助理建筑师 羲和清零 141

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 141: Real Fake Act


Hearing Gu Yu announcement, Zhang Siyi heart skipped a beat and quickly stared at Gu Yu wide eyed in surprise. Before turning into his office, Gu Yu smiled at him.

Shit! Gu Yu was so daring that he chose him directly. Is he not afraid of their colleagues’ misunderstandings?

Even though Zhang Siyi was worried about it, his colleagues really didn’t seem to care. Rather, it was expected. Perhaps, Gu Yu did not want to play the game. However, he also didn’t want to spoil their fun and therefore he chose a boy. Zhang Siyi was the company’s mascot and everyone saw their good relationship during the annual festival so it didn’t seem unnatural for Zhang Siyi to be picked.

The same is true for the female colleagues. On one hand, since their opportunity was taken away, they were a little depressed, but on the other hand, they also felt relieved. After all, if Gu Yu really choose a female colleague, it will definitely cause problems. Only by selecting a male colleague could everyone coexist peacefully.

Even if there wasn’t a misunderstanding, the girls couldn’t stop themselves from staring at Zhang Siyi.

When Zhang Siyi heard Gu Yu, several watchful female colleagues caught Zhang Siyi show a ‘shy’  expression. They all covered their mouths and laughed. Bi Lele caught Zhang Siyi by surprise and said: “Hey, Auntie Four, why are you so shy!”

Zhang Siyi: “….” (o////o)

Smiling, Xu Jia also followed suite: “It seems that the boss really likes you!”

Du Rui held his face with both hands and squished his cheeks: “I’m so jealous. I wish I was a boy!”

Even Zhu Hongzhen followed up and happily joked: “Congratulations! You are favored by the boss again!”

Zhang Siyi can’t tell whether they were joking or if they really could see their true relationship. Feeling a bit nervous and helpless, Zhang Siyi turned red.

Bi Lele sniggered: “Wow, why is your face red? Ha-ha-ha! Are you a kid? What funny reactions!”

The last comment brought Zhang Siyi over the top and was finally provoked. He raised his voice to state: “It’s already after nine and no one is working!”

The crowd laughed while returning to their respective desks. He could still hear some of the girls whispering about the couples’ game. When everyone walked away, Zhang Siyi sat down at his desk and brought up the internal chat program on his computer. He selected Gu Yu’s icon and as he channeled his energy into typing out his message, he made a series of loud clicking noises: “How can you say that in front of everyone!? What are we going to do if they guess the true nature of our relationship?”

Gu Yu: “Don’t you want the privilege of a boyfriend?”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu: “I made a reservation this time, so I don’t have to be robbed again.” 🙂

Zhang Siyi: “…….”

Gu Yu: “Well, those female colleagues just wanted to tease you. Act naturally and don’t worry about it. Now, get to work.”

Zhang Siyi: “…………”

Be normal and relax …… Shit, he’s not that kind of guy!!!

In recent days after their joint project, Zhang Siyi and Tao Fei often ate together at lunch time. Carrying his Bento, Tao Fei selected an empty table and sat down with Zhang Siyi. Not more then a couple bites of food reached Zhang Siyi stomach before Tao Fei spoke: “The girls told me about the couples’ game this morning.”

Zhang Siyi: “I heard them talking. Who did you choose?”

Tao Fei: “No one yet. How am I supposed to choose when there are four girls?”

Zhang Siyi: “…” God Damn! Four choices aren’t enough? Tao Fei already has the second-best treatment from the girls in the design team. Thinking about it made Zhang Siyi feel irritated. He is obviously a man, but because of his nick-name, he felt cheated. They labeled him as a girl and thus, he had to wait until someone picked him instead of choosing for himself.

“I heard that Gu Yu selected you.” Tao Fei glanced at him mischievously: “He is bold enough.  Don’t end up revealing the secret.”

With his eyes darting around the room like a small frightened animal, Zhang Siyi held a finger up to his lips and directed a “Shhh” at Tao Fei.

Tao Fei laughed at his ‘shush-ing’ antics: “There is no use in shush-ing me. In the company, I don’t think anyone has noticed. In the morning, the girls were saying my brother still treated you well like always.”

Zhang Siyi was feeling a little guilty: “I think it will be OK.”

Tao Fei turned a blind eye: “Is it okay?  Don’t you feel like the way Gu Yu looks and speaks to you is different than anyone else?

Zhang Siyi nervously questioned: “Where is there a difference?”

In a long drawn out, exaggerated tone, Tao Fei explained: “Ahh, the gentle, lingering eyes and the tender voice….It gives me goosebumps!”

Zhang Siyi: “He does not!”

Pausing a moment in thought, Tao Fei stirred his food then said: “But I wouldn’t worry about it so much. I think Gu Yu may have deliberately wanted to play real-fake-act with you.”

Zhang Siyi said: “What do you mean? What is the real-fake-act?”

Tao Fei explained: “In fact, when we were at Big T, we were considered a couple.”

Zhang Siyi remembered Tao Fei’s social media page where he posted pictures of Gu Yu and him together when his classmates asked for them.

Reminiscing, Tao Fei laughed out loud and said: “Especially some of the rotten girls from the architecture department. They started a forum and posted candid pictures of us together.”

Zhang Siyi:”……!”  Is there such a thing? He’s going to get jealous again!

Tao Fei went on: “Even though we didn’t have an intimate relationship we played it up sometimes for the girls. Neither of us were dating so it wasn’t a big deal. The jokes never got out of hand and besides, Gu Yu never cared about gossip anyway.”

Zhang Siyi was deep in thought. Indeed, he and Fu Xinhui were often passed on as a pair. Although it used to bother him, as Tao Fei said, if the person does not care, being misunderstood will neither affect their friendship nor their respective lives.

Tao Fei: “However, if the person being joked about has a relationship with someone else already, then it’s not appropriate.”

Zhang Siyi nodded. It’s no wonder that Tao Fei later deleted the photo of him and Gu Yu.

Tao Fei said: “Gu Yu may want to create this illusion with you in front of our colleagues. If you deliberately let everyone think of you both as a pair, then the more frank you are, the more people will take it as a joke.  In contrast, the more careful and nervous you are, then the more suspicious you become and your true relationship will be revealed.”

Zhang Siyi: ” !!! ” makes sense!

Under the pretext by Gu Yu’s actions that Tao Fei explained let Zhang Siyi feel more secure and thus, less nervous about exposing their relationship.

After swallowing his mouthful of food, Tao Fei said: “That being said, I believe that the couple game was a plan devised by a male colleague who had ulterior motives because they like someone in the company. Deliberately playing the game would let him cover up his true intentions.”

As Zhang Siyi was going to say something more, Ji Feiyu sat down next to them with his lunch box. Zhang Siyi retracted his thoughts.

Ji Feiyu: “You guys look so happy. What are you talking about?”

Zhang Siyi repeated what Tao Fei said to Ji Feiyu.

Smiling, Ji Feiyu chuckled: “Hey, you saw through me!”

Stunned, Zhang Siyi stared at Ji Feiyu. Thinking about this morning again, he realized the person who proposed the couples game idea was in fact Ji Feiyu.

Grinning, Tao Fei curiously inquired: “So who is it? Du Rui?”

Ji Feiyu shyly said: “Shhh! Don’t say anything!”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Tao Fei guessed it again? Nothing can hide this Fat Peach’s eyes!  (→_→)

Tao Fei said: “There is no use in shush-ing me. Well, I often see you sharing food and treating her nicely. Maybe she will be able to feel it!”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Deja-vu! (=_=)

Ji Feiyu panicked: “Is it so obvious?”

Tao Fei nodded: “Yes.”

Since Tao Fei was the only one to notice, Zhang Siyi wasn’t so sure.

Wanting to explain it further, Ji Feiyu eagerly talked to them: “It wasn’t just Du Rui. I didn’t want to single her out so I also passed along some treats to others and as a result it got more people involved to share together.

Tao Fei: “But even though you shared with her, because there were many others afterwards, it makes it seem like you were never sincere in the beginning.”

Ji Feiyu.:“……”

 Zhang Siyi is also stunned to hear Tao Fei as he could perceive this little detail.  Shit! He is really impressed with the Fat Peach!

Tao Fei scoffed: “If you want a real relationship then why bother suggesting the couples’ game? What kind of foresight is that!?”

Scratching his head, Ji Feiyu admitted: “I’m afraid of being rejected. Since we work together in the same office, it would be really embarrassing and awkward.”

Zhang Siyi interjected: “Chicken brother, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but doesn’t Du Rui like Gu Yu?”

When Zhang Siyi first started his job at the company, he had a really favorable impression of Du Rui. Later, when they became more familiar, she admitted to liking the Boss. The last thing he expected was to be her love rival and was now with Gu Yu. Life can be so unpredictable!

Ji Feiyu sighed, helpless: “Hey, I already know this. In our group, which girl does not like the Boss?”

Tao Fei suddenly stuck up his index finger and moved it back and forth: “No, No, No! You are mistaken. That isn’t love or like. The girls simply worship him like an idol for fun as some do with me. I firmly believe that the girls in our department are very sensible. They know the difference.”

Being supportive, Zhang Siyi was trying to nod, but then Tao Fei continued and said: “Not to mention my brother likes Zhang Siyi. There is no chance for them.”

“Pfft–!” Zhang Siyi spit out a mouthful of vegetable soup. Dead Fat Peach! Are you a friend or foe!?!?

Ji Feiyu laughed out loud at Tao Fei comment then smiled:” Yeah, fortunately Boss choose Aunt Four this morning. What a relief!”

Zhang Siyi: “……” What? Ji Feiyu reaction is… normal?

Ji Feiyu looked at Tao Fei and said: “But they are still waiting for you to choose someone!”

Tao Fei said: “Well, Joe Sister should be alright. I won’t bother playing the couples game. If you mistakenly give a girl the illusion of love, it is very troublesome.”

Ji Feiyu said with gratitude: “Thank you, thank you! I misjudged You!”

Gesturing his hand back and forth, Tao Fei said: “It’s not a problem.”

After Ji Feiyu left, Tao Fei whispered to Zhang Siyi: “Actually, I feel like Du Rui is also interested in him.”

If Tao Fei had mentioned this previously, Zhang Siyi wouldn’t have believed him. However, now that he had witnessed the ‘Peach-Eyes’, whatever love affair Tao Fei speculates, then it must be true!

 Tao Fei also asked Zhang Siyi: “Are you familiar with Joe Sister? He is also rather handsome, but he is usually very quiet.”

Zhang Siyi recalled the business trip he has with Lu Qiao and didn’t have any problems with him. He nodded: “He should be a good roommate.”

One person is the self-proclaimed Old-Lady of the company and the other is the longhaired Lady of the company. Zhang Siyi thought these two could certainly get along!


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  1. Don’t be so obvious, ZSY! Tao Fei’s Advice are spot on. Be careful.

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