助理建筑师 羲和清零 130

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 130: Gourd


Waking up the next morning, Zhang Siyi slipped out of bed to wash up in the bathroom. When his eyes met with Tao Fei’s, they both stared at one another in hostility. In the next moment, the atmosphere instantly softened. It’s not uncommon for boys to resolve their emotions by physical means. More often than not, once their pent-up frustrations were laid out in the open, boys become close friends.

Tao Fei and Zhang Siyi are also the same. Now that Gu Yu had another person close to him, Tao Fei felt his friendship with Gu Yu was threatened and he didn’t want to be left behind. In these last few days, both Gu Yu and Tao Fei pushed each other’s buttons to test the bottom line. Once the truth was revealed and emotions were vented, the gap between the three men disappeared.

Standing next to each other at the sink, happily brushing their teeth, Zhang Siyi noticed the bunch of products on the counter that Tao Fei had before him. Zhang Siyi relished in the thought that Tao Fei also had to maintain his face through the use of skin products. By Tao Fei’s own admission, without care, this twenty-seven-year-old beautiful man would lose to the years and soon become an old, sorrowful uncle.

In silent communication, they both turned to glare at Gu Yu’s natural beauty with envy.

Tao Fei: “Have you touched his face? What does it feel like?”

Zhang Siyi: “It’s very smooth and much softer than you think…” The softest are his lips. They are super soft! (*/ω\*)

Tao Fei nodded in Gu Yu’s direction: “I also want to touch…”

Elbowing Tao Fei in the side, Zhang Siyi quipped: “Fuck off!”

Tao Fei: “You guys really haven’t had sex yet?”

Zhang Siyi: “No……”

Tao Fei: “Why not? You don’t want to? Or does he not want to?”

Zhang Siyi: “Cough. Well, we both want it, but…”

Joking around, Tao Fei lightly punched Zhang Siyi’s torso like a boxer giving him a one-two punch and said: “I know! Your attempts at seducing him have failed!”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

After Tao Fei finished, he squinted and looked at Zhang Siyi: “But that isn’t so useful now is it? You are undoubtedly on the receiving end.” (→_→)

Zhang Siyi: “Damn it! What!”

Tao Fei: “In front of my brother, you are a little sheep. He definitely wants to fuck you. You won’t give in?”

Staring blankly at Tao Fei, Zhang Siyi was speechless. If Gu Yu wanted it, he wouldn’t resist. Not because he had to give in, but because he likes Gu Yu! Zhang Siyi was willing to make concessions and sacrifices as long as his sweetheart was happy……

“So, you haven’t had sex because you aren’t ready yet. Right?” Tao Fei bluntly got to the heart of the matter. He quickly followed up with: “Are you stupid? Haven’t you ever thought about fucking him?”

Zhang Siyi: “Poof–!”

Tao Fei: “Are you not also a man with possessive instincts? If I were you, I’d want to fuck my brother! Not only is he, super handsome, very rich, and now a director, he is also so domineering! You are nothing compared to him, but in bed, you can pin him down underneath you, and drive your shaft into him. Let him moan and beg for you……”

Listening to Tao Fei speech, Zhang Siyi eyes glazed over, deep in thought. He pinched his nose closed in fear of a torrent of blood flowing out.

“Just thinking about it, I’m getting really exci….” Feeling the pain on the top of his head, Tao Fei suddenly stopped midway through his sentence. He covered his head with his hand: “Ow!”

Zhang Siyi turned his head and saw Gu Yu standing behind them and holding the palm of his own red hand. He didn’t know for how long he had been standing there. Gu Yu looked at the nearly brainwashed Zhang Siyi and threatened: “Don’t think about it.”

Zhang Siyi shrank his shoulders and nodded his head obediently……. I won’t. The expression on Gu Yu face was really scary.

After waiting for Gu Yu to leave the bathroom, Tao Fei straightened up and slapped Zhang Siyi on the back: “Why are you listening to him?”

Stunned at Tao Fei’s action, Zhang Siyi rubbed his back with his hand. It was a long time before his brain caught up and reacted — Shit! It’s Gu Yu who hit you. Why are you taking it out on me?!

Having packed up his skin products, Tao Fei exited the bathroom and Zhang Siyi followed. Gu Yu addressed Tao Fei: “Do you want to follow me and make money?”

“Huh?” Tao Fei took a moment to digest what was being said then his eyes shined bright: “Of course!”

Gu Yu coldly responded to him: “Don’t ever let me see you talk like that to Zhang Siyi again. Don’t bully him.”

Making a promise, Tao Fei nodded and nodded and nodded: “Hah! That was just a joke! I won’t say any more in the future. You won’t have to worry!”

Zhang Siyi sighed and looked at Gu Yu: “I want to make money too.”

Gu Yu caressed the back of his head: “Honey, you can rely on your bedroom skills.”

Tao Fei: “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Fuck! (╯‵皿’)╯(┻━┻

After breakfast, the three men drove to the ancient village where there was a Pu’er tea factory nearby. There, they learned about the production process of Pu’er tea and could buy the tea directly from the manufacturer.

When Zhang Siyi asked about the price, he was full of regret. He was shocked to hear it was one-fifth the price of the teas he purchased earlier on his trip. If the news wasn’t enough, the factory worker added insult to injury and explained: “The teas sold in stores outside are originally from the factories here. The merchants add pleasing layers of packaging and boxes then tack on processing fees. The price can increase tens or even twenty times the actual cost.”

Seeing how cheap the tea was here, Zhang Siyi felt like buying some to take advantage of the cheap price and ease his regret. Before he paid for it, Gu Yu saw through his intention: “You want to buy more?”

With emotion, Zhang Siyi replied: “The tea is so cheap I want to make up for the loss money on the earlier expensive ones.”

Wondering what kind of logic Zhang Siyi was using, Gu Yu scolded: “The Pu’er teas you sent back are enough for us to drink for five or six years and you said you want to buy more? Do you want to go back and open up a tea shop? The best way to stop losing money is to stop spending it immediately!”

Eloquently, Zhang Siyi retorted: “If we can’t finish drinking them, we can always give them away.”

Gu Yu: “Do not think about how cheap or expensive something is before buying it! You must first think about the use you have for it. There is a limit on the amount you can give away…… You haven’t made much money yet, and all you’ve been thinking about is spending it all day long.

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Hearing their interaction from nearby, Tao Fei looked at Zhang Siyi with sympathy. A man like Gu Yu is great as a friend and boss, but as a lover, even Tao Fei couldn’t stomach such behavior. Even though Zhang Siyi might be blinded by love now, when the love period is over, will he be able to endure Gu Yu’s overbearing character?

In the Jingmai mountain range, there are many preserved minority villages inhabited by the Hani, Dai, Yi and other ethnic minorities. In the evening, the three went to visit the nearby Lahu village, which is also a fairly old minority.

This time, Zhang Siyi was prepared to take extensive notes in his journal. After taking a photo of the place, he carefully recorded the materials, colors and main elements of the local dwellings in his sketchbook.

In local myths and legends, the locals believe that their ancestors came from gourds and as a result, because the gourd was regarded as the embodiment of their ancestors, it became their national mascot.

After listening to the local guide’s explanation, Zhang Siyi and Tao Fei couldn’t hold back their burst of laughter. Doesn’t that mean they are the offspring of the gourd?

However, the Lahu people’s belief in the “gourd” is very serious. The gourd enables the betterment of lives of the people as it is not only a food source but also the gourd is used as a tool. It can be used to store water and wine. It can be carved into a musical instrument. They are also used as utensils and containers. Almost all the men in the village have ornamental gourds hung around their waist and what’s more, homes were also covered with ornamental gourds both small and large.

Inside one of the villager’s home, Zhang Siyi saw a gourd that was made into a tea pot and the other various containers. He thought they were really ingenious and could see how special the gourds really were.

While Gu Yu went to the toilet, he could not help himself and bought a pile of gourds. Even Tao Fei said nothing and didn’t stop him.

When Gu Yu came back, Zhang Siyi was afraid Gu Yu would scold him again. Acting like he was doing something wrong, he quickly turned and tried to hide the gourds he purchased.

Looking at Zhang Siyi in bewilderment, Gu Yu angrily whispered to Zhang Siyi: “Black sheep of the family.” However, since Zhang Siyi bought the gourd, Gu Yu graciously accepted it. With a thoughtful face, Gu Yu stroked the gourd that was unusually long and slender then grinned wickedly.


T/N: Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calabash

Mythology: http://primaltrek.com/gourd.html


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