助理建筑师 羲和清零 132

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 132: The Cold War


Since his heart and mind were occupied with thoughts of Gu Yu and despite Zhang Siyi initial determination to stay, he wasn’t able to fully concentrate on his work. By midnight, all of his attention was on his phone as he was expecting a good night message from Gu Yu. However, after Gu Yu left the office, there wasn’t a single update on social media or any text messages.

With only four subway stops between them, they obviously live in the same city. However, emotionally they were far apart. Due to their dispute and since Gu Yu left the office without saying goodbye, Zhang Siyi felt wronged. As long as Gu Yu sent a ‘good night’ or ‘don’t stay up too late’ message to him, Zhang Siyi wouldn’t have the guts to stay any longer, but neither Zhang Siyi or Gu Yu sent any messages.

Feeling very depressed, Zhang Siyi tried to psych himself up. – Stop acting like a lovesick little girl! Work hard and catch up to Gu Yu.

Zhang Siyi forced himself to stop thinking about Gu Yu and focus on the work. Otherwise, his overnight stay would be meaningless. Fortunately, the work on hand was indeed a lot. Like the time during the period of jealousy when Tao Fei first came to Borderless, once he set his mind to it, he thought about nothing else.

The design concept is only a small portion of the work that Zhang Siyi and Tao Fei have to complete. In addition to the concepts, they have to build a power-point presentation. Through 3D renderings, different elevation details, and landscape maps, they have to create an enticing story from start to finish that showcases the work in the best way in order to convince Party A to move forward with the project.

It wasn’t until three in the morning that they went to sleep. Zhang Siyi was reminded of his university days when he also stayed up late to finish his projects. Unlike previously when he had to work alone, he now was working alongside a colleague and as a result, Zhang Siyi was enjoying the experience and felt invigorated.

Zhang Siyi’s only regret was his disagreement with Gu Yu. Even though he didn’t understand what happened, it was very clear that this state is definitely not normal. After laying down, he took out his phone again. He uploaded a picture of the nightscape from the office window and posted a public statement in WeChat: “Struggling.” The main motivation for posting his picture isn’t for outsiders’ praise, but to see if Gu Yu was listening.

The next morning, he woke up at 8:50 and went to wash his face in the bathroom. On the way, he bumped into Xu Jia and Bi Lele who were just arriving at work. They asked: “Aunt Four, did you stay overnight at the company?”

Still tired, Zhang Siyi yawned and nodded.

Xu Jia: “You and Peach Brother have been working hard recently. Yesterday, I went to look at your general design. It’s super cool!”

Hearing the praise, Zhang Siyi’s mood perked up: “Ha, really?”

Bi Lele said: “I’ve seen it too. When is the presentation? The boss asked me to help you develop the power-point presentation if I have time.”

Pleasantly surprised, Zhang Siyi said: “That’s great! The report is on Friday. Are you free on Wednesday or Thursday?”

Bi Lele shrugged her shoulders and said: “I think I might have some time.”

Zhang Si Yi patted his chest and said: ” Whatever you want to eat, you can choose!””

Satisfied with Zhang Siyi’s offer, Bi Lele nodded. “Send me all the work and I’ll arrange it for you in advance.”

Feeling happy, Zhang Siyi exclaimed: “Ah, you are so good!”

Bi Lele smiled narcissistically: “What did you say? I don’t think I heard enough….”

With sugar in his mouth, Zhang Siyi boasted: “You are the most beautiful. Your hair is like soft clouds in the sky and your eyes are like the sparkling moon reflected in the water….”

Bi Lele: “Poof !!!”

Listening next to them, Xu Jia burst of laughter. As the three were flirtatiously chatting happily, Gu Yu suddenly appeared. The two girls stopped their giggles in a timely manner and jointly bowed slightly: “Boss.” Only Zhang Siyi was trying to say hello, but Gu Yu simply glanced at him and turned away.

At that moment, the sense of loss that Zhang Siyi felt was overwhelming. Feeling depressed, he slowly walked downstairs to the convenience store to buy breakfast. Along the way, he checked his social media page. There were many people that commented on his status and as expected, his close friends all told him to go to sleep early and take care of himself. The one person he wanted to see wasn’t among the list of people that sent him comments.

Now, Zhang Siyi is 100% sure that Gu Yu is angry, but he doesn’t know why. – Was simply because I stayed overnight with Tao Fei? But that doesn’t make sense. And besides, unlike what Gu Yu was saying, we got a lot of work done. It wasn’t inefficient at all!

Swallowing the last bite of his breakfast sandwich, Zhang Siyi knocked on Gu Yu’s office door and then entered.

Gu Yu was busy looking at the data on his computer screen.  When he looked up and saw Zhang Siyi, he frowned: “What’s the matter?”

Getting straight to the point, Zhang Siyi folded his arms and questioned firmly: “Are you in a cold war with me?”

Looking away from Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu remained silent. Then he spoke: “This isn’t the place for such discussions. Go out to work and finish your project first.”

With a flushed face, Zhang Siyi left Gu Yu’s office angrily. After he mustered up the courage to approach Gu Yu, he didn’t expect him to be so emotional closed and be shut-out right away. What’s more, Zhang Siyi didn’t understand how Gu Yu could act so calmly in lieu of their disagreement.

Zhang Siyi snickered at himself. He knew Gu Yu’s principles and he warned Zhang Siyi ahead of time that there was a difference between their public office relationship and private one. Being impulsive, he ran to Gu Yu feeling wronged and wanted an immediate resolution. It was his own stupidity. – If its personal, why isn’t he mad now? But I know he is angry, then… What’s wrong with me staying up late for work?!

Although Zhang Siyi wasn’t bold enough to slam Gu Yu’s office door, his inner turmoil wasn’t any less. Returning to his desk, he roughly pulled back his chair and sat down. Zhu Hongzhen was startled:  “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing!” Zhang Siyi was like a gunpowder keg exploding his heart. – Fine, if you ignore me, I will ignore you. Who is the stubborn one?!

Angry, Zhang Siyi worked for the rest of the day feeling increasingly resentful. The only bright spot in Zhang Siyi day was the thought of being able to see Gu Yu at the office. However, unbeknownst to Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu left the office at 5 o’clock without telling him.

Still feeling confused over their dispute, Zhang Siyi was looking forward to seeing Gu Yu at the end of the day to talk. After waiting an hour after the official work day ended, he finally turned around to talk to Gu Yu and what he saw was completely unexpected. The office was locked and the lights were out.

In the moment he realized that Gu Yu was gone, Zhang Siyi felt a sudden suffocation and sorrow. Tears welled up, but before they found release, he covered his face. Pressing down the grievances that came up from his heart, he held back his tears, and rubbed his face hard. Thinking of this morning’s conversation when Gu Yu said to leave and finish work first… – Is it possible that Gu Yu wasn’t planning on talking to me until the project was completed?

Sure enough, for the next two days, Gu Yu did not say a word to Zhang Siyi and Zhang Siyi did not talk to Gu Yu. The cold war continued.

A day before they were scheduled to report their design concept, Bi Lele started helping them typeset the power-point presentation. Also, Zhang Siyi work load had gradually been reduced. As the days unfolded, he didn’t think one could be so obstinate.

In the middle of the night, Zhang Siyi and Tao Fei ordered take-out and ate in the office. Having pulled all-nighters for a few days, they appeared haggard. Especially Tao Fei who had deep dark circles under his eyes. Looking more like a beast, it was hard to imagine he was normally a beautiful peach.

Apart from being worn out, both of them expressed relief for this is the last night before the reporting day. Everything is near completion and they are very confident with their concepts and design plans.

Eating quietly, Tao Fei broke the silence: “You and my brother had a fight?”

Zhang Siyi retorted: “No.”

Tao Fei smirked and said: “Even though you said no, I can tell. Is it because you are working overtime?”


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  1. Gu Yu is being a little irrational… But ZSY can’t expect him to be forgiven so easily. If you want to focus in work, then focus and later talk with him.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Where’s my mini theater huhu! I want to see what’s GY is thinking (I’m dumb so I don’t know what to feel with his actions— actually to their actions… Maybe there is something na naman… Idk, baby boi c’mon I don’t want to hate u!!!!​

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