助理建筑师 羲和清零 129

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 129: The Great War


The force with which Gu Yu used to seal his lips with Zhang Siyi’s own, wasn’t just a simple kiss. Biting him and sucking Zhang Siyi’s lips hard to the point of pain, it was more like a declaration of sovereignty.

In the process of being kissed, Zhang Siyi was like a thermometer that was suddenly placed in boiling water. From the soles of his feet to the top of his head, he quickly flushed red.

Witness to it all, Tao Fei never expected Gu Yu to give him such a spicy scene.

At being kissed in such a way in front of another person, Zhang Siyi felt ashamed.

“You should have known that we were together. Taking his pictures and putting them online for your love photos and then finding an excuse to sleep with him. What the hell are you doing?” The veins on Gu Yu’s forehead were throbbing as he grabbed Zhang Siyi’s wrist. As much as he was trying to suppress his anger, the volume of his voice exposed his heart’s temper.

The emotional deception of Tao Fei petty actions was too unbearable. Although Gu Yu knew that Tao Fei was joking, Zhang Siyi did not and the idiot may really believe him and thus, become entangled with another person. The thought of Zhang Siyi fretting over what to do about the other person’s unrequited feelings made Gu Yu want to smack the iPad over Tao Fei’s head.

By their shocking reactions, Tao Fei finally got what he wished for; to anger Gu Yu. He couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud: “Ah-hah-hah-hah-Ah-hah-hah-hah-ah!”

Surprised by the news that Tao Fei likes him and combined with Gu Yu’s sudden kiss, Zhang Siyi nearly fainted. After hearing Gu Yu’s comment about Tao Fei already knowing about their relationship, not only did he feel stunned, but he also felt confused. Damn it! Will someone tell him what the hell is going on!

Cracking up in laughter, Tao Fei looked at Gu Yu without fear: “Hey, brother, your reaction is so fierce. Ha-ha-ha-ha! I’m just joking!”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Wait, Tao Fei was joking?

Continuing his laughter, Tao Fei choked out: “You just heard Zhang Siyi’s praise. Ha-ha-ha-ha. Oh, so beautiful, capable and can cook!  Ha-ha-ha, but I did not expect you to be his female ah!”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Shut the fuck up!

Gu Yu interrupted him with a scowl: “You took the joke too far. Is it so fun to bully Zhang Siyi?”

Tao Fei snorted and straightened up his back then retorted: “I thought of you as my brother and best friend. I came to you after graduation. You know everything about me, yet what about you? I am left to my own assumptions and devices to figure you out. Who told you not to be frank with me? If you like men, so what? Will that change my opinion of you!?”

Startled, Gu Yu stared at Tao Fei with a blank expression. -Is he acting like this because I didn’t give him enough attention?

Since Gu Yu remained silent, Tao Fei felt more confident in his assertion: “How can you be so sure I would guess correctly!? Even if I fucking guessed, how can you let your boyfriend get into bed with me? You’re not embarrassed? I’m fucking embarrassed!”

Even though it is absolutely unbelievable that Tao Fei felt embarrassed, he certainly felt troubled. Since Gu Yu wasn’t upfront with him, Tao Fei felt like he wasn’t treated as a friend. Feeling mistreated, he continually poked at the fire several times in order to find a sense of existence and belonging

Tao Fei added: “And last night…. Did you really think I went to sleep? Doing those things behind my back…. Do you think I really wanted to know? You made me suffer!”

Already feeling overwhelmed, after listening to Tao Fei’s speech, Zhang Siyi felt the 10k hit and sprayed blood everywhere. This fat peach was only pretending to sleep last night!!!! Fuck!!!!

After calming down a little, Gu Yu felt the situation was kind of funny. “This matter is not…” Even though Gu Yu’s tone finally returned to normal, his expression remained dead serious. Holding Zhang Siyi hand, he stated: “Let me formally introduce Zhang Siyi. He is my love as shown on social media in the photo of our shadows. In the future, do not ever play that kind of joke with him again.”

Turning a blind eye, Tao Fei smirked and said: “It’s your fault for not being honest and speaking up earlier. Don’t blame me for making fun of him!”

Sitting helpless, Gu Yu just wanted to relax, but suddenly he felt a strong force beside him. Like a cannon, Zhang Siyi grabbed a pillow and quickly jumped out of the bed and smashed Tao Fei hard.

Venting his anger, Zhang Siyi swatted him hard over and over again while shouting: “Damn you! I’m so easy to bully! I’ll bury you! Fuck you! Rotten fat peach!”

Gu Yu: “…”

Both the anger he felt from learning of Tao Fei’s fake sleeping last night and the embarrassing feelings that he accumulated from Gu Yu’s bold actions, found an outlet and Tao Fei was the target.

“Ow” Tao Fei yelled. He was sent scurrying and flailing and put up his arms to defend himself. He also grabbed a pillow and retaliated: “You rebel you! I can take you on all day! Who the fuck called you stupid! How can you be so gullible! You have a problem with my teasing, what about my brother? I’ll tell you; you are an idiot to follow him forever!”

Gu Yu’s eye twitched. Tao Fei wasn’t any more mature then Zhang Siyi! – How can these two be so childish?

Furious, Zhang Siyi continued yelling: “I was deceived because I trusted you and thought you were my friend!”

Ducking and dodging each other, both Zhang Siyi and Tao Fei continued to swing their pillows at one another. As the pillows hit each other and bounced away, Tao Fei continued shouting: “Why am I the only target? Who was the one that remained idle!?”

Tao Fei was trying to overcome Zhang Siyi’s outburst. In the corner of his eye he saw Gu Yu grab a pillow. He hastily shouted at Zhang Siyi: “Winners have the surname Tao! You won’t fucking win when you already have the surname Gu!”

Gu Yu: “…!” Thinking he was going to help Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu grabbed a pillow, but then thought less of it and silently put the pillow down.

Half an hour later, standing on the beds, the two were breathing heavily. Zhang Siyi hands were tired from swinging his pillow around and stopped momentarily.

Taking a moment respite, Tao Fei said: “Truce……” and made the first step to surrender. He sat on the bed and began to tidy up the pillows and bedding.

Zhang Siyi clenched his teeth and stared at him, unconvinced: “No! There isn’t a winner!”

Dumbfounded, Tao Fei stared at Zhang Siyi and said as a matter of fact: “You’re fucking exhausted, what else do you want?””

Holding the pillow, Zhang Siyi replied: “Lets rest for two minutes and then continue!”

Acting out a death scene from a drama, Tao Fei cried: “But I want to sleep so I’ll admit defeat.”

Alert for Tao Fei’s ploy, Zhang Siyi didn’t agree: “No! Only I can judge the winner! You are cheating!”

Tao Fei: “……”

Sighing, Tao Fei cried: “Help me brother! Bring back your little psycho! I’m going to bed!!!”

Leaning against the backboard in bed, Gu Yu calmly continued to focus his attention on the work he was doing on his iPad. He glanced at Tao Fei and stated: “When you get yourself into trouble, you have to solve your own problems.”

Annoyed, Tao Fei retorted: “Don’t blame me for using a heavy hand while I bully him!”

Looking at Tao Fei questioningly, Zhang Siyi wondered what he meant. The ‘dead’ fish suddenly jumped up and grabbed a pillow. Tao Fei swung the pillow at Zhang Siyi forcefully then jumped on the bed and tackled him. He continued to smack Zhang Siyi ass with the pillow and shouted: “I’ll give you a happy ending tonight! Don’t you like it? Won’t you accept?”

Pinned down, Zhang Siyi didn’t understand where Tao Fei’s energy came from.

After a series of seven or eight shots, Gu Yu couldn’t help but intervein: “Ok, ok. That enough now.”

As Tao Fei stopped, Zhang Siyi used the opportunity to strike back a few more times.

Frowning, Gu Yu ordered Zhang Siyi: “Come back to bed.”

Even though Zhang Siyi was feeling resentful, when he heard Gu Yu request, he held his pillow close and reluctantly climbed back into the bed. He mumbled: “But I was winning.”

Settling down next to Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi complained: “How can that androgynous fat peach win anything. It isn’t scientific! If you hadn’t called me back, I would have won.”

While Zhang Siyi was still muttering, Gu Yu looked at him and mercilessly gave him the final blow: “It is not likely. Tao Fei was the president of the university’s Karate Club.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” What?

Gu Yu patted Zhang Siyi sweaty head: “He was nice enough to not let you lose so badly.”

In the second bed next to them laying down, Tao Fei’s ears were red. He snorted and brought up the blankets, rolled over and waggled his ass at them.

When Zhang Siyi thought about it, he still felt unwilling to concede the end. Tao Fei’s antics provoked him again. He used his last bit of strength to prop himself up on his forearm and shout at Tao Fei: “You might have destroyed me, but I will never admit defeat!”

Tao Fei: “……” Fucking retarded!

Gu Yu helplessly pulled his bear child back and quipped: “OK, Gu Siyi, don’t play with the little boy’s temper.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” – What? What did Gu Yu call me? Gu Siyi? Fuck! Even Gu Yu is bullying me like the dead fat peach!

Partially turning his head and looking at him sideways, Gu Yu reached out to caress Zhang Siyi’s cheek. Gu Yu’s reassuring and soothing touch slowly relieved Zhang Siyi anxiety until his tension dissolved and finally, he felt relaxed.

Zhang Siyi suddenly felt Gu Yu’s hot breath tickling the side of his neck. In soft words only for him to hear, Gu Yu said: “We are in love.”

Remembering what Tao Fei said earlier, Zhang Siyi blushed a deep red, like a tomato. He was afraid to think what would happen in three months and felt stupid for asking, so he kept his mouth shut.

He didn’t expect Gu Yu to ask the very thing he was thinking about: “How do I know if after three months, you will come to regret your choice?”

Eyes wide open, Zhang Siyi was very surprised at Gu Yu’s admission. Normally, since Gu Yu was so calm and collected, he didn’t expect him to reveal such insecurity when faced with feelings in their relationship.

Reaching out, Zhang Siyi hugged Gu Yu closely and murmured: “I won’t ever regret loving you.”

Smiling, Gu Yu slowly turned over and easily put the exhausted Zhang Siyi under his body. He lowered his head and tenderly kissed him good-night.

Feeling Gu Yu’s soft lips on his own, Zhang Siyi quickly lost the ability to think for himself. Since his pillow fight with Tao Fei physically exhausted all his strength, he couldn’t resist Gu Yu at all. Feeling Gu Yu tongue slip into his mouth, he involuntarily released an erotic moan.

Hearing Zhang Siyi moans of pleasure, undoubtedly encouraged Gu Yu to plunder his object of love more intensely. The gentle exploration of each other mouth’s, trigged tremors of desire. Pressing the tips of their tongues together, Zhang Siyi let out another soft hmmm….


“Enough of that! Let no one sleep! Tao Fei’s roared and flung a pillow at them hitting Gu Yu on the back.

Gu Yu: “…” (=_=)

Zhang Siyi: “……” (o////o)

Ten seconds later, Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi couldn’t help but laugh.

Tao Fei: “……” It’s too much!!!

Although it isn’t enough, Gu Yu had to restrain himself. He slowly leaned down and laid down next to Zhang Siyi on his side with his leg and arm over him. He placed his head on Zhang Siyi shoulder and hoarsely whispered in his ear: “Siyi, my patience…… Maybe it isn’t as good as you think.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Saying “good night”, Gu Yu kissed the side of his face. Retreated back and laying down he left Zhang Siyi hung out to dry.


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  1. Ahhha… TF just want the attention like a best buddy deserves. Go TF! But it really is funny how they fight like kids with GY ignoring both of them 🤣

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  2. Thanks for the updates. The one advantage to being behind in my reading is I get to read a lot of chapters at once! Ah, Tao Fei. I can’t quite decide if I like him or not. His negative feelings of not being confided in by a good friend are understandable, but I felt like his actions of teasing Zhang Siyi went too far. I liked him a bit better by the end of the chapter, though. What hasn’t changed, however, is how much I am rooting for Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi.

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    1. I’m starting to dislike the characters. What the fxck is happening. Siyi is getting dumber and his boyfriend is not being mature, like who the hell just kiss their boyfriend in front of someone knowing that they know your relationship, I feel like Siyi is to forgiving. Dont even get me started to Tao Fei, he’s an unprofessional bastard.


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