助理建筑师 羲和清零 134

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 134: Protocol


Even in the onslaught of Zhang Siyi questions, Gu Yu remained silent. Gu Yu wouldn’t say when he got sick, or why he wasn’t willing to tell him. Worried over Gu Yu’s health and feeling anxious, Zhang Siyi pressed down Gu Yu’s shoulders and demanded an answer: “Don’t you care about me?”

Gu Yu froze. He was reluctant to speak: “I don’t have …”

With tears swelling up in the corner of his eyes, Zhang Siyi was so angry that he wanted to throttle him. He sternly questioned: “Why didn’t you tell me? Am I not your boyfriend?”

Hearing Zhang Siyi passionate tone, Gu Yu felt touched. He looked at Zhang Siyi like it was the first time meeting him. After a moment of silence, Gu Yu admitted: “It has been three or four days. At first, I only had a slight sore throat. I thought it would go away soon, so I didn’t care about it too much. I think I overestimated my resistance.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Three or four days? God! He never even found out! Was he too careless, or did Gu Yu disguised it too well?

Indeed, because of their fight, Zhang Siyi hasn’t spoken to Gu Yu these days and as a result, he didn’t discover Gu Yu’s abnormality. Thinking it might be partially his fault for Gu Yu’s illness because he hadn’t been home at night to keep each other warm, Zhang Siyi was dying of guilt. Even though he wasn’t the sick person, he wanted to cry.

Sometimes, those who were accustomed to putting up a strong front, will forget how to express their fragility. Gu Yu is no exception. Until now, he continued to present a calm façade and controlled appearance. Gu Yu paused then raised his hand to touch Zhang Siyi’s head. Comforting Zhang Siyi, he said: “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to worry. Small colds will resolve itself in a couple of days without a fuss.”

Faced with the facts before him, Zhang Siyi was distressed and wanted to punish himself. In retrospect, Zhang Siyi regretted his absence. Would it have been so bad to go home for one of the nights and sleep? He would have been able to help Gu Yu earlier. Zhang Siyi felt like he was the one that tortured Gu Yu.

“I’m sorry! It’s all my fault!” Zhang Siyi put the blame on himself. He grabbed Gu’s hand and caressed his face, repenting: “I’ll never stay overnight in the company again. I’ll come home to sleep with you every day.”

Thinking the reason Gu Yu was angry was because of this, he did not expect Gu Yu to shake his head and say: “I’m not angry with this…… I’m angry at you……” He ended his speech abruptly as if he didn’t know what to say.

Zhang Siyi clung to his hand and asked: “Why are you angry with me? Just tell me! Ah!”

He sighed, and looked Zhang Siyi in the eye: “It’s because of what you said to me: Don’t mind me. Go on ahead without me.”

In the past, when employees volunteered to work overtime, Gu Yu was very pleased. Since they were both adult men, they didn’t need special care at night like women normally would. Nevertheless, now it is different. It is the first time Gu Yu felt a contradiction in maintaining a divide between work life and private life. Since Zhang Siyi is both a subordinate and a lover, Gu Yu wanted him to succeed as an architect, but at the same time, the more Zhang Siyi progressed with his work, the less time Zhang Siyi had to spend with Gu Yu at home.

Gu Yu knew that Zhang Siyi was working on an important project, so he changed his own schedule around to facilitate Zhang Siyi work. Gu Yu woke up early to walk the dog and then make breakfast for him. Also, he waited in his office for Zhang Siyi to finish his work in the evenings so they can ride home together. Gu Yu hoped by doing these little things for Zhang Siyi, Zhang Siyi would have more free time to spend with him.

However, when he heard Zhang Siyi say, ‘Don’t mind me’ he felt like his efforts weren’t acknowledged and the life he worked hard to create was rejected by Zhang Siyi.

He tried to persuade himself to behave like a rational adult, but he couldn’t stop himself from becoming angry. He was also angry at himself for getting angry at Zhang Siyi’s statement which made him feel like things were out of his control and thus, he didn’t know how to cope. Therefore, the only solution he could think of was to set all his feeling aside and wait until Zhang Siyi finished working on the project.

Nevertheless, he still waited every night for Zhang Siyi to return home. Even if it was foolish, he left his door open incase Zhang Siyi would remember there was someone waiting for him at home.

Zhang Siyi really felt stupid. He didn’t think Gu Yu would be angry over what he said. Previously, Zhang Siyi was only thinking in one direction ‘I work hard, but you are still angry’. Thinking back to the moment in Gu Yu’s office, he did change after their dispute and now that he can see the issue from another angle, Zhang Siyi realized his remark was rather hurtful.

Quickly, Zhang Siyi wanted to smooth things over and explained: “I didn’t mean anything by what I said. I know that your time is valuable and since you already adjusted your schedule to walk the dog, I felt sorry about it. I thought I was helping you by letting you go home early without me.

Reaching out to Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu caressed his face and said: “Siyi, at work, unless I’m personally responsible for a project, I rarely stay with employees to work overtime. I stayed late with you only because you are my boyfriend.”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Feeling self-conscience, Gu Yu paused: “Of course, no matter how late it is, I am willing to stay with you because it is something I want to do from the bottom of my heart. At your request and my denial to stay, I just assumed you would also make a little concession for me. Even if it was just for another hour or two, if the subway wasn’t running, we could take a taxi home together.  I’m very glad to see you working so hard.”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry …” Zhang Siyi pleaded feeling both guilty yet warm. Always misunderstanding Gu Yu, how can he be such a complete idiot?”

Covering Zhang Siyi’s mouth with his hand, Gu Yu stopped him from apologizing: “I was also wrong. I’m used to being strict in the company and treated you as an employee instead of listening.  I didn’t have the right words to say, I just…. I want to spend more time with you.”

With moisture accumulating in his eyes, Zhang Siyi was moved to tears. Who said the words aren’t right?  If those aren’t ‘the right words to say’, then what is?

Having both their minds and souls connected, the two of them watched each other with affection than suddenly burst out in laughter at the same time.

Well, if the two had been able to patiently explain and communicate better from the start, they would not have gone through such a torturous period for so many days later.

Leaning over, Zhang Siyi laid down on Gu Yu’s body a wrapped his limbs around him like a koala bear and whispered in his ear: “Can we avoid a cold war in the future? Sometimes, I just don’t understand so if there is something wrong, you have to tell me directly, and explain it. Ok? Ignoring me the last few days has been like torture.”

Gu Yu caressed his back: “Ok.” Now, he will be able to recover fully and feel good about their future.

Teasing, Zhang Siyi innocently asked: “Who continues the war and who is the puppy?”

Gu Yu: “……”

Zhang Siyi: “Why don’t you Talk?”

Gu Yu: “Hmm … Good.”

Acting pouty and petulant, Zhang Siyi quietly said: “I missed you very much! Although I’ve been very busy, I can’t stop thinking about you. I’ve always wanted to talk with you, but we were in a cold war and you were ignoring me so I was angry. I also wanted to show you my progress and designs. Even Tao Fei complimented me.”

With obvious flirtatious movements and inviting tone, pressing his body closer to Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi was eager for Gu Yu’s praise: “Okay, you are great.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Why does his perfunctory comment sound so pretentious?

Gu Yu patted Zhang Siyi’s ass and said: “You should come down first. I am being crushed to death….” Since Gu Yu was weak from illness, the one-hundred-forty-pounds of youth crushed him. His desire to hold onto Zhang Siyi was fruitless.

Zhang Siyi hurriedly got up and nervously asked: “Are you taking your medicine?”

Gu Yu: “Rest assured, I know to take care of myself…… It is you I have to worry about. Hurry and get into bed with me. Go wash your face and brush your teeth. I almost choked to death by your bad breath.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Ah, hell! Moved for only three minutes! This bastard let me feel so warm for a while only to let me die!


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  1. hahahaha GY is really black bellied. Gosh Yisi please also take your hygiene seriously, even though you are working hard and tired you must not neglect it.


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