real problem is the motivation behind his mother’s invitation.

However, his mother was very insistent: “It is only four o’clock now. Since Haicheng is a big city, an hour isn’t really a lot of time to travel. There is plenty of time for her to travel here for dinner so hurry up and ask her.

Feeling awkward, Zhang Siyi looked out of the kitchen and asked Gu Yu unenthusiastically: “Hey. My mother would like your sister to come over for dinner.”

Pausing his conversation with Zhang Siyi’s father, Gu Yu looked up and calmly replied: “Go ahead and send her a message and ask.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” – Gu Yu didn’t object? And with no excuse to refuse? He could have simply said ‘my sister may not be free’ …ah!

Feeling depressed and duty bound, Zhang Siyi pulled out his mobile phone and sent a message in their three-person group chat: “Calling the revolutionary comrades.”

……  I hope Gu Yao won’t see it… don’t look, don’t look, don’t look…… not for another two or three hours before you check the message!

Gu Yao: “I’m here! What does the Division want?”

Zhang Siyi: “Wow! You replied so quickly!”

Gu Yao: “Ha-ha. I was just chatting with friends. What’s up?”

Zhang Siyi: “Are you free now?”

Gu Yao: “What?”

Zhang Siyi: “My parents are here visiting and my mom would like it if you came over for dinner.”

Gu Yao: “Why do I feel that Auntie has ulterior motives? (→_→)”

Zhang Siyi: “Your feeling is not wrong. (=_=)”

After a half-minute, Gu Yao replied: “Ok. I’ll pack up and come right away.”

Zhang Siyi: “!!!” Even knowing there are ‘ulterior motives’ she still comes!? What is she thinking!?

Returning to the kitchen, Zhang Siyi was dismayed: “She said she will come right away.”

Mother Zhang took a look at her son and didn’t understand her son’s resistance and depressed mood. She took this opportunity to remind him of exhibiting proper polite behavior: “She isn’t just anyone. She is Gu Yu’s sister and he asked you to message her. Stop moping. It is one thing if she can’t come, but another if you continue to act that way.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Well, his mother has a point.

Just as Mother Zhang was plating the final dishes for dinner, at nearly six in the evening, Gu Yao arrived. Today, she was wearing a pale pink dress that was simple and elegant. On her feet, she wore a pair of small jade sandals. With her facial features, big eyes and clothing choices, together they made her look exceptionally cute. Zhang Siyi didn’t understand why Gu Yao, this elf-like beauty hasn’t found a boyfriend yet. It is simply unscientific!

Since the small table that Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi usually ate at wasn’t large enough for everyone, Gu Yu had raised the extension arms on the sides to make the table top larger. Now, there was plenty of room for all eight dishes and five people.

“Good Uncle and Aunt.” Gu Yao politely greeted Zhang’s father and mother first.

Zhang Siyi’s father has never seen Gu Yao before. He has only heard about her from Mother Zhang who once said she was like an angel descended from the heavens. He thought she was exaggerating, but upon looking at her, he could see for himself that she wasn’t. Gu Yao really appeared to be a mythical being.

Gu Yao noticed the golden retriever at her side and excitedly said: “Ah! Doggie!”

Watching Gu Yao cheerful and undisguised, lively nature, Mother Zhang was once again reminded of the ideal daughter-in-law; a perfect match. Zhang Siyi’s mother smiled broadly and asked: “You haven’t seen this dog?”

Petting the dog, Gu Yao answered her: “Well, I have been busy with my thesis at school and haven’t been back here since Zhang Siyi moved in.”

Mother Zhang enthusiastically and warmly gestured: “Come here and let’s eat first.”

During the meal, Zhang Siyi’s father showed obvious curiosity for Gu Yao. He rarely ever talked while eating, but today was different. Throughout the meal, he constantly asked Gu Yu questions about his sister; how old she was, where she was studying, what subjects…. The information that one normally enquires about when trying to make a match for a son.

Looking at his Father’s extraordinary soft facial expression, Zhang Siyi felt so embarrassed he could die. He didn’t understand what Gu Yao was thinking. Earlier, not in the group chat, she texted him and said she could help, but this is too much. How is this helping? It is only making his parents confused!

After dinner, Zhang Siyi went to the kitchen and washed the dishes feeling distraught. For a long time, he could hear the bout of laughter from the living room as his father and mother continued to talk with Gu Yu and his sister.

Feeling indignant over current events, Zhang Siyi took out his anger on the dishes and roughly handled them. Gu Yu came in silently and walked behind him to kiss his ear. Startled, Zhang Siyi jumped in fright and quickly looked behind: “What are you doing!”

Gu Yu pinched his helpless face: “Don’t pout. Smile.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” With his parent’s behavior, how can he laugh now!?

Gu Yu patted his shoulder and said: “I know what you’re thinking and I’ll talk to you later.” Afterwards, Gu Yu returned to the living room.

When Zhang Siyi finished washing the dishes, he walked to the living room and sat with them on the couch to join in on their discussion. After a while, Zhang Siyi’s parents decided it was time to head back to the hotel to rest. As his parents were gathering their belongings and everyone was putting on their coats, Zhang Siyi took the opportunity to walk to dog and got out Townhouse’s leash.

When they were leaving, Zhang Siyi’s mother worried: “It is half past eight already. Gu Yao’s school is so far away. Is she going to go back this late?”

Gu Yu smiled and said: “Auntie, rest assured. I won’t let her go back this late at night. The room where Zhang Siyi is now living was originally setup as a place for my sister to come visit. Zhang Siyi, come to my room tonight and squeeze in with me.”

Zhang Siyi: “…… Oh.”

Mother Zhang was very satisfied with the arrangement: “That’s right. It is not very safe for a girl to be traveling so late alone.”

Saying their good nights, Zhang Siyi sent his parents off and the three of them walked the dog. Zhang Siyi glared at Gu Yao: “Hey! What were you doing!? You knew what my parents were thinking and you deliberately made them misunderstand.”

Gu Yao didn’t appreciate being yelled at: “You’re wrong! My brother called me!”


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