助理建筑师 羲和清零 142

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 142: Plans


In the afternoon, Zhang Siyi and Tao Fei continued to refine the designs for the tourism hotel project. Even though Party A chose an overall more conservative scheme with mostly non-curvilinear buildings, they wanted to retained some of the more unique rounded buildings. While Zhang Siyi was responsible for working on the holiday villas, Tao Fei was developing the main focus of the project; the large-scale integrated hotel. Before the 20th of next month, they will have to travel to Party A and make a status report of the project.

Even if they were working diligently, it seems like no one else was. Everyone was caught up in the excitement over the planned company trip to Japan.

Bi Lele: “Have you heard of Shinjuku Ni-Chome in Tokyo?”

Zhu Hongzhen excitedly responded: “Isn’t that the red-light district?”

Squinting at Bi Lele, Yuan Zhicheng said: “Are you so hungry that you need to find a rent-boy there?”

Bi Lele glared at him coldly: “Kabukichou is the place for that. Ni-Chome is the famous gay-district in Tokyo.”

Wide eyed, Yuan Zhicheng looked at Zhu Hongzhen in surprise: “You have heard about it already….? You know a lot.”

Zhu Hongzhen’s eyes twitched: “I remembered it wrong…”

Smirking, Bi Lele teased them: “If you “older sisters” go hang out there at night, I guess you all will be picked up by men, especially Auntie Four.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” He is clearly minding his own business working so why are they involving him!”

Yuan Zhicheng: “You think too much. Didn’t Boss say we are going to visit various architectural sites for educational purposes? I don’t think we will go to any strange places.”

Zhu Hongzhen nodded in recognition: “Yeah, that’s true. Although, I would love to go to Akihabara and get a coffee at a maid café for the experience.

Zhang Siyi looked up with excitement: “Ah, Akihabara? Isn’t that where all the anime merchandise is sold?”

Zhu Hongzhen: “That’s right!  Have you heard of it, too?”

Once a big fan of anime, how could Zhang Siyi not know about Akihabara. The topic quickly diverged and everyone started talking about their favorite anime. He fondly remembered One Piece and Hunter X Hunter.

Interrupting, Yuan Zhicheng reminded them again: “Didn’t I just say we are going for work purposes.”

In their hearts, everyone let out a collective sigh: “How good would it be If only we could go play.”

In the evening, Zhang Siyi and Gu Xiao returned home. In order to compensate for last night’s “service”, Gu Yu personally cooked dinner for Zhang Siyi. Even so, Zhang Siyi continued to follow Gu Yu around the kitchen and helped him prepare the food.

Zhang Siyi: “Today everyone was talking about the fun things to do in Japan. Has the itinerary been planned?”

As Gu Yu put a fish in a pot to cook, he smiled at him: “I haven’t. Do you want to make plans?”

Zhang Siyi was stunned: “Me?”

Gu Yu covered the pan with a lid: “Yes you. Where do you want to go? This is also the privilege of a boyfriend, isn’t it?”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Having mentioned it yesterday, how could Gu Yu so easily put ‘the privilege of a boyfriend’ into practice? He could practically feel himself swoon! 

As the fish was left to cook in the pot, Gu Yu continued to prepare the vegetables and said: “Let’s take a look at the options later and make a plan. Then I can talk to Tong Heyi for feedback. Recently, she has been busy with a project and didn’t have the energy to make an itinerary for the company trip. As a result, she left it up to me to decide which destinations we will go to.”

In thought, Zhang Siyi let out a “Hmmmm.” As soon as he thought about the day’s conversation, he realized he had the power to control his colleagues wishes within his grasp and this feeling made Zhang Siyi feel pretty good. ~\(≧▽≦) /~

After dinner, both Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu went upstairs to research places for the company Trip. Gu Yu went into his room to grab a notebook then made tea. After slicing some fruit, he poured two cups of tea then sat down on the tatami mats alongside Zhang Siyi.

Japan’s architectural community is very famous internationally. From 1979 to the present, there are six winners of the Pulitzer Prize. In contrast to the situation in China, where there are few well-known architectural masters, Japanese modernity has brought together many world-renowned architectural masters from a variety of genres and styles.

During Zhang Siyi undergraduate studies, the modern architecture professors often used examples of the works by Japanese masters like Ando’s Church of Light and Kurokawa’s National Art Center for their lecture topics.

In addition to modern architecture, Japan also has many famous ancient buildings. Although there are some similarities to Chinese Tang Dynasty architecture, there are some historical changes that have made the buildings culturally different. In addition, the Japanese have gone through greater lengths to preserve their ancient buildings more than the Chinese have and as a result, they are quite amazing to visit.

Zhang Siyi was only familiar with a few Japanese architects and famous buildings. After half an hour of research, he realized his knowledge was just the tip of an iceberg and discovered in reality, that were an abundance of famous buildings all over Japan. A ten-day trip wasn’t enough!

Looking at the information, Zhang Siyi grabbed his head and said: “There are so many places to go! I have no clue anymore!” Then he collapsed on the table.

“Don’t worry.” Gu Yu leaned over and surrounded Zhang Siyi from behind then softly said: “Let me see what you have found so far.”

Looking at the laptop, Zhang Siyi pointed them out to him: “There are unique architectural sites all over the four main islands of Japan as well as the many well-preserved ancient sites in different regions, let alone the number of buildings to see in Tokyo. Ten days is simply not enough!

“Who said we will travel all over Japan in ten days?” Gu Yu leaned over and kissed Zhang Siyi on the ear then smiled. He methodically used the mouse and scrolled through some of the information. Without rushing, he gently encouraged him: “Come, first pick out the place you want to visit the most.”

Calming down, Zhang Siyi steadied his breath: “Osaka…. Ah, no. It’s still Tokyo.

“Good.” Gu Yu made a mark on the computer, and then looked at the information that Zhang Siyi was looking for. “If you would like to visit all the famous buildings in Tokyo, it will take at least three or four days.”

Zhang Siyi: “Ah? So long?”                     

Gu Yu turned to the side and smiled at him: “It would probably take longer. Even though Haicheng doesn’t have many famous buildings, it still took me a year to visit the few in the city. You can’t eat a big watermelon in one bite. Its better to eat it slowly and savor the flavor.”

Recalling his past experience with Gu Yu examining architectural features made Zhang Siyi start to worry. With Gu Yu’s workaholic temperament and studious personality, will he expect everyone to treat the time in Japan with the same attention to detail?

Fortunately, Gu Yu went on to say: “Although I mentioned our primary reason for traveling was to examine Japanese architecture as a learning experience, I can’t ignore the fact that we are traveling as a group and need to maintain everyone’s welfare. There will be opportunities to go on tours and have fun as well.”

While turning his head towards Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi enthusiastically said: “Great!” He impulsively grabbed Gu Yu’s face and planted a kiss on him then let him go. He returned his attention to the computer screen and pumped his fist. Then he thought about how much fun he and his colleagues will all have. Certainly, his colleagues will be very happy.

When Gu Yu was kissed, he was stunned and pretend to stay calm. However, he wasn’t able to stay calm for more than a few seconds. He released the mouse and twisted his body to capture Zhang Siyi and pressed him onto the floor.

 “Ah! What are you doing? The plans… mm-hm!”

 “…… We’ll talk about it later.”


Plans? Gu Yu narrowed his eyes. –This elder brother will make plans with you first.


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  1. The privilege of the Boyfriend is paying up! ZSY must use it wisely.

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