助理建筑师 羲和清零 148

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 148: Visit


Regrettably, Zhang Siyi missed the rare expression on Gu Yu’s face because he was completely immersed in his own complaints…. What, “wife”! He doesn’t call himself that!

Zhang Siyi leisurely returned Gu Yu’s phone. He couldn’t stop himself from foolishly laughing: “I didn’t cook the dinner. I only helped!”

Even though lying isn’t a commendable thing, Gu Yu’s deliberate misdirection made Zhang Siyi feel loved. Gu Yu’s action was really cute!

Returning to normal, Gu Yu calmly said: “Enlightenment is good. Remember wife, you owe me a dinner.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

After dinner, they went outside to walk the dog. Once they returned and hung up their coats, they went upstairs and sat down at the chess table. Gu Yu was going to teach Zhang Siyi how to play.

Gu Yu explained the movements of each chess piece and by playing two games with him, Gu Yu guided Zhang Siyi step-by-step. In the early stages, it didn’t matter who won or lost the game.

Having quickly learned the movements of the pieces and the rules of the game, Zhang Siyi thought chess was simple and smugly said: “What’s so hard about chess? It seems pretty easy. Come on, let’s see your skills!”

Lifting his eye site to look at Zhang Siyi momentarily, Gu Yu grinned widely: “You asked for it.”

After setting up the chessboard, with great enthusiasm, Zhang Siyi moved his first piece. Being under the care of Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi thought he would always show him mercy.

During the game, Zhang Siyi encountered danger twice. Since he was able to counter the moves and escape, he further believed Gu Yu was going easy on him. In contrast to Gu Yu’s attitude towards the girl during the day, Zhang Siyi’s heart swelled and felt intoxicated by sweet feelings.

Gradually, he realized something wasn’t quite right. Several times he had to make sacrifices to protect his pieces but it wasn’t enough. Calmly and methodical, move-by-move, Gu Yu had taken each of his own pieces.

Playing rashly, Zhang Siyi was left with a few pieces to protect his king. In chess, the queen’s power was almost omnipotent while the king can only walk one small step at a time. Zhang Siyi used his queen to protect his king for if he moved his queen farther from the king’s side, Zhang Siyi thought he would be easily taken.

Unbeknown to Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu deliberately let Zhang Siyi feel hopeful by letting him keep his queen. Gu Yu wanted to play a slow game with Zhang Siyi. Feeling pressured, Zhang Siyi realized it wasn’t easy to play both an offensive and defensive chess match.

After thirty minutes, Zhang Siyi panicked as his queen finally fell. Left with only his king, he noticed the section of the grid that was safe to move in was very small. His heart was grey.

Even now, Gu Yu wasn’t in a hurry to overtake him. Gu Yu systematically used his eight remaining pieces to slowly force Zhang Siyi’s king to move until he was completely surrounded.

Zhang Siyi desperate attempts slowly turned into despair. When he decided to admit defeat, he looked up and saw Gu Yu smiling at him with an expression that the outcome of the game was clearly expected written on his face.

Feeling a twinge of annoyance, Zhang Siyi almost didn’t resign, but finally, he knocked over the pieces and said: “I admit to defeat!”

Gu Yu smiled at him then looked at the board and said: “But I haven’t killed you yet.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Ah, you go to hell! (╯‵皿’)╯(┻━┻

Gu Yu muffled his laughter and reset the board for another round: “Ready for another round?”

With bulging cheeks, Zhang Siyi squinting his eyes and said: “I’m not playing anymore!” Zhang Siyi thought Gu Yu’s slow pace was merciful, but in fact he had be toying with him the whole time!

Gu Yu laughed out and asked: “Are you angry?”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu continued to tease him: “How are my chess skills?”

Zhang Siyi stood up and jumped over the table to push Gu Yu and directly overwhelmed him. Since Gu Yu blocked his mouth, Zhang Siyi bit him instead. He is a man and wants to determine the outcome in a man’s way! …… Hey, wait, what are you doing!

The gentlemanly discussion did not begin.

“Ah, mmn…..”

A minute later, Gu Yu countered Zhang Siyi bold advances.

Five minutes later, with pleasurable sighs and moans, anyone listening would feel their heart race and face turn red.

Ten minutes later, Gu quipped in a hoarse voice: “What are you going to call me?”

Zhang Siyi: “You…” (o////o)

Gu Yu: “Well? Let me hear it.”

Zhang Siyi: “fuck off….!”

Zhang Siyi: “Mm, Ha… Ah, ah…”

Another minute later, Zhang Siyi collapsed and cried out: “Gege! Gege!”

Gu Yu smiled in satisfaction and whispered softly in Zhang Siyi ear: “Next time, call me husband.”

Zhang Siyi: “…… Get out!!!”

Monday at work, Zhang Siyi saw the director smiling at him warmly and waited for the young man to greet him as courteous and politely as before…. Unexpectedly, the director witnessed Zhang Siyi turn his head the other direction and walk right by him.

Chief Director: “???”

Zhang Siyi: – Hey I’m going to ignore you. (ˋ_ˊ)

The cousin who had access to Gu Yu WeChat hadn’t made contact again. When the Chief implicitly asked Gu Yu about his situation a second time, he finally had the chance to refuse outright. Gu Yu tactfully expressed his intentions for someone else. Elders also understand the larger issue at hand and since both children had no further intentions on this matter, there was no need to continue trying to put them together.

After Gu Yu told Zhang Siyi about it, Zhang Siyi felt completely relieved. He sincerely hoped that there will be no more random people setting up blind dates in the future!

In a flash, the week went by and in order to prepare for Zhang Siyi parents, the two men paid special attention to their home and carefully cleaned it. Zhang Siyi didn’t want anything left out that would cause his parents to misunderstand.

In reality, the two innocent boys have been relatively conservative so far. Apart from the lubricant, and the more intense times with Gu Yu in his room, there was nothing else. At this time, Zhang Siyi was really glad to have his own room. Half of the time, he was sleeping separately in his own bed.

At noon on Saturday, Zhang’s parents arrived in Haicheng. Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi drove to the high-speed rail station to pick them up. When Zhang Siyi met them, his parents seemed happy and warmly greeted him. Even though he felt moved, Zhang Siyi also felt tense.

As he had when Zhang Siyi returned home from Haicheng, his parents had a bunch of large packages and bags with them. If Gu Yu hadn’t brought his car, Zhang Siyi did not know how they would have been able to bring them all home on the subway.

Since they hadn’t seen each other for a few months, Ms. Zhang felt as excited to see her son as she did during the New Year’s Festival. She ignored any onlookers and tenderly touched her son’s face: “This time, your complexion is really good and you have slimmed down.” She took a moment to pat and feel his waist.

 “Have I? I’ve been working a lot of overtime.” Zhang Siyi smiled and twisted away. His waist had become very sensitive now that Gu Yu touches and holds it every day.

 When it comes to his improved complexion, Gu Yu should take credit. Since living together, they have been cooking a healthy breakfast and dinner regularly.

Zhang Siyi’s father saw the antics of mother and son and couldn’t stop himself from interrupting. With a rigid tone he said: “Ok. Ok. There is time to talk. Don’t let others wait.” Father Zhang was as serious as ever. Only the slight upturn in the corner of his eye betrayed his happy mood. In response, Zhang Siyi’s mother went to greet Gu Yu.

Gu Yu smiled and gestured: “Uncle and Aunt. If you please, step into the car. We will eat lunch at home.”

Zhang’s mother opened her eyes and smiled. She had always looked at her son in the best of light, but now, looking at Gu Yu in comparison, it seems like her son was tossed to the other side of the train tracks.

As they drove home, Zhang Siyi complained: “There are so many bags and boxes! What else did you bring besides crab paste and fish?”

Ms. Zhang explained: “’I’ve come to visit so naturally, there will be more. Isn’t this the Dragon Boat Festival? We also brought some dumplings that you loved when you were a child. Your grandmother gave you a bag of glutinous rice for the two of you. Oh yes, there are also plump, sweet lychees that your uncle brought over…….”


9 thoughts on “助理建筑师 羲和清零 148

  1. I’m sorry… but Siyi irks me. What kind of behavior was that? Sure the director was wrong for trying to set up Gu Yu, but the director wasn’t aware that Gu Yu is already committed. Even if he has personal grudge, the director is still the director and it’s just proper decorum to greet them at work. Is the office a place to throw a tantrum? Geez

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  2. This is why i love this novel x3
    No unnecessary, over exaggerated drama just for the sake of plot and material
    Just a clear, logical portrayal and telling of the characters’ lives


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