助理建筑师 羲和清零 149

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 149: Object


Father Zhang snorted and interrupted her: “You are acting like the country folk who moved the whole family into the big city. You didn’t need to bring the kitchen-sink.”

Mother Zhang glared at Father Zhang then glanced in Gu Yu direction, expecting him to say something.

Rarely in his Father’s defense, this time Zhang Siyi spoke up: “Mom, Haicheng is not without lychees. Every time you see me, you give me so many things. I am very happy knowing you have good food to eat so there is no need to give it all away. If I need something, I’ll buy it here.”

Zhang Siyi’s mother smiled and scolded him: “How can a family member say there is no need? Did your rabbit brain break? When did you learn to talk that way to your family?”

In all honestly, Zhang Siyi didn’t know why he talked back to his parents. Probably the reason was the result of being with Gu Yu. He was actually very nervous and feeling guilty. He knew that his parents may never approve and be satisfied with his life’s decision and as a result, Zhang Siyi felt a sense of worry and loss.

When they arrived at Yuanshan Garden, Gu Yu first dropped them off out front to unpack the car and then he drove around to the parking lot. When Zhang Siyi’s Mother stepped out of the car, she said: “This is a really nice area to live in.”

Proudly, Zhang Siyi introduced his parents to his home: “This area is the old city and the nearby buildings are protected.” Through the portcullis and across the courtyard, he took his parents to his home. When he opened the door, Townhouse was there wagging his tail to greet them.

Ms. Zhang was surprised: “Hey, there is a dog!”

Zhang Siyi Said: “Well, you needn’t be afraid. He is very docile and doesn’t usually bark. “

When his mother heard Zhang Siyi say ‘you needn’t be afraid’ she chuckled and smiled. She felt like for the first time, the tone her son emulated was a little bit like an adult.

Changing his shoes, Father Zhang asked: “You and Gu Yu have to go to work, but also have time to take care of a dog?”

Zhang Siyi: “There isn’t much more time needed to take care of him. After eating, we take the dog out for a walk. It’s not a hassle.”

Father Zhang continued: “Your mother also mentioned various business trips and you are expected to be going abroad soon. How will you take care of the dog when you leave?”

Zhang Siyi: “The pet shop has foster care facilities you can register your dog with.”

Looking at the golden retriever, mother Zhang suddenly remembered: “Isn’t this the same dog your friend bought and posted pictures on your social media page? What was it…? The son of Heartless Han?”

Puzzled, his Father asked: “Who is the son of Heartless Han?”

Zhang Siyi’s mother answered: “His original roommate that he rented an apartment with. The one that had the accident at home and now is abroad.”

Zhang Siyi smiled and said: “Ha-ha, you even remembered that.”

Mother Zhang quipped: “I am your mother. What is there that I do not know? I have gathered all information and read every message on your social media pages. You used to post frequently about what you did everyday including your meals. Now that you are at work, you post so much less. Are you too busy at the company?”

By the warmth of his mother statement, Zhang Siyi heart was moved. It was as Gu Yu said earlier. Only a mother would care about the details of what he ate and did every day.

After putting away the packages, Zhang Siyi went to show his parents the house. Previously, when he was a roommate with his friends, he didn’t feel the need to show his parents the apartment. Afterall, it was only one room he rented with two other friends, but now there is a difference. With his relationship with Gu Yu, this house is not only his place of residence, but his home as well.

Like a small master, Zhang Siyi proudly showed his parents his room and the living spaces both upstairs and downstairs.

The downstairs living room is mainly used for receiving and entertaining guests. The upstairs terrace is more of an intimate setting where they can relax at night. It is a good place to read books or play a game of chess at the small table on the platform. If the weather is good, the sliding glass door can be opened to let the fresh air come inside.

Mother Zhang looked around and sighed: “It really is a good environment. Old Zhang, you see this place that these two live in. Studying architecture in the end was good for your son. Its more beautiful then the places on TV.”

Walking around with his hands clasped behind his back, Zhang Siyi’s father was very satisfied. The collection of books and elegant atmosphere in the home was the perfect residence for a scholar.

Scratching his head Zhang Siyi said: ”Hey now, this is Gu Yu’s work. I just sit back and enjoy it.” Zhang Siyi smiled and wanted to brag about Gu Yu to his parents for them to understand — This wonderful man is your son’s boyfriend!

His Father lectured him: “Know that you are enjoying another’s achievements. Living together is no better then living at home. There is no babysitter to cook and do your laundry. Don’t be lazy and take advantage of it. Although Gu Yu is older than you, there is no good reason for him to take care of you to this extent.”

Hearing his father’s lecture, Zhang Siyi wasn’t as resentful towards him as he had been in the past. He was happy to explain his living conditions: “I know. The division of labor is very clear. He cooks and I wash the dishes. On odd days I clean, and on even days he does. On the weekends we have time to do laundry and finish chores together.”

In fact, although the rules were clearly stipulated, Zhang Siyi was very lazy sometimes and would forget. As a result, Gu Yu would still clean-up for him. Listening to his dad, Zhang Siyi only reacted and realized that he hasn’t received a bonus from Gu Yu in a long time. It seems, Zhang Siyi really does need to listen to his father and earn some bonus points in the future.

Mother Zhang smiled: “No wonder the home is very clean. My friend always complained about the pet hair getting all over the place, but I don’t see any here. It’s a very tidy.”

In the past two months, Gu Yu was adamant about brushing the dog properly and keeping the family clean. He was more dedicated then the dog’s original father.

As they were talking, Gu Yu came back and the three of them went downstairs to decide on a place to eat.

Gu Yu: “You have had a long trip and it’s not too early anymore. How about we get a quick bite to eat downstairs?”

Ms. Zhang was very polite: “We brought a lot of dishes and can eat the dumplings once they are cooked.”

Gu Yu looked at the time: “I’m afraid you are hungry now, and cooking the food will take some time. There is a small place that is inexpensive down the street that makes very good dumplings. We can eat a little now and prepare a nice dinner together for later.”

After listening to Gu Yu, Zhang father nodded: “Zhang Siyi should have arranged it so he would take us out to dinner. And by the way, I am pleased to have you join us. Now, you are going to be the host. Isn’t that too much of a bother?”

Gu Yu smiled briefly and said: “Uncle, you are polite. You rarely come visit. It’s only proper for me to be the one making the invitations for dinner.”

The more mother Zhang heard Gu Yu and witness his actions, the more she liked him. While they were walking to the restaurant, she held Zhang Siyi back a little and asked: “Gu Yu is thirty. Does he have a girlfriend? You are living with him now. Does your presence affect his personal life?”

Feeling guilty, Zhang Siyi heart was tight and pretended to not know: “Not that I know of.”

His mother had heard Zhang Siyi’s explanation for moving and living with Gu Yu. She commented: “He was originally living alone. In order to help you, he has sacrificed his personal life. You need to pay attention to the consequences of your actions. Hurry and move out. Don’t bother people and cause unnecessary trouble. You know?”

Zhang Siyi: “Oh…”  Hey, in fact, he is the “object” of Gu Yu! ╭(╯_╰)╮

The small restaurant was indeed very close. When its late, Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu often go there to eat since the price is moderate and the food is good.

After lunch, the four people went shopping nearby. Zhang Siyi told his parents about the origins of the distant mountain villa. He pointed out the various architectural styles and characteristics of the nearby old buildings.

However, because the expert is present, where Zhang Siyi was wrong, Gu Yu still pointed out his mistakes and corrected him.

Zhang Siyi rarely had the opportunity to showcase his knowledge in front of his parents. Since Gu Yu kept correcting him, the result wasn’t what he wanted. Feeling annoyed, they bickered with one another. However, even if the words expressed sounded like they were fighting, their gestures and mannerisms suggested something more akin to flirting.

Even though Zhang Siyi’s father didn’t think much of the scene before him, Zhang Siyi mother had been exposed to those-kinds-of-stories. Although she knows she shouldn’t, she couldn’t help her mind from wandering…… In fact, her son and Gu Yu are also a good match.


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